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Rodgers Makes 2 Great Throws to Take the Lead! | Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Highlights

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  • Xerosvaldo Aldair
    Xerosvaldo Aldair Год назад

    the second play was insane.

  • Salad Tongs
    Salad Tongs Год назад

    Brady couldn't make that play if he tried it a million times. Period.

  • Ashani Francis
    Ashani Francis Год назад

    Giants receivrs still on the boat in Miami.

  • Will Radcliff
    Will Radcliff Год назад

    Let's talk about that catch Davante Adams makes on the TD tho...

  • Ballin Too
    Ballin Too Год назад +1

    Aaron rodgers way better then tom brady rings is a team accomplishment. Rodgers done things brady can dream of doing

  • LoftyXsWaGX34
    LoftyXsWaGX34 Год назад

    Flame thrower

  • Bob Curry
    Bob Curry Год назад


  • Lps Hayley Pawduction
    Lps Hayley Pawduction Год назад

    take the L giants 🖕😂😂😂

  • coolout191
    coolout191 Год назад

    What a QB to watch he moves around in the pocket so sweetly

  • ThePacemaker45
    ThePacemaker45 Год назад

    Davante Adams wasn't even open. My God Aaron Rodgers is special

  • T'Challa
    T'Challa Год назад

    The Giants choked...OBJ and them should've been working on catching passes instead of screwing around in Miami.

  • Chris Canto
    Chris Canto Год назад

    Damn he's a Beast

  • Green Release
    Green Release Год назад

    On behalf of the Giants fan base congratulations for the Green Bay Packers for the win. Well deserved. It has been a wonderful season for the big blue. We were hot. We were in a streak. We made it to the post season. Unfortunately we lost but "HEY" the big blue can learn from this loss and we can be a better team next year possibly win our fifth Lombardi. We lost but we are NOT soar losers. Again congrats to the Packers and I hope you beat Dallas in the divisional round. Giants fan spam up #BIGBLUE in the comment section.

  • Shamon Shaw
    Shamon Shaw Год назад

    Giants Took A "GIANT" Lost #Packernation

  • SilverSpoonsuploader
    SilverSpoonsuploader Год назад

    Packers and Giants are my teams but you gotta admit people... Joe Buck and Troy Aikman need to give their mics to someone else. They are horribly bias! I had to turn the tv off.

  • John Ballard
    John Ballard Год назад

    giants getting killed by the Packers, hahhahaha

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Год назад

    i fear for my cowboys

  • WeezyFire
    WeezyFire Год назад +1

    Giants fans on suicide watch LOOOL

  • Chauntel Bland
    Chauntel Bland Год назад

    What a way for Aaron Rodgers to buy some time in the pocket while waiting for Adams to get open. That totally reeks of awesomeness.

  • Friday the 31st
    Friday the 31st Год назад

    odell going too be crying after game now and all season lmao
    -from cowboys fan.

  • 2 LOUD
    2 LOUD Год назад

    The Boogeyman #GOPACKGO

  • Mitt Mittens
    Mitt Mittens Год назад +1

    Rodgers is the greatest QB to ever play the game. Packers ARE winning the Super Bowl. Easily.

  • Mel Hastings
    Mel Hastings Год назад

    work harder giants please. win

  • Tavion Harris
    Tavion Harris Год назад

    well I'm a cowboy's fan and I'm scared

  • Bryan Contreras
    Bryan Contreras Год назад +1

    common giants a I am sad 😔😞😖😲😲😞

  • Joseph Sackur
    Joseph Sackur Год назад

    Loooool they didn't even have time to show that last replay of the catch before the PAT 😂😂

  • Charity Thompson
    Charity Thompson Год назад


  • Hannah Vance
    Hannah Vance Год назад

    lets go packers

  • Medieval Nightmare
    Medieval Nightmare Год назад

    3k people can't find a TV lol

  • Mtno Eyev1s
    Mtno Eyev1s Год назад

    good offensive line we have aswell they say about the cowboys but look at green bays

  • Mtno Eyev1s
    Mtno Eyev1s Год назад

    best quarterback in the game can do everything

  • DC4L Forever
    DC4L Forever Год назад

    Odell dropped it

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Год назад

    Giants think they playing cowboys smfh

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule Год назад

    Rodgers is a Beast at creating more time. look how he navigates the pocket to extend the play for a touchdown.

  • Jon Cruz
    Jon Cruz Год назад

    let's go pack let's go baby
    ready for a rematch with Dallas

  • Quavo Ratatouille
    Quavo Ratatouille Год назад

    Ok we prolly losing this game but tell me #70 didn't hold snacks on that TD pass

  • Vox Waya
    Vox Waya Год назад

    I can't even begin to explain the headache I have right now.
    11-5...such a great defense. OBJ...who people keep calling the best offensive weapon in the league and Eli isn't playing terrible...we were in control for the majority of the first half...
    ...and we are down by 8. It's far from over but still. If the Giants season ends today...man.

  • DaveAllenSpeaks
    DaveAllenSpeaks Год назад

    Aaron Rodgers has the best feet of any QB I have ever seen.And I am not a Packers fan but he is something else for sure.

  • setokaiba991
    setokaiba991 Год назад

    NFC Championship: Seahawks vs Packers. Super Bowl 51: Seahawks vs Patriots.

    • Tyron Wells
      Tyron Wells Год назад

      Salad Tongs 3 Probably

    • Salad Tongs
      Salad Tongs Год назад

      You think Wilson will throw 5 INT's or more this time?

  • DiamondWolfStar
    DiamondWolfStar Год назад

    1: Detroit (Win)
    2: Arizona(Loss :( )
    3:Giants (GIP)

  • Ishan Talreja
    Ishan Talreja Год назад


  • MadDog
    MadDog Год назад

    The first Hail Mary wasn't a catch

    • MadDog
      MadDog Год назад

      Janais didn't have full control when he came down

  • Dez Atron
    Dez Atron Год назад

    Rodgers the king of Hail Marys

  • TheYangarang
    TheYangarang Год назад


  • Packers Gaming
    Packers Gaming Год назад

    Hail Mary

  • Mama There Go That Man
    Mama There Go That Man Год назад +1

    Don't do this to me Giants... not now

  • Packers Gaming
    Packers Gaming Год назад

    Go Pack Go🧀🧀🧀🧀

  • Stephortless #broncos&GSWGangGang

    The boogey man out there crushing dreams again .

  • ALEX
    ALEX Год назад


  • Agent of Chaos
    Agent of Chaos Год назад

    Aaron Rodgers getting lucky again with the Giants bad coverage

    CONNOR RILEY IS A BUT 08 Год назад

    Ok how the he'll does he do that??

  • Batuhan Bakırcı
    Batuhan Bakırcı Год назад

    That hail mary tho damn

  • William T
    William T Год назад

    Beat the Giants please

  • RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound


  • Raid Messiah
    Raid Messiah Год назад

    Rodgers > Brady not debatable

  • Andy Goodman
    Andy Goodman Год назад

    great pocket

  • Jake 0429
    Jake 0429 Год назад

    Rodgers is a Lord.

  • Matthew_ Skywalker101
    Matthew_ Skywalker101 Год назад

    " Just keep on sleeping on our defense" - giants fans 😂

  • Akbar 177
    Akbar 177 Год назад


  • Boardman Productions
    Boardman Productions Год назад

    LETS GO PACKERS - a cowboys fan.

    • Tyron Wells
      Tyron Wells 11 месяцев назад

      OGLocsta09 lol

    • OGLocsta09
      OGLocsta09 Год назад +1

      W Boardman I hope the Packers win too. So we can stomp them and get our redemption from that 2014 Dez No Catch playoff game.

  • Obese European
    Obese European Год назад +1

    And just when I thought Rodgers was against a wall

  • Hockeyguy 27
    Hockeyguy 27 Год назад


  • Mikey
    Mikey Год назад

    That Hail Mary Though!!!!

  • Larry McCormick
    Larry McCormick Год назад +4

    Rodgers Mvp. Only he can make those two throws

  • Packersfan 12
    Packersfan 12 Год назад

    Giants did that to us before the half in 2011 playoffs.

  • Western Spirit
    Western Spirit Год назад +1

    Upload that hail mary asap

  • NeCrOs
    NeCrOs Год назад

    whoever is calling the plays needs to stop being a idiot and runing so much eli is good in the playoffs so so why would you run on such key moments like 3rd down but if GB wins you guys MUST win the sb for us

  • Rolling Sky Gamer
    Rolling Sky Gamer Год назад

    I think giants are still going to win

    JUAN HENAO Год назад

    Where Giants fans at?

    • sergiorubalcava253
      sergiorubalcava253 Год назад

      You should wait until the games over lol, other than the last two drives the Giants defense has been playing real well.

  • YourBoyTyler
    YourBoyTyler Год назад


  • sergiorubalcava253
    sergiorubalcava253 Год назад

    Giants offense letting down their defense, and now they returned the favor.

  • YourBoyTyler
    YourBoyTyler Год назад

    Lmao Gaints Defense is so bad #FlyEaglesFly

  • Tommy Vetrano
    Tommy Vetrano Год назад

    Coming from a giants fan. Tbh i think we lost our offense sucks and GB just better at everything Offense wins Championships not Defense

  • Thomas Productions
    Thomas Productions Год назад +1

    Sub to my channel for sports highlights

  • Daniel Alejandro Barrera Campos

    Where is odeLL??

  • Finepine kind
    Finepine kind Год назад

    who r the giants

  • Shane Corkill
    Shane Corkill Год назад +1


  • Ndudi Enwereuzor
    Ndudi Enwereuzor Год назад +8

    He just got a HAIL MARY,OMG!

  • KDBurnerAccount35 #loyalty #goat
    KDBurnerAccount35 #loyalty #goat Год назад +1


  • ElliottFan9
    ElliottFan9 Год назад +5

    Aaron Rodgers just threw another amazing HAIL MARY For a TD!

  • Landon Meyer
    Landon Meyer Год назад

    Hail Mary's are luck but not with Rodgers he actually has found a way to put "skill" in a hail mary.

    • L C
      L C Год назад

      Landon Meyer lol yeah

  • Veeq
    Veeq Год назад

    Omg another Hail Mary

  • Jacob Breeze
    Jacob Breeze Год назад


  • Prince Tae
    Prince Tae Год назад +6

    *Adams exposing these DBs Lmaoo*

  • Sam Jay
    Sam Jay Год назад

    Giants thrown the game away :/

  • Brian Quintana
    Brian Quintana Год назад

    Ironic how our defense and Odell is losing the game for us.

    • MHGaming61
      MHGaming61 Год назад

      xBrianQ {Sports} {Turtles :D} Yea, he did miss a wide open catch for a TD in the beginning of the game

  • InfernoBaconProd
    InfernoBaconProd Год назад +6

    Anyone else saw that Hail Mary

  • John Baldino
    John Baldino Год назад

    Aaron Rodgers middle name is "Hail Mary"

  • Seth Parker gamer
    Seth Parker gamer Год назад +2

    aaron rodgers just completed hail mary . right before half

  • MrQ000000
    MrQ000000 Год назад +1

    And despite the Giants outplaying the Packers for pretty much the entire half, Rodgers is just too good and gets 2 quick touchdowns

  • SaVe Sty1eZ - SaVe Clan
    SaVe Sty1eZ - SaVe Clan Год назад

    why does eli look like he's the only player that wants to win?

    • MHGaming61
      MHGaming61 Год назад

      SaVe Sty1eZ - SaVe Clan Cause all the wide receivers are not catching wide open passes lol

  • Shortest SB Champion QB
    Shortest SB Champion QB Год назад +12

    Damn Rodgers! Back at it again with the Hail Marys

  • Fuck What You're Talking About !
    Fuck What You're Talking About ! Год назад +20

    ANOTHER HAIL MARY to end the half??? Smh!!!!! You gotta be kidding me. lololol!!!'

    • Dez Atron
      Dez Atron Год назад

      +Jason Myers W

    • Dez Atron
      Dez Atron Год назад

      +DC4L Forever W

    • Friday the 31st
      Friday the 31st Год назад +1

      bye bye new york midgets

    • DC4L Forever
      DC4L Forever Год назад +2

      #5xSBchamps! #AmericasTeam! #WeDemBoyz! Giants offense is straight trash lmao

    • Dez Atron
      Dez Atron Год назад +1

      Yoboi Boy lmaoooo W

  • Dorian Reece
    Dorian Reece Год назад

    since steelers won who do u guys think is going to win this game I think packers

    • The Xman
      The Xman Год назад

      Dorian Reece If Green Bay scored another TD WE they get the ball back second half they should win and be up by 15

  • Someguy1302
    Someguy1302 Год назад

    The leprechauns take the lead. Maybe they should replace the G with a clover and thank lady luck this game isn't 14 - 0.

  • Packersfan 12
    Packersfan 12 Год назад

    hail mary again

  • Harrison Browne
    Harrison Browne Год назад

    hail mary

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO Год назад +3

    king of the Hail Mary

  • MachineGunMike
    MachineGunMike Год назад +7

    lmao Rodgers be killing everyone with those hail mary's😂