Hackers vs YouTubers - YouTuber Squad (eXistenZ, Jhonxay, Cacti Fin, LightThief)

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • You've seen me destroy Hackers by myself. What about with a bunch of RUcliprs?
    Cacti Fin:
    Sergio+ (Because he's a Potato)
    Music from Epidemic Sound (
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  • Corrupt X
    Corrupt X  11 months ago +83

    Cacti Fin:
    Sergio+ (Because he's a Potato for making a cameo appearance)
    Also, thank you for 50K Subscribers.

  • Mihir
    Mihir 14 days ago

    corrupt x is ez yo kill on my instinks

  • R3aPe4 Pro
    R3aPe4 Pro 19 days ago

    why the Dexter the Noob and the Faker up are not there?

    • Mihir
      Mihir 14 days ago

      because there pro and ex cor cact and light are noobs

  • Lucas Xiao
    Lucas Xiao 21 day ago

    Landon xd

  • Dimitris Tube
    Dimitris Tube 27 days ago

    Hack is so easy
    Download tampermonkey on Chrome
    Search Greasy Fork and Install

    I'm swear I'm without hack I'm pro

  • Desmond Ansah
    Desmond Ansah Month ago +1

    And also server: Asia ////

  • Desmond Ansah
    Desmond Ansah Month ago +1

    Type this code. On Google to play this Game: oihjjj?©^€=°^÷π{¥`1+5887477676787777: and this is my number:31686172023

  • Desmond Ansah
    Desmond Ansah Month ago +1

    Why corrupt x vids are so long?

  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans Month ago

    eXistenZ my onix my bananou my killeur666

  • Nend X
    Nend X Month ago

    Wana 1v1

  • Wilchex
    Wilchex Month ago

    I literally could have joined u except I'd be lagging

  • Luis Felipe A. Da Silva

    unico br

  • Okcoj Anisem
    Okcoj Anisem 2 months ago +1

    real guys?

  • Kral Reyiz
    Kral Reyiz 2 months ago +1


  • Uras Arda
    Uras Arda 2 months ago


  • Survivio.mateo
    Survivio.mateo 2 months ago

    Corrupt X tedigo how to get hacks first put tampermonckey the first you give click download then you put then you ate a little bit of search for ariba good you put the name of the game after putting the name winged the name you put mods v4 the first you give click and then lower down you saw the red button that says download you click and ready

  • Lightyy - YT
    Lightyy - YT 2 months ago

    how much subs u need to get access joining the vs?

  • Юлия Сандул
    Юлия Сандул 3 months ago


  • Dan
    Dan 3 months ago

    9:31 when u realize instakill is useless xD

  • Radu Fieroiu
    Radu Fieroiu 3 months ago

    I’m a little hacker

  • Heather Klee
    Heather Klee 3 months ago

    Oh yeah does cacti fin hack but not auto heal because I’ve watched his video and he had the special map instead of just showing your teammates it would show the dessert, winter, and river

  • Heather Klee
    Heather Klee 3 months ago

    Dagger is only good for two things: 1. Quick farming 2. It’s hard to push them into a spike you placed if they hit in your direction

  • Zaiden Z
    Zaiden Z 3 months ago

    I subscribe you

  • Zaiden Z
    Zaiden Z 3 months ago

    Hey corrupt x

  • Gold nope
    Gold nope 4 months ago

    Press ctrl and w

    BLOODSHED Deven 4 months ago

    Are the other youtubers real♧fake

  • GIMC - Tuna Ozpay
    GIMC - Tuna Ozpay 4 months ago

    can anyone answer. what hacks they're using?

  • Greenlight Gamer
    Greenlight Gamer 4 months ago

    Lol this is amazing!

  • Eçhø?
    Eçhø? 4 months ago

    Poor sergio ;c

  • Loc Nguyen Tan
    Loc Nguyen Tan 4 months ago

    why no have goldminhnugget ? :(( i fan it and all :)

  • Gina Smith
    Gina Smith 4 months ago

    I played with you i am

  • IANsepic
    IANsepic 5 months ago

    Play with 46crazyweasles

  • LeStarveur
    LeStarveur 5 months ago

    2 video ?

  • Amado  dela  Serna
    Amado dela Serna 5 months ago

    I kill 2time kill a haker :)

  • Reaper X
    Reaper X 5 months ago


  • Tan Xuan Wu
    Tan Xuan Wu 5 months ago

    teach me how to play

  • Jacen Espinola
    Jacen Espinola 5 months ago


  • TRT Haber
    TRT Haber 5 months ago

    Adelita is hacker hahah LOL why the youtubers group HAHA

  • ղҽցαԵíѵ _youtube

    Good New urgate hi killed me like subscribe and bue 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Breath Hackerload
    Breath Hackerload 6 months ago +1

    i hate you, Corrupt X >:(!

  • ondřej lyčka
    ondřej lyčka 6 months ago

    :D best thing is when hacker dont have autoheal and he literally dont know how to heal :V

  • ARandomUserYT owo
    ARandomUserYT owo 6 months ago

    I wish i was like you but i have an laggy computer

  • Lucas G Kipper
    Lucas G Kipper 6 months ago


  • Funny Hamikat
    Funny Hamikat 6 months ago

    Light Thief Really

  • Ethan Rogers
    Ethan Rogers 6 months ago

    You forgot about Gold

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 7 months ago


  • Hakeemollah Karimi (407hakkari)

    You're not the best(evidenced by the fact you got killed at the end), but you sure appear to be, with your fear factor and all. You should see the fanfictions people write about you.

  • Hopper Bro's
    Hopper Bro's 7 months ago

    I subed to all the yet bers 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻

  • nemwdo g
    nemwdo g 7 months ago


  • 麥強爾水美
    麥強爾水美 7 months ago

    4:54 checkmate.

  • jeffersonmarques marques Hackers vs RUcliprs
    You've seen me destroy by myself

  • jeffersonmarques marques

    people know see i need about will that have crash was It a blast very fun to play with you and the others get ready?!?!

  • ๖ۣۜζ͜͡MonsTeR Br

    omg goooodd vid me love yous

    PAIN:GAMINNG 7 months ago

    G vibro

  • 5pointrekt
    5pointrekt 8 months ago

    Why not invite ixplode

  • Balan Florin
    Balan Florin 8 months ago

    Corrupt X i fan too and yeah... u kill me :(

  • kim pyeongan
    kim pyeongan 8 months ago


  • *_StEfKe_*
    *_StEfKe_* 8 months ago

    Nice video corrupt :)

  • mahalle çocukları
    mahalle çocukları 8 months ago

    HACKERS Nobb

  • tien nguyen
    tien nguyen 8 months ago

    wait what you clean up the hacker try me im never thought some guy like you is pro they all noob

  • Derek Leighty
    Derek Leighty 8 months ago

    RUcliprs" no hacking ever DEATH FOR YOU

  • gigel saltaretu
    gigel saltaretu 8 months ago

    Tampermonkey for hack=) cloudymod is the best=)) for sandbox auto healer its no recomended or auto bull

    THE CREATOR 8 months ago

    im using hack to kill hackers im a good hacker

  • Loud_plop 69
    Loud_plop 69 8 months ago

    2:06 i played with sergio before

  • Hong Wong
    Hong Wong 8 months ago

    Hackers are very noob. thats why they hack

  • Елжан Тилемис

    LT Jh ex CF CArrupt x proooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • IOGamer
    IOGamer 8 months ago

    LOL Some auto heal hacks are so fast that if you use poison mask, you can waste auto healer's food fast and then you can kill him/her , if it was not a Insta-Killer or you can use ruby alternative to Poison mask. I wish I could play with such co-operative pros but I am not a youtuber and my potato pc could never record :( If you do wish to invite me, my discord is Nugget#4464 You are the best moomoo youtubers!

  • ExtiNctioN RS
    ExtiNctioN RS 8 months ago

    CX is a legend!

  • NeverEnding EndZ
    NeverEnding EndZ 8 months ago

    0:39 i think its not possible to let moofie out

    w WINNERFUN 8 months ago


  • GhøsT Øf SparTa
    GhøsT Øf SparTa 8 months ago +1

    *Mercy=Big NaB✓*

  • ondřej lyčka
    ondřej lyčka 8 months ago

    6:19 that guy with pig head said my name in moomoo :P

  • Матвей Лесниченко

    Страх не читер

  • Kaleii08
    Kaleii08 9 months ago

    This is insane

  • dharsanpriyasuja
    dharsanpriyasuja 9 months ago

    RUcliprs vs spam clickers versus GODZ vs hackers

  • Dark wolf tribe gaming
    Dark wolf tribe gaming 9 months ago

    Can I use your name for moo moo io video plz

  • T- REX
    T- REX 9 months ago

    Where wicslud?

  • Самал Игисинова

    KoKo me òh ģ are you looking for a while.

  • Марк Матій
    Марк Матій 9 months ago

    im the biggest hacker

  • Duy nguyễn
    Duy nguyễn 9 months ago +1


  • Miketya
    Miketya 9 months ago

    Hey Corrupt X how you made videos what programm is ?

  • КėTû ČåшkÃ
    КėTû Čåшkà10 months ago

    Ay MANGL

  • kefayh kefayh
    kefayh kefayh 10 months ago


  • kefayh kefayh
    kefayh kefayh 10 months ago

    woos RUclip you man gg

  • kefayh kefayh
    kefayh kefayh 10 months ago

    he gaese

  • PuddingSquare BR
    PuddingSquare BR 10 months ago

    Dude, your not the better one but you are the badass looking one...

  • Mhaya Abo
    Mhaya Abo 10 months ago


  • WoDaU
    WoDaU 10 months ago

    jesus christ when do you realize that cacti hacks too -_-

  • Foxxyyy
    Foxxyyy 10 months ago

    OMG You Best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls new video of this!...wanna play witch me?PLS me noob

    BUB HOME 10 months ago

    Cacti Fin is Hacker!!!

  • bye hi
    bye hi 10 months ago


  • Qwerky
    Qwerky 10 months ago

    What an intense fight.

  • Qwerky
    Qwerky 10 months ago

    A big group of pro potatoes vs a small group of poisonous newbie potatoes.

  • Kenny Weng
    Kenny Weng 10 months ago

    Fuck 6v1

  • UrNiteMayer
    UrNiteMayer 10 months ago

    Don't you know that cacti fin hacks..

  • u lose kid
    u lose kid 10 months ago

    Mistake 0_o EliaSh isn't RUclipr !

  • william amenyah
    william amenyah 10 months ago

    beginning of the end

  • Zishan Rashid
    Zishan Rashid 10 months ago

    Muahahahahahah. I killed 2 hackers (they are so noob xD.) One called me a kid, 10 seconds later, i destroyed him xD. War against hackers!!!!

  • harrison cai
    harrison cai 10 months ago

    Omg I want it be there

  • Why you mad bro'?
    Why you mad bro'? 11 months ago

    I still have high hopes that Sidney will put more advanced firewalls... until then I will stick to