GFRIEND (여자친구) A Tale of the Glass Bead : Previous Story

  • GFRIEND (여자친구) A Tale of the Glass Bead : Previous Story
    Director: YooJeong Ko
    Narration: Jay Marie
    2D Motion Graphics: Jungwoo Yoo
    SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea
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  • Gfriend artist of Source Music 回7

    3m is coming

  • uyas
    uyas 3 days ago +2

    #1 glass bead = freshmen year
    #2 #4 me gustas tu + jpn mv = vacation, school festival (they get a practice room)
    # 3 love whisper = a day in their village, yerin's tape, the lake
    #5 rough = graduation year (they already have the room)
    * based on eunha's hair, lw could be after rough (rough ended well, the girls decided to be together, sowon was going to take the train, maybe they decided to take it together to their hometown in the summer)
    #3.1 navillera = alternate universe (confirmed in crossroads?) love whisper timeline (the girls don't remember eunha from their childhood?)
    #5.1 time for the moon night = alternate universe (confirmed in crossroads?), the girls are searching for eunha
    * eunha's hair and eunha-yerin-sinb love triangle dynamics could help to find the linearity
    fingertip = eunha's dream anticipating their conflict (eunha wakes up with a tear in the end)
    sunrise = sinb's dream (because of her tear in the end? she was sleeping) it's more idyllic than eunha's space opera dream. they are trying to remember that eunha existed? they remember that's someone's (a girl) birthday.
    #6 crossroads = the actual conflict
    #7 summer rain / fallin' light = the aftermath, the music videos where they are separated
    #8 memoria = they stand at the crossroads and did their decision (is it the end?)
    #5.2 sunny summer = a day remembering eunha, a gift to buddies referencing the storyline
    #0 fever
    #0 flower

  • Muhammad Chandra
    Muhammad Chandra 4 days ago

    Go 3M

  • antonela aroca
    antonela aroca 4 days ago

    maravillosas 6 aaaahh yerin 💕💕

  • Cao Hồng
    Cao Hồng 5 days ago +1

    It’s strange being alone:((

  • GFRIEND (여자친구)
    GFRIEND (여자친구) 6 days ago +2

    Glass Bead:

  • White Birdie
    White Birdie 8 days ago +1

    If some of y'all saying GFriend has a storyline only because of GFriend,NO,their storyline is separate and created predebut and has nothing to do with BTS and being under BigHit. GFriend's story is unique and interesting,and if you are only here to hate on them,leave.

  • Standoff 2 - тема ?

    GFRIEND (€£¥₩) А TaIe of the GIASS Веаd : Previous Story

  • Once Buddy
    Once Buddy 10 days ago +2

    Now this time my sweeties get more popularity

  • Doña caty vlogs
    Doña caty vlogs 11 days ago

    Hola amiga Aquí pasando a dejar mi huella Espero que tú mis visitas a mi jardín bienvenida eres Te dejo muchas bendiciones para ti y tu familia

  • Mdsr
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  • Hilwa __qntara
    Hilwa __qntara 14 days ago +2

    Selama ini gfriend sudah bekerja keras , mereka pantas mendapat kan apa yg mereka punya

  • кσσкѕ мιlкєυ
    кσσкѕ мιlкєυ 15 days ago +4

    I'm here replaying this in my bed hearing the girls sweet voice and getting goosebumps because of how good this is I remember really well how I got into gfriend
    There was this day me and my twin sister decided to look at hard kpop dances and we spotted gfriend do we decided to learn it i decided to learn it as yerin and my sis as umji so yerin become my bias till then my first comeback with gfriend was sunny summer but I didn't quite like it so I didn't quite stan gfriend till I saw time for the moon night and I loved it so I decided it to learn it with my sister and in January 2019 is when gfriend uploaded sunrise that's was my 2 comeback with gfriend but as an official buddy (btw when looking at time for the moon night I decided to be yerin but then after seeing too much videos about gfriend I changed my bias to YUJU so I learn it as yuju) me and my sister loved so much sunrise so we learn it and also sang it so many times my other comeback with gfriend was fever and the last one is crossroads and from the Japanese mv was Fallin light
    To think back like 1 and probably 9 months ago I don't regret watching that video cause If I didn't I would be into gfriend 💖💖💖💖💖

    • кσσкѕ мιlкєυ
      кσσкѕ мιlкєυ 2 days ago

      @dream stars ah ok thanks btw it sounds like umji to me 😅😅

    • dream stars
      dream stars 11 days ago +1

      It's not umji voice :) check the description

  • Annisa Nur Fadhilah
    Annisa Nur Fadhilah 15 days ago

    2,945,777 (200315, 16.35 KST)

  • Dimple of Jonni
    Dimple of Jonni 16 days ago +3

    Theory :
    The Anima and Animus are the *two main anthromorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind*
    Anthromorphic : possessing human characteristics and qualities
    Archetype : a typical example or ideal of something
    The Anima : is something every male possesses an inner feminine that he is completely separated from
    The Animus : is the exact opposite of the Anima, it is the masculine present in a woman's unconscious
    *The Anima of BTS*
    Jungkook = Umji
    Yoongi = Yerin
    Jimin and Jhope = Yuju
    Jin = Eunha
    Namjoon = Sinb
    Taehyung = Sowon

    The Anima of TXT is the new girl group who gonna realise bighit X source music

    What if I were 🤡?

  • toto alsh
    toto alsh 17 days ago


  • toto alsh
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  • toto alsh
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  • unyuklala12
    unyuklala12 18 days ago


  • ᴛɪɴʏ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ ᴜᴡᴜ

    bro i recently found out abt gfriend. i already stan TXT and BTS so after i stan this group, i’m officially a BigHit stan. this is the only thing i’m proud of lmao

  • toto alsh
    toto alsh 24 days ago +1


  • toto alsh
    toto alsh 24 days ago +1


  • toto alsh
    toto alsh 24 days ago +1


  • Irina Karachorova
    Irina Karachorova 28 days ago +5

    yes i am still watching this often
    because its AWEESOME

  • EX- GreenTea Gimang
    EX- GreenTea Gimang 28 days ago

    Waot is this clip taken when our queen make " glass bead "mv or " crossroads " mv
    If this clip is made from glassbead era,,,, this is really mindblowing

    • dream stars
      dream stars 18 days ago

      All clips in this video are from their MV

  • Virgilia Garrido
    Virgilia Garrido 28 days ago +3

    Stan Gfriend because of their hardwork, not popularity

  • Eunbis Piercings
    Eunbis Piercings Month ago +10

    buddy let’s get this to 3M!

  • sksk 10
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  • sksk 10
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  • sksk 10
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  • sksk 10
    sksk 10 Month ago +2

    i love gfriend💕💕

  • ᴊɪмɪи𖤐.
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  • ᴊɪмɪи𖤐.
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  • ᴊɪмɪи𖤐.
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  • V Buddy
    V Buddy Month ago +1

  • AlterEgo Art
    AlterEgo Art Month ago +4

    This would be such a good prologue for a book tbh

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella Month ago +1

    Fmv channels: y'all hear sumn

    XDXDD keep stream crossroads cowards

  • Chin sun Kim
    Chin sun Kim Month ago +1


  • jenel figueroa
    jenel figueroa Month ago +2

    I think, one day they will hold a concert bts gfriend and txt. All the protagonist of the story will meet to help.each other fixed their problem.

    • dream stars
      dream stars Month ago +1

      @jenel figueroa all of them have power :)

    • jenel figueroa
      jenel figueroa Month ago +1

      So the clear thing is that umji, sinb, euhna and yerin.. Has power.

  • Ejay Ejara
    Ejay Ejara Month ago +2

    I am the only one who notice the CROSSROADS word at the end?

  • silentlywatching
    silentlywatching Month ago +7

    Damn. I guess the theories already started from their debut. I watched all of their MVs up til now, and when I watched this one again I got goosebump.

    Yerin's line: "Did I look weak? Did you always worry about me?"
    SinB's line: "Like the shining dew in the moonlight, did you feel like I'm gone away?"
    Eunha's line: "Do you feel like it's a dream? I'm shining for you." and "With your heartbeat sound, your feelings are delivered."
    Sowon's line: "There's nothing I can't achieve only if you're with me."
    Umji's line: "Everyday I'm happy with the same dream." and "Shine the bright sunlight on my dark mind, forever."

    From Crossroad, we got that Yerin was trying to kill herself in the bathtub. I don't know what makes her do that, but it's like she's so depressed because of Eunha's leaving. I don't want to say Eunha's dead because at their Rough song, Yuju already had a line that said "We're like parallel lines". I still cannot get what happened in their world, but I do believe that Eunha's separated from them 5. At Navillera, we can see that Yerin is so into Eunha, made me think Yerin really treasure Eunha as her closest friend. At the last part of fingertip, we can see how Yerin helps Eunha wake up from the bed. Maybe she's so depressed since TFTMN because she can't meet Eunha. We can see at her box that's untaped yet, she listened to the recorder from the Love Whisper era and she kept Eunha's pink blanket in the box, then cried at TFTMN. At Sunrise, we can see Yerin's trying to call someone in a sad face, means she can't reach the other side of the phone. So since Glass Bead, we already knew that Yerin even asking to them "Did I look weak? Did you always worry about me?" and I guess if I can make scenarios, I will make them answered "YES YOU ARE, it seems like you can't move on since what happened before!". And at Fever, it's like Yerin's trying to go away from them 5. Maybe it's like she already realised that when they're together it's just A DREAM. So she's trying to face the truth that Eunha's gone. They can't be together again. Cactus represents hard protective exterior, its endurance and strength to survive in new environments and situations. The cactus is adaptable and strong. So this means Yerin is already strong enough to face the truth and go back to reality where Eunha is not in their world again. She doesn't want to look weak again like what she said in this MV.

    SinB's line represents that Eunha and the 5 of them will be separated if "night" changes into "day" like a shining dew that will gone if day comes.

    Eunha's line said "Do you feel like it's a dream?" while Umji's line said that she's happy with the same dream. She's happy when 6 of them are together, no matter if it's just a dream, even if it is just a SAME DREAM over and over again.

    Then we can see Eunha's line is "I'm shining for you." while Umji's line is "Shine the bright sunlight on my dark mind, forever." I always believe that there's something with Eunha and Umji. We can see that from Sunrise, only Umji that can solve "Sunrise" sheet music puzzle that Eunha played. And at the final of that MV, we can see Umji played the piano with that sheet music. We can see too from TFTMN, Umji is in the sky background. As she tries to flew away her paper plane but it all fell into the ground. She also tried to jump into "something" but she always been failed. We can see it from her bleeding knees. We can see Yuju was going to the "grave", she brought plushy and flowers. At Love Whisper and Fingertip, plushy always resembles Umji. Maybe the one who died is Umji. Yuju flew away her balloons, maybe to reach Umji in the "sky". And at the final of the MV, we can see that Umji saw someone's standing in front of her. At first, I thought it was Yuju. But maybe, It was Eunha that can travel through time to help Umji from her dead. It resembles from their line at Glass Bead MV. Eunha can bright sunlight on Umji, forever.

    We can see Eunha always tried to save their friend by going through time, like in Crossroad and Fingertip. Eunha had line on this MV: "With your heartbeat sound, your feelings are delivered.". Maybe she tried to make them still in their heartbeat, so there will be no regret, so the feeling will always be delivered without regret before they die. It's supported with Eunha's line too at Fever: "Right at this moment, I want to show you without regrets. I just want to make your heart beat."
    I'm really getting a goosebump.

    Sowon's line is not too important in this MV. But it's like the line resembles that she can always make them reconcile and reunite again, as she always been the one who cures others, especially Yerin, like in TFTMN and Fever. Or she tried to stop Yerin and SinB from catching Eunha as in Fingertip.

    Please give me your thought! I will be sooo happy to discuss this theory! Gfriend, BTS, and TXT are awesome!

    • Dimple of Jonni
      Dimple of Jonni 16 days ago +1

      Yes they has connection but your theory is not correct

  • Iclet Clock
    Iclet Clock Month ago +4

    power of bighit

  • KaSsY Llacuna
    KaSsY Llacuna Month ago +2

    At first i thought it said "Glass Bread"

  • RestoredLife
    RestoredLife Month ago +2

    Ok after watching crossroad and now this, I get the strong Alice in wonderland vibe mixed with Hesse's Glass Beads Game. 🤔 It's early to say anything but I think that's it. We need more mv's and short films

    • きき
      きき Month ago

      RestoredLife youre actually right some buddies think that the storyline has something to do with the glass beads game since their debut song is also called glass bead

  • Lex Lau
    Lex Lau Month ago +6

    Buddy since the me gustas tu era💙 blue hearts for gfriend~

  • Christina Leonardo
    Christina Leonardo Month ago +4

    Goosebumps 😫💖

  • Anibal Flores
    Anibal Flores Month ago +1

    Nueva banda!!!

  • Cool Mama_Jazz
    Cool Mama_Jazz Month ago +26

    BigHit took in under it's wing GFriend because they are talented. This does not means that BH will personally manage GFriend. The Girls are Still under Source `Music. BH is only going to help in the marketing and promoting the girls. The Group has a lot of talent and it should be shown to the World. Why contain them only in Korea. The girls can be successful like BTS. BH want to show the world how talented they are . Does Buddys doesn't want this for the girls? And I'm sure GFriend will be taken cared of under BigHit. BigHit knows how to take care of their ARTISTS. That's why BTS, TXT & Lee Hyung love & respect Bang PD so much.

  • Leony Giri
    Leony Giri Month ago +2

    Mirip bgt kaya konsep bts

  • MythicGirl2210
    MythicGirl2210 Month ago +2

    They are SO pretty

  • YJ KIM
    YJ KIM Month ago +1

    이거 보면 밤 해석 완전 달라지는거 아냐...? 알고보니 살아있는 사람은 은하 한명인거지...
    핑거팁 -> 은하의 시간능력 개방 -> 핑거팁 사건 다시 일어남 -> 은하 혼자 남음 -> 밤 -> 능력 사용 -> 교차로

  • Rosario Manorang Manik

    Hope BTS members teach the girls on how to produce their own song as well. Kpop Idol should have the freedom to create their own music like BTS do.

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      yeah bts has a tight schedule and there is this taboo between boy groups and girl groups BUT i hope bighit music team help them with it, all of them have interest in writing and yuju can even compose, i don't want to blame the company because i know how yuju is perfectionist (hence her speechless cover) but they need an environment that encourage and help them! bighit has this thing about coming from scratch, but i know other groups that write over a song that the company give to them and gfriend could have been doing it already, it was what they did with hope i believe
      yuju said an interview that she's feeling the pains of creation so i'm positive that we will get songs from them really soon!

    • Austron Nixie_Buddy
      Austron Nixie_Buddy Month ago +1

      @Rosario Manorang Manik i think the member(bts) can straightly meet the girl lol. Their schedule is way too busy + if fan/staff know it they will make rumour-,-

    • Rosario Manorang Manik
      Rosario Manorang Manik Month ago

      @Search GFRIEND Time for The Moon Night That's good to hear, still there's a room for improvement and RM, Hope and Suga can help her and the rest of GFriend to be even better.

    • Search GFRIEND Time for The Moon Night
      Search GFRIEND Time for The Moon Night Month ago +3

      Rosario Manorang Manik Yuju (one of their members) can compose a song

  • salva
    salva Month ago +3

    Sad that most haters are armys :( i saw a comment saying that the are talentless and ruin bts's career

  • Who? Kill you
    Who? Kill you Month ago

    Who is?

  • b a
    b a Month ago

    난 왜 이거 존나 악편같냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뮤비 따로 볼때는 저런생각 전혀 안들었는데 엮으니까 이러네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Yanrie Hilarius Tangke Alla'

    I’m a buddy who dont understand about gf theory. I followed GF since glass bead era. I dont care the theory, just enjoy their music. Haha who are with me?

  • Mei Enibodi
    Mei Enibodi Month ago +4

    I just hope Big Hit will treat G-FRIEND well, not like they did with GLAM.
    Anyway, I hope G-FRIEND will still do good music (as I am mostly in it for the musical aspect)
    I won't focus more about Big Hit and anything related to the agency.

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      since glam was a group from both companies, i often see people saying bighit was responsible for the music and soumu for the management, but i really don't know details

    • Mei Enibodi
      Mei Enibodi 14 days ago

      @uyas if I'm not wrong it has to do with the CEOs of both agencies

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      what was source music role in the joint then?

    • Mei Enibodi
      Mei Enibodi 14 days ago

      @uyas nope they were managed by big hit

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      glam was managed by source music

  • Jahrah Daud
    Jahrah Daud Month ago +3

    Gfriend had nee comeback crossroad go check it out for new buddy they will help u there

  • Winnie Lee
    Winnie Lee Month ago +1

    Alguém traduz para o português por favor?Eu ficaria grata.

    • Fabricio Henrique
      Fabricio Henrique Month ago +1

      @Winnie Lee De nada!

    • Winnie Lee
      Winnie Lee Month ago +2

      @Fabricio Henrique Muito obrigada 😆

    • Fabricio Henrique
      Fabricio Henrique Month ago +2

      "Nós nascemos e crescemos juntas.
      Nós vivíamos vidas normais, felizes por estarmos unidas.
      O sol nasceu e se pôs, as ondas revolveram
      e de um lago no vilarejo nós ganhamos habilidades.
      Cada uma de nós deu valor a seu próprio poder, mas não pôde impedir de sentir inveja das outras.
      A inveja é como uma semente plantada nos nossos corações
      que cresce sozinha sem ser regada, torcendo seus galhos por entre nós.
      Nós nos dividimos, viramos as costas uma para as outras.
      Ficar sozinha é estranho...
      Então eu pensei:
      Será que o poder foi uma benção ou uma maldição?
      Querendo que o tempo voltasse,
      nós estamos em uma encruzilhada (impasse)"
      Foi o que eu consegui traduzir 😅

  • ApicC5_
    ApicC5_ Month ago

    I love g friend
    But why are they under bighit?

  • twiceland 127
    twiceland 127 Month ago +1

    Why do people keep talking about BTS and bighit. This is gfriend's come back

  • Snow Yuki Yap
    Snow Yuki Yap Month ago +1

    It's their 1st song since they are under Big Hit ^^ I believe Big Hit can help GFRIEND ~ May I know, who is the narrator in this video?

  • Knight Kim
    Knight Kim Month ago +1

    Here we are

  • •ARMY CCP•
    •ARMY CCP• Month ago +3

    Someone can please explain me detailed please. I really want to understand, im a new buddy

    • Jahrah Daud
      Jahrah Daud Month ago

      Go to crossroad mv they will help u there

  • •ARMY CCP•
    •ARMY CCP• Month ago

    So Eunha is dead or she is the only one who is still alive? Someone please explain me

    • Cross Roads
      Cross Roads Month ago

      She is the only one alive because the remaining 5 members of gfriend kill each other because of jealousy in MV Fingertip

  • Wolf_ Girl
    Wolf_ Girl Month ago

    Me encanta 😍

  • park jinyoung
    park jinyoung Month ago

    I Love GFrined!! ♥♥

    KEM JESO Month ago

    밴드는 지지리

  • Marcelle Aline
    Marcelle Aline Month ago +1

    Algum comentário BR pra poder me explica o que tá acontecendo ? 😅

  • Blank Ji
    Blank Ji Month ago +2

    Okay I won't sleep tonight. We will not sleep for Gfriend!

  • MaX aNd RuBy
    MaX aNd RuBy Month ago +2

    The only bad thing about playlists is that i see a comment and about to reply to it but then it changes the next video😐

  • Logophile Dengin
    Logophile Dengin Month ago

    BigHit is really something. They make the artists shine. Not just one members of the group but all of them. They're equal and respect the idols.

  • Lynda Sousa
    Lynda Sousa Month ago +1

    Were they always with BIGHIT??

  • 소영한
    소영한 Month ago +6

    So rn I only stan BTS because boi, that alone is quite a lot already, I knew and heard about Gfriend, but now that they are with bighit I noticed them and for some reason they attracted me, like theyre so different from other gg's. I honestly really want to research more about them, and hopefully be a part of the buddy's if im right? correct me if im wrong :)

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      i hope you can enjoy the ride! welcome! here's a guide if you're struggling to find things

    • akmal izzati
      akmal izzati Month ago +1

      Pls watch the mv, its so slow right now and its almost 24hrs

  • Mariam Ammar
    Mariam Ammar Month ago

    Is this a new band?
    Please someone explain

    • uyas
      uyas 14 days ago

      a new group under bighit labels, but they debuted in 2015 < >

    • akmal izzati
      akmal izzati Month ago

      Pls watch the mv, its so slow right now and its almost 24hrs

    • MinhoBinnie
      MinhoBinnie Month ago

      Mariam Ammar no, they debuted back in 2015! They joined big hit entertainment or something like that

  • Huan Kim
    Huan Kim Month ago

    Боже кто они вообще их голоса похожий на писк

  • Army Cooky
    Army Cooky Month ago

    oye ya hay grupo femenino de big hit o que onda

  • Wiy Nom
    Wiy Nom Month ago

    Check out the Gfriend Crossroads MV now!

  • Antonette Fabrero
    Antonette Fabrero Month ago +1

    I'm here to say STAN GFRIEND

  • Antonette Fabrero
    Antonette Fabrero Month ago +1

    I'm here to say STAN GFRIEND