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Three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) receive a shock when they debut their invention, a machine that translates for pets.

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Длительность: 4:51
Комментарии: 2390

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Автор Physical Cliff ( назад)
The dog is scared at 3:50
Even though it is satire, it is interesting that the woman threatened to shoot the dog. Nazis also joked about shooting their political opposition. "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun"-- Hanns Johst

Автор Ownyx ( назад)
this would have never happened when Obama was in office. it would have been spun as some racist shit and pulled from tv.

Автор Weldon Gaming ( назад)
wow they admitted that SNL is a bunch of snowflakes

Автор Djinsin ( назад)
Basically what SNL is saying is that it's okay to shoot dogs if they are Trump supporters who have arguments that you are having a hard time countering. Why stop with dogs? Let's just take out our guns and go after the intolerance, starting with SNL, they're about as intolerant as people can get on this issue. It's actually kind of hilarious because THEY INVITED TRUMP ONTO THE SHOW A YEAR AGO.

Автор Sara Rae ( назад)
that poor pupper

Автор Brady Abbott ( назад)
Screw those liberals

Автор DoppleQ ( назад)
I thought this video was going to be funny

Автор Pelcogo ( назад)
Anti trump supporters in a nut shell.

Автор Cherie Juneau ( назад)
The Dog Owned it. How could SNL allow such a pro Trump skit??

Автор Mario Melgarejo ( назад)
This dog represents the faction of Trump supporters that are actually smart people but were simply fooled into believing he would follow through on issues like Draining the swamp, keeping America out of wars, and helping middle class Americans. You know, things even liberals would agree to wholeheartedly but weren't convinced he'd be the man to step up and do those things. He's a conman, plain and simple.

Автор Matthew Ruth ( назад)
Trump supporters are so pompous and validated by a personified dog in a skit XD

Автор blimy01 Maynard ( назад)
Scarlett Johansson masturbating.... sign me up please.

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
no matter what Scarlett is wearing she is always manages to still give me a stiffy.

Автор Elizabeth Wilson ( назад)
poor dog looked terrified

Автор Heyit'smec ( назад)
Everyones claiming that the writers at SNL are "finally smart" being too ignorant to notice that the only support behind what the dog was saying was that she cut off his balls and masturbates... clearly they're not republicans guys it's a skit.

Автор Jq Public ( назад)
They finally got someone with talent to write a skit. That dog was great!

Автор Jacob Sentz ( назад)
this was homestly the best trump skit snl has done most of them are onesided, ridiculous, or just not funny but this is the first trump skit i have ever actually laughed at

Автор TheGamerCyclops ( назад)
Always a breath of fresh air when they make fun of liberals

Автор Makeupby_haleygooch ( назад)
What breed is this dog?

Автор Makeupby_haleygooch ( назад)
That doggie is so cute

Автор Anna Rea Walker ( назад)
I like the dog's thoughts

Автор B-Man 123 ( назад)
Dog makes better choices than these dumb ass liberals!!

Автор BMoney8600 ( назад)
This was hilarious

Автор Jad Hegazin ( назад)
So no ones gonna talk about that fucking cute dog

Автор elikedatboss ( назад)
I love this dog

Автор elikedatboss ( назад)
Lol " you didnt give me a choice when cutting off my balls"

Автор Ember Brown ( назад)
I don't get why the dog's hat at the end was funny. What did it mean?

Автор Chrono105 ( назад)
3:33 Of course not that would be silly. He left out dangerously stupid.

Автор H-To The-E ( назад)
you pee on the floor
you masturbate out of boredom

Автор Dirt Hooligan ( назад)
I agree with the dog

Автор Nana forChrist ( назад)
Soooo funny!  Even SNL writers realizing the positive aspects emerging from the Trump Administration.

Автор Gannon Beverly ( назад)
I love how much I agree with this dog.

Автор Nuklearweasel ( назад)
Liberals understand the value of self deprecation and mocking themselves...something Trump supporters and the right don't quite seem to get.

Автор Reawer ( назад)
if you close your eyes and listen to Scarlettt speak, you realize she actually has an quite unattractive voice.
then you open them and and the realization is gone

Автор ButteryFingers ( назад)
win the first pocket automatic translator by going to http://queue.vip/ZKiG9CQ and signing up remember to confirm email

Автор The Ultimate Reductionist ( назад)
4m29s Why the weirdly-shaped red hat at the end? Is that a reference to something?

Автор The Ultimate Reductionist ( назад)
I hate Trump but I never once thought nor said he was racist nor sexist.

Автор The Ultimate Reductionist ( назад)
Is that Beck Bennett's voice for Max?

Автор Tyler Worrell ( назад)
The dog was smarter than the humans

Автор DaleRobby rear ( назад)
TRUMP 2020!

Автор HailG3 ( назад)
Why wasn't she looking at the dog while speaking to him?

Автор josue carlito Martinez ( назад)
I dont like trump but i love that dog

Автор JM ( назад)
Why is Scarlet Johanssen here? She's terrible.

Автор Kody Romo ( назад)
I agree with max on so many levels

Автор Big Sam ( назад)
I keep getting the T-Mobile sticker commercial and it's driving me nuts

Автор BizWiz ( назад)
*Scarlet Johansen is great!*
_This woman isn't only talented and beautiful, she's also educated and smart. She's a strong advocate for Progressive legislation._
My kind of gal!

Автор Noah Doucot ( назад)
wow a sketch that not only shows that Republican trump supporters want to have intelligent conversations with those who disagree, and that they aren't all racists but also shows the liberals care about none of that and only like hating on us. I mean really its not even funny its just watching people get so offended by facts that they wanted to shoot the damn dog for being a republican. SNL is literally down and gone the shitter

Автор Gautam Sarathy ( назад)
I just love the pug's deadpan/befuddled look.

Автор Dexter Ho ( назад)
this is the best thing ive seen today.

Автор Charred Albino ( назад)
Is the hat at the end a joke or peeps laughing cos it's cute?

Автор Javier Segura ( назад)
Why do people think this is pro Trump?

Автор Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment ( назад)
I wish she would put her vagina on MY head. That dog is so lucky.

Автор jonny nogo ( назад)
Goooooo trump

Автор chat rick ( назад)
like a liberal dumbass would have a gun!

Автор James Cunico ( назад)
I'm surprised they're more worried about what the dog is saying rather than being amazed that the dog translator actually works.

Автор reariala0 ( назад)
The dog is so cute 🐶

Автор Michele Victory ( назад)
This was hilarious! lol 😂 Go Trump!

Автор Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD ( назад)
The third scientist from the left looks like Newt Scamander.

Автор Mikey Condry ( назад)
Dog has better points than the people

Автор Dsn13 jcsn ( назад)
In Trump we Trust

Автор Kurt Cobain's Ghost ( назад)
That poor dog looks so confused

Автор Leinsterfan 180 ( назад)
That building at the start is the National Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland!

Автор DoofusInc ( назад)

Автор Kidus Anteneh ( назад)
I love the dog

Автор Max ( назад)
WOOF WOOF! I like Trump!!

Автор Nia Hudson ( назад)
Scarlett Johansson is as bad as Max. Ironic how she did this skit but she, a white woman, is playing an Asian woman in a movie. Funny skit though.

Автор Dayhome ( назад)
The dog is the smartest life form in the room...

Автор UndeadSon ( назад)
He's a good boy. :^)

Автор Bjwf Wrestling ( назад)
That dog is my spirit animal

Автор drakke125Channel ( назад)

LIES. You verbally abused and microaggressed it, and insulted it. The poor dog.

Автор drakke125Channel ( назад)
the sad part is when people can't accept he won fair and square...

Автор drakke125Channel ( назад)
a real example of how leftists/progressives/liberals react and can't accept to the slightest bit of intelligence, truth, and reality.

Автор NICK 2H ( назад)
The only animal I liked in this video was the dog.

Автор CCKillbilly ( назад)
Isn't this making fun of a specific recent product? What product was that...?

Автор BlueCorp ( назад)
Voting for Trump makes you a racist monster.... Sorry I thought this was SNL not Buzzfeed.

Автор VIKTOR MELNYK ( назад)

Автор Irma Romero ( назад)

Автор eq_izer _27 ( назад)
Scarlett is so hot

Автор Rad oris ( назад)
"by justice, or by a crooked craft; a loftier tower " -plato-

Автор Jade Chen ( назад)
Kudos to Scarlett Johansson and Alec Baldwin, two of Hollywood's powerful actors (they also have a place on the international stage), who choose to support other (lesser known) actors by being with them in Saturday Night Live.

If I were a Hollywood actor with the same fame and status as them (Scarlett Johansson and Alec Baldwin), I would never be able to do what they do.

Автор Brianna Casey ( назад)
Lol, nice to see SNL is going back to making fun of EVERYONE XD

Автор Kid Chef ( назад)
Keep that pink hat on!! 🎉👨‍🍳😊👍

Автор Das Nightmare ( назад)
CAN THEY GO ONE FUCKING VIDEO WITHOUT MENTIONING TRUMP?? I dont even like him but I'm getting tired of these lame jokes.

Автор Under fist ( назад)
I'll be honest I'm really happy that trump is president.

Автор Dale Ton ( назад)
I can't tell whether this is against trump supporters or against people who assume all trump supporters are racist

Автор b24harman ( назад)
Jesus that's this show does anymore is dump on Trump. That shit gets old.

Автор eternumdroida ( назад)
Yeah sure, they praised Trump.

Автор Person Person ( назад)
Fuck y'all

Автор juanchoja ( назад)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the building in the opening scene is The Dublin Convention Centre, in Dublin, Ireland

Автор aiden seaver ( назад)
I'd probably consider myself a liberal, but it is nice to see SNL mixing it up a bit and making fun of the anti-trump supporters

Автор Steven Joseph ( назад)
This unfolded so quickly 😂😂😂😂this is like the plot of a late 80s sitcom, where the dog is the main character or something 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор rav ernot ( назад)
animal abuse...? The Doggy said no in a skit about listening to a dog....

Автор Das FedoraGuy ( назад)
Wtf I thought Scarlet Johannson and SNL had a huge hate boner for Trump.

Автор user1138 ( назад)
Funny how Trump supporters think this was pro Trump. The dog was just regurgitating the same talking points you clowns use ad nauseam.

Автор John Luck ( назад)
and it's a transgender pooch! :o

Автор Buddy Ollie ( назад)
my dog is Republican

Автор Jacob Galloway ( назад)
First SNL sketch iv liked in a long time.

Автор Itz MitchMitch ( назад)
I'm having a hard time deciding whether this is a left or right-themed sketch

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