10 Messed Up Moments In Disney Movies That No One Noticed

  • Опубликовано: 14 июл 2017
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    Disney movies are made for kids, right? Well, sure. But they also have to take into account the parents that are bringing their kids to the theatre. While an adult joke here and there is nothing to get too worked up over, sometimes Disney takes things a little too far and crosses the line into weird or just messed up territory! In recent years, films like Frozen, Toy Story 3, and The Incredibles have included some pretty messed up moments or jokes that make you want to stop and rewind, just to make sure the characters actually said what you thought you just heard. But this practice isn’t anything new. We have examples from all throughout Disney’s history. Including their Renaissance era with films like Aladdin and The Lion King, as well as true classics like Pinocchio and even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It seems messed up Disney moments are as old as Disney itself.
    Sometimes these moments go unnoticed or shrugged off for a long time. Other times, they become the stuff of legends - rumours that spread for as long as the movie has been released! We’ve collected 10 moments that exemplify the different types of messed up moments Disney likes to create. Some of them are pretty harmless, but some of them have led Disney to retract or even re-release films because of how scandalous they are! So enjoy this video and be sure to like it and subscribe to Screen Rant so you can stay up to date with all of our list videos!
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    I thought the Toy Story torture was the most horrific!

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    Wouldn't know that I would necessarily call and messed up moments. life is pretty messed up as it goes if you really sit back and look at it. so if anything I would say that the messed up moments give it more of a real feel than not.

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    Roger rabbit ain't a kids movie

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    Yes… the Lion King is soooo messed up considering that's mostly what it's like in real life anyway. With the Lions, I mean. Honestly, none of these are messed up? (Okay the Pinocchio thing is but that whole story is messed up)... I'm not sure you know what messed up really means. Nudity? Not messed up. Animal incest? Not really. Half of this list is nothing.

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    All i see is a lot of examples of people overthinking things and being overly sensitive.

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    you missed the sex slave scene in aladdin, and the hooker toy in toy story

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    Also connections to shows like fairly odd parents and Danny phantom are taken too literally... Yes they are similar, they also have the same creator... However, it is possible for him to create a continuance per se of Timmy as Danny, although, understand no matter what you do to create a different type of cartoon is inane almost. I say almost because no matter what you express your oppinion or emotion or reflection of another's via your perception of it. So he could have made this continuance, but he could also just be a little better at wording and expressing what he tried to express with Timmy.

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    Sid at 9:32 looks to be a future serial killer. Dark hidden moment. Oh the answer to question is happy feet

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    Iron Giant? Underrated? SHAME ON YOU!

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    10:50 "All of that gives us the feeling of watching your parents kiss"
    Nope, didn't feel that. Felt more like: "That's was awesome. And tasteful having her initiate."

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    These are weak and really a stretch.

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    Yeah, change the title to "animated films" and don't forget abt the POT WALL PAPER IN SID'S HOUSE

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    How, how, did you miss the potleaf print wallpaper in Sid's house, in Toy Story 1? Yeah, you Could say it's bamboo....but, I don't think so.

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    Some of these movies are from Pixar though

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    I fear for the future. News flash to this new world I find myself in: Real life is messed up and you won't always like it. Life is not fair ;never has been never will be. Sex sells. It's easier for beautiful people. There is inequality in all things both living and innate. Art imitates life. Accept these real facts and we can relate.

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    Sorry. I have to make a point about the loin king. As i work with wild animals, most, (aside from modern monkeys etc,) this issue is not a problem in any way! Wild animals are like “love the one your with” animals. Cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, not a problem.

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    To be honest I like the messed up adult humor in these films because they also allow parents to enjoy the movie and not just bare with 1-2 hours of mushy bs

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    I have the original Laserdisc of "...Roger Rabbit" and the shot in question is overblown. There's like 2-3 frames while Jessica flies through the air and you can see up her dress. There's nothing to see.

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    What if the Lion King is in an alternate universe without humans where lions sing and talk and males don't have to make their own pride and can join another male and the females don't need to be related?

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    I don't think Woody was screaming because he was in pain; I think he was screaming because he thought that maybe his forehead would have a burn mark on it or melt or something, and so was worried.

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