Why I Don't Speak Japanese in Videos

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Speaking Japanese is amazing fun. But not when you have to speak it all day without being allowed to switch to your native tongue. On Day 14 of Journey across Japan, we give it a shot.
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  • mkab
    mkab Day ago

    Canadian Vlogger / "Friend". That's brutal 😄

  • a998
    a998 2 days ago

    Why do all Chris have the same style of facial hair?

  • AndroidWG
    AndroidWG 2 days ago

    Seeing both of you speaking Japanese this well really inspires me to learn the language as well. Love you guys, incredible video!

  • Ziv MH
    Ziv MH 3 days ago

    0:34, I thought that was peter griffin singing

  • Don’t mention it 。

    His Japanese is typical British one
    And I like it

  • 豆吉豆太郎
    豆吉豆太郎 7 days ago


  • ReeYuuJee
    ReeYuuJee 8 days ago

    His accent is funny as fk though

  • wab2000
    wab2000 8 days ago

    I thought your Japanese wasn't that good. But you proved me wrong!

  • Star
    Star 14 days ago +1

    Maybe you should learn how to say jokes or understood jokes in Japanese to be able to get your point across, it does make a difference. The good thing about speaking different languages is different expressions and character change with each one.

  • Y K
    Y K 14 days ago

    I for once hear only one accent "JAPANESE ".

  • Renee` Martin
    Renee` Martin 15 days ago +2

    I love the two of yall together! Great video!

  • Lila Chan
    Lila Chan 15 days ago +2

    I hear Sharla is single now, pls marry her, perfect couple

  • Sy Rehn
    Sy Rehn 16 days ago

    my weebness peaked

  • Mc Benji
    Mc Benji 17 days ago

    Best video of your channel...

  • ImAdriax
    ImAdriax 17 days ago

    You just straight up left her 😂

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 18 days ago

    Hahhah your singing of Jurassic park theme was hilarious

  • Neddier
    Neddier 18 days ago

    Its so bright that i cannot see subtitles.

  • deadbforucme
    deadbforucme 19 days ago +2

    is that an n64 controller on your bike? hahaha

  • Alan Bragg
    Alan Bragg 20 days ago +4

    It’s a real shame because I feel I would get a lot out of watching some of your videos entirely in Japanese. I feel that what you’re speaking is much closer to my understanding. Maybe do the odd video once in a while. It was refreshing. Sharla is great too

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green 20 days ago

    I really like watching videos about people cycling around Japan. It's very relaxing

  • けーおーKayOh
    けーおーKayOh 21 day ago

    Its very easy to describe things in Japanese since its just 1 word however its hard to describe your emotions in japanese.

  • King Of Bel
    King Of Bel 23 days ago +1

    I'm happy that I could understand most of what you guys were saying in japanese.
    Guess watching all those anime were worth something.

  • Jolie K
    Jolie K 23 days ago


  • Morbid6253
    Morbid6253 24 days ago

    Replace her with Pewdiepie!

  • Lord Royce
    Lord Royce 25 days ago

    Subbed>>> dubbed

  • jacquin
    jacquin 25 days ago

    Hahahahaha! Honesty on youtube is rare and brilliant

  • Simon Chesney
    Simon Chesney 25 days ago

    for some reason, the lack of closure at the end was particularly jarring

  • 李越
    李越 25 days ago

    I just returned from a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. The experience was amazing. Tokyo was just like any of the big cities in China. Kyoto was a very clean and relatively quiet place.

  • 成龍ジーナ
    成龍ジーナ 26 days ago +1

    I think they can be a wonderful couple and never split up.

  • Carolina P
    Carolina P 26 days ago +1

    You two would make a really cute couple

  • Zymon Castañeda
    Zymon Castañeda 26 days ago

    Nice to see you together, like watching Doctor Strange and Hit Girl.. strolling on a bike. Cheers

  • Joe Knaggs
    Joe Knaggs 27 days ago +1

    I really enjoyed this video :) Also, what I love about Sharla is that she always has a smile on her face

  • Pavel Adamek
    Pavel Adamek 27 days ago

    No,YOU have a crush on Sharla.

  • Redchickenrollup S
    Redchickenrollup S 27 days ago

    Replace her with yourself so then you have to do the trip twice and edit both of the times you do do it together

  • th_ Hiro
    th_ Hiro Month ago +2


  • Philip Rosseel
    Philip Rosseel Month ago

    My favourite video thus far.

  • Steven the Cheetah
    Steven the Cheetah Month ago

    Isn't it ad-jec-tive?

  • FlyingDucky101
    FlyingDucky101 Month ago

    I ship it. Rip itll never be a thing

  • Ace
    Ace Month ago

    ask her out boii

  • TheBackstreetNets
    TheBackstreetNets Month ago

    Did you ever consider learning DaVinci Relsolve? It has great subtitle tools and it can do everything After Effects and Premiere can do but for far cheaper. For vlogs, the free version works fine. If you want to do more VFXy stuff it's a one off payment.

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan Month ago +47

    When they speak Japanese like this, I can't help but think I'm watching an anime or something. I gotta be honest though, Chris sounds badass speaking Japanese

    • Kent S
      Kent S 11 hours ago

      His Japanese is so cool.

  • Polpot Lee
    Polpot Lee Month ago +1

    The first time we see a pretty girl (Sharla no less) feeds you with her hand, the first words that came out of your mouth was 'you bastard'.
    This amuses me.

  • Think Before You Sleep

    Quick, someone copystrike Chris for using Jurassic Park music!

  • Gabriel Flores
    Gabriel Flores Month ago

    When is Sharla moving in with Chris?

  • shultz lawrence
    shultz lawrence Month ago +1

    I think you sound much more sophisticated Chris when you speak in Japanese

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Month ago

    Some hints of your personality pass through but not all. You don't sound grumpy and a curmudgeonly. You pass through your complaining but you appreciate life more.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    Seeing other foreigners speak in Japanese gives me more confidence ;_; Sometimes I feel so insecure about my American accent that I lose the confidence to speak...but it can't really be helped. Love your videos x

  • JeanRain17
    JeanRain17 Month ago +1

    Loving the colabs I really hope more will be in the future!

  • chip skylark
    chip skylark Month ago


  • Gayle Honcada
    Gayle Honcada Month ago +1

    I'm not japanese but i think they call it kitsune soba/udon is because the fried tofu is said to be the fox god's favorite food. Not sure about this, i just heard it from an anime

  • Ryan T.
    Ryan T. Month ago

    How long till yall get married

  • Rui Lourenço
    Rui Lourenço Month ago +1

    I love how Chris sounds like he’s voice acting the typical old uncle or something when speaking Japanese.

  • YouTubsel
    YouTubsel Month ago

    Waait ... why is there an N64 controller on your bicycle?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    I love Natto lol, some times I eat like 2 of those 3 packs a day lmfao.

  • Verbal Ästhet
    Verbal Ästhet Month ago

    You´re pronouncing "adjective" wrong.

  • Mike nazzal
    Mike nazzal Month ago

    Oh god, dried Natto, sounds gross

  • Ace Kosmoso
    Ace Kosmoso Month ago

    He speaks Japanese like a magic!

  • anna kostine
    anna kostine Month ago

    really enjoyed this one, really cool to see you both speaking japanese x

  • Nicola Rivarossa
    Nicola Rivarossa Month ago

    omg she is your gf! you wrote "friend"

  • Vinay Gowda
    Vinay Gowda Month ago

    Ok. Im hella pissed right now. RUclip unsubcribed me from this channel so ive been missing out on these videos.

  • wingedshark star
    wingedshark star Month ago

    pause the video at 0:45 and adjust using for maximum comedic effect

  • coldfuse01
    coldfuse01 Month ago

    Hi Chris, at 8:46 you say "seriously" in the subtitles but in Japanese what is the word you say for Seriously? It sounds like Mashidei?

  • Yonk
    Yonk Month ago

    8:50 "I give up.." *sexiest jazzy music plays as Chris-san and Sharla-san outweigh the odds in epic episode climax* *YABAIaFucK*

  • Yonk
    Yonk Month ago

    7:25 It's fascinating to see how Sharla's face and mannerisms change when thinking in Japanese :D

  • Yonk
    Yonk Month ago

    This is so encouraging to me as a Westerner to learn Japanese again!!

  • The Panacea
    The Panacea Month ago

    Sharla is adorable and you need her cheerfullness to match your...ehhhh britishness.....

  • Jeff MB
    Jeff MB Month ago

    Sharla = "Friend"? What does that mean? That they are rival vloggers? Or that they are romantically linked?

    • k
      k Month ago +1

      They're friends, the quotes are banter-y. I guess you aren't friends with a British person unless you've insulted each other before, it's beautiful.

  • Sapphire Star
    Sapphire Star Month ago +1

    NO! Don't replace Sharla!

  • Supreme Banshee
    Supreme Banshee Month ago +23

    Chris is a different person speaking Japanese - hes very attractive and confident.

  • Richard Roman
    Richard Roman Month ago

    This would be the best video if it had Japanese subtitles for us Japanese beginners

  • Silvio Zlatar
    Silvio Zlatar Month ago

    "I fucking love dinosaurs" wow...

  • george h
    george h Month ago

    Bem be be be beee be be be be beeee

    ...that was the Jurassic park theme for those of you who some how couldn't tell

  • Ed Radley
    Ed Radley Month ago

    I want to see a crossover episode featuring Megwin TV.

  • Spencer G
    Spencer G Month ago +1

    Sharla is the best

  • Harry Lin
    Harry Lin Month ago

    Yakisoba Pan is awesome, why would you hate it?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago

    I'm sorry, but are you stupid? We LOVE when you speak japanese.
    We're here not only cause we like you, but because we love japan, that includes the language.
    Now, I also love your accent and I get it's more comfortable to speak in english, so obviously don't speak 100% in japanese, but try to do it more

  • Digital Sensei Gaming

    Turn on youtubes english subtitles when he speaks japanese. You will thank me

  • Marco E. F. Mendiola Ulloa

    Instantly recalls "abunai" from the SRS video

  • ウマトラ
    ウマトラ Month ago


  • kaaajeee
    kaaajeee Month ago

    love the grunting accent. very authentic.

  • Nowah Taylor
    Nowah Taylor 2 months ago

    I ship

  • Flarigrar
    Flarigrar 2 months ago

    He sounds like an anime villain

  • Der Pille
    Der Pille 2 months ago +2

    you should get married. perfect couple.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 months ago +2

    Wow, you guys make a great team! I think your Japanese is brilliant and it inspires me to keep at it! Far too often I want to throw in the towel and give up on my ambition to learn Japanese. Thank you!

  • Francisco Martínez Arce

    "Friend" that was shady.

  • Philip A Winged
    Philip A Winged 2 months ago

    Wait, why the hell is there a N64 controller tied to your handlebar?! Did I miss something?

  • Pardon me,
    Pardon me, 2 months ago

    So your voice drops a few octaves when you speak Japanese? It's official. Japanese is a manly language.

  • Victor Appelqvist
    Victor Appelqvist 2 months ago

    btw, this was awesome to see "hear" how good you actually can speak Japanese, and not just say fuck^^

  • Victor Appelqvist
    Victor Appelqvist 2 months ago

    well, i work as an Airport Officer in Sweden, and we have a collegue from the US, so we spoke english with him in the beginning and he answered in Swedish, we made that to a thing some days in the week. No exceptions..

  • Robert E
    Robert E 2 months ago

    Hi there🖐 I think you sound like very annoyed when you have to speek hole day in japanes only😂 Eaven do you sound like you are fluend. I maybe the wrong person to judge, I don't speek japanes, but I travel frequent there for buisness and to me you sound fluend😊 but like you are annoyed to speek it😂😂.
    Keep your good work going and love to see your next videos🙌🙌

  • The Parisienne
    The Parisienne 2 months ago

    We want more NATSUKI

  • Ortund Gaming
    Ortund Gaming 2 months ago

    I know I'm very late, but it'd be awesome if you could do a colab with Lovelyzkelly

  • Kazuto Katsuragi
    Kazuto Katsuragi 2 months ago

    Is that tofu on the Fox Soba? Maybe that's why it's called that. Dunno where I heard it from, but foxes like tofu, no? Don't quote me on that though, lol.

  • thinkprotoss
    thinkprotoss 2 months ago

    I really like the editing! The perspectives and the composition of the scenes are resulting great whole! 感謝 (i hope ;) Grüße aus Deutschland =)

  • attlee2010
    attlee2010 2 months ago

    This was fucking hilarious!

  • Ron S
    Ron S 2 months ago +1

    Was fun watching Sharla torture Chris with food.

  • Steph Lu
    Steph Lu 2 months ago

    I had natto in Japan and I LOVED IT. I had it for breakfast every morning that I could haha. I'm looking for it in australia but I have no idea where to find it

  • Lawrence Wood
    Lawrence Wood 2 months ago

    no one is better bring her back . well you are just as good get better looking you will be the best

  • Nimer
    Nimer 2 months ago +1

    I mean the ending was the best... "i will also eat some. iam not that mean... eww ewww -throwing up to bag-" Sharla is not friend, she is what you call best friend!

  • Alejandro Nuñez
    Alejandro Nuñez 2 months ago

    What's the name of your intro song?