Fortnite But it’s Playground Fill

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Today we jump into the chaos that is Playground Fills
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Comments • 3 874

  • Hassan Jammoul
    Hassan Jammoul 15 hours ago

    I put. Your. code. on. Fortnite

  • Jovanni Espino
    Jovanni Espino 4 days ago

    Shut those annoying kids

  • Jovanni Espino
    Jovanni Espino 4 days ago

    Watched since mincraft

  • nellomom
    nellomom 6 days ago

    your bad at the game dome dome

  • nellomom
    nellomom 6 days ago

    your so coky

  • Adam Ishmael
    Adam Ishmael 6 days ago

    If your og you would remember how to mincraft

  • GamingWithohiorodlox2 Schafer


  • Caroline Noonan
    Caroline Noonan 7 days ago

    i love your channel

  • Pro Sniper 2013
    Pro Sniper 2013 9 days ago +1

    Epic lachey

  • Emma Morris
    Emma Morris 9 days ago

    Look at lachlan s Mic cord

  • king ballerz
    king ballerz 10 days ago

    do a vlog were your surfing becuz you got the perfect surfer look 💕

  • Pineapple xd
    Pineapple xd 11 days ago


  • Kevin Burks
    Kevin Burks 11 days ago +1

    "Am I gonna be in a video?"
    "Am I gonna be in a video?"
    "Am I gonna be in a video?"
    "Am I gonna be in a video?"
    "Am I gonna be in a video?"

  • Can Stock 2121
    Can Stock 2121 12 days ago +2

    Which season you start to play fortnite


  • Mist Warrior
    Mist Warrior 13 days ago

    If that happened to me even if it was a fake I would still take it as he’s real just in case so I don’t miss the chance

  • Mist Warrior
    Mist Warrior 13 days ago

    It’s just gonna take longer

  • Maria Palmisano
    Maria Palmisano 14 days ago

    Your the best youtuber ever Lacey

  • yinxi luo
    yinxi luo 14 days ago

    Love it when he starts “messing” with the kids😂😂

  • FaZe PotaTo
    FaZe PotaTo 14 days ago

    123 headshot wow that's lucky 1:51 pause to see it

  • idk my name
    idk my name 16 days ago

    Yaaa lazer

  • idk my name
    idk my name 16 days ago

    I exposed u on a video

  • Angel Bueno
    Angel Bueno 16 days ago

    Only OGS Know What Dusty Divot is


  • PbtPlayzYT
    PbtPlayzYT 16 days ago

    The famous last words of lachy Im super good I went to the World Cup lol

  • Camden Boydler
    Camden Boydler 17 days ago

    Why is this so funny 😆

  • Benjamin Menge
    Benjamin Menge 17 days ago

    3:21 he didnt drank the mini

  • Leo and Penny Aiava
    Leo and Penny Aiava 17 days ago

    When u died to zone u could of used the camp fire at the house near the hill

  • galaxy aydan
    galaxy aydan 17 days ago

    Umm wtf

  • Joakim B
    Joakim B 17 days ago


  • Emanuel Salazar
    Emanuel Salazar 18 days ago

    11:47 Facts

  • Kristina Neailey
    Kristina Neailey 18 days ago


  • Jack Monster
    Jack Monster 18 days ago

    I was one of the people that played with you

  • Glain Thompson
    Glain Thompson 18 days ago

    Play with me join me my name is Dunknikr88 please

  • read my username pls
    read my username pls 19 days ago +1

    For some reason I loved it when I heard 9 year olds swearing in Playground fill so I could destroy them 😂🤣

  • я люблю поезда YEET

    Lachy: joins match
    Random fans: OMG I USE YOUR CODE, I LOVE YOU!!

  • Mackenzie Platt
    Mackenzie Platt 20 days ago


  • Savage Ethan
    Savage Ethan 20 days ago

    bro those kids said they have been watching you since you started playing fortnite, but i’ve been watching you since you played minecraft and pixel craft

  • akysip s
    akysip s 20 days ago

    I feel bad everybody: am I gonna be in your godeo

  • Susanna H
    Susanna H 20 days ago +1

    Guy “ wait remember u play with lazerbeam” bruhhh😂😂😂😂

  • Susanna H
    Susanna H 20 days ago +1

    I’m a loner so I still wanna play Fortnite but all I do is playground fill cause skill based match making ruined everything

  • Hotpocket Gamer
    Hotpocket Gamer 21 day ago

    i use code lachy becase is the best

  • T0XIC_Beefy
    T0XIC_Beefy 21 day ago +1

    I’ve been watching since the pixelmon days

  • Landon Ayotte
    Landon Ayotte 22 days ago

    its a miricle

  • douaihyadouaihy douaihyadouaihy

    What is your server pleas i speak arabik pleas told me what is your server

  • Fiona Blaney
    Fiona Blaney 22 days ago

    Best day of those kids lives 🤣😂😂

  • GamerGuruGreatness
    GamerGuruGreatness 22 days ago

    I ate the soul of my mom

  • Carrot
    Carrot 22 days ago

    They said they where watching since you barely started but I’m probably the only person who knows this used to be a Minecraft channel

  • /\///\/_//-\ \/!ll/-\ //\/

    12:00 ... Clicks off the video

  • joshua mayes
    joshua mayes 23 days ago


  • JackPack2018
    JackPack2018 23 days ago

    More playground fills ree

  • FARIS Fawaz
    FARIS Fawaz 23 days ago

    I love you Lachlan’s

    KING OF DARKNESS 23 days ago


  • Joshua Parfitt
    Joshua Parfitt 23 days ago

    Lachlan so toxic about making it to the World Cup

    Wait no he dident ha ha ha

  • Joey Sokolovic
    Joey Sokolovic 24 days ago

    Don’t you just hate those kids when they jell saying “am I going to be in the video?”

  • Dylan Kirksey
    Dylan Kirksey 24 days ago

    2:16 he killed Ryan Evanego

  • Sotarnicus
    Sotarnicus 24 days ago

    This is probably one of the worst ideas you’ve had lol

  • Ethan Lightbody
    Ethan Lightbody 24 days ago

    You joined the playground I was in but u left

  • Kiko Moreno
    Kiko Moreno 24 days ago


  • DOOMSDAY 2006
    DOOMSDAY 2006 24 days ago +1

    12:05 Lachlan asked us to not watch his videos so click of right now!! 😂

  • Normal Kaden
    Normal Kaden 25 days ago +1

    Go on a alt account

  • Adam Salhab
    Adam Salhab 25 days ago

    more playground!