Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Trump's federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration.

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Комментарии: 8617

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Автор Xx AdoXx ( назад)
I still don't believe he's president

Автор Sluging ( назад)
More money for weapons of mass destruction. More money on surveillance on citizens. More money for social security admin which means more people being hired to find a cut people from welfare. Holy fuck. What's the point in breathing? I mean jesus fucking christ this shit is fucked

Автор HowToBe ( назад)
WTF happened to Bob the Builder?!?!?!?!

Автор Kenny Pow ( назад)
John Oliver: you and your staff are killing it. Keep up the good work

Автор Jonathan Corrigan ( назад)
Johnny cuck Oliver

Автор Sean Kennedy ( назад)
slash it slash it!

Автор Sean Kennedy ( назад)
since when do democrats care about the economy? #Austinpetersen

Автор Freedom InManyForms ( назад)

Автор Minhaj Uddin ( назад)
More money for war, less money for the people....

Автор Tom Wells ( назад)
Excellent, thank you John.

Автор Dallas Mann ( назад)
I feel like what presidents claim to intend during their campaign should be more contractual and some motives and positions be made clear by mandatory. Any meathead can say one thing and do the absolute opposite on a whim.

Surely I'm not the only one who can't help but scream Bullshit at these vague political games?

Автор Lee McDonald ( назад)
americans only had two truly sub humans to pick from. this is what happened change how parties work. i feel sorry for us but not much better in oz

Автор Guts The Berserker ( назад)
Oliver actually looks good with long hair so the self roasting is kinda weird. With short hair you just look like everyone else, so I guess if you don't like standing out from your peers then go ahead.

Автор Mafer Sevilla ( назад)
Hahahahahahaha... of course we can live a little bit on the environment... who needs it to... i don't know... SURVIVE! hahahah

Автор Flying Squirrel ( назад)
6:20 Especially when you know that he almost started a war with north korea just a few weeks after 😂😂

Автор Inkshooter ( назад)
I liked John's old hair. :/

Автор Nonamearisto ( назад)
A few budget cuts is not the "end of America." It may be a sign of the end of left-wing control over the media narrative, however. The end of social justice warriors. The end of cultural Marxism. The end of left-wing comedian-propagandists. The end of John Oliver. Or at least, his ratings.

Автор Marko Periškić ( назад)
Tipi fkin top USA............................

Автор Michael Cabus ( назад)
"The cookies will be thrown away, the grandmother put down" Yes, heartless...

Автор Kareem El-Baradie ( назад)
If this passes... He's getting impeached

Автор Avichal Mishra ( назад)
john pls make a video on Bhopal gas tragedy and DOW

Автор Jaxgem ( назад)
member when Canadians could access new videos? i member.

Автор Mariana M. Browne ( назад)
John, nobody describes Trump as well as you. Nobody.

Автор Cupavi Kurcic ( назад)
The dreck that voted for this despicable cunt of a President are either thick as pig shit or incredibly malicious and insidious.

The only solution for them is a hollow point to their temple.

Автор Persona ( назад)
After that, make the votes actually count instead of voting for fucking delegates. They shouldn't decide who is going to be president.

Автор Fernando Cabadas ( назад)
Facts are present here.

Автор Shelby Hansen ( назад)
Thanks Trump for leaving a bit of crabgrass in my home state Utah, us avid outdoors people will love to see that instead of our 5 national parks...

Автор Parmeet Singh ( назад)
as a non U.S citizen, I just want to see cool military stuff because that is what they are known for internatially. Since the U.S army support a large part of the world this budget helps others showing that the U.S cares more about its allies than its own People. Good enough for me : )

Автор Razordreamz ( назад)
So anti-trump. I'm not even in the USA but still I find this very one sided.Would be nice to hear something else besides this topic.

Автор Joshua Gonzalez ( назад)
increasing military spending is idiotic

Автор HighFlyingBird82 ( назад)
3:41 to 3:56 yes America, well done. THIS is the dipshit you voted in. You morons.

Автор Maxwell Hammond ( назад)
He cut Meals On Wheels funding because "it wasn't getting results." What the heck kind of results are you looking for with Meals on Wheels?

Автор William Christie ( назад)
I think that everybody knew Trump was speaking to the environmental protection agency when he said "we can leave a little bit". Might have made for an easy joke but I think that those types of obvious manipulation only gives Trump supporters and populist mote ammo to discredit main stream media.

Автор tang roro ( назад)
3:53 "I know words, I have the best words."

Автор Mere ( назад)

Автор gamenut112 ( назад)
good god! ...enough with the fuckin' defence spending...you guys have enough military shit as it is...I don't think you need more. toss it into something like NASA or SpaceX or something...something that's actually useful. (yes you need country-wide defence, but you guys have 8400 Abrams tanks. or like roughly the same number of apache attack helicopters (last I checked anyway.) and like 10 super carriers (I think thats what they are called? I know some military stuff but not a lot...) and also the fact that you guys have like a million active servicemen and women....like god....I think you have enough! no ones gonna challenge you, cause if they do, they're probably going to get stomped on. but if you fund something like NASA you could probably kickstart another space race, which would in turn kickstart a technological advancement generation and we could actually start leaving or alleviating the planetary stress on the earth, but this is all probably just wishful thinking on my part, because the majority of the world leaders are toddlers. (and I know its not easy to run a country and try to keep everyone happy, but eventually we're just gonna die if we don't take care of it.)

Автор Abel Chipepe ( назад)
American people are all stupid people every time they tolerate this moron on power

Автор potaterjim ( назад)
so here's the plan: become president, cut funding to all anti-business agencies, undermine the credibility of pretty much all news outlets, quit, resume shady business strategies now that there are no pesky environmental agencies to stop you or news outlets to report your crimes

Автор Bonewulfe ( назад)
i can't be the only person in canada who is salty none of these new videos are available. wtf? what happened? am i looking in the wrong place?

Автор Kyle Sekenski ( назад)
"Screw everything but the military"- Republican Party

Автор Alyssa Gohlke ( назад)
John Oliver isn't a journalist, he is barely a comedian. I don't support democrats or republicans, but I'm seriously irritated by this constant slander of Trump "because making fun of him is trendy" right now. Trump cut federal funding to some groups, but if Obama was giving extra money to those groups and Trump cut that extra funding, its a little misleading. Just like statistics: how can someone drown in a lake that has an average depth of 2 feet?: The shoreline was a few inches deep but the middle of the lake was 30 feet deep. This kind of content is getting us nowhere as a society, and I'm ashamed to live in a place where this is considered news. Yeah, facts are thrown around in this video, but only when they can be misinterpreted or when they fit LastWeekTonight's biased faulty argument. I'm not a democrat or republican. I just want people to talk about real issues in a realistic and truthful manner that actually helps others. Bullying and making fun of people accomplishes nothing, it just divides, dumbs down and weakens our society.

Автор Collin McLean ( назад)
Couple points I want to make. Allow me to make a list
1. There is no proof that EPA regulations are job killers. If that were the case our unemployment rate wouldn't have been 5%. What proof does exist is that it keeps businesses from destroying the environment... Which we need to live...
2. In regards to the state department, if there are going to be fewer military conflicts then why do we need to make such a significant increase to our military budget which is about 5x what Russia's is? (By the way, that statement was quickly proved wrong).
3. No, Russia does not have a stronger military.
4. You spent so much time talking about how poor our infrastructure is, so why are you making cuts to the departments that take care of that stuff?
5. If our crime rate is so high (Which it isn't, it was at an all time low up until 2015 when there was a small upsweep which meant essentially nothing) why are you cutting programs which would help kids stay out of a life of crime?
And finally 6. Why so many cuts to departments that are important to the lower class such as the department of labor?

Автор Michael T ( назад)
why is raising pentagon budget from approx 600 billion to 654 billion such a big deal? I mean it's definetely too much. but it has been too much for the past 10 years...

Автор tjr3145 ( назад)
He is demanding that Trump give preferential treatment to people who voted for him? You really can't even process an honest man can you?

Автор Archer ( назад)
Out of the 320 million people in the United States, this is the guy we made president?!

Автор David Woods ( назад)
That jackass could care less about a "Coal miner in W.Virginia" or "A single mom in Detroit"!

Автор brooklyn jb ( назад)
john oliver is the best comedy news its so much better then the daly show and the daly show with john stewart not only is he naturally funny which not every is but he chooses storys that are very important and we share a lot of the same views on most of the storys he talks about even though he has a lot of liberal views and i dont consider my self a democrat or republican i think about what ever subject they are dealing with and i make my decision by think about it and choosing the best option regardless if its a liberal or conservative decision

Автор Big Rook ( назад)
bob the builder is trash now

Автор Jaskaran Deol ( назад)
finally, a video on youtube. thanks a lot

Автор Mike Shaw ( назад)
i think tex rillerson meant he just wont consider the presidents opinion

Автор Sir Francis ( назад)
Make video available from Canada, or else...

Автор Yes! No ( назад)
why can't I watch your videos like the French vote and ext wtf !

Автор Dat Name ( назад)
I like John Oliver - but why are you making fun of prenups :(

As a man who works hard and hopes to one day retire, going into a marriage without a prenup is psychological and financial suicide.

Автор mitchell2719 ( назад)
Oh boy, I love only getting to watch this a month late. Fuck you Bell Canada

Автор Awkward JoJoeh ( назад)
John'll never see read this comment but...

Автор chickenassasintk ( назад)
they dont give trump 2 months to do things , but they'll give Obama 8 years or longer if they could to do nothing

Автор etherealessence ( назад)
so i subbed, i hit the notification bell... and i just now found this video, by going to the channel's fucking video page, are you fucking kidding me? what, do you make these videos unavailable in canada for the first month or some shit? quite possible since i saw the french election video sitting in my sub list then 20 mins later its unavailable.... fuck you.

Автор earle hunter ( назад)
Federal Budget: trump tippy toppy budget with health care again Trump taxes and the most President In the world with Sercet Service in 40 days who wants Trumpcare

Автор Hastings ( назад)
I know I should be doing my civic, intellectual duty and add something to the national discourse on this subject, but I just can't get over how adorable it is that Oliver thinks his *current* haircut is so above reproach! Dude-! Don't think that you can escape criticism simply by taking a blunted, rusty hatchet to your scalp! At least you had style before; now you only have the stylistic equivalent of a missile-shield: just an ugly, ill-thought obstruction that makes you feel safer, in starkest spite of the reality... (You should really start paying me for these, someone will...)

Автор ryudragon7 ( назад)
Man....if we cut funding to all those programs....what is left to defend?

Автор Steve Moseti ( назад)
6:08 Its happening.. take syria for instance... add Afghanistan to the list

Автор Oakflesh ( назад)
Another John Oliver and team masterpiece.

Автор Willy Souza ( назад)
Guys cmom, isnt obivous? He will drive USA like a business, so he will do hostile take over on all countries in south america. And you can only do it with a strong army. You dont invest in strenth just to stay home.

Автор Human Being ( назад)
You listed Steve Bannon as a Key Trump Administration official....... I don't know that he's even going to have a job for much longer.

Автор João Nunes ( назад)
can you start numbering your pieces...so we can follow them orderly?...lol

Автор Joey Bear ( назад)
why does john look like he would turn into a person shaped dildo any moment?

Автор Mark Williams ( назад)
I must say I am happy for every cut that is made at the Federal level. That may change later or not, but I'm tired of paying even 1 penny for other peoples kids, abortions, television, healthcare, cell phones, housing, meals, education, after school programs and on and on. Pay for your own kids! You breed 'em YOU freed 'Em!

Автор JOHN DUBRAVACK ( назад)
why why why why why why why why.

Автор JOHN DUBRAVACK ( назад)
I'm so sad I loved america now it is going to purge

Автор Shane Mountain ( назад)
Who the fuck voted for this guy? Is anyone else aware that this fellow is trying to start WW3? I can't believe their are 20 million maniac in America, you do realize he is killing people, in your name, for no more then a whim? Madness.

Автор WyomingPTT ( назад)
I remember an episode of this show where John talked about how our Nuclear armaments, specifically ICBMs, were in desperate need of updates and upgrades. Isn't that what Trump is talking about? It's things like this that make me think Trump could cure cancer and John would bash him for not curing AIDS...

Автор Caius Cosades ( назад)
Tbf obama was planning on raising military by 38 billion.

Автор Josh Josh ( назад)
Hey HBO, where do you guys list your citations and references? I'm trying to use portions of your content (factual information) in a research paper about Donald Drumph and Statistics and facts used in this video and few other would help me. Thank you.

Автор José Pedro Forte ( назад)

Автор eloteh ( назад)
Wow! A republican who's making right leaning decision?!?!?! Who could have predicted that!!!

John Oliver is a monkey for the left willing to dance around with his symbols and fling his shit at anything the libtard audience doesn't agree with.

Автор Wormhole Jim ( назад)
That is Twump's greatness in a nutshell, it seems: Take away funding for community projects all over the country and build an airport every 50 miles, coast to coast, north to South instead. This way no patch of American soil will ever again be referred to as 'fly over country. And here's the Twump supporter in a nutshell: Obama and/or the democrats in general are to blame for communities going bust from neglect and Twump is celebrated for the airports and how fast and foreward moving he is.

Автор HvyMetalComrade ( назад)
Holy shit that quote from his book. Let's see if he'll put America's money where his mouth is.

Автор ali osman ( назад)
Haha. They're called flyover country for a reason. It's still 1970 for them.

Автор ali osman ( назад)
We finally got something in common with Russian, someone as sane as a rabid chimpanzee soiling the most important building in the country.

Автор scottthewaterwarrior ( назад)
I think we could spend 100% of our budget on the military and it wouldn't make us any safer. We aren't at war with another country (which would be a known quantity) we are at war with guerrilla organizations where we don't even know who they are until they blow themselves up. As it is we kill more civilians then we do terrorists, which just gives the terrorists propaganda to recruit more people. I don't know what the solution is, but I am pretty certain building more $7 billion missile destroyers or upgrading our nuclear arsenal is not going to help.

Автор Jesse Kytwayhat ( назад)
The United States of America now spends 954 billion dollars on it's military and Elmo just got fired.

Автор Hey guys It's biggie cheese ( назад)
That WW3 joke couldn't have been more accurate I mean look at situation at Syria

Автор Spish Spish ( назад)
ever wonder if trump wants to destroy america?

Автор Fatimata Mbaye ( назад)
Glad to be living in Canada

Автор drop2001 ( назад)
why did you remove the gerrymandering video?

Автор ColorfulVoid ( назад)
I still can't believe how US people elected this dumb orange psycho…

Автор Samantha C ( назад)
Donald Trump is effectively destroying the entirety of the US, bit by bit. It's very funny, in a very sad kind of way!

Автор Sandip Paul ( назад)
An dumb American with his fucking dumb show

Автор Jonathan Montgomery ( назад)
If you are tired of politicians drawing new districts lines so they can win a district they previously would have lost. Then sign this petition and get the politicians out of the redistricting business and but it back in the people's hands.


Автор diva_dylan ( назад)
has anyone noticed that some videos from the channel will pop up in your feed but they aren't playable

Автор Bismuth83 ( назад)
Whoa, he's cutting NASA?! But I thought he'd LIKE a golf course on the moon!

Автор plonk420 ( назад)
this fxcking moron trying to cut money to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is the worst period single period american period ever period. for me 0.02% is under $10 a year if it were coming out of 100% of my income. compare that to a pretty much mandatory $180 yearly for Brits and the excellent BBC.

Автор Ziggy Freefall ( назад)
hey does anyone know what happened to the gerrymandering episode? Its been taken down everywhere I look, whats the deal???

Автор superphannie ( назад)
Just don't scroll down... Trust me.

Автор Smalltimetyrano ( назад)
Well Trump is right we don't need the earth being able to sutain life as long as we have big companys

Автор UnblessedGuitar ( назад)
Parrot hands

Автор OHexpat12 ( назад)
good commentary from dem socialists, John. Bernie would be proud. Now for the anarchocommunist perspective...something far more hopeful...

Автор Robair ( назад)
But in all seriousness...Why is this inbred cuck such a goddamn jealous faggot? Serious question.

Автор digital subliminal messages ( назад)
yeah all the "luck" in the bowl and no actual charm ?????? and realy just as corny // and just floating between the whitehouse and capitol building bumping int to eacher other getting soggier than drip rip the last "spoon" of milk what worse it powdered milk....../ i dont know butt your over the hill driving uncle said it works
and no more moveing in random bums to .....,?tennessee?......? and how bought the poorly dress ninja clans of tennessee
or were not spys were just nosey

Автор Luigi101girl ( назад)
as someone from Canada, I am taking my shovel and going to start digging at the boarder in hopes canada separates from the states. Y-Y

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