Filipino Street Food Tour - Baywalk Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park is a seaside promenade lined with palm trees, where you’ll find an abundance of street food and restaurants. If you especially love to eat seafood, when you’re in Puerto Princesa Palawan this is one of the best places to try Filipino street food.
    This was our first time trying Philippines street food, and Philippine cuisine. We ordered a set for 795 PHP ($15.31) this come with a variety of different seafood, pork, and one litre of ice tea.
    If you are in Puerto Princesa Palawan, be sure to visit Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park for some of the most delicious Philippines street food you will ever taste.

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  • It's Me Sai
    It's Me Sai Month ago +108

    I'm in love with philippine food 😍

    • Jan Jan
      Jan Jan 3 days ago

      It's Me Sai from Kyrgyzstan 😉

  • myrna belila
    myrna belila 7 hours ago

    Who's that girl

  • Cooking with Davann

    Hi bro please see my cooking as well thank you very much bro

  • antonyjh1234
    antonyjh1234 2 days ago

    Any chance of a food series about what Sai enjoys and the farms that the food comes from?

    PAUL SANCHEZ 2 days ago

    Your girlfriend, Sai, so pretty and down to earth. You are a lucky guy

  • Phyaziine Nana
    Phyaziine Nana 6 days ago

    u r lucky she is so beautiful

  • Jojo Garing
    Jojo Garing 6 days ago


  • Michael Canales
    Michael Canales 7 days ago

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  • meoww meoww
    meoww meoww 8 days ago

    sabi ng bata ...tang ina mo arti mo😂😂😂

  • It's Lea
    It's Lea 8 days ago

    Yeah Sai is so pretty. Very Filipina beauty. First time I saw her in your vlog, i really thought she's filipina. Anyway welcome to Philippines. Love this couple. ❤

  • Sage Mo
    Sage Mo 8 days ago

    You look a bit scary sir

  • blue jay
    blue jay 8 days ago

    Is the girl another poor peasant that the white guys seem only to get. How about finding an educated middle class philippina. Sometimes i see old geezers with young poor philippinas. Have no respect for them both. The poor females looking for white males sometimes without money. Because still the white better off. 😒

  • emelda Militar
    emelda Militar 9 days ago

    Woww WELCOME to baywalk Puerto princesa city palawan..I mss Puerto princesa..injoy ur vacation.

  • the saudi boy
    the saudi boy 9 days ago

    Wow thanks your visiting to my country holistic..its nice to see you both

  • Irish Gaco corpuz
    Irish Gaco corpuz 9 days ago

    bubu ampota

  • Richel Lagada
    Richel Lagada 9 days ago

    Wow yummy

  • pretty me
    pretty me 10 days ago +1

    The lil boy he say bad words to ur gf

  • pretty me
    pretty me 10 days ago

    I thought shes pinay

  • Vinces Porres
    Vinces Porres 10 days ago

    Youle havingnsex

    JOHN PERSEUS LEE TV 10 days ago

    Hi idol.. How are you? Puerto Princesa is too cool❤️

  • Zabzab Balontong
    Zabzab Balontong 11 days ago

    Filipino hates arrogant foreneir

  • Floridel's Love
    Floridel's Love 11 days ago

    Wow how I wish we will go home to Philippines next year with my hubby and my baby for sure we would like to explore palawan..hello guys new youtuber here😀🇵🇭🙏🇬🇷

  • Domingo Barmendoza
    Domingo Barmendoza 11 days ago

    Sai from where are you?

  • Lyka Quinones
    Lyka Quinones 11 days ago

    Mouthwatering food😁 sai is amazing look like she loved❤ filipino food welcome to the philippines😁😁🍉🍉

  • Ma. Caren Itac
    Ma. Caren Itac 11 days ago

    Wow 😮 😍😍

  • subscribe first
    subscribe first 11 days ago

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  • kate yhu
    kate yhu 12 days ago +1

    hahaha. your gf looks filipina thats why the boy talked her if she want buy chicharon..

  •  12 days ago

    Nice place😍

    MICHAEL SAPATAN 12 days ago

    I love sai so loved to eat more than adam can eat i love yuo both for coming to the philippines.have good days here.god bless yuo.

  • mayk teoh
    mayk teoh 12 days ago

    I hope you can visit luli island too.

  • Sherly Abid
    Sherly Abid 12 days ago

    My hometown..😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Liza Galvez
    Liza Galvez 12 days ago

    What're the thumbs down for people?

  • James Vallejo
    James Vallejo 13 days ago


  • 132900dx
    132900dx 14 days ago

    Nice to see a beautiful girl eat n not be shy......then u eat.....

  • Katrina Carmel Rapada
    Katrina Carmel Rapada 15 days ago

    "Peanut ang arti mo"😂😂😂

  • ruvie tibar
    ruvie tibar 16 days ago

    Oh my😱
    I remember you two guys

  • VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud

    The girl on the next table is looking at you guy,s so much ...did Sai just say amazing. Lol

  • Nestor Panganiban
    Nestor Panganiban 18 days ago

    the boy who was selling peanuts thought that Sai is a Filipina... Some Filipinos are not aware that Thai people look like Filipinos especially the young ones or kids...thanks for liking our food. Try Halo-halo dessert.

  • Uranus Tanedo
    Uranus Tanedo 19 days ago

    That kind of lady dont deserve such respect! Bi+ch!

    PUSSY TUBE 19 days ago

    Your girl is beautiful.. Im inlove with her.

  • Amarlita Gomez
    Amarlita Gomez 19 days ago

    Welcome to The Philippines. Watching from Australia.

  • stephen klay channel
    stephen klay channel 20 days ago

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  • hakuna roar
    hakuna roar 21 day ago +1

    Try halo-halo, ube, leche flan, turon, banana cue or kamote cue, polvoron, pastillas.. and so many more

  • Princess Solina
    Princess Solina 21 day ago +4

    5:38 He's not sweet, He's said something rude to you. That kid! 😡
    I'm from Puerto Princesa City anyways ,I hope you both enjoyed your vacation here ♥️

    • kate yhu
      kate yhu 12 days ago

      @Jenefer Salem Peque haha unawain nyo bata un akala nya pinay si ate e nag ienglish kaya sinabi na ang arte ni ate😂😂
      pinay looks kasi si ate

    • Jenefer Salem Peque
      Jenefer Salem Peque 14 days ago

      That kid! Sarap sapukin sa ulo. Walang modo. 😤

  • Oman Gabua
    Oman Gabua 21 day ago +2

    Im from Puerto Princesa, I saw you that day im Baywalk too...

  • Stephanie SC
    Stephanie SC 21 day ago

    Sai always dress like a $1 hooker...tities out and everything. 🤦

  • Sky Narak
    Sky Narak 21 day ago


  • Bins Rabulan
    Bins Rabulan 22 days ago

    5:37 kid: "tang inang arte mo"
    That was fucking hilarious. Lmao

  • Bhems 86
    Bhems 86 22 days ago

    My mouth wateryyy grrrr

  • Kristine joy Asuncion
    Kristine joy Asuncion 22 days ago

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  • Ramonito M Alaan
    Ramonito M Alaan 22 days ago

    Halo halo for desert sir

  • Marissa Ladica
    Marissa Ladica 22 days ago

    Must try Filipino desserts.. Rice cakes are a must we have different kinds.. Halo Halo, leche flan, halayang ube, etc..

  • Lu B
    Lu B 23 days ago

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  • Mels Video
    Mels Video 23 days ago

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  • Jose Luis Ortiz Herrera

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  • Rise Barbon
    Rise Barbon 25 days ago

    Love my country Philippines love your blog❤️

  • Steven Schrift
    Steven Schrift 26 days ago

    Be careful with seafood it's toxic in Asia. make sure it's wild caught and not from a fish farm.

  • Cef Travels
    Cef Travels 26 days ago

    Haha the kid selling food said "Tangina ang arte mo." It means "F*ck/F*ck you. You're too sassy/trying so hard to speak or act beautifully ." Probably bec he though Sai is a Filipina who's just trying so hard to speak English. Please forgive that kid. No manners at all.

  • Brad Stallard
    Brad Stallard 28 days ago +1

    San Miguel Lite is the best beer Adam 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Allan Jørgensen Juhl

    Another great video. And sai didn't burn her mouth 😀

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +2

    Gday Adam and Sai just started following you guys loving the channel!! Im a Filipino living in Melbourne. My favorite Filipino dessert is Ube!! And halo halo you gotta try that guys stay and enjoy!

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

    What desert?...there's still room?...

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

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  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

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  • april Villanueva
    april Villanueva Month ago

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  • Edward Annable
    Edward Annable Month ago +1

    I think Sai has a Hollow Leg where does she put all that food that she eats Adam

  • Trevor wendt
    Trevor wendt Month ago

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    Marvin Hueske Month ago

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  • Travel Richie
    Travel Richie Month ago

    Love the authenticity of this video.

    KATHRINA B Month ago


  • Day Moren
    Day Moren Month ago


  • Antonio Socías Carrillo

    Isha's Sutukil
    Palawan, Filipinas

  • djpaulywood
    djpaulywood Month ago

    Sai demolished the whole ocean lol

  • Mayumi McApanpan
    Mayumi McApanpan Month ago

    you are so pretty Sai, I am sorry the boy didn't understand you, welcome to my country, I am glad you enjoyed our authentic food.

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    Kayla Niu Month ago

    So no one noticed Sai got a boobs job? 😂

  • Ana Catherine Bastian

    My mouth is watering while watching your video 🤤 yum. Sai is stunning!

  • Sid L
    Sid L Month ago

    Love the vid.My favorite PI desert is halo halo. Look for it....very refreshing.

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    momo abad Month ago

    try the Lechon, Sisig and Chicken Inasal.. you guys can thank me later =)

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    Sail Boat Billy Month ago +6

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    Sail Boat Billy Month ago +1

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    Henauder Titzauf Month ago

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  • Loic Le Bahezre
    Loic Le Bahezre Month ago

    Say eat a lot and been never fat. What is the secret ?

  • Craig Robinson
    Craig Robinson Month ago

    I don't drink beeeer…………….At least one classic Sai comment per clip.....Hahaha

  • Dolce Amore
    Dolce Amore Month ago

    The food looks yummy! Enjoy guys..

  • Syncme Android
    Syncme Android Month ago

    You are enjoying shithole countries: India and Philippines.

  • Sasangka Mairembam
    Sasangka Mairembam Month ago

    Why is she so ugly. . She look like street dog. .

  • Leizel Leizel
    Leizel Leizel Month ago

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    Sam Pullen Month ago

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    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Month ago

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    • Sam Pullen
      Sam Pullen Month ago

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    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Month ago

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  • berry vnwml
    berry vnwml Month ago

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  • Proud Ilongga
    Proud Ilongga Month ago +1

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    amr orphy Month ago +2

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