Ninja Stress Balls made with SLIME

  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
  • Today we're revisiting the ninja stress balls, but instead of filling them with flour, we're going to try and fill them with Ninja Turtle Ooze!
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Comments • 7 392

  • Lisa Rampersad
    Lisa Rampersad 9 hours ago

    Try making a ninja ball with toothpaste

  • Throk Vaughan
    Throk Vaughan Day ago

    try to make a butane and coka-cola rpg

  • david obrien
    david obrien 2 days ago

    Slime water balloon fight

  • Motionaire
    Motionaire 2 days ago

    What happens when you mix slime or ooze with flour? Will it become something like ProtoPutty?

  • Project Anything
    Project Anything 2 days ago

    You should make everyday things with Proto putty and see how well they work

  • Marjorie Corbett
    Marjorie Corbett 2 days ago

    boil slime

  • CAgaming Amos
    CAgaming Amos 2 days ago

    An Oobleck ninja ball

    ACORNFlæK 3 days ago

    magma in a vacuum chamber

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin 3 days ago

    Why did you not just cut off the head of the bottle and then push the Ozse Inside the balloon

  • Fire kid gaming
    Fire kid gaming 3 days ago

    u should put silly putty in one and compare it to the ninja ooz ninja ball

  • Monet Peacock
    Monet Peacock 3 days ago

    You should fill a Intire pool with oobleck and try to run across it

  • flutterguy mlp
    flutterguy mlp 4 days ago

    What will happen if u put silly string in a ninja ball

  • ChungusTime T.V
    ChungusTime T.V 5 days ago

    fingering a balloon

  • Ruth Wood
    Ruth Wood 5 days ago

    Ok he juggles better than those people in Clearwater with their torches

  • Willow West
    Willow West 5 days ago

    Do u think u can get watery oof through a mecanicle water gun and then try with a labor gun

  • anime noodles
    anime noodles 5 days ago +1

    You should do ooze mixed with liquid nitrogen then put it in a ninja ball

  • R3pro Tala
    R3pro Tala 6 days ago

    make a water bottle rocket and put slime in it and launch it

  • Toby Kelly
    Toby Kelly 6 days ago

    Put slime in a ninger ball and put it in a vacuum chamber and see what happens .

  • Lj Slayyy
    Lj Slayyy 6 days ago

    You should make a ninja ball filled with obleck or make a ninja ball filled with elephant toothpaste/Diet Coke and mentos😂

  • Flamango Flight
    Flamango Flight 6 days ago

    I like how he calls it ooze instead of slime most of the time

  • Flamango Flight
    Flamango Flight 6 days ago

    3:17 ooh nice tricks

  • Mr.Amazing Sheep
    Mr.Amazing Sheep 6 days ago

    Wow 5:00 Like Ashen Estus Flask From Dark Souls! :o

  • Super Pinata
    Super Pinata 7 days ago

    Put ooblec in them

  • molly mccrory
    molly mccrory 7 days ago

    can the king of random put pudding in a ninja ball?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • dos bros Minecraft
    dos bros Minecraft 7 days ago

    i think it looked more like a yoshi egg

    WITHER GAMING 7 days ago

    It seems you know your job 0:45

  • Jordan Walters
    Jordan Walters 7 days ago

    Pour gallium into a ninja ball

  • Daniel Jonker
    Daniel Jonker 7 days ago

    Get a week balloon and put supergloo in it and drop it in to hot water

  • Jacob Tinsley
    Jacob Tinsley 8 days ago

    How about a solar oven please

  • Melonslice 117
    Melonslice 117 8 days ago

    Fill a ninja ball with yogurt!

  • Trinity Cooke
    Trinity Cooke 8 days ago

    what would happen if you tried ooblec inside of a ninja ball

  • Emily Selander
    Emily Selander 8 days ago

    You should fill a balloon with whipped cream 😂

    NONONOLAN- AK12 8 days ago

    5:46 that's fun noise lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sovietjr Lv8
    Sovietjr Lv8 8 days ago

    Ninja with proto putty

  • Kristen Tartaglia
    Kristen Tartaglia 8 days ago

    .........mind BLOWN * enactment* POOFFFFFFFF into a million pieces

  • GachaChic
    GachaChic 9 days ago

    Maybe. You can try a ninja ball but with ooblek

  • beastmodecoolcat 15
    beastmodecoolcat 15 9 days ago

    You should try it with sand and compare the difference

  • Aleena Chaudhry
    Aleena Chaudhry 9 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2019

  • PugsterkingYT
    PugsterkingYT 9 days ago +1

    I made them both right now! I prefer flour to the slime!!! I think that the ooze ninja ball did feel kind of cool!

  • Loopy croc Gomez
    Loopy croc Gomez 10 days ago

    Why you say ooze it’s slime you noob

  • Kenneth Matulac
    Kenneth Matulac 10 days ago

    Use toothpaste

  • konnor dinwiddie
    konnor dinwiddie 10 days ago

    Can you make a reely big ninja ball with is please love the vidz

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 11 days ago

    Liquid nitrogen vs ninja balls?

  • Niko The Turtle
    Niko The Turtle 11 days ago

    freeze a balone

  • axl123pro
    axl123pro 11 days ago

    Try to make a slime cannon and put in it a magnetic slime and shoot it into a magnet

  • Theo Halkias
    Theo Halkias 12 days ago

    Fill one with half ooblek and half slime

  • sean sharp
    sean sharp 13 days ago

    I dare you to see if you can use bread as a eraser and if it does how well it works

  • Adrian Bean
    Adrian Bean 13 days ago

    try making a giant ooze ninja ball

  • Fire_flower_sans Hybrid

    What happens when you vacuum chamber slim

  • Dennie Gregory
    Dennie Gregory 14 days ago

    What would happen if you put oobleck in the ninja balls

  • A Vague
    A Vague 15 days ago

    Try oblec in a ninja ball

    SFEVYT 15 days ago

    Make a rainbow ooz

  • calynn watkins
    calynn watkins 15 days ago

    Please put ooz balls in the vacuum chamber

  • dragon savage34
    dragon savage34 16 days ago

    Put vinegar and baking soda in a ninja stress ball and see what happens

  • Cherylpollard85
    Cherylpollard85 16 days ago

    Make a giant ooze ninja ball

  • Sasuke Shippuden25
    Sasuke Shippuden25 16 days ago +1

    Make a ninja ball with slime

  • Julia Myburg
    Julia Myburg 16 days ago

    1:54 oohh my dirty mind.....

  • dolp93881
    dolp93881 17 days ago +1

    Make ninja balls filled with different things and then do different tests with them like dropping them off side of roofs and putting them in the vacuum chamber and other stuff

  • Jaxsattacks
    Jaxsattacks 17 days ago

    What style of juggling was that because I juggle and that looks like it’d be a fun type to learn.

  • stylistevferris
    stylistevferris 17 days ago

    Make one with gallium and lose and flour and ubleck

  • Mark Lucas
    Mark Lucas 17 days ago

    I made these at an after school club and I tried to make the ninja mask but it looked more like a mankini

  • BNRMadix O'Driscoll
    BNRMadix O'Driscoll 18 days ago

    Your not going to pick me but i hope you do that would make me so happy.🤗🤗🤗🤗😢😢😢😢😢

  • BNRMadix O'Driscoll
    BNRMadix O'Driscoll 18 days ago

    Make a ninja ball with just balloons.

  • BNRMadix O'Driscoll
    BNRMadix O'Driscoll 18 days ago

    Put a gallium ninja ball in a vacuum chamber.

  • BNRMadix O'Driscoll
    BNRMadix O'Driscoll 18 days ago

    Put ninja balls in a vacuum chamber.😎😎

  • BNRMadix O'Driscoll
    BNRMadix O'Driscoll 18 days ago

    Your not going to do this but get twins and see if they have the same DNA.😧😧🔬🔬

  • Nichols Avalos
    Nichols Avalos 18 days ago

    Hey and only glue in the NINGA BALLOON

  • Unicat of Science
    Unicat of Science 19 days ago

    Can you please put chicken or ham (the kind you would use for Christmas or thanksgiving) into a vacuum chamber???

  • Jonah Moore
    Jonah Moore 19 days ago

    hey Nate, could you make a working sewer?

  • Anastasia BOSS
    Anastasia BOSS 19 days ago

    I want one

  • Kiana Perez
    Kiana Perez 19 days ago

    You can make one with rice

  • Crystal Cat Owener: None

    what would happen if you mix murcury with ninja ooze and put it in a ninja ball?

  • Louis Wasuwat
    Louis Wasuwat 20 days ago

    or a ninja ball made with iron oxide and put marbles evert where

  • XI34 GD
    XI34 GD 20 days ago

    That’s a ducking husk stomper in the intro that’s so coolll

  • Lizard _ Dragon
    Lizard _ Dragon 20 days ago

    You should try filling up that ninja ball with jiggly slime

  • Tiana O'Donnell
    Tiana O'Donnell 21 day ago

    u should try burning silly putty

  • NitroExFusion
    NitroExFusion 21 day ago

    With sugar it actually feels like putty

  • Jake the snake
    Jake the snake 21 day ago


  • Verity Sherry
    Verity Sherry 23 days ago +1

    Fill wishes with random stuf

  • Yinxi Li
    Yinxi Li 23 days ago


  • Sophie Doyle
    Sophie Doyle 23 days ago

    Can you try to make your noe ballpit

  • Benjamin Puzzo
    Benjamin Puzzo 23 days ago

    You should try to put a mixture of the flour and the ooz in the same ninja ball. Or, you could try to use a different type of ooz to make a ninja ball.

  • Saurav Pathak
    Saurav Pathak 23 days ago

    You can make ninja ball with slime

  • Devohd
    Devohd 23 days ago

    try both

  • XxD4RK AL13NxX
    XxD4RK AL13NxX 24 days ago

    Hey, do you guys think you could make a glass sword?

  • Bojangles Green
    Bojangles Green 24 days ago

    Could you mix the ooze ball with the flour ball plz

  • Elliot Atkins
    Elliot Atkins 24 days ago

    I want a green ooze ninja ball but I don't have the items :(

  • Andie Nelson
    Andie Nelson 24 days ago

    can you make more slime/ozz

  • Tyler Kwiatkowski
    Tyler Kwiatkowski 24 days ago

    Try making an exploding slime ball.

  • isaac burgess
    isaac burgess 24 days ago


  • Shannon Hicks
    Shannon Hicks 25 days ago

    can you make a gallium hat

  • Connor Kinahan
    Connor Kinahan 25 days ago

    lol i saw who requested this

  • Damon Tzialis
    Damon Tzialis 25 days ago

    Cool video

  • riley Davis
    riley Davis 25 days ago

    Can wax be used as a caster

  • Syler Chow
    Syler Chow 26 days ago

    Looks like a portafort

  • casey taylor
    casey taylor 26 days ago

    Make a gallium saw

  • Vincent D. Marshall
    Vincent D. Marshall 26 days ago

    Try creating DIY Party Poppers

  • tradingspaces365
    tradingspaces365 27 days ago

    Can you find whats the stogeast glue

  • Keon Ridenour
    Keon Ridenour 28 days ago

    You should do one with big orbeez and fill it up in a pool like a kitty pool😜😜

  • camo gamer
    camo gamer 28 days ago

    use the headphone bullets on a stress ball and see what happens