George Michael Live (Praying for time) Symphonica Tour @ Jyske Bank Boxen Herning 02.09.2011

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  • George Michael Live (Praying for time) Symphonica Tour @ Jyske Bank Boxen Herning, Denmark 02.09.2011

    Everyday I get many messages with questions from users, so I decided to write a small FAQ about the recordings.

    1. Camera used is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 with 12x optical zoom and records in HD. Panasonic Lumix series, is in my humble opinion, some of the best pocketcams on the market, and very reasonable priced! But newer Panasonic Lumix than mine is out now, and even more packed with features and specs.

    2. Recordings was made from first row, dead center in front of stage.

    3. In respect of George Michael, I will NOT ever sell or exchange these recordings with other recordings - so don't send me more questions about this. Recording and publishing these clips on Youtube is allready enough copyright violation... I hope you understand :)

    4. The recordings published on my channel, is the only recordings I have. Unfortunately no other recordings, and also no recordings from GM's following concert in Copenhagen.

    Also - don't forget to watch the rest of my videos from same show on
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  • Lucia Delia
    Lucia Delia 4 месяца назад +1

    Looking good George. Sounding good. This is my favorite GM song.

  • P Miedler
    P Miedler 5 месяцев назад

    He did pray for his time. Such a tragedy.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 5 месяцев назад

    This man can hardly stand up, such is the ravaging effects of AIDS, but that voice, that voice. Profound talent, what a waste.

    • Dennis Sanderson
      Dennis Sanderson 5 месяцев назад

      Um....George Michael did NOT have HIV or AIDS. You've been reading too many supermarket rags and watching far too much TMZ. And if you've ever seen him in concert before, as I did in 2009, he's never been one to run around or dance on stage - he actually SINGS, unlike the "singers" who lip-synch while they're doing acrobatics and other circus acts. And he was admitted to the hospital for the pneumonia that almost killed him in late 2011, which was over 8 months after this recording. Gotta love the idiots who spread shit they know absolutely nothing about.

  • fernando sepulveda
    fernando sepulveda 7 месяцев назад +1

    Maravilloso George vivirás por siempre a través de tu talento musical y calidad humana

  • Michel Santos
    Michel Santos 8 месяцев назад

    George Michael. R u Ok?

  • Rutilia Rutilia
    Rutilia Rutilia Год назад +2

    michael!!! where are you?

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P 4 года назад

    Habe das Glück gehabt live zu erleben...unvergessenes Erlebnisr !!!! Mialem to szczescie na zywo zobaczyc...niezapomniane przezycie !!!

  • iceanne31051974
    iceanne31051974 5 лет назад

    Ik denk dat in in heel mijn leven nog maar 3x zo uitgekeken heb naar een concert...and i have a feeling he won't let me down:)

  • Pinkelotje5
    Pinkelotje5 5 лет назад

    Wat een mooie filmpjes van een prachtige zanger. Love George!!!Echt hele mooie opnames!

  • didirubettes
    didirubettes 5 лет назад

    thank thank u thank u for this awesome video, he is perfect and u did a great job, keep bringing joy to GM fans, we appreciate it...

  • jamaicanladie1
    jamaicanladie1 5 лет назад


    I love You forever


  • ThePywackett
    ThePywackett 5 лет назад

    ummm, that is NOT what the song is about! Try again!

  • zoe taylor
    zoe taylor 5 лет назад

    this song is a celebration of his strength !

  • 62kyoko
    62kyoko 5 лет назад

    my favorite song!! great ! 年を重ねた円熟味ましたジョージ素敵です。♪

  • MsBorok
    MsBorok 5 лет назад +1

    Gutted I couldn't get tickets for this tour :-(

  • TheMusikpoet
    TheMusikpoet 5 лет назад

    starker song

  • 61sneaky
    61sneaky 5 лет назад

    I saw him tonight in Rotterdam and it was great.....he's a great artist

    • Tasos Tagiannis
      Tasos Tagiannis 6 месяцев назад

      i only saw him in athens greece. it was a concert i'll never forget .rip sweet george

  • Tina
    Tina 5 лет назад

    cant wait for 21 oct Rotterdam thank you for this great share !!!!

  • alexdoulou
    alexdoulou 6 лет назад

    im booking tickets tomorrow!

  • riri tha don
    riri tha don 6 лет назад

    yeahhhhhhhh see him with my bro wendsday in cologne :D

  • cecelollo
    cecelollo 6 лет назад