Hong Kong Thug Takeover & Boris Johnson: VICE News Tonight Full Episode

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • This is the July 23, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.
    2:30 What sparked the uprising was the governor's offensive leaked text messages, but the protests are really about the systemic corruption that’s plagued the U.S. island territory for years
    8:45 Boris Johnson just inherited the Brexit mess he helped create
    13:15 Rubber bullets and tear gas in Hong Kong
    19:15 Our movie critic on the live-action “Dora the Explorer” trailer: “She’s the Tomb Raider we deserve”
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Comments • 383

  • janet ii
    janet ii 8 days ago

    Most of HK media never show truth news

  • Bobby
    Bobby 9 days ago

    2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

  • Levvy
    Levvy 21 day ago

    Kill the cappies

  • Nathan Davidson
    Nathan Davidson 25 days ago +1

    China funded Triad gangsters to attack protesters, they've also planted a guy to attack protesters with a machete, then the news made it look like it was pro Hong Kong protesters

  • johnny Chim
    johnny Chim Month ago +1

    those triad mobsters said they are getting tired of the demonstration in Hong Kong and they think it is bringing bad influence to Hong Kong. So they claim that they are "protecting their home". But in fact, they attack everyone inside the mtr station. During the incident, many citizens were injured. Some of them call the police, but the police only cut the call or even didnt answer. Police finally arrived 40 mins later after the incident begins. The Hong Kong police were suspected for doing a favor to those triad mobsters.

    At last, I have to say there is no riot in Hong Kong. Police randomly catch a people on the street, some of them are students, pedestrian or even a foodpanda guy. Most of them was charged for a riot.

    I am a university student from Hong Kong.

  • Stephen Duquette
    Stephen Duquette Month ago +1

    Triad mobsters are working for the Chinese government so the government doesn't get their hands dirty !

  • Yuri Ai
    Yuri Ai Month ago

    Don't trust the stupid USA UK. Dogs. They want see all the world riots.

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell Month ago

    If it was to allow extradition to Taiwan of an HK murderer than why is did the HK government allow general extradition to The Republic Of China?

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell Month ago


  • Antium
    Antium Month ago

    I wish I could smuggle guns to Hong Kong
    The only good communist is a dead one.
    Much love from the USA 🇺🇸

  • Zeth Robinson
    Zeth Robinson Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Aliénor de Rothschild

    People are only as good as the world allows them to be

  • TVSupersonic
    TVSupersonic Month ago +1

    China numba won rite guys 😁👍🇨🇳 we no evil, we just wanna rule world

  • Funk Shiz
    Funk Shiz Month ago

    So is brexit going down hill now? And why?

  • Gallo Salinas
    Gallo Salinas Month ago +1

    Love it

  • iwasicutica
    iwasicutica Month ago +5

    China is evil. If no one resist, Hong Kong is next Tibet.

  • EWE!
    EWE! Month ago +1

    Democrats stole the relief funds,and dumped relief supplies in fields. That's why these people are protesting. Trump proved the allegations, and the DemonKKKrats resigned. I smell Liberal Democrat agenda all over your channel.

  • eaglesclaws8
    eaglesclaws8 Month ago

    Orange man policies are going to cost this county morally and financially.

  • dratheart
    dratheart Month ago

    Didn't China get the f'ing memo?!?! Fascists wear BROWN shirts! BROWN shirts! These fascists are all in WHITE! It sounds like we have another breakdown in communications, back to the drawing board!

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago +1

    And people are not protesting against asshole London mayor sadiq khan because it filled with terrorist immigrants

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago

    They should send a few dozen football thugs from the UK as a "diplomatic mission" and take care of the stick-wielding t-shirt boy band posse.

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago

    The U.K. is as screwed up as the U.S.! Both countries keep on doing the the same thing expecting different results. *_Smh_*

  • Elijah Acklen
    Elijah Acklen Month ago

    Boris looks a lot like Donald trump...

  • American Storm
    American Storm Month ago +1


    • American Storm
      American Storm 17 days ago

      @Heatalatur no we need to cleanse america

    • Heatalatur
      Heatalatur 17 days ago

      @American Storm idk that's not right. Maybe just chill out????

    • American Storm
      American Storm 17 days ago

      @Heatalatur we need to beat traitors in america too china does it right

    • Heatalatur
      Heatalatur 19 days ago

      Excuse me? That sounds pretty unamerican to me.

  • Morgoer Manger
    Morgoer Manger Month ago


  • mahmoodtayyab
    mahmoodtayyab Month ago

    The KMT party should had won the Chinese Civil War in 1949 and defeat the Communists so that the whole history would had been changed. Whole Chinese mainland would had been like Taiwan today with much freedom and in turn HK people would NOT HAD MINDED at all to go back (fully integrate) into a democratic China.

  • The Account
    The Account Month ago

    I wish I was on that train I would have stabbed them up one by one

  • 王明谦
    王明谦 Month ago +1

    it’s a separation riot not a democratic protest in Hong Kong , those western medias who are spreading lies can go to hell, because god doesn’t like hypocrites, I support Hong Kong police and our central government for any necessary action to contain the situation

  • Jacleen Allen
    Jacleen Allen Month ago +1

    Christ, what a leftist piece of political propaganda. I'm referring to the Boris Johnson piece. VICE, get yourselves an impartial commentator in the UK, please.

  • Lord Azreal Lais
    Lord Azreal Lais Month ago +1

    Hong Kong is going to hell, literally gangs will be taking over soon

  • Shiro Kitsune - Senpai

    Hahahaha working for a week and receive 100 dollars... I want to your country since it's 80 dollars more than we have here for a week lol...

  • datguy overdere
    datguy overdere Month ago


  • B - K
    B - K Month ago

    This is what happen against your country when you torture and capture religious people

  • Tatar Mongol Refugees 1944

    puerto rico is a colony of usa

  • Tatar Mongol Refugees 1944

    all latinos are welcome in United States of America , just come and live your dream

  • Doggyhouz LA
    Doggyhouz LA Month ago +2

    I hope they continue to attack Antifa HK. These kids need to stop this because people that have families and parents to take care of is getting effected economically.

    • MrPieman00
      MrPieman00 Month ago

      @Doggyhouz LA Never said i believe in violence. It actually makes me cringe when a small minority of protesters say ridiculous things or act in a manner that will just boost criticisms of the protest. I do however find it hard to not justify throwing things at the police who aim to antagonise peaceful protests, shooting tear gas and rubber bullets and beating anyone near the protest site indiscriminatley

    • Doggyhouz LA
      Doggyhouz LA Month ago

      MrPieman00 So you believe in violence because older people support it? You are jaded at the fact violence is destroying property. HK will be changed forever and its going to be for the worse. I am sure of this after Monday’s situation.

    • MrPieman00
      MrPieman00 Month ago

      @Doggyhouz LA You realise its not just young people right ? there are people from all ages. 2/7 of the population went to the protests man that isnt all young people. the point is, this is an issue that affects everyone

    • Doggyhouz LA
      Doggyhouz LA Month ago

      carl Nilsson Young your family or HK people? Are you talking about the past or present? You are misleading using past and mixing with present. The older generation is against you and the newer generation is masked because they are shameful. That’s the truth.

    • carl Nilsson Young
      carl Nilsson Young Month ago

      if u hv not , u r lucky , N shut up.

  • Tom Trottier
    Tom Trottier Month ago +1

    "work 24 hours a 😲

    Week" 🙄😑

  • Nanoo nub nub
    Nanoo nub nub Month ago

    I could care less about some millennial review about shitty live action remakes. I want more insight on Hong Kong please.

  • Charles Foley
    Charles Foley Month ago +1

    This is a mess of Great Britain's doing. They can clean it up.

  • midnighfairy
    midnighfairy Month ago +1

    Puerto Rico needs to be its own country

  • mat1
    mat1 Month ago

    seriously those students who pro US, what is the gain you can get?
    You might not like the policy from China but in the end of the day, you are Chinese. And China will not take care less of you than the US dumb ass.
    Stop being a tool for US propaganda. Blind also can tell that the US is behind this.

  • Saitama Nogonu
    Saitama Nogonu Month ago +2

    Hha that's funny,Hongkong's protesters apparently take a lot of advices from the Western governments since they are now starting to fake as the victims of violence,but actually they are the people who started the violent crime in the first place .However,the good days won't last too long,PLA now is preparing to take solid actions to them, history has proved that the best way to make those vulgar rioters to be silence is fist to fist

  • DrekiGonzaga
    DrekiGonzaga Month ago

    Soon the Chinese government will send PLA soldiers undercover as ' thugs ' to beat HK protestors.

  • 浩权赵
    浩权赵 Month ago +2

    If you dont know what has been painted on the wall at 14:14, then do some research on it before commenting anything.

  • Some Entitlement issues

    Boris Johnson seems like a genuine guy, he obviously is a bit goofy, but hey it just makes him more human to me. I look forward to him being our leader here in UK

  • Zakanater 19
    Zakanater 19 Month ago

    only reason i didn't dislike is because you covered hong kong

  • ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo Month ago +3

    The violent protests of pretenders and impostors in HK are like those of so-called antifa in the US. These are violent protesters who have no true allegiance to the aims and goals of the other protest movement, and lack legitimacy. As an American leftist, I support capture, arrest, trial, conviction and prison sentences for all these so-called antifa in my own nation, even thoughI detest Trump (aka, the Pig) and his anti-democratic policies. I see the exact same anti-democratic motives among the violence perps in HK, trying to actually defeat democratic objectives.

  • Michael Ruiz
    Michael Ruiz Month ago

    Some of this video is garbage and not real news lol

  • Cayman Global
    Cayman Global Month ago

    WTF happens when the UK leave the EU if that happens without a deal what will the do with the Irish Free State open border agreement, what will happen to Gibraltar, What will happen to the British bases in Cyprus so many questions bruh

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Month ago

    Freedom against a tyrannical communist regime

  • Shubhankar Ranade
    Shubhankar Ranade Month ago

    Thought it was Game of Thrones for a second. Not disappointed.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    It says alot about the state of a country when a group of roughly 40 men with sticks and rebar can take over a train station. Didnt see a single person stand up for anything, just herded themselves like lemmings.

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace Month ago

    the island refused to become a state. They also elected criminals to run the island. The US should take control of the island and fix the problems. Simply giving money to corrupt politicians is a total failure. 92 billion dollars were wasted be these crooks. Switch to english and get rid of the curse of corrupt spanish legacy.

  • Crayfish3D
    Crayfish3D Month ago


  • Lushington
    Lushington Month ago +1

    When they say "no one has any reason to own an AR-15 or "high cap" magazines. See hong kong train attack.

    • J K
      J K Month ago

      besides, if these black shirts come to riot in my town, say hello to my Tavor! The white shirts are simply useless thugs. They can't even kill a single black shirt!

    • J K
      J K Month ago

      @Joshua Morrison If AR is legal in Hong Kong, these sissy rioters (black shirts) would have stayed home for good.

    • Joshua Morrison
      Joshua Morrison Month ago

      Ah yes, wish I could carry my high capacity AR on my morning commute. Tf is wrong with you

  • Andy Lam
    Andy Lam Month ago

    Fake news

  • AndyGinterBlues
    AndyGinterBlues Month ago

    I haven't been in any riots lately, and I kinda miss it, but tear gas really sucks.

  • TheGreekSpawn
    TheGreekSpawn Month ago

    Hong Kong protesters need to learn how to make molotovs and safeguard their strike

  • Bryant Zerrato
    Bryant Zerrato Month ago

    i still cant figure out who has better hair TRUMP or BORRIS

  • D Gee
    D Gee Month ago

    same in america as P.R.