Top 10 most Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes in the World

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Thousands of lives lost, #mysterious inhabitants-poisonous #lakes are just about the most mystical and eerie bodies of water of our planet. Even placid lakes with crystal-clear water sometimes conceal deadly threats for those who decide plunge in for a swim or even set up camp on the shore. Hello everyone, and welcome to channel “Top 5, Top 10”. Get ready for the #top 10 most Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes in the World.
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  • Top-5 Top-10
    Top-5 Top-10  3 months ago +356

    👉 Number 2 BOILING LAKE is in DOMINICA and NOT the Dominican Republic. Sorry for the mistake (
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    • Stalker Steve
      Stalker Steve 16 hours ago

      P.S Lake Michigan is on the other side of the state.. not on the Canada side

    • Truly FANFUKINTASTIK forever
      Truly FANFUKINTASTIK forever 2 days ago

      Water actually kills more living creatures than a SERIAL KILLER..
      Ted Bundy is probably turning in his grave ☠️☠️

  • vivaldi -ett
    vivaldi -ett Hour ago

    Sounds like the devil does do his work on earth taking lives all over God Bless them

  • Ron theHuman
    Ron theHuman 3 hours ago


  • frederick taylor
    frederick taylor 6 hours ago

    Six is butiful

  • Breezy's Kitchen
    Breezy's Kitchen 7 hours ago

    Dang, Russia has a lot of horrifying lakes.

  • angelina xoxo
    angelina xoxo 10 hours ago

    0:48 she dead lmao

  • Sam T
    Sam T 18 hours ago

    The reason why so many of these lakes are in Russia is simple. High volcanic activity buried by snow melt, the only reason you don't see this in other places such as Canada is due to the limited volcanic activity in the country.

  • Fae Phillips
    Fae Phillips 21 hour ago

    So what other bodies of water are constantly feeding the boiling water!?
    Cause you can't boil for that long and still have water left.

  • Collins Saruchera

    You are the best narrator

  • liza carlsen
    liza carlsen Day ago

    Thank u for sharing. Very educational.

  • edgar2prado
    edgar2prado 2 days ago

    Why is #6 Dead Lake, dead?

    MA DARES 2 days ago


  • Tina Thomas
    Tina Thomas 2 days ago

    I think living a few feet from the lake in front of my house...I shouldn't have watched this video.

  • Jerad Hilderbrand
    Jerad Hilderbrand 2 days ago

    Don't go swimming in russia

  • Let us get it
    Let us get it 2 days ago +2

    Why am I watching this when I have a fear of deep water😂

  • sc3pt1c4L 1
    sc3pt1c4L 1 2 days ago

    "swimming is forbidden" !! in water that is essentially BOILING! I think getting caught breaking the rule would be the least of your worries.

  • sc3pt1c4L 1
    sc3pt1c4L 1 2 days ago

    "the water doesn't evaporate despite neighbouring lakes evaporating TWICE as fast". Twice as fast as not at all is still not at all!

  • Truly FANFUKINTASTIK forever

    Killer WATER....

    Should be called
    Serial Killer WATER

  • Star _gazer
    Star _gazer 2 days ago

    Geezuz number 7 😟😩 how does carbon dioxide flow into a lake? man how do they know this stuff? scientists are very intelligent

  • Kervel Johnbaptiste
    Kervel Johnbaptiste 3 days ago

    Boiling lake is in Commonwealth of Dominica and not Dominica Republic

  • Maranda Morris
    Maranda Morris 3 days ago

    Lake luner

  • Zodingpuii Ralte
    Zodingpuii Ralte 4 days ago

    My lake is dangerous it can drown people if they run out of air LOL

  • Winter Sall
    Winter Sall 4 days ago

    I wanted to see the one on the thumbnail

  • xPoeTiCx
    xPoeTiCx 4 days ago

    So what I've learned is do not swim in lakes in Russia. Got it.

  • Annie Isaac
    Annie Isaac 5 days ago +3

    Why is it that colouful elements of nature presents danger?

  • Lenny Gomez
    Lenny Gomez 5 days ago

    Damn im from Dominican Republic and I did not know that 😂

  • ivana gluvakov
    ivana gluvakov 5 days ago +1

    number 6 is called lake kaindy, not the dead lake. in wikipedia and many other website, it says: The lake is also known for ice diving and trout fishing in the winter season.What a fail

  • Kimberlie
    Kimberlie 6 days ago

    Lake Superior and Lake Huron are the border lakes between Canada and Michigan

  • Big Titus
    Big Titus 6 days ago

    When I saw the lake in Kazakhstan, I half expected Borat to pop up.

  • Big Titus
    Big Titus 6 days ago

    I'll stick to my local swimming pool after this I think.

  • hang dang
    hang dang 6 days ago +1


  • Bober Bib
    Bober Bib 7 days ago

    Look at India, India has a lake of crap that people swim in.Shit and garbage flow in but the town use it as holy site to drink and swim.but there's thousands of toilet pipes are piped in to it it.That means, TB, Hepatitis, other crap disease.That will kill you.

  • Bober Bib
    Bober Bib 7 days ago

    There's a lot more deadly lakes than these.

  • nivesknight
    nivesknight 7 days ago

    Lake Michigan is not shared it only boarders states!!!

  • Daisha Cargill
    Daisha Cargill 7 days ago

    Don’t let a plane ✈️ crash in pustoye it’s going to be ovayy 😂😂

  • Mayra Romero
    Mayra Romero 7 days ago

    Wow 😱

  • Anisha Smith
    Anisha Smith 7 days ago

    I've never heard or seen anyone put grand etang lake Grenada in any videos. Its one of the islands tourist attractions but the bottom has never been found up to this day!! Swimming is strictly prohibited since everyone who ever went swimming there had mysteriously disappeared and the bodies were never found!! Even boats went missing and never been found that's y up to this day noone is allowed to enter the lake!!

  • tom d great
    tom d great 8 days ago +4

    #1 Lake placid.
    Crocodile infested

    • Cody Cannon
      Cody Cannon 2 days ago +1

      tom d great oh I thought u meant FL I was finna be like bih I been swimming there this whole time

    • tom d great
      tom d great 4 days ago

      Cody Cannon
      Philippines bro.

    • Cody Cannon
      Cody Cannon 4 days ago

      tom d great Fr?

  • Jus Tin
    Jus Tin 8 days ago

    you need to fix your facts .....the boiling lake is in Dominica not Dominican Republic...just Dominica!! the nature isle of the caribbean between the two french countries ....thank you

  • Gloria Dunn
    Gloria Dunn 8 days ago

    Wonderful and very educational video. Thank you

  • debbie vanderbeek
    debbie vanderbeek 8 days ago

    I'm sooooo scared...not

  • Kaende Mondila
    Kaende Mondila 9 days ago

    Oshakati scn

  • charamatrix
    charamatrix 9 days ago

    Number 9 is that the scp

    BTS MOMOLAND_KPOP 9 days ago +2

    0:47 anyone going to talk about that creepy statue thing

  • LiberalDStroyer666
    LiberalDStroyer666 9 days ago

    Number 6 is Kaindy Lake not dead lake and i cant find anything listing mysterious disappearances or anything abnormal. It was formed in 1911 by an earthquake.

  • Klarix Klaaloo
    Klarix Klaaloo 9 days ago

    Come and visit lake manaro in Vanuat

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell 9 days ago

    This list sucks it doesn't even contain lake tardicaca

  • robkal56
    robkal56 9 days ago

    #4: a large gas bubble would not turn over a boat; it would sink it

  • Fletcherski
    Fletcherski 9 days ago

    lake michigan borders wisconsin, illinois, indiana, and michigan. not canada

  • Sam P
    Sam P 9 days ago

    The boiling lake theaters in your documentary is not located in the Dominican Republic but in the Commonwealth of Dominica. There are two island in the Caribbean which are named Dominica. One of them is the Dominican Republic and the other is the Commonwealth of Dominica which is referred to as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. I am from the Commonwealth of Dominica and have visited the Boiling Lake on eight occasions so I can identify the lake from your programs.

  • iglan mohamud
    iglan mohamud 10 days ago

    tanzania is the witchest country

  • Paul cock
    Paul cock 10 days ago

    Not carbon dioxide but carbon oxide!

  • Paul cock
    Paul cock 10 days ago


  • 24K InfO
    24K InfO 10 days ago

    Yh yujrthhhuyt6 run 5 tmo9tmob in new 6 tweeters ta

  • 202eyeballing
    202eyeballing 10 days ago

    Well we know where Russia practices nuclear weapon testing

  • Clear Mind
    Clear Mind 10 days ago

    Russia likes to nuke stuff!

  • -Strangrr Thingzz-
    -Strangrr Thingzz- 10 days ago

    The blue lake is actually beautiful. But, you could get the same effect safely in the blue grotto, on Capri. It’s also very mesmerizing

  • Drama Bot
    Drama Bot 10 days ago

    Baltimore inner Harbor 😂😂😂

  • BlueMoon Sunday
    BlueMoon Sunday 10 days ago

    a 10-12-year old must have written the title to this video

  • Ang ganda mo talaga!!!

    Russia.. 😨

  • sydney fleischer
    sydney fleischer 11 days ago

    Great one there,never knew and studied any of this in my Geography major class of lakes much in AFRICA &RUSSIA..would never have known if not for this video

  • rosemarie santos
    rosemarie santos 11 days ago

    Ohh my gushh more on russia.. I'm so scared.. You feel me? haha

  • keivontae hill
    keivontae hill 11 days ago +1

    #7 the earth farted.

  • PapiChuulo Novoa
    PapiChuulo Novoa 11 days ago +4

    Lake Lanier, Georgia USA
    Hundreds of deaths, cemeteries underwater and lost cities below the haunted waters.

    • Will Selesky V
      Will Selesky V 10 days ago +1

      I live right off the lake, filthy filthy water

  • Mark Fleener
    Mark Fleener 11 days ago +3

    0:47, lol what the heck is up with the manikin?

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 12 days ago

    Lake Michigan does not border Canada at all, it is the only Great Lake wholly within the USA.

    Other than that, pretty good video.

  • Cherished Sevian
    Cherished Sevian 12 days ago

    4:50 Hello Kazakhstan. Home of NinetyOne 😊✋🖤

  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker 12 days ago +2

    the mannaquin was most likely a pro danger lake diver training instructor. he resist high temperatures and is corrosive resistant. patient,hes also very patient

  • Hinoake L
    Hinoake L 12 days ago

    pyramid lake in nevada, has killed many people and most there bodies are never found is said to be a holy place by local indians that live on the reservation around it

  • C.S. Enterprises
    C.S. Enterprises 12 days ago

    You ever go to take a crap at a gas station...yeah...there's a deadly body of water in there. lol.