EASY to HARD Trick Shot Challenge

  • Published on Nov 24, 2021
  • We teamed up with the Harlem Globetrotters to see how fast we could make 5 amazing trick shots!

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    We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!
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  • Harlem Globetrotters
    Harlem Globetrotters Month ago +1014

    This was so much fun! That kick shot was tough

    • JJ Johnson
      JJ Johnson 16 days ago

      Are you guys coming back to Reno I want to watch you play basketball in real life.

    • Kelly Bolinger
      Kelly Bolinger 23 days ago

      I’m coming to see you guys

    • Ghary Barrios
      Ghary Barrios 27 days ago

      @ReadySethGo bb c hmm ,, ff2n! Maybe

    • vdtogt
      vdtogt Month ago

      thanks amazing you was lucky you dont got bite by that rattlesnake

    • Saytel
      Saytel Month ago

      I have met the Harlem globe trotters in irl

  • Bribe
    Bribe Month ago +152


  • That's Amazing
    That's Amazing  Month ago +633

    We are so thankful for you guys!

  • PythonPlayz
    PythonPlayz Month ago +137

    Can you believe how hard they work for each of their videos? We should show them a little appreciation

    • PythonPlayz
      PythonPlayz 25 days ago

      @Abbey Schmidt No way

    • Abbey Schmidt
      Abbey Schmidt 25 days ago

      My biggest flex is that I went to school with some of them 😎

    • Giveittozae
      Giveittozae Month ago

      @ty chavez and it worked

  • Top Ranky
    Top Ranky 28 days ago +7

    The fact that That’s Amazing can crack out trick shots consistently in a challenge astonishes me every time

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago +233

    Love you guys! Great content and positive vibe!

    • Feeling Cartoonish
      Feeling Cartoonish Month ago +3

      Coming that from a guy named dark is just: eh

    • Dog On Youtube
      Dog On Youtube Month ago

      @DatGayDangerNoodle ty auto corrector :)

    • FF WALA
      FF WALA Month ago

      I have seen you in gw Manish comments

    • gamer pro
      gamer pro Month ago +5

      Imagine buying a “verified” channel

    • DatGayDangerNoodle
      DatGayDangerNoodle Month ago

      @Dog On RUclip sorry, but its they're :)

  • Md anisar rahman
    Md anisar rahman Month ago +21

    the fact that they work so hard for each video and the patient and dedication they have-
    i could never
    great job guys yall are the best!
    and happy thanksgiving guys!

    • Xx_Tdog
      Xx_Tdog Month ago +1

      Happy thanksgiving to y’all to

  • Kobe24 R.I.P
    Kobe24 R.I.P Month ago +16

    Love watching you guys! My kids try most everything you do and you have taught them a lot of patience!!!

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +4

    Thank you for always inspiring me, I will always look up to you! Keep ip the amazing videos ❤️

  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri Month ago +4

    I love that the globetrotters did this! These kids truly are amazing and they deserve to have amazing people join in with what they do! 😁👍🏼

  • emilio matamoros

    It’s obvious how much dedication you put in every video, guys. Keep on the hard work! Love your content :)

  • Jumpcutjack
    Jumpcutjack Month ago +54

    Go team Matthew!!! Don’t worry Tommy, you’re still amazing!!!

    • Smallbros
      Smallbros Month ago

      Yea let’s go guys your soooo gooood

  • Bansal Marble & Granites

    I love how positive u guys are! Amazing trick shots!!😃😃

  • Vortex Trickshots
    Vortex Trickshots Month ago +40

    You just made 3 crazy shots in 3 minutes 😮

    Also - we are so thankful for the support you guys have given us! Hope your success on YT only grows from here - you truly deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    • Corn0nTheCobb
      Corn0nTheCobb Month ago

      @FH5 Funny Moments if only you were connected to the internet you could've found out real quick

    • Rose M
      Rose M Month ago

      Behind the board is not crazy

    • YoussefR54
      YoussefR54 Month ago +2

      @That's Amazing Hey do you know all the music that you put in the video?

      Btw im a huge fan :)

    • Turtle Squad Boss
      Turtle Squad Boss Month ago +1

      @FH5 Funny Moments it was yesterday

    • FH5 Funny Moments
      FH5 Funny Moments Month ago +2

      @That's Amazing i dont know when thanksgiving is haha

  • Ana Laura Luchtemberg Campos

    A cada vídeo desses que eu vejo, fico mais impressionada com o talento deles, sucesso para vocês.

  • neon wolf
    neon wolf 29 days ago

    I love watching your trick shots dude!!! They're all so good hard and challenging I probably wouldn't be able to do these things that you do That's Amazing!!!

  • Jonathan Wood
    Jonathan Wood Month ago +3

    You know, I’ve never really seen myself as much of anything I still don’t, I’m really not talented, but seeing you guys out there just amazes me, I don’t know how you do it, but you are SO amazing

    • Brian Schwarz
      Brian Schwarz Month ago

      Everyone starts their journey with a plan and a first step, Jonathan. Keep doing your BEST & challenge yourself to grow and improve in whatever you do. Try not to compare yourself too much to others, but work to be a better YOU every day! You can do it!

    GW ZEESHAN Month ago +4

    Salute to you guys making videos to entertain us. Thank you. Love from India 🙏🎉🥳

  • Chaton TV
    Chaton TV 28 days ago

    Imagine a featuring with That's Amazing and Dude Perfect, that would be awesome !

  • Ausam
    Ausam Month ago +13

    That’s Amazing you’re insane
    Thanks for inspiring me to make my own trickshots

  • LittleJonny
    LittleJonny Month ago +30

    Who else has been a fan of That's Amazing for a long time now?! These Legends inspired me to start my own channel!! Keep up the good work boys!! 🔥

    • Riley Dotson
      Riley Dotson Month ago +1

      It's crazy cause I was in school with Tommy. He and I were in the same gym class so watching him hit half court shots brings back memories of like...8th grade

    • awesome man marbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      awesome man marbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Month ago +1

      Same. Also half = 1/5? 0:21 Amazing regardless.

    • Ausam
      Ausam Month ago +1

      @LittleJonny same bro I’m hoping to get to they’re level of effort one day

    • CosmicMuffin14
      CosmicMuffin14 Month ago +1

      I remember when they had like 100k

  • Yoshi Yoshi
    Yoshi Yoshi Month ago

    This is amazing! How do you get the time to do this sort of stuff?

  • RetracDoesThings
    RetracDoesThings Month ago

    These people are the definition of dedication. Nice video!

  • LBright
    LBright Month ago +106

    that moment when their easiest shot is further than i can throw a basketball.

  • Peter Angell
    Peter Angell Month ago

    Your videos are so entertaining to watch. Next generation dude perfect right here. May god bless your life 🙏

  • Carson's Cool Channel!

    Can we appreciate how they made this video on time on THANKSGIVING DAY

  • Sharvi Thakur
    Sharvi Thakur Month ago +2

    I love when Tommy and Matthew compete against each other, or against time

  • Hell Fire
    Hell Fire Month ago +3

    This called hardwork I love you guys inspire me to do trick shots 😀👍👍❤️🔥love the video

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith 27 days ago

    Wow you guys have come so far from doing home trick shots with other random people to doing tricks with the Harlem Globe Trotters nice job 👍

  • Cube Ninja
    Cube Ninja Month ago +2

    Incredible trick shots but the music and editing are on a whole new level!

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith Month ago +2

    Happy Thanksgiving That's Amazing! I love what you guys do! It's truly amazing!!

  • If u know u know
    If u know u know Month ago +1

    This channel is the real definition of Patience

  • Lucas Diffenderfer
    Lucas Diffenderfer Month ago +1

    They are living the dream!! Now That's amazing!!

  • The C Bros
    The C Bros Month ago +2

    These guys get so many views and I totally understand why. Best trickshoters ever!

  • Mythicslayer Playz
    Mythicslayer Playz Month ago +1

    3:25 Mathews face😂😂😂😂
    Can’t stop laughing😂🤣🤣

  • Esther Van Doornik
    Esther Van Doornik Month ago +2

    This was so fun to watch

  • Enoka Wewalage
    Enoka Wewalage Month ago +2

    I really enjoy the videos keep up the good work

  • 300poundbiscuit
    300poundbiscuit Month ago

    I have been watching your videos for a while now and I must say seeing you guys starting out as a small channel doing trick shots at your house all the way up to doing trick shots in the fiserve forum is just amazing keep it up

  • Ausam
    Ausam Month ago +3

    You guys are AMAZING
    You inspire me to make better trickshots

  • Joseph Berry
    Joseph Berry Month ago +1

    Wow working with the Globetrotters must be amazing!!!

  • xManiac
    xManiac Month ago +1

    Just love you guyz!! keep going up📈

  • Soham Shah
    Soham Shah Month ago +1

    Would love to see a colab between you and dude perfect.

  • Kool Kid 26 - Old Channel

    Pure awesomeness as always!

  • SEJD
    SEJD Month ago +1

    love the vids keep up the good content!

  • NickyFN⚡️
    NickyFN⚡️ 28 days ago

    I love how the Easy ones for them are impossible for us

  • Dream channel
    Dream channel 21 day ago +1

    Very strong video, continue with the interesting videos

  • Toby Lin
    Toby Lin Month ago

    The shorter the videos the more epic because you know they nailed it sooner


    one best thing about bhai is that whenever he achieves something, he never gives the credit to himself. he always respect us, the audience the most and his team too. he is always polite in every of his videos. we congratulate ourselves for this achievement . More to come and everything to come. We are always with you🥰👍

  • Mary Chineze Enwezor

    My smile when that ball entered the net at the end 5:02 was priceless

  • GamerBlast555
    GamerBlast555 Month ago

    When That’s Amazing posts, you know it’s gonna be a good day.

    • Abbey Schmidt
      Abbey Schmidt 25 days ago

      My biggest flex is that I went to school with some of them 😎

  • Lamarr Otems
    Lamarr Otems Month ago

    I love both these groups. Great video

  • Stealthy Plays
    Stealthy Plays Month ago +1

    Love your videos, as usual another E P I C video :) nice though

  • benjifoxus 56
    benjifoxus 56 Month ago +1

    Thats amazing. I have a challenge for you guys. Stack 8 dice on a nail with all the same number looking towards the camera. Good luck. You guys are awesome

  • SwatDaSkipper
    SwatDaSkipper Month ago

    That’s Amazing + Dude Perfect collab would be insane

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes Month ago +1

    Awesome collab and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!🍁🦃🍽

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    David Himes Month ago +4

    You guys never fail to satisfy me, thnx and happy thanksgiving:)

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    Dacko Boi Month ago +2

    The best video I have ever seen!!! Keep it up.

  • Incredible Science Experiments

    Amazing video as always!

    MCMXI Month ago +2

    A great Thanksgiving wrapped up by a video from TA. What a great day. Hope it was for you guys as well.

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    GalaxyBoiHerbs Month ago +8

    I really enjoy watching your videos! Keep up the good work guys!!!👌👏👍

  • MrNjezni
    MrNjezni Month ago +2

    Great video guys. I enjoyed a lot.

    Imagine getting heart from That's Amazing? 🤔

  • BullseyeProductionsTV
    BullseyeProductionsTV Month ago +2

    When you post, it really makes my day better :]
    Great video (as always)!

  • Real Holy Rosaries
    Real Holy Rosaries Month ago +1

    Congratulations on 4M 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻(and happy thanksgiving 🍁)

  • IsaacM2020
    IsaacM2020 Month ago +2

    1 Year Later: Easy vs Hard with Dude Perfect!

  • BrainL101
    BrainL101 Month ago

    People that dont know that's amazing: really wish dude perfect lives longer :'(
    People who know that's amazing: oh well,at least we have the next gen,That's Amazing

  • Perfect Four
    Perfect Four Month ago +3

    Great video boys!!

    PILLOW PRIME U.S 26 days ago

    That’s amazing makes everything look so easy

  • C
    C Month ago +13

    Wow this is really cool guys, nice to see this channel growing. Keep it up! Hopefully one day you guys can have a video with dude perfect, that would really grow this channel

    • MCMXI
      MCMXI Month ago

      @C Most definitely

    • C
      C Month ago

      @MCMXI I would agree with you on that one. But it would definitely help get there product (the videos) out to a much larger audience

    • MCMXI
      MCMXI Month ago

      That would be cool. But I actually think That's Amazing is better and more creative than DP.

  • Krassi Zlatinova
    Krassi Zlatinova Month ago

    Really great content!!! Thank you for all your hard work and truly amazing videos 😁😁😁👍👍👍

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    MusicBoy 16 Month ago +4

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    mikea hiooi Month ago

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    MRK83 Month ago

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    Coltfly Bro Month ago +6

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  • Askar
    Askar 28 days ago

    Damn, you are very cool, I really like what you do.

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    DLion 10 Month ago +2

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    Tyler Aguirre Month ago

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  • Kristen Davis
    Kristen Davis Month ago

    I’ve seen the Harlem globe trotters two or three times at silver dollar city and one time I had them sign my tee shirt. They are sooooooo epic!!!!!!! I love all of you guys! The time I saw the Harlem globe trotters they had this one guy who was called too tall but he was actually like five feet tall. For some reason I thought this was like the most hilarious thing I had ever heard in my life.

  • Tiletastic 926
    Tiletastic 926 Month ago +1

    That’s amazing: we’re starting easy with a half court shot
    Me: can’t even throw the ball that far

  • Ausam
    Ausam Month ago +3

    That’s Amazing just puts in an insane amount of effort for there videos
    I hope I can one day do the same with my trickshots

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    BroWolfGuy Month ago +3


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    Md Tamjeed Month ago +8

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    • Rose M
      Rose M Month ago +1

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  • Tạ Đức Sơn★
    Tạ Đức Sơn★ Month ago +2

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