i Tried out For The MOST TOXIC GALAXY CLAN using RECON EXPERT and they said this..

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
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  • Carlitoes
    Carlitoes  3 months ago +2255

    As Y'all Can See Coach💜😛200k

  • NBD Terry
    NBD Terry Day ago

    try to join my clan

  • Keon Harrison
    Keon Harrison Day ago

    Like come on now they some bots

  • Kaleb Ingersoll
    Kaleb Ingersoll 2 days ago

    I hope the kid that is earaping chocked on his mic he is so damn annoying I hate people like that

    ACHERNAR 50 5 days ago +1

    Jeez these kids need new mikes

  • Lucid Twins
    Lucid Twins 7 days ago

    Payed actors?

  • Tyler Mercieri
    Tyler Mercieri 7 days ago

    Kid: you’ll never reach 200k.
    Carlitoes: hold my beer 🍺

  • SebiPlays123 4
    SebiPlays123 4 7 days ago

    Your doin Fortnite Physics intro

  • Lexi Bruce
    Lexi Bruce 8 days ago

    I would like an subscribe but I’m too busy roasting you JK I love your vid’s and I did like do you subscribe I would really like that account I get bullied for having no scams on mobile

  • yanamandra prema kumar

    9:0 kid tries to pickaxe him he shotguns kid u r hackin

  • Kyd3a-
    Kyd3a- 12 days ago

    Shamed for galaxy skins i have a galaxy skin and i am proud But this... that thing scares me

  • Kyle Debrouex
    Kyle Debrouex 13 days ago

    Can u stop using recon expert like can u use like ikonik skin or something els

  • Davyqx
    Davyqx 13 days ago

    It’s funny cause they fucking bought an android

  • XxSauxy KillerXx
    XxSauxy KillerXx 15 days ago

    8 adds?!!??

  • Owen Miller
    Owen Miller 15 days ago

    Actually the galaxy skin is free, you just need to buy the phone

  • Jaquan Alexander
    Jaquan Alexander 16 days ago


  • Jaquan Alexander
    Jaquan Alexander 16 days ago

    I love carlettoes

  • Rocio629
    Rocio629 16 days ago +1

    Someone watch a RUclipr named craz he has full proof of why Carlitos is Clickbait

  • Mateus Vieira
    Mateus Vieira 16 days ago

    I subscried

  • Wavvy Liyah
    Wavvy Liyah 16 days ago

    You’re trash kid

  • Rachel Robinson
    Rachel Robinson 17 days ago

    Do a face reveal

  • GBX_ Shadow
    GBX_ Shadow 20 days ago

    Why do they ask people to join their clan even though they call ‘em garbage

  • Fortnite Funny Moments

    Good bro

  • Fortnite Funny Moments

    You better than ninja

  • NOHTIF Squad
    NOHTIF Squad 21 day ago

    I watched this video when you had 500k

  • Raegan Harrison
    Raegan Harrison 23 days ago

    Thanks for

  • Fortnite Crazy
    Fortnite Crazy 24 days ago

    these guys were trash cans

  • Miguel Mejia
    Miguel Mejia 24 days ago

    Because hes good dosent mean hes hacking stupid and idiots galaxy skin

  • Mateo Barrera
    Mateo Barrera 25 days ago


  • The savage Gamer
    The savage Gamer 25 days ago

    Galaxy shit

  • Brandon pulido
    Brandon pulido 26 days ago

    I love that skin u have the recon expert

  • Luca Robinson
    Luca Robinson 26 days ago

    Bruh the Galaxy Skin ain’t even that good...

  • Way Of The Taco
    Way Of The Taco 27 days ago

    Why aren’t you in faze?

  • Farylloves To vlog
    Farylloves To vlog 27 days ago

    Someone I know someone called Billie and he was pretending to be u

  • Angel_128
    Angel_128 27 days ago

    Are they acting? Are these videos skits

  • Faze lantern
    Faze lantern 29 days ago

    I want to use it plz

    THE MEXICAN SQUAD 29 days ago

    They Say Your hacking Because their jealous their not as good like Carlitoes 😎😎

  • Tobz Gaming
    Tobz Gaming 29 days ago

    I don’t have any rare skins

  • Conor Mc greedy
    Conor Mc greedy Month ago


  • MavboyYT MavboyYT
    MavboyYT MavboyYT Month ago

    My account got banned

    CODGAMING 18 Month ago

    They are sad all them excuses😂😂

  • Hugo Martinez
    Hugo Martinez Month ago +1

    That Kid was Annoying ASF only Thing he Said was “YOUR HACKING YOUR HACKING” like kid GET OUT OF MY LOBBY (GET ON MY LEVEL KID)

  • Irlanda Mora
    Irlanda Mora Month ago

    Tell the people like them your bad

  • Oregon Duck
    Oregon Duck Month ago +1

    Every 3 seconds

  • Y U M M Y Z
    Y U M M Y Z Month ago

    every clan has a kid that sounds like a 2 year old then one that is a adult and one teenager

  • jona black
    jona black Month ago

    Jou ar de best

  • jona black
    jona black Month ago

    Plees kan i ket joors account mi epic name is FaZe_JonyZx

  • Wheat toast 445
    Wheat toast 445 Month ago

    :trys to pickaxe him and stands in place "carlitoes gets close up and kills him -UR HACKING UR HACKING OMG

  • Proudmark1 1
    Proudmark1 1 Month ago

    To surprise people and make their day

  • Rose Biszko
    Rose Biszko Month ago +1

    And my Instagram is TTV.faze.sniper or demyan3.0

  • Rose Biszko
    Rose Biszko Month ago +1

    And I will make my day pls

  • Rose Biszko
    Rose Biszko Month ago +1

    Can I pls have the Recon i am poor

  • Jabarie Johnson-Bryd


  • Brady Mackay
    Brady Mackay Month ago

    I want to use recon because I want to look on and sweatie

  • XxToxiqbear
    XxToxiqbear Month ago

    bruh i bet u cant beat my clan!!!
    friend me
    ur trash
    we better than ninja
    XxToxiqBear friend me

  • Dimme 29
    Dimme 29 Month ago

    😐I hope they learned a lesson

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Month ago

    i like the video and sub too

  • Marisela Nechay
    Marisela Nechay Month ago

    Please choose me I want it because I get bullied because I have a little a bit of skins

  • xd Verrgox
    xd Verrgox Month ago

    How do you deal with this lol

  • Jonathan Rangel Hernandez

    I love your videos once I got bullied on fortnite for not having a rare skin

  • Foofoo Alkhatib
    Foofoo Alkhatib Month ago

    I wana play on it cause it my dream skin and to fool my friends

  • Aden Keeney
    Aden Keeney Month ago

    My username is KILLERa0311 please I am a deaf adult skin can I have skull trooper and your skin please

  • Nilah Fortnite
    Nilah Fortnite Month ago

    I wish I was as good as u:(

  • Phillina Hooper
    Phillina Hooper Month ago

    As y'all can see coach they raging XD

  • Phillina Hooper
    Phillina Hooper Month ago


    DUCK MODZ L Month ago


  • Azan Ali
    Azan Ali Month ago

    Youn are a bad playee

  • GBX_ shadow
    GBX_ shadow Month ago

    They are the most annoying kids of all, I would tell them to shut the f up, and I would say, “ I didn’t even wanna join your clan if only three members anyway”

  • Channel Gomez jr
    Channel Gomez jr Month ago +1

    Can I use the skin because. I want to show my friend

  • Erick Barajas
    Erick Barajas Month ago

    Add me carlitos on snap xxxcesarcion

  • Erick Barajas
    Erick Barajas Month ago

    I want to use your recon cause my brother and his friends are saying I'm trash 😢 please can I use it

  • Demetric Dickerson
    Demetric Dickerson Month ago

    u said 115 damage it was 155

    EMBRZ VENOM Month ago

    Already with the “FortnitePhysics”

  • FBR Tom
    FBR Tom Month ago

    *hits a pump shot*
    'your hacking your hacking'

  • TTV-waffle_playz1
    TTV-waffle_playz1 Month ago

    lol when are you actually going to join a clan

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    Hacking with traps ha

  • Wolf boy gaming 66
    Wolf boy gaming 66 Month ago

    I what the recon because I have 3 skin that’s it

  • Richard Roberto
    Richard Roberto Month ago

    6:28 how much spit do you have in your mouth??!!🤣🤣

  • Anthony Lopez (309AntLope)

    I want the recon account cause all of my friends make fun of me

  • Türkischer Mensch
    Türkischer Mensch Month ago

    You Pussy dont shoot down wtf

  • selena Rodriguez
    selena Rodriguez Month ago

    I like it it’s rare

  • Jon Fitzpatrick
    Jon Fitzpatrick Month ago


  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz Month ago


    BrO U hAckIng

  • Abel Gamelin
    Abel Gamelin Month ago

    How many people think these kids are the worst

  • Youssef GamerTV
    Youssef GamerTV Month ago

    Carlitoes: I’m about to clap y’all and ITS FACTS

  • Jackson Watson
    Jackson Watson Month ago

    Bro would love to use your recon my friends bullying me because i wear soccer skin thx if you get this xbox pleayer btw and user is KINGKILLER2224

  • Jack And Aranza
    Jack And Aranza Month ago

    Can I have the recon expert my name is coolgame145

  • Clay Bains
    Clay Bains Month ago

    I have the IKONIK skin

  • Clay Bains
    Clay Bains Month ago

    I wish I had the recon expert skin

  • Big Dick Bruce
    Big Dick Bruce Month ago

    1000 dollar skins but cant afford good mics? Lmaooo

  • MrBlueBlayz
    MrBlueBlayz Month ago +1

    Damn those kids trash of they think ur hacking

  • muhammad sabih
    muhammad sabih Month ago

    Yo carlitoes i have a question for u how do you get these invitations. I like your game a lot you are awesome nice playing . Keep the good work up by destroying mean players like them

  • Brt Moii
    Brt Moii Month ago

    I love to watch you,you are funny and good !

  • lilLogan
    lilLogan Month ago

    And u introduced me to fortnite

  • lilLogan
    lilLogan Month ago

    I’m trash i need a skin

  • Israel Leal
    Israel Leal Month ago

    That's all they say hacking lol

  • Xiaojun ZENG
    Xiaojun ZENG Month ago

    Most popular quote in fortnite from noobs "Bro, this guy's hacking!" "Bro, this guy has aimbot!"

  • Cheryl Newton
    Cheryl Newton Month ago

    Me so I don’t get bullied

    HEXER GĐ Month ago

    Carlitoes: *kills Galaxy Skins skillfully *