Makwan Amirkhani Claims He Stopped Robbers Who Were Endangering Brother


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  • Raider Gator
    Raider Gator Год назад +1

    he announced that he will not fight after this fight until ufc comes to Finland is this dude tryna derail his career on purpose

  • satellie roll
    satellie roll Год назад +2

    Kurdish fighter !!!

  • Michael Hosdo
    Michael Hosdo Год назад

    what a stiff, jeeez.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Год назад +2

    What a surname, a chinny boxer.

  • Halkiingg
    Halkiingg Год назад +1

    My dude makwan

  • Albert sifuentes
    Albert sifuentes Год назад

    He's going to be cut from the UFC for his heroic efforts you can tell he was waiting for the opportunity to shine my hero I can be your super man

  • Mike Goldberg
    Mike Goldberg Год назад +11

    Makwan is the most Jamaican name ever.
    Yo I'm here wit me boy Makwan!
    (Insert Jamaican accent)

    • satellie roll
      satellie roll Год назад +1

      Mike Goldberg ahaha it's Kurdish bro

    • Con 0
      Con 0 Год назад

      Mike Goldberg Hey I am here with my boy Fergal (Insert Jamaican Accent)

  • Teemu Kansala
    Teemu Kansala Год назад +1

    • Gerard03
      Gerard03 Год назад

      lol Amirkhani is like "Watch me, I cought him :D"

  • Con 0
    Con 0 Год назад +3

    I like Makwan in this fight.

  • texas4life88
    texas4life88 Год назад +5

    i feel like he is lying

    • Video Post
      Video Post Год назад +1

      it was all over the news in finland. It's his second time he stops a criminal

    • Ville Vuojarvi
      Ville Vuojarvi Год назад +1

      I am from Finlandand I also think the whole thing seemed a little bit fishy... not gonna say that Makwan lied or anything like that but I wouldn't be surprised if this was made up just to advertise/promote Makwan since that is all he has been doing during last 1 year instead of fighting... He has been in like 5 different ''celebrity'' tv shows in Finland :D Everytime you open tv in Finland you see commercials about the shows he is in :D

    • Con 0
      Con 0 Год назад

      +texas4life88 See...

    • Sarkkinator
      Sarkkinator Год назад

      I'm Finnish and it was all over the news here, it happened.

    • texas4life88
      texas4life88 Год назад

      Col Conno's really hard to express sarcasm through messaging. Thought the smiley face would give a hint but whatever. I spent too long here, nice chat with you fellas have a good day.

  • News that matter
    News that matter Год назад +10

    Ariel gets so sad when people unfollow him.

    • Alex Cacares
      Alex Cacares Год назад

      Because Ariel is insecure and egotistical

  • vittuteemu
    vittuteemu Год назад +6

    Instant PERKELE!!