iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 2018!

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 2018! Hello all and welcome to this video comparison of the Apple iPhone 7 from late 2016 vs the Samsung Galaxy S8 from early 2017! In this video we compare these two older phones with the intentions of answering the common complaint about how older Samsung devices get super slow. Share your experiences and feedback with the community below and enjoy the video :) Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
    Should you buy iPhone 7 in 2018:
    Why Galaxy S8 is a great buy 2018:
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Comments • 878

  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman  Year ago +107

    iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 2018! Hello all and welcome to this update video on some older devices with the intentions of seeing if older Samsung device lags! Share your thoughts, experiences, comments, questions and enjoy the content :)

    • chc754
      chc754 2 months ago

      @Sepehr A go in settings to the battery and hit the optimize button

    • Soumya brata Dutta
      Soumya brata Dutta Year ago

      Why have you checked the camera so many times as you saw the s8 won the first two times neat and clean...

    • BC the Gamer
      BC the Gamer Year ago

      I choose samsung

    • Sagar Chaurasiya
      Sagar Chaurasiya Year ago

      Brother iphone 7 86% battery health 25000 me mil raha haii....128 gb thode scratch hai phone me and little in camera to ye lene layak hai ???....ya phir new iphones ki market me supply hone ka wait kar lu jisse rate sayad kus or down ho jai.........plzz reply or ya phir moto g4 plus he chalao....ya phir Samsung dekhu....S series 2nd hand he le skta hu...

    • Tobi Abidoye
      Tobi Abidoye Year ago

      @Shahzeb Raja the OnePlus 6 is faster than the iPhone 10 so if he did a speed test it wouldn't even be fair to the 7

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 7 days ago

    I recently bought an s8 of a friend who was on it constantly for 2 years and it's still as smooth as ever

  • Vilastl55 Chinnutl55
    Vilastl55 Chinnutl55 2 months ago

    Iam still using s8 it perform well but some time it lags but its fine to me

  • bongothaplant
    bongothaplant 3 months ago

    They don't, ive used galaxy and iPhones and after the s6 i think is when Samsung really began taking a lead on apple

  • 이찬돌이
    이찬돌이 4 months ago


  • New account Yt
    New account Yt 4 months ago +1

    What should I buy in 2019 the iphone 7 or samsung s8 tough decision for me plz tell me

    • Yo Bro
      Yo Bro 26 days ago

      @New account Yt whatd you buy

    • New account Yt
      New account Yt 4 months ago

      @Mathieu Kaco thank you for the advice

    • Mathieu Kaco
      Mathieu Kaco 4 months ago +1

      New account Yt if u dont care for the resell value go for the s8 ..if u do the7 is the one for u

  • CrazyBros
    CrazyBros 5 months ago

    Honestly iPhone

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 5 months ago

    Tbh the s8 animation is not as smooth as the ip7 when loading heavy games. But that doesn't mean it fail in performance

    GOLD DIGGER 5 months ago


  • bernardino lopez
    bernardino lopez 6 months ago

    2gb ram vs 4gb ram

  • Crypt Artic
    Crypt Artic 7 months ago

    I think I'm gonna try and get the s8 because I think the design is beautiful

  • Omar Noaman
    Omar Noaman 7 months ago

    Give it to me iPhone 7 😂😂

  • couldntgivafuk
    couldntgivafuk 8 months ago +1

    s8 is too big, feel like I'm walking around with a tablet

  • Saideep Ps
    Saideep Ps 9 months ago

    I love my iPhone 7

  • Drew C.
    Drew C. 9 months ago +1

    Watching this on my newly swapped s8. I can say, it can still keep up with the newest and greatest. Peace!

  • Niko Belic
    Niko Belic 9 months ago

    Try older nonflagship from samsung(j or a) and you will see what everybody is talking about

  • EST19 XX
    EST19 XX 9 months ago +4

    I like more the S8 tbh ..

  • Ryda _
    Ryda _ 9 months ago

    Hey, nice video could u do a video with a in depth review, not just a speed test, because I was wanting either one of these phones but can’t decide

  • Curtis Jarvis
    Curtis Jarvis 9 months ago

    Android phones slowing down is a lie spread by Apple lovers to justify spending soooooo much more money on their iPhones

  • Zach The Savage
    Zach The Savage 9 months ago

    yo Apple sucks I could pull better shit outta my asshole

  • Tom Dunnington
    Tom Dunnington 9 months ago

    Had the iPhone 7 in black 128gb since it’s release. Still got it. It’s still snappy and does most of what the newer iPhones do. Battery life is awful though. Exactly the same as the 8 but doesn’t have wireless charging. Have to say I want to upgrade soon though! Had the screen replaced etc and it feels very old. But a brand new iPhone 7 in 2019 would be a beast still...

  • Aron Sokolji Kralj
    Aron Sokolji Kralj 9 months ago +1


  • normal guy 37
    normal guy 37 10 months ago

    Is changing animation scales fair? Or am I the only one over thinking about it?🤔

  • Zeeshan Khalid
    Zeeshan Khalid 10 months ago

    2019 ma in dono se konsa sai rahy gaaa

  • robert sprague
    robert sprague 10 months ago +1

    I've had the Galaxy S1, S4, S5, and now currently the S8...Every Galaxy I've owned has turned into a piece of junk after about 1-2 years.
    I'm hearing Samsung is now making their phones to last longer but we'll see...If I dont get 3-4 years out of this S8 I'm probably gonna switch to iPhone.
    Every iPhone owner I've know has managed to keep an iPhone about 4 years before they've had to get a new one.

  • Spooky Jinx
    Spooky Jinx 11 months ago

    Great review Nick. Love your videos always. I watch every single one of em and sometimes go back and watch the older ones like this one.

  • Tech 'n' Tricky
    Tech 'n' Tricky 11 months ago +1

    Why dont you guys accept it.
    I am using 7plus since 2yrs and still running like a new one.
    My friends who took s7,s8 already changed their phones due to slow performance.

  • Sebastian 6488
    Sebastian 6488 11 months ago

    Should do another test on IOS 12

  • Daniel Constantin
    Daniel Constantin 11 months ago


  • Sabastian Jenkins
    Sabastian Jenkins 11 months ago

    Android and iphones both are great phones I have the Samsung s8 and the iphone us and both are great so there is no best or worst phone

  • Rabie Ferro
    Rabie Ferro 11 months ago

    I think exynos is faster than sd because it doesnt do that weird animation for me when I open a game

  • Evade Rose
    Evade Rose 11 months ago

    The claims you hear are weird, I always heard backwards. Samsungs = 0 effect overtime, even apple admitted iPhones slow down. I dont get his logic.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 11 months ago

    Still using my Samsung s6 and it never LAG ONCE !

  • Jay Manabat
    Jay Manabat 11 months ago

    Your a bias

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 11 months ago

    iPhone 7 compared to the S8 looks like a toy. The S8 looks such a superior phone

  • Lash Gash
    Lash Gash 11 months ago

    It's no longer apple is the fastest I use a Huawei mate 10 lite which is their budget phone which does run so smoothly so those expensive phones can't be slower

  • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

    Nice video!

  • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

    Having an iPhone 6 :(

  • Super RaH NATION
    Super RaH NATION 11 months ago

    I just ordered in iPhone 7 online today for 234$ in it come in next week so when I get it it will be a GOD phone because I got the iPhone 4😂

  • erhe etrherh
    erhe etrherh 11 months ago

    Love the galaxy S8 but they seriously need upgrade their battery on the S10

  • MTL Snipez Gaming
    MTL Snipez Gaming 11 months ago

    Now make sure you redo the video apple iphone 7 with IOS 12.1.1

  • Spet Now
    Spet Now 11 months ago

    iPhone 👍👍👏

  • Technical world
    Technical world 11 months ago

    plz taking about camra

  • Mr.kevin not home

    Watching on my s8+

  • Jose miguel P.R.
    Jose miguel P.R. Year ago

    I want the S8 now haha

  • Hana Bel
    Hana Bel Year ago

    I think iPhone is better

  • Redis
    Redis Year ago +2

    What is android ? 🤔🤔 ok i choose iphone

    NIKOLAS Year ago

    Test this with ios12

  • Aritra Basak
    Aritra Basak Year ago

    Hey buddy should I take iPhone 6s in 2019

  • Omega Drake
    Omega Drake Year ago

    I went through them all to be honest here, their both great phones it depends on how you are going to use them . To me I’m sticking with iOS it does have much smoother os .

  • pie worm Worm pie

    iphone 7 looks like a minecraft phone

  • The Game hub
    The Game hub Year ago

    fuck u apple

  • Monkerguy
    Monkerguy Year ago

    I love both.
    Android has lots of innovation, altough in 2018, they have been lacking.
    But look at all the boss phones. The Porche Design Mate RS (it deserves a capital lettered "the"), them chinese joints etc
    I would personally recommend an older apple iPhone if someone goes on a contract, but doesnt have that much money to buy a flagship. Yes, they'll look old, but the support, and optimalization just wipes the competition. And Apple only degrades your phone, if your battery health is under 86%. If you buy a phone on contract, you'll get a brand new one, so no battery problems

  • Pugbanana13
    Pugbanana13 Year ago

    typing from my s8 that i dropped face-first on concrete with no case, no lag here even with your video playing at the same time

  • PhenomGR
    PhenomGR Year ago +1

    Iphone 7 for 370 euro or s8 for 400 euro ?who worth more?

  • Mihailo Anđelić

    You can not compare IOS and Android. It's obvious that IOS Is much better optimized and have better performance.

  • Im Craqt
    Im Craqt Year ago

    Yet Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down their phones. I have an s7 edge and it's still as fast as the day i got it. 💁

  • J. B
    J. B Year ago

    Just buy a OnePlus 6, and youll never complain about Speed again

  • Since 1994
    Since 1994 Year ago

    all android devices even google’s pixel slow down over time, samsung is not an exception and maybe the worst when it comes to slowing down
    u don’t use that s8 on daily basis for 2 years to judge it now as regular users would do and when i was looking to buy my father a phone few months ago i was choosing between iphone 7 and s8 and i looked up the internet for true reviews i saw many complains about slowing down after only 6 months of usage and severe battery drainage that’s why i decided to go for the iphone 7

  • Nikola Dević
    Nikola Dević Year ago +2

    Galaxy S8 vs iPhone X in late 2018? Or S8 vs iPhone XS?