Batman's Tumbler - Jay Leno's Garage

  • Published on Sep 30, 2013
  • Batman's Tumbler. Warner Bros. Transportation Coordinator Hobart Lundt takes Jay for a super-fun ride in the custom-built Tumbler from Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy.
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    Batman's Tumbler - Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 7 698

  •  3 hours ago

    I gotta get me one of those

  • Proximate Cause
    Proximate Cause 7 hours ago +1

    It sounds like a psychotic golf cart engine

  • P Rising
    P Rising 11 hours ago

    The sound of that car is on par with Leno.

  • Damien Alexander
    Damien Alexander 11 hours ago

    It goes from being something you'd see in the middle east, to something Arnold would drive in less than a minute. Jesus Jay. I'm glad you're off tv

  • Edward Woodward
    Edward Woodward Day ago +1

    What motor does this have?

  • Edward Woodward
    Edward Woodward Day ago

    Jay. You literally have the best job EVER.

  • Ramin Khanizade
    Ramin Khanizade Day ago +3

    Wait... Something you drive in Afghanistan or Iran??

  • gravitycharge
    gravitycharge Day ago

    I wanna build one with an ls7

  • Jose Jhen-rick Natividad

    I want the ejecting batpod

  • takmaps
    takmaps Day ago +1

    I gotta get me 1 of those

  • Peterthesneakybastard

    Big deal!
    I have the bat mobile, Deluxo, and oppressor

  • SW H
    SW H 2 days ago

    The Joker built the tranny.

  • Niconacho Z
    Niconacho Z 2 days ago

    I thought it got destoryed

  • Gannfan
    Gannfan 2 days ago

    Holy Hand Grenade!

  • Quebec Patriot
    Quebec Patriot 3 days ago

    surging engine in need of a serious tune

  • Parmesan Killa
    Parmesan Killa 3 days ago

    Where can I buy one and how much?

    • Joker
      Joker Day ago

      Nah u can’t afford it

  • Martin Kaloki
    Martin Kaloki 3 days ago +3

    Pretty sure we had The Deaf Knight on that set

  • Elmer Santos
    Elmer Santos 4 days ago

    Is Jay running on just 2nd or 3 rd gear? I'm just waiting for the engine to pop! Lol

  • Ramani Barton
    Ramani Barton 5 days ago

    I gotta get me one of those.

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz 5 days ago

    How is that lightweight

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 5 days ago

    11:56 uh oh Ja- i mean Batman. The cops!

  • uncle jimboo
    uncle jimboo 5 days ago +14

    I dont think batman could actually pull off that one move on the highway where he turns his lights off and disappears with the engine sounding like that

  • John Banner
    John Banner 5 days ago

    I would love to drive that car

  • Super Saiyan Solid Snake

    Love that transmission howl

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 6 days ago

    When they get out onto the road in that thing it's uncanny: there is not a single pedestrian _anywhere to be seen._ I was watching to see what the reactions would be like but it's like 28 Days Later or something. There's just no-one anywhere. Maybe that's just LA, but it seems like a waste not to drive the thing in front of an audience and see some reactions to it.

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 6 days ago +9

    4:11 - "as you begin to work it harder it gets stiffer and stiffer"

    My kind of car

  • Schulze’s Guitar
    Schulze’s Guitar 6 days ago +1

    OMGoodness! What a horrible sounding car. Cool to see though!

  • Ayson Zohan
    Ayson Zohan 6 days ago

    Tell me the price

    WAN HUCKABEE 6 days ago +1

    Don't get the strongest craziest idea... it's not landing on me and I will never drive it... it's a crazy piece

  • Ngok Nguk
    Ngok Nguk 6 days ago

    That car sounded epic👍👍👍

  • Jorge Ivanovich
    Jorge Ivanovich 7 days ago

    The batmobile needs lots of oil its burning transmission

  • chukaz
    chukaz 7 days ago

    That was the worse batmovile

  • Xanifur
    Xanifur 9 days ago

    So I own this.... What is it?

  • please noone - Procrastinator HUB

    Um....why doesn't warner bros give the rights to tesla? this would probably sell...probably with a few mods like noise dampening and such

  • VeinyDickTracy
    VeinyDickTracy 11 days ago

    This guy doesn’t seem to know very much

  • Pablo Deuliand
    Pablo Deuliand 14 days ago


  • Jim Reyes
    Jim Reyes 14 days ago +2

    You will go deaf in hours!!!
    John be like,

  • Frank M
    Frank M 14 days ago

    That Beast is LOUD!!😁👍👍

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 14 days ago +3

    Who else was waiting for Jay to pull into a drive thru fast food place? Lol

  • Soval Damari
    Soval Damari 15 days ago

    Batmen sicks money

    CHRIS W 15 days ago

    They shot Batman in Pittsburgh, August 11, 2011 when they filmed the Tumbler. It was a loud NASCAR engine. My (then) little kids got to sit in it. And I got the pictures.

  • J Thompson
    J Thompson 15 days ago +6

    I would have loved if they filmed pedestrian reactions to the freaking batmobile driving down to the road!

  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb 15 days ago

    Question is can it really off road?

  • Rick Ricky
    Rick Ricky 16 days ago

    Jay Leno and for the first time, he couldn't talk from the window

  • jfloyo11
    jfloyo11 16 days ago

    It looks like Bartertown's Lamborghini

  • Stuart Habeger
    Stuart Habeger 16 days ago

    If you own a Tumbler you're officially manly

  • Em Jackson
    Em Jackson 16 days ago

    Look kids! Batman!
    Dad! That's not the real Batman!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 16 days ago

    The car uses echolocation. That's why it sounds like a dying donkey

  • Zed
    Zed 16 days ago

    Even though there's a police escort he says it's real fast. Damn you politically correct child safe we're all doing the right thing nothing to see here mother can sleep soundly tonight video editing.

  • Iyaadh Mohamed
    Iyaadh Mohamed 16 days ago

    that guy looks like alfred

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood 16 days ago

    It would be hilarious if someone created a road-legal version of this thing and actually produced it for sale.

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 17 days ago +2

    This whole time I was waiting for the boost

  • Barnabás Nagy-Vécsei
    Barnabás Nagy-Vécsei 17 days ago +44

    so what's the DougScore on this thing?

    • bleachboy18
      bleachboy18 10 days ago +1

      @Raynedog00 LOL.
      You forgot to advertise your signed pictures. :)

    • Raynedog00
      Raynedog00 11 days ago +8

      The look is unique and pleasing to the eyes so styling is gonna be a 9 out of 10
      It uses a chevy crate motor, but doesn't have enough power to really propel the vehicle with any huge amount of force. Acceleration is a 3 out of 10
      Have independent rear E-brakes adds a level of fun to sliding the vehicle around but it's only usable on wet roads. Other than that it handles more like a tank. Handling 3 out of 10
      Driving it is a fun and unique experience and it's a real head turner so even though it's not high performance the fun factor is high with a 8 out of 10
      Who doesn't want to drive the batmobile? It's easy to see why the cool factor is 10 out of 10

      All these things added together give this vehicle a total weekend score of 33 out of 50

      The interior is very bland with virtually no quality of life additions. Features is going to be a 1 out of 10
      The race seats aren't very comfortable for long hauls or even short hauls and have no adjustment. Comfort is a 1 out of 10
      The overall build quality leaves nothing to be desired and is quite solid, it won't be leaving you stranded giving it a quality score of 8 out of 10
      Not very practical with only 2 seats and no doors or storage space. 1 out of 10
      At an estimated build cost of somewhere around 750k dollars, the price to feature ratio is the absolute worst of any car ever and receives a 1 out of 10

      The total daily score is 12 out of 50. Added up and the totally legit DougScore is 45 out of 100.

  • Kollin Knack
    Kollin Knack 18 days ago

    The police behind the bat mobile at the end, lmao 😂

  • Soablau Lobluae
    Soablau Lobluae 18 days ago

    Jay is a AWESOME guy

  • The Red
    The Red 18 days ago

    You'd go deaf in a week.

  • IloveBaklava
    IloveBaklava 18 days ago +2

    Jay never shuts up. Let your guests speak for once.

    • e fred
      e fred 15 days ago +1

      IloveBaklava he's driving the conversation along because he knows most people are uncomfortable in front of cameras. He's actually doing a good job but you're too much of a sensitive idiot to understand that.

  • Adam Elmhdati
    Adam Elmhdati 18 days ago

    Imagine it being your first time ever in the America from a foreign country, all the great cool things you’ve heard about this country, u rent your car, first time driving on the US road and you see this thing driving on the road😂😂

  • Dexter
    Dexter 19 days ago +1

    Imagine a RWB Bat-mobile 👌🏽

  • Raymond Cruz
    Raymond Cruz 19 days ago

    What a piece of junk.