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Three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) receive a shock when they debut their invention, a machine that translates for pets.

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Длительность: 4:51
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Автор Tobi B. ( назад)
0:02 is that the Conference Centre in Dublin ? 😅

Автор TheLMMurphy ( назад)
Good Lord I'm sick of hearing this liberal trash that is supposed to be funny. It started strong and it could have been taken in many hilarious directions but apparently calling our president a racist piece of trash is the best thing SNL has to offer. I want to watch the SNL when there is no politics except on the weekly update. Everyone is just kind and funny and tells jokes besides republicans are garbage.

Автор waterside ( назад)
ABOUT TIME! the bashing Trump 24/7 was getting played out. about time reality stepped in .

Автор Dennis Geise ( назад)
That dog is very smart

Автор Witch ( назад)
awe that doggy is sooo cute! I wanna cuddle it! >:3

Автор JackstandJohnny ( назад)
So...the liberal has a gun? That didnt make any sense.

Автор Rohit Mittal ( назад)
Tbh as a liberal, I liked this better than the cold opens making fun of Trump. I like laughing at my own side, me included, for once.

Edit: Hey guys in the comments...chill okay? This means both sides. We don't need to spend a youtube comments section with both sides angry now, okay? ;-;

Автор Beetnik Badger ( назад)
Lmao 😂

Автор The Owl News Network ( назад)
wow. snl might get some ratings back. 50% of potential viewers are conservative. .... just say'n.

Автор Aria Anise ( назад)
Commenters which goes to show that natural selection should get a little pickier...

Автор H ydra ( назад)
This is honestly the funniest snl skit

Автор Crow Migration ( назад)
The dog raised some good points

Автор Lauran Glover ( назад)

Автор ThePumpkinBoat MC ( назад)
Well done doggo.

Автор Jing Li ( назад)
it was actually female. u guys aint got a clue...

Автор Joshua Nelson ( назад)
I would say that's a pretty authentic response from liberals. except for the gun

Автор jilligan9223 ( назад)
she's not even looking at the dog half the time.

Автор Erika J ( назад)
The dog is the smartest one in the room. Also not surprised their project was 18 million over budget .

Автор Bryan and Martha Smith ( назад)
Dog sounds smarter than the people. And did I see a liberal pull out a concealed carry handgun?

Автор Andrew Birkhead ( назад)
pretty dumb, but hey the dog is a better actor then Alec Baldwin!

Автор Kermit The Frog ( назад)
i think its amazing a dog has better talking points than most their anti trump skitz

Автор lionpersia ( назад)
What's the name of the actress in white gown, please?

Автор John Doe ( назад)
That dog is the smartest dog in da world

Автор underzog ( назад)
One of the few funny SNL kits.

Автор AhmedPETA2 ( назад)
Why do these morons always have to make everything political?

Автор Felipe Segura ( назад)
Bernie Sanders isn't owned by Wall Street

Автор Xergius ( назад)
Best SNL skit in years!

Автор Mark Nutt ( назад)
is that rly Scarletts dog

Автор Carson Wentz ( назад)
Whys everything have to do with disliking trump? Gets old

Автор Evija3000 ( назад)
That dog seemed kinda scared when she took of the helmet while yelling at him.

Автор Ichinegro Negrosaki ( назад)
Max made SNL Great Again!

Автор Undisclosed Identity ( назад)
Trump wants to kick out ILLEGAL Mexicans, how many times must you ignore that fact

Автор Ms A ( назад)
at least the dog has a brain...

Автор Mike Baxter ( назад)
The dog was the smartest one in the room, and come on....a liberal with a gun?! That would be a miracle...Lmfao 😄😄😄😂😂😂

Автор Googlesux Bigtime ( назад)
That was the *BEST* SNL skit I've seen in 30 years.

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
That dog for Presdent after four years!

Автор Dawson Barrineau ( назад)
the person who hates guns has one......

Автор michelle lyon ( назад)
It's hysterical seeing them at SNL, have to accept their President Trump, after all, 😂😂 #suckitupbuttercup!!

Автор katkowalski314 ( назад)
I feel bad for the dog being yelled at

Автор GaHyun Hwang ( назад)
The lucky bastard dog gets so see Scarlett Johansson masturbate

Автор GaHyun Hwang ( назад)
Humans arguing with a dog about Trump...

Автор Marvin McKinney ( назад)
Surprised liberals didn't get upset when she brandished a firearm to show she is willing to kill the dog because she disagree withTrump rhetoric. This goes to show the hypocrisy, and how intolerant Snowflakes are nowadays if you support President Trump. In a way, funny but sad. Kudos for SNL for observing the contrast of our political climate.

Автор brendan95delany ( назад)
Could it be any more obvious that Scarlett Johansson is reading her lines?

Автор Terrance Hill ( назад)
That reformed Republican Dog really made my day....what a smart little dudeowski..woof -woof!!!

Автор dynafiq 1 ( назад)
Animal cruelty for the sake of bad comedy. Absolutely disgusting. The dog is clearly afraid and confused as to why it's being yelled at. At the end, its tail is even tucked between its legs. Shame on everyone involved in this.

Автор srqtad ( назад)
This is great...

Автор omg hey there ( назад)

Автор Steve Cookie ( назад)
Love this dog

Автор Dustin Sjaaheim ( назад)
Now that was funny!

Автор Ciara Lawler ( назад)
Wow, the Convention Centre made SNL. had to rewind to make sure!

Автор JS Pena ( назад)
And shockingly​ pugs are Chinese!

Автор JS Pena ( назад)
Dogs for TRUMP!

Автор Joseph Matthews ( назад)
welp, that explains why no one watches snl

Автор j hrk ( назад)
one of the worst skits I've ever seen

Автор legit_kicks_919 ( назад)
this poor dog... fuck you snl

Автор Henrygaga ( назад)
This is so funny but the dog is correct!

Автор Nikola Tasev ( назад)
Dog: "you cut my balls off"
The dog in the video is female :D

Автор Kent Darden ( назад)
Its called Comedy people. Get a sense of humor I'm a liberal and I thought this was Hilarious. I get the joke and I get the point. People have to re-learn the art of debate. We have to learn agree to disagree. If you're going to argue then DEBATE. Plus we have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Lighten the hell up.

Автор brayz ( назад)
this directly depicts the nature of those opposed to our president TRUMP

Автор brayz ( назад)
he should be the master

Автор brayz ( назад)
that dog is smarter than the the other dogs in the video hahaha

Автор rlwieneke ( назад)
the dog is smarter than the human Liberals. LMFAO

Автор Jeff Brehove ( назад)
Is it just me or do all the white guys in the a lot cast look indistinctive?

Автор Anthony Geinopolos ( назад)
I love this lmfao

Автор dashrirprock ( назад)
This was OK, but I get more entertainment value out of the fact conservatives are celebrating this sketch.

Автор razernaga2014 SPUD ( назад)
I find it interesting that this video in particular features much less crying in the comment section.

Автор Alex M ( назад)
This was funny, but I was kind of disappointed that this was another political thing. I was really hoping that this would lead to maybe the dog was thinking about really sexual things to do to Scarlett, or maybe he was racist and Jay or Keenan could be in it, or I don't know something else. I personally am just getting kind of sick of all this political stuff.

Автор MIR ( назад)
I think is the first time i see Cecily breaking

Автор anarchitect ( назад)
scarlett Jo so fine

Автор Rafał Kukuła ( назад)
The way she put that thing on the dog's head is disgusting. He clearly doesn't want to be there, you can see that in his eyes

Автор Kyle Rainer ( назад)
This makes fun of liberals more so than Trump supporters

Автор Jim Bones ( назад)
Why does she keep yanking the dog? Dumb actress. People only like you cuz joss whedon made you look cool in Avengers. Dumbwhore.

Автор Hard Boiled Entertainment ( назад)
3:50 Love it. Only time Lefties believe in gun rights...

Автор John Do ( назад)
I love dogs but this dog would have an accident.

Автор Xtoriez Novel ( назад)
I never understood why the Women Protestors wore pink knitted Cow Udders on their heads?

Автор Sand man ( назад)
Another anti Trump snl skit. Imagine that

Автор Satan ( назад)
The dog will be joining me soon

Don't worry hitler makes pretty good kibble

Автор Abel John ( назад)
Why was the put your hat on part funny? When she put the pink hat on the dog, I didn't get that joke

Автор Skoo-koo Kitty ( назад)
haha! that dog is smarter than any leftist and "progressive" in existence.

Автор jack mayhoffer ( назад)
Anyone know what kind of dog this is?

Автор Meghan loves Paget! ( назад)

Автор Omar Alor ( назад)
shouldn't Eric and Donald jr be glad that the dog supports their father?

Автор Zack Mck ( назад)
At first I face palmed and was prepared to dislike, and then Max wrecked shop.

Автор PJ S ( назад)
over 18,000 like and under 1000 dislikes. hahaha the libtards are so stupid lol

Автор Jacob Stanton ( назад)
Poor dog he doesn't know why someone is yelling at him and putting helmets on him, he did nothing wrong he is just a dog

Автор eme nem ( назад)
Scarlett is gorgeous...I like the SNL cast. but they know if they roast Obama or other liberal train wrecks their career would be over. seriously look back at the sketches they done on Barry, they had So much material to work with on him and Michelle but ALL of them were over the top respectful. hey I think that's cool just spread the love to the other Presidents also. after all the masses voted for them. as much as I disagreed with Obama he was still my President. its hard when they dont do anything they promise they will. I just keep telling myself: well the majority wanted them as leader, show some respect.

Автор eme nem ( назад)
Scarlett is gorgeous...I like the SNL cast. but they know if they roast Obama or other liberal train wrecks their career would be over. seriously look back at the sketches they done on Barry, they had So much material to work with on him and Michelle but ALL of them were over the top respectful. hey I think that's cool just spread the love to the other Presidents also. after all the masses voted for them. as much as I disagreed with Obama he was still my President. its hard when they dont do anything they promise they will. I just keep telling myself: well the majority wanted them as leader, show some respect.

Автор Joe Bonaparte ( назад)
well I'm a huge trump supporter I don't really like SNL its not funny anymore but this skit sadly is how it really is out there

Автор Ivo Domani ( назад)
Are you retarded?

Автор Funny Muffler ( назад)
Is this the same dog from the Blue River Dog Food sketch?

Автор Ghetis 396 ( назад)
Shoulda been a crab. "Fuckurfatherfuckurfatherfuckurfather"

Автор When Birds Fly ( назад)
I don't like Trump but...I like how SNL doesn't just make fun of Republicans... in fact I wish they did this more often so they could make fun of both sides of the Political spectrum evenly(they make fun of republicans a LOT more, probably because Trump is easier material.)

Автор Pollyanna Principle ( назад)
The liberals are catching on that it's better to have an illiterate transparent uncouth mess of a republican president like Trump in office that erratically tweets what his every step is rather than a calculated, literate, politically savvy, skilled republican manipulator like Pence as president. If Trump is impeached and Pence replaces him, the LGBTQ people, people of color, immigrants, Jewish people, Muslims, and etc are screwed EVEN WORSE. Trump is the least harmful of the two evils. With Trumps erratic behavior and with Trumps extreme administration, the reality is that less of his Banon and Breitbart influenced policy will go through. Also, with all the drama that our current unstable president is causing, he will get less work done. Currently Trump sensationalizes the little bit that he pretends to get done so it appears like he's doing something -- this is good for vulnerable communities and the democrats. By the time reelection comes around, a liberal president will be in office and she'll just have to clean up the minor mess that Trump has caused. So SNL is probably trying to make sure that Trump doesn't get impeached. There is concern now that some of his own voters are turning on him. As illiterate, uncouth, racist, sexist and unstable as Trump is, he is probably the better type of conservative to have in office given his idiocy. Someone like Pence is the worst type of conservative to serve as president.

Автор Robert Kneaul ( назад)
Gotta admit Trump made Saturday night live great again!!!!!

Автор A Sinner ( назад)

Автор Mitta Connor ( назад)
Dog sounded like the most intelligent being in the room.

Автор ThatManlyFisherDude ( назад)
smart dog

Автор Dustin Tacohands ( назад)
Most dogs would just say things Dexter's dog said

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