Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.
    Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.
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Comments • 15 865

  • 위츠커Wietske

    She is so well spoken and intelligent. 100% deserve to be miss Korea.

  • iiiuuvgtfgd kih13567%

    i don't think anyone can be the most beautiful because it could only be in this contest . when only most ugly girls Registered so it's only accidentally happen in every Contest in the world it's the ridiculoust invention of human naivity no one is more beautiful than the other its only your personal view so don't take it seriously 😁

  • Wesly Chandra
    Wesly Chandra Day ago

    I love her more than i love myself :'

  • Rosa María Fierros Farell

    She is so pretty! I almost cried!

  • UniquelyMade
    UniquelyMade Day ago +1

    Great ASMR voice

  • Jessy Gutierrez
    Jessy Gutierrez Day ago

    It's so sad that some of Koreans have this concepts and standards of beauty. All women are beautiful regardless of their height or weight or skin color. Plastic surgery is also famous in Korea. I also heard that there is a specific actress/singer who eats one apple per meal for her diet. How can you possibly do that to your own body? It's like starving yourself just to look pretty. It's actually disturbing.

  • sushil bhandari
    sushil bhandari Day ago

    Wow! Even 58kg for 173cm is below 20 BMI (normal is 18.5 to 23)! Do they want their girls to be unhealthy?

  • Yi Jin
    Yi Jin Day ago

    I think that you look AMAZING! For your height, you weight is still thin. I would have to say that if you were that weight at your height, it would look sickly. Super proud of you. You ARE a natural beauty.

  • Puting Pinoy
    Puting Pinoy Day ago +3

    I was speaking with a friend from Korea. She said she likes the US better because people are not nearly as judgmental when it comes to the beauty standard. She said her friends once told her to wear a sweater because her arms were _too big and going to ruin their picture._
    What was really messed up about this was that as she was telling me it caused her psychological damage she was also trying to defend that culture.

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel Day ago

    Damn, her English is awesome!

  • Didi Dogster
    Didi Dogster Day ago

    smart and pretty. No wonder she won!

  • Lorena Dávila
    Lorena Dávila Day ago +1

    It seems that in Korea being fat is like a sin or a crime. That is something I really don't like. Extreme stupid standards.

  • Taliana Rietten
    Taliana Rietten Day ago

    Have to wait 2 hrs to pee damn

  • Joaquín Snefru
    Joaquín Snefru Day ago

    The most eloquent pageant winner I’ve ever seen!!! If there only were more like her!!!

  • Let Tice
    Let Tice Day ago

    I was good friends with Miss Rhode Island, they treat people awful in this industry.

  • samaritain16
    samaritain16 Day ago +3

    wow she is just so intelligent, fun, smart, very poised and beautiful and a lot of self confidence !!!

  • Ashley Jang
    Ashley Jang Day ago

    완전이쁘시구 완전 날씬하세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    절대로 항상예쁘실려고 노력 안해도 돼요ㅠㅠ 이 글을 읽으실지는 모르겠지만..
    마음도 이쁘신데 얼굴도 이쁘구 날씬하시구 그리고 언제나 이쁘실거에요! 호주에서 응원하는 고등학생 여학생입니다! 😍😍

  • alloo NCTzen here

    She is so pretty by outside and inside

  • calvin yip
    calvin yip Day ago

    I think she looks perfectly fine not too thin and not fat. Just nice . Healthy look.Its kinda sad. If you are a normal person you also being criticize but when you are famous you are critize even more.Everyone have their option on being perfect . You can't satisfied everyone and people are constantly toxic just like a game community. Hope people will change criticism to encouragement.

  • Ericka Rose Tiro
    Ericka Rose Tiro 2 days ago +1

    She’s very beautiful. ♥️

  • That One Button on Kookie's Shirt That Didnt Pop

    I didnt know she spoke english. she has such a nice personality

  • Padmaja Ray
    Padmaja Ray 2 days ago +8

    BMI to Korean beauty standards : AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • Korean Idol
    Korean Idol 2 days ago +8

    no wonder she won, such a kind soul and beautiful personality with a soothing voice. My God I love her already almost cried with her

  • Indarwista Baragigiratri

    Dear Ms. Soo Min Kim, you are pretty, smart and kind. and you are not fat at all.

  • kyanise kail delmonte

    Whatever you height is, you have to be below 50kg? Well, that's insane because medically speaking weight is (and will always be) proportional to a person's height and even age.
    I SO LOVE KPOP & HANGEUL but PREJUDICE & RACISM is really big in korea isn't it? It's kinda sad tho. That's a part where I don't agree with them. 😕

    BLACKPINKS BITCH 2 days ago

    I have the urge to take my fat arse to Korea just to.....Flex my flabs 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    LOLA SANZ 2 days ago

    she is so sweet

  • Delving Deeper
    Delving Deeper 2 days ago +2

    She is by far one of the most gracious and beautiful people I've ever seen being interviewed. I'm really glad she did this interview and that she continues doing the work to reform these really unhealthy beauty standards. Being overweight is not fine. Being malnutritioned isn't okay either. We should strive to always be a better version of ourselves. We shouldn't justify being unhealthy. But we shouldn't also be shamed when we are actually trying to improve. And here is the fine line... A lot of people jump to defending themselves when they are being "body-shamed" for "accepting their bodies"... You should not just accept being a worse version of yourself. It should only be the first step.

  • Hana Tjia
    Hana Tjia 2 days ago +1

    She's so tall! Less than 50 kg seems to be hard to achieve with that height. I mean, would that even still be considered healthy?

  • Sumida Ryogoku
    Sumida Ryogoku 2 days ago

    Steven is gorgeous. I need him to breed me !!

  • Stefanie Phang
    Stefanie Phang 2 days ago

    She's beautiful 💕💕

  • Haku S
    Haku S 2 days ago

    "How can this overweight girl be Miss. Korea??" - Touche, literally made my day lol

  • Wonder Woman Heart
    Wonder Woman Heart 2 days ago

    A sweet, kind, articulate, and last but not least, beautiful young lady. I love how resilient she is and the support/love from her father.

  • T baz
    T baz 2 days ago +6

    I love Asian people. So gorgeous, especially the men. 😍

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 days ago

    I can see why she won. She is beautiful inside and outside. She carries a different air about her.

  • CommonCatPie
    CommonCatPie 2 days ago

    I love her so much. Shes so raw.

  • Noc Noc
    Noc Noc 2 days ago

    I think she's beautiful in and out, and certainly deserves to win. Her character is what most beautiful and makes her shine even more with her outer beauty.

  • aluran
    aluran 2 days ago

    thank god for uniform languages

  • Aldrich Fung
    Aldrich Fung 2 days ago

    It was her class and how she carried herself that helped her win - congrats to her

  • Raven L. Twilight
    Raven L. Twilight 2 days ago

    Anyone who said this person is not beautiful need to have their eyes check, she's one of the most beautiful korean woman i've ever seen. Granted, I'm not from Korea and didn't really understand their standard but if some foreigner like me can appreciate her beauty, why can't the people in the same country as her couldn't see her beauty?

  • Elektrion Heart
    Elektrion Heart 2 days ago +2

    Dear Mr Dad Korea, if you are reading this!
    Be proud of yourself, your dear daughter and your whole family! You did a right job!
    So dont be worried, only jelaous people would say something negative about her! If they dont pay your bills, dont pay mind to them!

  • Alex Hur
    Alex Hur 3 days ago

    She's proud but humble. Me likes.

  • Cara Krug
    Cara Krug 3 days ago

    Not only is Soo extremely lovely, but very intelligent and caring. Hope she does well and uses the platform for what she stands for.

  • Maricruz Miranda
    Maricruz Miranda 3 days ago +1

    Para Pené

  • rose x
    rose x 3 days ago

    And here iam sitting on my laptop broke 13 and 62kg lmao i eat like hell-

  • Onizuka Sorimachi
    Onizuka Sorimachi 3 days ago

    Plastic surgery? Nah miss Korea or miss fake Korea?

  • adiba ayop
    adiba ayop 3 days ago

    she is fat, ugly & undeserved of the title..
    said plus size, fat , ugly, jealous people

  • sayantika das
    sayantika das 3 days ago

    Koreans dont know WHO standard!

  • roxy lib
    roxy lib 3 days ago

    LOL I love her xx

  • Basla Butt
    Basla Butt 3 days ago +1

    If she is considered fat then i am a hippopotamus >.

  • Ronald  Schmal
    Ronald Schmal 3 days ago

    She won because she looks healthy. If I'm not mistaken 130lbs is around what medical science says is the ideal weight for her height. She has the curves where she's supposed to, and the slimness where she's supposed to. Couple that with her having goals higher than the pageant, and a humble attitude, and you have a very beautiful person all around. The media focuses too much on weight, and not the actual health reason you should have when dieting and exercising.

  • Sruthi why
    Sruthi why 3 days ago

    Why is her laugh like JUNGKOOK's laugh omg

  • pritom saikia
    pritom saikia 3 days ago

    Fat shaming? What is wrong with the world?

  • B V
    B V 3 days ago

    She has an amazing personality ❤😍

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver 3 days ago +2

    She uses *like* too much for a non native english speaker
    Funny how trends and tags are picked up

  • AdmiralDankBar
    AdmiralDankBar 3 days ago

    Yo she looks lit

  • warning_fragile_ babydoll

    Bulimia is probably the reason for the bathroom rule

  • Ares Dominguez Castillo

    Beauty standards aren't to be bragged (on a national level)... Health should be bragged. She's very graceful, kind, smart, and thoughtful! She has a right to brag XD She went and did something she wanted! It was of her own volition! She's so incredibly smart and fighting the shaming! I weigh as much as her and getting over a stage of unhealthy weight loss. The fact that she faced all of that and, on an international level, helped people get rid of unhealthy practices makes me feel like I should be doing more for those around me as well.

  • Chang
    Chang 3 days ago

    She should do PORN. I would buy it

  • Rika Lestari
    Rika Lestari 3 days ago +16

    How is she controversial,she seems to deserve to be the winner,so smart woman 😍

  • poldomen lang
    poldomen lang 3 days ago

    hay salamat, tao ang piniling malalo sa pageant
    hindi... barbie doll, plastic na wala pang laman ang utak
    btw congrats Ms. Korea 2018 😶😶😶

    NOOR AIDILADHA 3 days ago

    She represents Korea at which pageant?

  • erick picoulet
    erick picoulet 3 days ago

    Congratulations for your courage and your determination. Criticism is only due to jealous and jealous people. I hope that your talent will be up to your beauty and that we will see you on the screens in movies or dramas from France. Fighting.

  • Tsering Choetso
    Tsering Choetso 4 days ago

    I thought controversial is something to do with plastic surgery, btw she is so down to earth and beautiful

  • Ryne Hemsworth
    Ryne Hemsworth 4 days ago

    What a poor Korean beauty standard

  • Sternritter
    Sternritter 4 days ago

    It's scary because the girls all look the same

  • intaenetcrush
    intaenetcrush 4 days ago

    The thumbnail is so pretty 😍

  • x3Sternchen199
    x3Sternchen199 4 days ago

    She is beautiful... In and out.

  • D Rich
    D Rich 4 days ago

    I'm so thirsty

  • silver 149
    silver 149 4 days ago

    SHE'S FAT??? WTF well I'm a giant pig then

  • Suzukawa Rin
    Suzukawa Rin 4 days ago +15

    She is the actual deserving Miss Korea.
    *mic drop*

  • Sara Amistoso
    Sara Amistoso 4 days ago

    I just can't get off my eyes on those glass of smoothies. I feel so healthy by just looking at it. By the way she's Beautiful and well spoken

  • mike jr
    mike jr 4 days ago +12

    I love her. She is amazing in all ways. God bless u. ❤

  • alicia
    alicia 4 days ago

    She is beautiful!!! Her height her weight every thing!!! Korea just focuses on orthorexia more than nothing else.

  • Elle Authoress
    Elle Authoress 4 days ago

    One of the chillest beauty contestants I have ever seen

  • Ying Chiu Luk
    Ying Chiu Luk 4 days ago

    it is sad to see today's "social standard" of women's beauty should be with certain facial features, certain height, and have almost rip cage showing bone dry skinny figure and yet somehow has the biggest chest in the world. The modern digital ago makes people follow fantasy-like factional ideology rather than reality what human body is. Many girls nowadays not only just put make-up anymore, they paint their faces to transform themselves to look almost not like what they are. They look complete another person with and without make-up.

    30+ years ago, without all these digital fantasy faction, crazy make up, plastic surgery, and all the "artificial modification", people look really who they are. The good old days was really simple and straight forward, and people don't really judge others like this. I don't see the modern trend is necessarily good and healthy, and I wish we can all go back to the simple way of being what we really are instead of having putting on all "shells".

  • C C
    C C 4 days ago

    Spoiler Alert: Any American female over 110 pounds is considered chubby in the United States too. The pressure on women is global. South Korean women are not alone.

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 4 days ago +15

    Controversial? Look at Miss Helsinki or the new Miss Germany..THATS controversial.

  • Aqsa Akbar
    Aqsa Akbar 4 days ago

    Not only is it important to feel comfortable with yourself but if you exercise and try to develop a long term HEALTHY diet, you cannot depend on the scale. If you obsess over just the scale number, you will be pretty miserable and depressed and that is very unhealthy. It is not worth it at all. I think this beautiful young woman can make a difference. It sounds cliche but self love and acceptance is very important and beauty is very very broad. You can be inspired by other people but DO NOT compare yourself with other people all the time and wish you were like somebody else. Nobody should skinny shame or fat shame. So, an unhealthy obsession with appearance, diet, what others think of you is just not worth making your life miserable and unhappy I promise.

  • Colin Zhou
    Colin Zhou 4 days ago

    47 - 48 is the level of intelligence of those haters.

  • Aloeveranxious
    Aloeveranxious 4 days ago

    She's beautiful inside too :)

  • Manisha Yadav
    Manisha Yadav 5 days ago +111

    45kg for 5’8? That would be counted as severe malnutrition. You go girl!! You’re healthy and pretty and very poised for a peagent. ❤️

  • A B
    A B 5 days ago

    The miss competitions are artrificial contests someone came up with to earn money and that's what it is about, marketing and money. Therefore saying that she is "officially the best looking Korean women" is just falling for the marketing.

  • Mirabelka aaa
    Mirabelka aaa 5 days ago

    50kg is underweight for many heights

  • KAP 111
    KAP 111 5 days ago

    "decided to come back to Korea and start me career"

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 days ago

    My dear, that's why you won: to rewrite the rules. Be the change you want to see in the world. Go girl ❤

  • Emir Syahreza
    Emir Syahreza 5 days ago

    korean standards are crazy

  • Shubham Verma
    Shubham Verma 5 days ago

    If she is available for marriage 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ ahh she is extremely beautiful. Won my heart

    • Kim Jong Un
      Kim Jong Un 4 days ago

      Then Here comes an indian 😂😂😂

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 5 days ago

    If she is considered fat n ugly in Korea than what am i.....a potato

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang 5 days ago

    After all soo really deserved the title❤️

  • Tracy Victoria
    Tracy Victoria 5 days ago +1

    Man, if she claims that she is a god, the one that create this universe. I, without a doubt will worship her as true god.

  • Marc Sy
    Marc Sy 5 days ago +1

    She is gorgeous. Im glad she and her parents pushed through. Wishing her the best.

  • Ezen-Hartt Jonathan Iberion

    This girl is beautiful and looks perfect. She's just in the perfect BMI range. What's wrong with the Korean beauty standard??

  • Suzanna Kiraly
    Suzanna Kiraly 5 days ago

    They look a lot alike so it would be hard to pick one just based on looks.

  • Carol Dec
    Carol Dec 5 days ago +2

    Ohmygoodness! She's so calm and gentle yet very strong. You've set the bars so high through your intellect, attitude and the way you conduct yourself. Really inspiring👍

  • Park Chimchim
    Park Chimchim 5 days ago

    Why you Koreans don't understand because there are some people who are very very skinny but they weight a lot because they have heavy bones

  • Erce Pınar
    Erce Pınar 5 days ago

    Leave her alone! Go .... yourselves! She is very natural, without any nose job etc.! It's really funny that so much people who would freak out even by facing the jury are criticizing her! Nobody has the right to traumatize her and her family out of their jealousy! Congrats Soo Kim! Hope that this title would pave the way for good & peaceful things in your life! Hugs from Istanbul, Turkey!

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 5 days ago

    The comments people had were so awful! She's a perfectly healthy weight, and I hate that she and so many other people put this on themselves.

  • TheJP100
    TheJP100 5 days ago

    No idea how I got here and I really dont get why there is anything controversial besides some dumbass competition. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • romeo sorrel
    romeo sorrel 6 days ago +7

    "She's not pretty enough to represent Korea"
    "She's too fat to be Miss Korea"

    Damn you Koreans, are those the only things that matter to you ?