Samito I'll Hook Them Off The Map! - Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 708

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Samito I'll Hook Them Off The Map! - Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 708
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Comments • 543

  • FreshNuts
    FreshNuts  Month ago +55

    Leave your questions here, thanks!

    • -_Ninja_- 1226
      -_Ninja_- 1226 Month ago

      What is your dream that you have not achieved yet?

    • Marcus R
      Marcus R Month ago

      Can we please stop giving exposure to horrible people like Samito and Kephrii? Thanks!

    • Heman Idsøe
      Heman Idsøe Month ago

      Freashnuts are you doing freshy today

    • CoryTheHobo
      CoryTheHobo Month ago

      Day 4 of asking freshnuts if I should get orisa or torb golden gun

    • OnyxXVenom95 RAM
      OnyxXVenom95 RAM Month ago

      Freshy, do you think Mei needs a rework? Her kit is very counterintuitive to what the devs say

  • Pelin Koç
    Pelin Koç 3 days ago

    Can you stop doing intros pls? Like you are doing intros so you can get the video to 10 mins just put more efforts in to your job.

  • Jolo Jelo
    Jolo Jelo 27 days ago

    Dear fresh nuts u make me really happy thank u bro for even living

  • Jin B
    Jin B Month ago

    I'm starting to feel bad for j3 and the bug shit now. At first it was funny but I can see it's starting to get annoying for him

  • Tyler Harding
    Tyler Harding Month ago

    The people wasting their ults is the most fucking obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen

  • oo oo
    oo oo Month ago

    same tim :( i feel u

  • Rose Phantoma
    Rose Phantoma Month ago

    no the baby of two pikachus would say pichu bc a baby pikachu is a pichu

  • Kostas Biker
    Kostas Biker Month ago

    Plays Reaper
    Says i'm nuts
    Pick one,cause Reaper is not a skill hero and he's severely overpowered.

  • Sam etc
    Sam etc Month ago

    09:50 😂🤣

  • K K
    K K Month ago

    Samito is very punchable

  • Vo1d
    Vo1d Month ago

    8:30 Climbing in Overwatch be like..

  • Liam Quinn
    Liam Quinn Month ago

    9:50 from symphunny

  • FlyingTurtle
    FlyingTurtle Month ago

    The Jay3 clips are so damn boring. Staged af.

  • Lee Landru
    Lee Landru Month ago

    9:52 had me laughing out loud for real

  • AzeOfSpadez
    AzeOfSpadez Month ago

    I was never a fan of TimTheTatman, (never hated him, just not a fan) but his words resonated with my poor soul.

  • didit2ya
    didit2ya Month ago

    brah samito is the worst thing to happen to these videos

  • Marcus R
    Marcus R Month ago +1

    I'm gonna have to stop watching you. Too many Samito and Kephrii clips. They are both shit humans.

  • Nathan Boucher
    Nathan Boucher Month ago

    2:03 Just casually getting shot by Hammond

  • vezyr
    vezyr Month ago

    One more J3 bug clip and i am out of here

    WOLF SHINIGAMI Month ago

    Put it in reverse Terry

  • Guy Gardner
    Guy Gardner Month ago

    I don’t care if he offered you a place to stream
    Dude’s still a homophobic and toxic piece of shit

  • DarthGamer
    DarthGamer Month ago

    I love xQc i hate that a lot of the community think he is just a toxic idiot, that is just how he is on stream

  • maaa
    maaa Month ago +1

    5:31 agree

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris Month ago

    I hate samito so much

  • W1ckedEy3
    W1ckedEy3 Month ago

    Damn, kephrii lost weight. Good for him.

  • Swerville
    Swerville Month ago

    dspstanky :')

  • TheYoshiOfOz
    TheYoshiOfOz Month ago

    Dear nut fresh the Pokémon are probably just named after what they say so in the real world a dog would be called a bark or a woof

  • BLTspace
    BLTspace Month ago

    Stop putting the jay3 ult clips in fresh nuts maybe. People know they're gonna get on youtube by trolling. It's just old and sad at this point seriously. I feel bad for jay.

  • Casual Widowmaker Main

    It was funny in the first clip but now it’s not funny and it’s really sad to see. Poor Jay3 man, he just wants to play not have throwers

  • FunningRast
    FunningRast Month ago +1

    4:08 When you decide today is a good day to play in the mud. 😉

  • MidKnight
    MidKnight Month ago

    Can u just stop with the Jay3 bug please people will continue to do it if they still going on RUclip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Mystic Bigo
    Mystic Bigo Month ago

    Dear fresh nuts how long did it take for 1mil

  • Matthew Andrade
    Matthew Andrade Month ago

    Noob hunter better

  • 2d'Tension
    2d'Tension Month ago

    Can we have a compilation of jay3's thrower mates?

  • Custom Kirby
    Custom Kirby Month ago +1

    I'm stuck in masters because of my teammates... no really!
    Jay3 2019

    JIMBO Month ago

    why with almost 100 thousand views only about 5 thousand likes ... dont be like that...c'mon push the like button, nerds >:(

  • DatBoyPrime RB
    DatBoyPrime RB Month ago +1

    Day 69 of asking dear freshest of the nuttiest king nutty freshhy Do you feel sorry for jay3 and honestly think Jeff should do something about it?

  • DatBoyPrime RB
    DatBoyPrime RB Month ago +1

    Damn I love children. Wait...

  • Mert Mert
    Mert Mert Month ago


  • Snow Falls
    Snow Falls Month ago

    Jay3 isn’t the beat thing about his stream it’s his bug. Change my mind

  • Amberwood
    Amberwood Month ago


  • Kakacarrotcake
    Kakacarrotcake Month ago

    me yesterday: "samito is toxic"
    5:22, "hey... I like this guy"

  • Leveleros
    Leveleros Month ago

    dude, this was an amazing episodie xD

  • Christopher Erskine

    The whole Jay3 thing is getting pretty old. Please stop.

  • No cake
    No cake Month ago

    I feal bad for jay3

  • Leon Snellink
    Leon Snellink Month ago

    8:08 is no one going to talk about this?

  • Aaron Schmidt
    Aaron Schmidt Month ago

    I fucking love samito clips so glad he switched to twitch

  • Dr. FunkBuzzer
    Dr. FunkBuzzer Month ago

    I feel so sorry about Jay3

  • spicy
    spicy Month ago

    He’s in fucking masters now? Dude I feel so bad for Jay3

  • Pile Of Cheese
    Pile Of Cheese Month ago

    As far as I know OWL teams have a mental health counselor/team therapist.

  • not a profi
    not a profi Month ago

    Tim doesn't even know that OWL teams HAD and HAVE psychotherapists? Which has nothing to do with competitive ladder on OW.

  • A G
    A G Month ago

    More xQcOW clips plzzz

  • Blaze
    Blaze Month ago

    Ok bug meme kinda gettin over used twomad and that southern guy kinda made it funny from how they did it but all the random people just wastin ults kinda gettin stupid ngl

  • AdrenResi
    AdrenResi Month ago

    waitwaitwait stanky's actually back??

  • Matticoy
    Matticoy Month ago

    Anyone else dont like Samito? He's so toxic...

  • Ryan Holiday
    Ryan Holiday Month ago

    You know what's funnier than Jay3 getting his bugs killed in masters? Getting them killed in diamond.

  • Fabian Zimmermann
    Fabian Zimmermann Month ago

    Jay will be in Plat soon

  • Nathan Weir
    Nathan Weir Month ago

    Hey Butter chicken nut, I just wanted to let you know that whenever Chipsa appears on my screen I take my headset off for my own safety

  • Toxicity
    Toxicity Month ago

    XQcOW knows what it feels like to need a place. Great that he did that

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders Month ago

    Can we all start doing the bug thing to chipsa now we gotta leave jay3 alone