50 People Try To Grill a Burger | Basic Skills Challenge

  • For this episode of Basic Skills Challenge, we brought 50 people together and asked each of them to grill us a hamburger. What could possibly go wrong?
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    50 People Try To Grill a Burger | Basic Skills Challenge

Comments • 80

  • Pancake Pancake
    Pancake Pancake 9 hours ago

    Cooking is an essential skill which they clearly don’t have

  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada 9 hours ago

    Why are all the guys gay tho lol

  • Erik Kiernan
    Erik Kiernan 10 hours ago

    I hope this people die in a hole

  • Hate
    Hate 11 hours ago

    I'm 16 and I can cook a burger better then most of them

  • Javier Rosales
    Javier Rosales 14 hours ago

    And I thought that I was bad at cooking

  • un poco loco
    un poco loco 15 hours ago


    me during quarantine : 0:20

  • Me
    Me 15 hours ago

    Women that can't cook better have 💰.

  • Jannelle J
    Jannelle J 16 hours ago +1

    Are they eating the burger with the gloves on? SMH.

  • The Aquatic Asian
    The Aquatic Asian 16 hours ago

    Even i can do better

  • Sean Edwards
    Sean Edwards 17 hours ago

    How do you not know how to make a Burger
    I’m only 13 and know how to make a burger it like one of the most simple things I hope these people are faking it

  • charles olpindo
    charles olpindo Day ago

    Me: am i the only one who's thinking that these people are stupid?
    *Scrolled down to the comments...*
    Me: ok im not alone

  • corey meinen
    corey meinen Day ago

    All of these people are virgins

  • Nicklas Sevin
    Nicklas Sevin Day ago

    Can someone tell me the IG of the guy in maroon shirt at 0:37?

  • Trey Prevost
    Trey Prevost Day ago

    How are people so idiotic!?!?

  • Gray Cassidy
    Gray Cassidy Day ago

    How can people be so dumb?!?!?

  • sour tooth
    sour tooth Day ago

    People are so incompetent.

  • TepDaBoul
    TepDaBoul Day ago

    Where TF the season at dh😂

  • Kamer Mehmetaj
    Kamer Mehmetaj Day ago

    “I’ve been a vegetarian since kindergarten” -Literally like the only lady with a double chin in this video 😭😭😭😭 I’m such a bad person

  • Cihan Depe
    Cihan Depe Day ago

    Millenials should focus on their hair and leave the cooking to competent adults.

  • dexedes 3
    dexedes 3 Day ago

    i got mad again watching these videos >:C

  • Young Me
    Young Me Day ago

    Step sis be like 0:12

  • Luna Al bast
    Luna Al bast Day ago

    you’re kidding i knew how to grill a burger at 10 💀

  • Valdoz
    Valdoz 2 days ago

    No one:
    Absolutely No one:
    Roblox: *cheeseburger*

  • Shiu Kuan Gan
    Shiu Kuan Gan 2 days ago

    people tht use the same gloves for handling the raw patty and the vooked patty triggered gordan ramram

    RYDER HOGAN 2 days ago

    All these people must not be from America!! Everybody knows how to cook a burger. A 5 year old can make a better burger than them!! That’s a fact

  • Gold Face The Scuba Diver

    My mom never toast both sides of the buns wich makes me mad

  • Gold Face The Scuba Diver

    I just realized the first people didn’t season it

  • bostonawsome 33
    bostonawsome 33 2 days ago

    It’s so sad that these people cannot cook. They probably just spend their money on buying food instead of actually cooking it themselves. Soon their gonna have to learn how to cook

  • LORD_Jam10
    LORD_Jam10 2 days ago

    A lot of health/food experts say that unless you minced the meat yourself, you should never eat it any less than full cooked. This isn't a preference. With steak, the bacteria can only be on the surface, these can be seared and eaten. Minced meat introduces this bacteria throughout.

  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz 2 days ago

    2 months later, still looking for the @ of the girl at 2:20. Please help

  • Chims Loyalty
    Chims Loyalty 2 days ago

    This is def fake

  • Blaze Wuwu
    Blaze Wuwu 2 days ago

    How do they not know how to grill a burger

  • Skinny god Drew
    Skinny god Drew 3 days ago +1

    Tf is on that black guys head

  • schau dir das an
    schau dir das an 3 days ago

    Why are they only showing dumb amer. ppl ? Like wtf where are the clever ones.... gone ?

  • 5’7 Skyhook
    5’7 Skyhook 3 days ago

    Basically only gay dudes in this video. Where is the diversity. We straight males want to be represented too. Smh

  • Joud Alrefai
    Joud Alrefai 3 days ago


  • Christensen Peter
    Christensen Peter 3 days ago

    Second row is the bestest to be honest

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M 3 days ago

    This is sad that people can’t even make a burger

  • dagger
    dagger 3 days ago

    there is no possible way this video is serious. I have been cooking for myself without being taught since a very young age and I cannot believe people don't even know what half of those tools do or how to cook a burger. how do you not know how to cook a burger? do you just eat out every single day and not cook for yourself?

  • Ctag
    Ctag 3 days ago +1

    *Normal people have entered the chat*

  • LG MLG
    LG MLG 3 days ago +1

    The tuna fish sandwich I had for lunch was smarter than these people

  • TonyGetGuns
    TonyGetGuns 3 days ago +29

    I really can’t believe people are this stupid, this is sad honestly.

  • David Huson
    David Huson 4 days ago +2

    3:27 did anyone else cringe when she ate the burger with the same gloves she wore while handling raw meat?

  • Four
    Four 4 days ago

    i’m 14 and i’ve been able to make a half decent burger since i was 10 like do people not realize that there making a burger not a steak

  • TrackMasterNate
    TrackMasterNate 4 days ago


  • Subhan Patel
    Subhan Patel 4 days ago

    “It looks like it says high on it...”
    no u seem high

  • Luigi Gervacio
    Luigi Gervacio 4 days ago

    Notice how none of them washed their hands after touching raw meat and then eating.

  • EmPlugEe22
    EmPlugEe22 4 days ago

    Honestly, the first 2 minutes were painfully hard to watch. It triggered me. Haha

  • k3gbrowngirl
    k3gbrowngirl 4 days ago

    Is that fourth person Daniel (blackberry grilled cheese guy) pretending like he doesn't know how to grill a burger?

  • daniel bryan
    daniel bryan 4 days ago

    This makes Americans look like people who dont know how to cook, but then again I suppose all American people eat os takeaway anyway.

    NIKDM 4 days ago +1

    We shall never forget when you made a grilled cheese with berries

  • danica withers
    danica withers 4 days ago

    i am 10 and i have made burgers

  • Jona Than1
    Jona Than1 4 days ago

    How can you not make a hamburger???!!!!!

  • Miriam Mawi
    Miriam Mawi 4 days ago

    Ok so, the second group of people are like level 2 chefs that know how to cook

  • cRyptiC_cHuBz
    cRyptiC_cHuBz 4 days ago

    man the live of all these cows just wasted and thrown in the trash

  • Danny The Dane
    Danny The Dane 5 days ago


  • Sere Hacibe
    Sere Hacibe 5 days ago

    Dangerously rare😂

  • Alexander Gilles
    Alexander Gilles 5 days ago

    1:36 ACTUALLY, her first album peaked at 8 on the Hot 100, was certified 5 times platinum with 5 million copies sold in the USA, reached the top ten charts in Australia, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, and the UK, and sold over 10 million copies worldwide.
    So yes, she actually DID get it right

    • Alexander Gilles
      Alexander Gilles Day ago

      colinoscopy your mom did. She couldn’t remember how successful that debut was

    • colinoscopy
      colinoscopy Day ago

      who asked

  • Faze Apex's
    Faze Apex's 5 days ago

    I feel like Gordon Ramsay now

  • Maika思い
    Maika思い 5 days ago +2

    just a reminder the guy at 0:09 is the same person who put blackberries in a *grilled cheese* sandwich

  • Dnlpule43
    Dnlpule43 5 days ago

    so embarrassing

  • Sven Kai Clauss
    Sven Kai Clauss 5 days ago

    People that couldn't even make a burger

  • Bobby Harper
    Bobby Harper 5 days ago

    These....these are the people that get to vote for president?

  • shsleo
    shsleo 6 days ago

    it cant be real, how people dont know how to grill a burguer

  • My Username
    My Username 6 days ago

    These people cooking burgers is the equivalent of me doing a test

  • StarkillerGoose
    StarkillerGoose 6 days ago

    50 people try find toilet paper in Walmart

  • BigDippas
    BigDippas 6 days ago

    Theres people who cant cook, and theres some of these swamp creatures who are so terrible at doing a menial task its pathetic.

  • Wrath-
    Wrath- 6 days ago

    this is so bad, bunch of casuals

  • Mike Liang
    Mike Liang 6 days ago

    is emily a home cook now??

  • Mark Scheifele
    Mark Scheifele 7 days ago

    2:36 he looks like Jorge Masvidal just with shorter hair

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher 7 days ago

    "The cheese is melted to the plate"

    im dyin call 911

  • Perfect Salad
    Perfect Salad 7 days ago

    This has to be hammed up. If you've even seen a picture of a burger, you know how to make a half decent patty.

  • Anti-Justin Y.
    Anti-Justin Y. 7 days ago +2

    I'm so proud of Emily! She did it! Let's go

  • Anti-Justin Y.
    Anti-Justin Y. 7 days ago +5

    2:06 and i thought Daniel was level 2 chef?

  • ahmet aksoy
    ahmet aksoy 8 days ago

    Kinda explains why americans got trump for president

  • ComedyMan
    ComedyMan 8 days ago

    This.................... this is just stupid

  • Taylor Hasal
    Taylor Hasal 8 days ago


  • mechadoggy
    mechadoggy 8 days ago +4

    3:14 “I’ve got a reputation for liking ketchup, more than other people like ketchup” - Emily

  • Cbass Is bot
    Cbass Is bot 8 days ago

    1:42 he was looking like he is making carne asada

  • Feedekaiser _
    Feedekaiser _ 8 days ago

    If these people are left on an island with the same set up half of them would die... this is how you cleanse the gene pool