10 Funniest Virtual Reality Fails And Reactions! (VR Fails & Reactions)

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Автор Nicolai Tocarski ( назад)
Apparently this guy is one of those British people who need subtitles when they speak.

Автор Oliver Burac ( назад)
do roller coaster VR really feels like real that it will make you out of balance?

Автор Elijah Mohammed ( назад)
how about the sky and you push her over the plane and make sure she's over a bed

Автор Neuvron - Virtual Reality ( назад)
We LAUGHED so hard! :) Fun video bro!

Автор jayr ( назад)
7:08 oh lordy lord jesus have mercy, umhuum! lordy lord i don't know why this type of people are annoying and obnoxious. not saying all blacks just a certain few.

Автор N nOni ( назад)
10:40 she is going to die .

Автор N nOni ( назад)
Name or link to the game in steam/oculas @ min 05:00 ? i want to test it .

Автор Luna Wolf ( назад)
On number 2 even the painting in the background was laughing

Автор Jeremy Boateng ( назад)
#6 should be #1
who agrees

Автор Jeremy Boateng ( назад)
7:22 She looks like the picture behind her XD

Автор Hi I'm Paul ( назад)
"Fantasy vs. reality: The mind is trying to replace reality with fantasy. Mostly with television, but there are also movies, video games, the Internet, etc. This book is competing with all the above. The truth in written form is not very entertaining."-an excerpt from "The Present" on *the truth contest site* (google it). That site is the truth in written form. The truth sets you free, and it is better than any fantasy, virtual world. Life is more surprising, new, and exciting than any game, you just have to open up.

Автор EraseMeWhole ( назад)
7:23 Please tell me someone else sees this

Автор Supreem Court ( назад)
That little girl was panicking watching her mother go thru that (#1)

Автор Raw Tee ( назад)

Автор Xerus Hedron ( назад)
Do these people Not understand that they were not magically transported to another world? (Facepalm)

Автор Sunshine Carlton ( назад)
That last lady tho....!!!! Lmao

Автор kuanyee kee ( назад)
Can you do more of this pls it's sooo funny!

Автор enemay ( назад)
2:30 what game is she playing?

Автор Patrick Banks ( назад)
@7:21 she tries her best impersonation of Ray Charles in the background. ;P
Some have the voice! XD

Автор Anthony Murphy ( назад)
commentate plz it is better

Автор phapnui ( назад)
People laughing at them increased hilarity. Looks like fun

Автор M Alleycat ( назад)
i want one, where do i buy it. whatever it is

Автор M Alleycat ( назад)
At 12:09 in there should be laws against that lady. too funny to be legal. I watched it over and over and over. what the hell was she seeing ghost from the conjuring ?

Автор pourkour master ( назад)
omg I laghed so hard on 6 that I cried we want more fact I smashes the biggest like button!!!!

Автор Linky 1973 ( назад)
Fucking quality hahahaha

Автор tkdchristian ( назад)
Great vid!!! You got a new subscriber!

Автор Irvin Granillo ( назад)
laughed through the whole vid , keep up the good work man :)

Автор Spenser ( назад)
Don't aunty Joyce me!

Автор Lourdes Pena ( назад)
This was soooo hilarious! Thank you for the video. I've never tried one of those 'goggles', but looking at this vid, I'm not sure I would want to try it. It's too funny! Blessings.

Автор Liam Ward ( назад)

Автор TATMONEY ( назад)
what kind of goggles were they using in the vids ,the white ones?

Автор JC ( назад)
<< viewer 666th 😈

Автор Hisham Sq ( назад)
I skipped the black woman because she was screaming so loud. dose that makes me rasict ?!!

Автор FierceViper ( назад)
I don't want you to commentate over the videos, I would rather you show the video then say any additional information about it afterwards

Автор Ray perry ( назад)
Very funny vid man

Автор Gonda Herszkowicz ( назад)
very funny!

Автор rolf sinkgraven ( назад)
funny one lol

Автор Axel Schweiz ( назад)
You're videos are super cool

Автор Sportmann941 ( назад)
do something with like firefightera or so

Автор bonnita- marie decarvalho ( назад)
that's so funny lol :-)

Автор Andro Limanovski ( назад)
U miss guy from "security guy vr"

Автор killer007 playz ( назад)
I smashed the like button👍🏿👍🏻👍🏾👍🏼👍🏽👍

Автор Misaki ( назад)

Автор Teddy PlayzStuff ( назад)
Hii dude <3

Автор Xorgs AL ( назад)

Автор We Want More Facts ( назад)
Lets smash that like button for more videos like this!!

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