Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music

  • Опубликовано:  7 лет назад
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    Music video by Rihanna performing Don't Stop The Music. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  • Длительность: 3:54
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  • KatieLoveHueTV Label.
    KatieLoveHueTV Label. 12 минут назад

    there needs to be a new social media doing it mnow ...

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 31 минуту назад

    Charlie's Angels

  • Ahmad Alsbeh
    Ahmad Alsbeh 4 часа назад


  • Alina Raible
    Alina Raible 4 часа назад


  • FTY's Corner
    FTY's Corner 9 часов назад


  • SkitVids
    SkitVids 16 часов назад

    so many memes I can think of in dis video xD like the mirror one dat McGiggiti said

  • 97 s
    97 s 18 часов назад

    Who is watching this in 1997?

  • Solange Zulefackdarline
    Solange Zulefackdarline 19 часов назад


  • Laura Moreno
    Laura Moreno 22 часа назад

    Rihanna la mejor cantante es tan encantadora con su voz y sus vídeos y no me cansare de decir que la mejor
    y sus vídeos y canciones no dan sueño como otras cantantes que cantan como si fueran canciones de cuna pues con todo respeto he .....,#la mejor cantante de la historia

  • Richard BERWICK SEN
    Richard BERWICK SEN 1 день назад

    anyone else hear this song no matter where you are you just break into interpretive dance ??

  • Kids United Fan
    Kids United Fan 1 день назад

    2017 ?

  • thea
    thea 1 день назад

    mike 💕

  • dorota dora239
    dorota dora239 1 день назад


  • JESSIE Arellano
    JESSIE Arellano 1 день назад

    I feel so old

  • Delia Piña
    Delia Piña 1 день назад

  • Delia Piña
    Delia Piña 1 день назад

    Me encanta

  • Santiago Macias
    Santiago Macias 1 день назад

    Why does this song remind me a Stuart Little???

  • Valentin Gonzalez Kiebe
    Valentin Gonzalez Kiebe 1 день назад

    initial d version > rihanna version :v

  • Maggie Tube
    Maggie Tube 1 день назад

    this was my child hood song

  • L M
    L M 2 дня назад

    25k people want to stop the music

  • Natasa Sd
    Natasa Sd 2 дня назад

    I missed this song :0

  • Paula Martinez Garcia
    Paula Martinez Garcia 2 дня назад

    me encanta esta canción la adoro

  • Rizz Rizzo
    Rizz Rizzo 2 дня назад

    Nigga please

  • karla sandoval
    karla sandoval 2 дня назад

    Me encanta sus canciones

  • Airi's World
    Airi's World 2 дня назад

    i love how u hear michael jackson in the back

  • Siaf Alhaq
    Siaf Alhaq 2 дня назад

    Who's still listening to it in 2017?

  • Firefoxdancecrew
    Firefoxdancecrew 2 дня назад

    Who's here in 2017 comments down here

  • nati 29
    nati 29 2 дня назад

    i love this song is old but is cool

  • Ksusha Go
    Ksusha Go 2 дня назад

    Русские, вы тут?

  • Willie Daniel
    Willie Daniel 3 дня назад

    Cow Rihanna you're amazing Love all your work

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 3 дня назад

    All About The Benjamins Trading Places Charlie's Angels The Substitute

    • Eric Whitt
      Eric Whitt 3 дня назад

      Charlie's Angels Trading Places Harlem Nights All About The Benjamins

  • Umar Ali
    Umar Ali 3 дня назад

    Awesome ,great music makes one starting moving.

  • Joaquín
    Joaquín 3 дня назад

    rihanna bailando flamenco

  • Deysi Espinoza
    Deysi Espinoza 3 дня назад

    what is watching in 2017 ??

  • gay boy
    gay boy 4 дня назад

    she ain't got no tits

  • Karina Jackson Scruse
    Karina Jackson Scruse 4 дня назад

    copia de Michael Jackson perra😒😡

  • prinzes deimond
    prinzes deimond 4 дня назад

    I like this song

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer 4 дня назад

    mama se mama sa mama moo sa

  • Google user
    Google user 4 дня назад

    she Hott in this video. very sexy

  • Friendly Sunshine
    Friendly Sunshine 4 дня назад

    I just came here to confirm I heard the Michael part correctly! I was right!

  • jazmin thomson
    jazmin thomson 4 дня назад

    when was this pupleshed

  • King
    King 4 дня назад

    If your smart than ya know that aint Michael Jackson, it's just a copy of the backup dancers from one of his songs. #GitItRight

  • Barak Del Valle
    Barak Del Valle 4 дня назад


  • Barak Del Valle
    Barak Del Valle 4 дня назад


  • Barak Del Valle
    Barak Del Valle 4 дня назад

    like si te hace bailar la cancion y cantar y te ayuda ' a olvidar tus problemas

  • Tameeka Jones
    Tameeka Jones 4 дня назад

    Rihanna Rihanna you are so hot Janiyah Mason this is my comics

  • 100111M
    100111M 5 дней назад

    Resurrects the dead. LOVE.

  • Uri Perera
    Uri Perera 5 дней назад

    rihana eres lo maximo

  • Johana Baldovino
    Johana Baldovino 5 дней назад


  • James Pardo
    James Pardo 5 дней назад

    2017 <3

  • Louna 12325
    Louna 12325 5 дней назад

    tros bien

  • da_hooliii
    da_hooliii 5 дней назад

    I remember this song. It was a Number 1 Hit here in Germany in 2007.

  • Lenar Jones
    Lenar Jones 5 дней назад

    Man that High School Nostalgia though!

  • Blurillaz Pilots
    Blurillaz Pilots 5 дней назад

    old Rihanna is the best 😌💕

  • TheMartien BandeVEVO
    TheMartien BandeVEVO 5 дней назад

    PLEASE Don't STOP 🛑

  • Marina Marin
    Marina Marin 5 дней назад

    where's michael?

  • Daniela L
    Daniela L 5 дней назад

    My universe ✨❤

  • Christina Belisle Dixon
    Christina Belisle Dixon 6 дней назад

    u are sexy

  • justinbieber VEVO
    justinbieber VEVO 6 дней назад

    I'm on Rihanna marathon

    TYAGO LIMA 6 дней назад

    amo você riri

    TYAGO LIMA 6 дней назад

  • Roberto Sebrian
    Roberto Sebrian 6 дней назад

    Rihanna 🔞

  • Youngjoon Bae
    Youngjoon Bae 6 дней назад

    i think i also hear daft punk faintly at the first verse. it comes in around 0:44

  • Amar Narayan
    Amar Narayan 6 дней назад

    oh man so Nostalgic fuck 😔

  • RayZone
    RayZone 7 дней назад

    deine Music ist cool

  • Шафи Шафиев
    Шафи Шафиев 7 дней назад


  • треленоме
    треленоме 7 дней назад

    When pop music was not some auto-tune, cheap lyrics, ass-shaking music video.

  • Andrea Estefania
    Andrea Estefania 7 дней назад

    2017 quien ?

  • Andrea Estefania
    Andrea Estefania 7 дней назад

    una de mis artistas favorita , una de las mejores voces la amo .

  • kindle butler
    kindle butler 7 дней назад

    lol tell the kid to shhh

  • firefighter2622
    firefighter2622 7 дней назад

    I love your voice is pretty I❤❤

  • VangEl
    VangEl 7 дней назад

    Im a slave of Microsoft?

  • Geo 960
    Geo 960 7 дней назад

    Michael jackson is still alive!

  • Phan Garbage
    Phan Garbage 7 дней назад

    I was obsessed with Rihanna when I was a little girl I'm surprised my parents let me listen to her music that young looking back in it 😂

  • sara_st13
    sara_st13 7 дней назад


  • Marikit Smith
    Marikit Smith 7 дней назад

    My Grandfather Died Recently We need money for his funeral. Link: gofundme.com/marcelino-funeral

  • Amanda Marcela
    Amanda Marcela 7 дней назад

    - 2017 👎👍

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Rush Hour 3 Men in Black ii

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Rush Hour 3 Blue Streak

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Rush Hour 3 Men in Black

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад


  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Big Momma's House 2 The Transporter Big Momma's House 2 The Transporter

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Stomp The Yard

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    The Bourne Ultimatum

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад


  • Dimitris Karanikolas
    Dimitris Karanikolas 7 дней назад

    25.000 people stoped the music

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Xxx Exit Wounds Blade ii Friday Rush Hour 2 Romeo Must Die Exit Wounds

  • Eric Whitt
    Eric Whitt 7 дней назад

    Cradle 2 The Grave

  • DiasVoDoLazov
    DiasVoDoLazov 8 дней назад

    2017? Come on!

  • xXHot girlXx Msp
    xXHot girlXx Msp 8 дней назад

    I'm watching this in 2017 0-0

  • Басанг Бадмараев
    Басанг Бадмараев 8 дней назад


  • Басанг Бадмараев
    Басанг Бадмараев 8 дней назад


  • Trishaa09
    Trishaa09 8 дней назад

    Yall.. can y'all believe it's been 10 years :(

  • Der Typ aus Russland oder Polen oder so

    Ma ma se, ma ma sa
    Ma ma Microsoft

  • gustavo br games
    gustavo br games 8 дней назад

    em portugues ia vica veia

  • Mau Almagher
    Mau Almagher 9 дней назад

    no pos, mamase mamasa mamacosa :v

  • Asmar Hussain (Official)
    Asmar Hussain (Official) 9 дней назад

    mamamasay maqusa?

  • Peladeiros da Quebrada
    Peladeiros da Quebrada 9 дней назад

    Essa música lembra muito os bons tempos,quem é do (Brasil)lembra os tempos de Mix TV sempre dava esse clipe !

  • Andreina Olivares
    Andreina Olivares 9 дней назад

    Copia de Michael Jackson