Filipino Street Food Tour - Baywalk Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park is a seaside promenade lined with palm trees, where you’ll find an abundance of street food and restaurants. If you especially love to eat seafood, when you’re in Puerto Princesa Palawan this is one of the best places to try Filipino street food.
    This was our first time trying Philippines street food, and Philippine cuisine. We ordered a set for 795 PHP ($15.31) this come with a variety of different seafood, pork, and one litre of ice tea.
    If you are in Puerto Princesa Palawan, be sure to visit Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park for some of the most delicious Philippines street food you will ever taste.
    If you would like to read more about our trip to Sanur, including how much it cost? plus all the photos then check out it out here:
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Comments • 566

  • Lindz Collins
    Lindz Collins 14 hours ago

    Feel sorry for the Thai Girl , some Filipino thougth she's a Pinay and i can heard some say nasty words to her 😌. Food is cheap though.

  • Stuart Craigan
    Stuart Craigan 17 hours ago

    Love said appetite, I was there and really enjoyed it there,certainly different from other communities I visited

  • John Wright
    John Wright 20 days ago

    Get Halo Halo for dessert!

  • Brandon Shook
    Brandon Shook Month ago

    She doesn't drink beer, so what does she drink Adam?

  • Elvie Repolidon
    Elvie Repolidon Month ago

    Been there last week at the same restaurant food so delicious my Afghanistan- Australian boyfriend love it he tried also seaweeds I put vinegar on it he like...we eat again before leaving Puerto Princessa

  • Myrah R. Reichert
    Myrah R. Reichert Month ago

    Haha.sai demolished the whole ocean..that's cute.she can eat a lot but amazingly she stays jelous😂😂🤣

  • David Thelan
    David Thelan 2 months ago

    Halo Halo is the bigest desert in Philippines

  • Rich Greig
    Rich Greig 2 months ago

    I love Baywalk. Bucket of beer and dinner for 2 less than 20 USD. Pork and Unicorn the 2 best dishes. I remember the kids at 5:35. I never wanted what they are selling I just give them peso.

  • Marwan Sahij
    Marwan Sahij 2 months ago

    Very nice video thanks can l asked did the restaurants in bay walk service lunch or just dinner

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 2 months ago

    I am in love with her.Dump that stupid bore with her.With out her there would be nobody watching.

  • Irma Tesorio
    Irma Tesorio 3 months ago

    The kid is so rude😥

  • Alexey Grinchuk
    Alexey Grinchuk 3 months ago

    I ve been there so many times. Streetfood was ordinary, as everywhere in Philippines but good ocean view , San Miguel makes dishes better. :)

  • Josephine Petty
    Josephine Petty 3 months ago

    That’s a lot....yummy

  • Frau San Su
    Frau San Su 3 months ago

    Last April nagbakasyon kmi pumunta kmi jan kumain ang dming nagbibinta hndi lng mga bata pti matatanda at pipilitin kang bumili khit ayaw mo,dpat sinasaway ndin nila.

  • MrReversed
    MrReversed 3 months ago +2

    Like mo to kung taga Palawan ka!

    AMORE AMMORE 3 months ago

    Wow my place..😍😍😍

  • MC Queen Smith
    MC Queen Smith 4 months ago

    Wow i hope you enjoyed your stay here. Palaweńos here.

  • Laila Agorilla
    Laila Agorilla 4 months ago

    My place

  • andi&ann Vlog’s
    andi&ann Vlog’s 4 months ago

    Hi guys enjoy the palawan vacay

  • Happy Hour
    Happy Hour 4 months ago

    Thought she's Filipina,

  • Coleen Castro
    Coleen Castro 4 months ago

    The kids selling you peanuts said something rude to you. "ang arte mo" Arte in english is high maintenace or pretentious.

  • Robert & Angie Richardson

    Flan and Halo Halo is sooooooo good.....

  • Robert & Angie Richardson

    Your eating Boodle Fight style.....with the Banana Leaves

  • CAO MINH Kỳ Duyên
    CAO MINH Kỳ Duyên 4 months ago

    Such a big chest

  • jolie mal
    jolie mal 4 months ago

    I hope we will see you both

  • Anjelou khu
    Anjelou khu 4 months ago


  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  4 months ago +2

    If you would like to read more about our trip to Sanur, including how much it cost? plus all the photos then check out it out here:

  • Charnes Murallon
    Charnes Murallon 5 months ago

    naks ang lugar namin :) thanks po sa pagpunta sa lugar namin sana po nag enjoy po kayo

  • Charnes Murallon
    Charnes Murallon 5 months ago

    naks ang lugar namin :) thanks po sa pagpunta sa lugar namin sana po nag enjoy po kayo

  • JN Saltorin
    JN Saltorin 5 months ago

    That sauce in the bottle called Suka and Toyo.... More travel here in the Philippines. . Feel at home lovely couple 😍😍😍

  • Doug Pittock
    Doug Pittock 5 months ago +1

    Sai, your English is so good, when did you start yo learn?

  • Doug Pittock
    Doug Pittock 5 months ago

    San Miguel light, great beer

  • Doug Pittock
    Doug Pittock 5 months ago

    All the food on the banana leaf table is called a boogie fight, I think.

  • Rüdiger Miksch
    Rüdiger Miksch 5 months ago

    This Girl ist so awesome! She eat so much, like one of my Sisters, and then she wakes up hungry in the night...When I just look at all the foot, i get 10 pounds more on my Hips😭

  • alia ghaleb
    alia ghaleb 5 months ago

    hi small you tuber here .

  • Zeejhay Teylan
    Zeejhay Teylan 5 months ago

    I feel so bad the boy who is selling is so mean. And she thinks he's sweet. 😠

  • Rupanjal Koch
    Rupanjal Koch 5 months ago

    I see ur all video .m ur frnd.can u give me ur ph no both.

  • Ae Reyes
    Ae Reyes 5 months ago

    Try halo-halo, it's the best dessert aside from banana fritters "Turon."

  • Christopher V
    Christopher V 5 months ago

    The only reason i can think of why the Philippines are not more affluent is corruption at the top. Filipinos are smart, well educated, and speak English. It's a shame they are not richer. I love the Philippines. It's a beautiful country with nice people.

  • Gazall 2310
    Gazall 2310 5 months ago +1

    I missed my place so much. Thanks for sharing this video .

  • Haru Kotonoriye
    Haru Kotonoriye 5 months ago

    Missing that place:)sana makabalik ako dyan.. Ahuhuhu

  • Michael Atienza
    Michael Atienza 6 months ago +2

    That sea grapes you’re talking is some kind of seaweeds.

  • Michael Atienza
    Michael Atienza 6 months ago

    That boy who’s trying to sell you peanuts just told you “putang ina” which is not good to hear. That kind of attitude is disturbing. Puta means whore and ina means mother. And I apologize for that boy’s behavior.

  • Jester Natividad
    Jester Natividad 6 months ago

    I think I heard that the boy selling chicharon to the girl the she is picky

  • Daniel Ardei Son's Team

    palawan is beautiful place for me..perfect

  • myrna belila
    myrna belila 6 months ago

    Who's that girl

  • Cooking with Davann
    Cooking with Davann 6 months ago

    Hi bro please see my cooking as well thank you very much bro

  • antonyjh1234
    antonyjh1234 6 months ago

    Any chance of a food series about what Sai enjoys and the farms that the food comes from?

    PAUL SANCHEZ 6 months ago

    Your girlfriend, Sai, so pretty and down to earth. You are a lucky guy

  • Phyaziine Nana
    Phyaziine Nana 6 months ago

    u r lucky she is so beautiful

  • Jojo Garing
    Jojo Garing 6 months ago


  • Michael Canales
    Michael Canales 6 months ago

    Dude you got a lovely being right there..

  • meoww meoww
    meoww meoww 6 months ago

    sabi ng bata ...tang ina mo arti mo😂😂😂

  • It's Lea
    It's Lea 6 months ago

    Yeah Sai is so pretty. Very Filipina beauty. First time I saw her in your vlog, i really thought she's filipina. Anyway welcome to Philippines. Love this couple. ❤

  • Sage Mo
    Sage Mo 6 months ago

    You look a bit scary sir

  • blue sky
    blue sky 6 months ago

    Is the girl another poor peasant that the white guys seem only to get. How about finding an educated middle class philippina. Sometimes i see old geezers with young poor philippinas. Have no respect for them both. The poor females looking for white males sometimes without money. Because still the white better off. 😒

  • emelda Militar
    emelda Militar 6 months ago

    Woww WELCOME to baywalk Puerto princesa city palawan..I mss Puerto princesa..injoy ur vacation.

  • the saudi boy
    the saudi boy 6 months ago

    Wow thanks your visiting to my country holistic..its nice to see you both

  • Irish Gaco corpuz
    Irish Gaco corpuz 6 months ago

    bubu ampota

  • Richel Lagada
    Richel Lagada 6 months ago

    Wow yummy