Hellcat Blows Parts Everywhere vs Tesla P100D Drag Racing!

1st Mod to Dodge Hellcat - Driveshaft.
Another day at Fayetteville 1/4 Mile Drag Strip. What fun is having a quick car, a Tesla Model S P100D, if you can't find some good races. Well that's where you get me sitting in the staging lanes and like many times before it's always fun to run the top of the new car market. In this case another Dodge Hellcat Challenger. This one had some nice Mickey Thompson Tires and could've been further modified but when speaking to the driver later he did say the driveshaft was stock. As with any breakdown the good thing to come of one is the fact that you can now fix the weak parts and possibly be capable of going even faster after the rebuild. Hope to see him back out on the track soon.

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Автор Jordan Distant ( назад)
that's what the new dodge demon is for to take on tesla

Автор Ronnie ( назад)
Of the top 10 least reliable vehicle manufacturers, Chrysler products are 5 of them.

Автор essam timani ( назад)
Ahahahahahaha American Mucus car!

Автор Janusha ( назад)
This is like a bunch of cowboys trying to herd cattle.

Автор Tommy J ( назад)
So theirs ONE hellcat that messes up & the brand sucks the car sucks everything about it sucks. Get REAL people just because this happened to one person doesn't mean it happens to all of us. Their's people who don't know how to drive the damn thing get it thru your heads you dumb fucks. Every car brand has it's ups & downs no matter what you drive unless your driving a lambo or a koeniggsegg

Автор American Soldier ( назад)
Haha that's dodge for you, American trash can , that's why they lose resale values so fast

Автор Integrafreak1 ( назад)
Are those yellow things permanent?

Автор Valentin Lopez ( назад)

Автор AbCdEfGhIjKlM nOpQrStUvWxYz ( назад)
are all dodge drive shafts just poor in general? Ive seen this problem with dodge trucks quite often at the shop

Автор Cory R ( назад)
Why you don't buy a Dodge.

Автор People Hunter ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that he jumped?

Автор Lucas Miller ( назад)
why can't people just enjoy having a nice car instead of try to prove who is faster?

Автор Nenmeu 16 ( назад)
Omfg that car beats everybody. That grateful start

Автор Elliott Garner II ( назад)
Video pretty much sums up Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicle quality.

Автор Siwulam ( назад)
I find it funny that someone would pay $70,000 for that dodge piece of crap. That's a real special person

Автор Pro Viper ( назад)
Chevy can't build a under carage or suspension Ford can't build a motor and dodge can't build a transmission

Автор npsit1 ( назад)
HAHAHA.. #epicfail

Автор WICKEDLEE LOOPY ( назад)
Tesla has no drive shaft........ umm this is awkward 🙈

Автор Klein Harris ( назад)
I think this is at fayetteville motorsports park in nc

Автор Fhritp ( назад)
brand new dodge is a piece of shit

Автор paul garcia ( назад)
Those cars are junk!

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Tesla never fail? Yeah right!

Автор psx2rulz2 ( назад)
i like tesla, dont get me wrong, but talk about ez mode. its not even worth bragging about. step 1: press down throttle. step 2: profit. no skill, lol.

Автор alpha 90 ( назад)
off the line tesla takes it but any roll race and the tesla loses

Автор T. Scott ( назад)
I can see old-heads aren't liking this... The video didn't even directly insult petrol cars, but look at that like-to-dislike ratio. People are clearly salty, grow up. I'm by no means an electric fan, hell, I rooted for the Challenger... but don't dislike the video cause you can't accept reality - the electric car made a bold statement about reliability and speed that show electric cars are the future... and soon. Adapt to change or die out.

Автор My beautiful and amazing mistress ( назад)
This channel is pathetic. We get it, your amazing electric car is faster than fuel powered cars.
The worst part about this whole EV and Tesla thing is that these fanboys think they're green and that they're saving the earth, when actually to make a Tesla car you harm the planet even more than a normal combustion engine car, the batteries are toxic when discarded, plus you exploit cheap labor with inhuman conditions in african mines

Автор Chris Sullins ( назад)
I want a Tesla.

Автор jo blo ( назад)
It's mopar junk.

Автор Dan Simmano ( назад)
expected from American trash

Автор rastawet ( назад)
How to send a Hell cat back to hell :) they don't call them muscle car for nothing you gonna grow muscles when pushing them

Автор B Smoove ( назад)
that cat lost all 9 lives instantly and went to hell

Автор jose palacios ( назад)
shit car buying evo x

Автор CanadaCraig ( назад)
So... on the 'Tesla Racing Channel' a Dodge blows up. How fucking convenient.

Автор Conny and Roddy ( назад)
It's funny watching people argue on YouTube videos.

Автор Nate Dogg ( назад)
Mopar garbage

Автор Scott Lambeth ( назад)
Listen to that wheel hop. Wheel hop means axle wrap, and repeated wrapping back and fourth due to wheel hop is how you break a u-joint or yoke . Maybe he'll get a set of traction bars for the next time he goes racing.

Автор Tom Skilling ( назад)
wow a Chrysler product broke , how surprisingly odd.
fucking pile of crap.
ugly hell cat anyway , waste of a car

Автор theburners32141 ( назад)
Dodge makes shit car anyways. That being said, nothing beats hearing an engine roar. Teslas might be fast but all you will hear is air and tires rolling on pavement, that won't get attention.

Автор some guy ( назад)
i fucken hate when people race cars that are fast in stock like yea we get it you have money you can buy the fastest car that exists but can you find your dream car and restore it and travel miles to get it and tune it search for parts put time and effort into your car basically blood sweat and tears

Автор Alexander Glass ( назад)
should have did half mile since that pissy tesla tops out like a '87 f150 😁

Автор wello987 ( назад)
What kind of versus was that... and no follow up? Pretty misleading title.

Автор _ __ ( назад)
Lol Dodge trying to make a performance vehicle.... I bet the Chinese can do better.

Автор Nooby Gaming ( назад)

Автор otepa benghazi ( назад)
classic dodge. lol

Автор arnold may II ( назад)
Thats gotta suck

Автор Christian Méza ( назад)
Condolences to the Hellcat owner.

Автор Jeffery Antioquia ( назад)
rough day.. taking 2Ls in the same run

Автор LIAM LIAMESQUE ( назад)
How do you get a Tesla? I want to go to a tesla store and ask one for free.. maybe one day it'll work

Автор Jose Morales ( назад)
see the problem all started when he decided to buy dodge 😂😂😂

Автор Doom Slayer ( назад)
America shit

Автор 300horsepower ( назад)
Battery won
Battery > dodge

Автор James Leonard ( назад)
I saw two uncle ruckus's

Автор Otto Nichols ( назад)
Tesla destroyed all comers at my local track day. he was smoking 11 and 12 second cars.

Автор meraj Mersh ( назад)
great race ... hellcat just smash it ...

Автор King Louis ( назад)
😂😂😂😂 funniest shit ever

Автор stormrider777 ( назад)
dodge quality.

Автор Darrell Purnell ( назад)
oh damn that sound bummer

Автор Hutch EOD ( назад)
tesla won........hell cat blowing parts everywhere....uh no. nothing was "Blown" anywhere. twisting a drive shaft and blowing parts everywhere are two different things.

Автор Cody Colosi ( назад)
Again this doesn't impress me.

Автор Dank Famous1 ( назад)
Another dodge being towed a sight way too common

Автор MPC/ HD ( назад)
looool he just gave up! =)))))

Автор Brian Gentry ( назад)
Does that kids mom know he's thrashing on her Tesla? Lol

Автор Eyes Wide Open ( назад)
Excuses excuses...

Автор AXHEJAZ ( назад)

Автор Zeus5893 ( назад)
hellcat owner= fucking idiot

Автор Jeff Roscher ( назад)
i bought a tesla and sit in the lanes waiting for fast cars !

Автор Cody Hill ( назад)

Автор michoacan91davi ( назад)
too much torque but not the right balance between that and I forgot the word, you guys know what I mean

Автор riftoakcut ( назад)
what language are they speaking? 😁

Автор Jose Gonzalez ( назад)
hell cat my ass hell kitty

Автор Hillslam ( назад)
How come nobody ever sails these boats around a road course? Ever.

Автор BlueLineRipper ( назад)
Should've gotten a ZL1

that Ford sport Trac though 😍

Автор Justin Thomson ( назад)
Mopar (Chrysler Jeep Dodge) make the lowest quality pieces of poop on the road. don't throw your hard earned money away I. garbage like that

Автор Second Thought ( назад)
Typical Dodge!!

Автор dethadder ( назад)
See ya in Hell, Cat!

Автор DallasTechie ( назад)
Typical low quality, low workmanship, unless reliable Dodge products. GM shitty also

Автор God Save America ( назад)
This is a douche car. It's like racing a moped against a road bike. It's a different category of bike, it's faster, but ugly as 💩

Автор Iván Rosas ( назад)

Автор sixzerodriver ( назад)
the gentleman posting this video must be very proud of himself.

Автор Luke Griebel ( назад)
my cousin tore his out with a r/t and a Diablo tuner

Автор Bonnie and Clyde Ride ( назад)
And I will still take the Hellcat over the Tesla anyday!

Автор Zach Arbelius ( назад)

Автор Frank ( назад)
Ha dodge junk!!!!garbage!!!!spend another 70k and fix it!!!!

Автор Michael Farmer ( назад)
i dont get it... people here shitting on dodge because it broke a drive shaft. I mean really? This shit happen to CARS all the time at the track. when you launch a car hard all the time it will break. especially if you mix a lil hop to it. Last time i was at the track i kid you not it was a guy selling cv axels, rear end, and drive shaft out of a trailer. If anything he was putting down some power to do that much damage. for the record i not a fan boy. i into old schools and 30's through 50's hot rods

Автор I Killed The Legend27 ( назад)
Bubu bu bubuthurt!

Автор Captain Howdy ( назад)
These Hellcats are having all sorts of problems.

Автор Mike Davis ( назад)
So that's why it's called a HellCat. It's hell to drive!

Автор Downandup7 ( назад)
crappy ass dodge

Автор Tom Sawyer ( назад)
american crap cars

Автор 151Gattlin ( назад)
Hellcat? More like garfield. haha

Автор Kieran Crowley ( назад)
Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.....😉🍀🍀🍀🍀

Автор Rune3ater ( назад)
yo this is fayetteville nc

Автор The Rogue Scientist ( назад)
lol hahaha

Автор Louie Watson ( назад)
Fayetteville NC!

Автор Hacker07Gaming ( назад)
shows how good dodge makes their cars, I wouldn't pay more than 5k for any dodge

Автор madeinmerica 95 ( назад)

Автор Scottnelson007 Nelson ( назад)
I'm calling bs to that

Автор Speek No Evil ( назад)
Will NOT be purchasing a Damn Dodge driveshaft dropper in the future. How F'n embarrassing .SAD.

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