ELDERS REACT TO CARDI B - Invasion of Privacy (Album Reaction)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Cardi B Invasion of Privacy reacted to by Elders! Video links below!
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    Elders React To Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy. Watch to see their reactions!
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    Elders React #146 - Elders React To Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy (Album Reaction)
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +629

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    • Unsaidsteam 3499
      Unsaidsteam 3499 Year ago


    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      React to Mariah Carey please

    • Jaakko Salo
      Jaakko Salo Year ago

      FBE elders react to south park games/movie/serie

    • Zizou A
      Zizou A Year ago

      React to No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande

    • Sebastian Riojas
      Sebastian Riojas Year ago

      FBE do elder people reacts to Lady gaga music videos

  • Crystal Crowe
    Crystal Crowe Year ago +6

    I really hope you will do elders react to the real hip-hop queen, Lauryn Hill

  • Girly Licious
    Girly Licious Year ago +7

    Elders react to 6IX9INE

  • marapopa20
    marapopa20 Year ago +3

    Teens react to "The end of the f***ing world" !!!

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago

    Mariah Carey 🙏🏻

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago

    Please 👶🏽

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago

    Elders react to Mariah Carey please from the bottom of my toes, my knees, my shoulder my head.....

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +2

    Who wants to see them reacting to Mariah Carey? 😂

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      Let’s see how big Mariah was in 90’s. She owned the 90’s

  • Megan Montoya
    Megan Montoya Year ago +10

    I aspire to be the woman in purple when I'm older.

  • Menok
    Menok Year ago +2

    Elders react to 6IX9INE

  • Matthew Kendal
    Matthew Kendal Year ago

    React to Slavic hardbass

    KD VXDM Year ago

    react to scarlxrd

  • John Arnold Echalar
    John Arnold Echalar Year ago +2

    Elders react to Kesha's Music Discography

  • Marin .Victoria
    Marin .Victoria Year ago +2

    Elders react to janelle monáe's dirty computer

  • Mike Cornor
    Mike Cornor Year ago

    Please react to NWA

  • jookster gamer
    jookster gamer Year ago +2

    React to post malone

  • Jack Isaacs
    Jack Isaacs Year ago +3

    tekashi 6ix9ine

  • James Wang
    James Wang Year ago +2

    In this comment section: a bunch of edgy millennials and Gen-Zs who think that this is actually good rap music.

  • Lily Garcia
    Lily Garcia Year ago +1

    Elders react to Tyler the creator or Kali Uchis or Steve Lacy or SZA

  • James Wang
    James Wang Year ago +1

    If they wanna hear good rap without cussing, tell them to listen to NF.

  • Kyel Gray
    Kyel Gray Year ago +5

    Elders react to SZA

  • Jannis S
    Jannis S Year ago +6


  • Mileena Kahnum’s Boii

    Let them react to Chun Li And Barbie Tingz!!😩😂❤️

    BD THE MOODY Year ago +3


  • Qυσтє TM Games
    Qυσтє TM Games Year ago +3

    Elders ....react to Nicki minaj Barbie Thingz

  • Qυσтє TM Games
    Qυσтє TM Games Year ago +1

    Elders ....react to Nicki minaj Barbie Thingz

  • Andrew Polino
    Andrew Polino Year ago +2

    Elders react to Janelle Monae's "Dirty Computer"

  • B- RY
    B- RY Year ago +1

    Tekashi 69 next please

  • Melibearrr H
    Melibearrr H Year ago +3

    Tbh I love swearing 😂❤ if it's gonna be in every song and you know that then don't complain about ittttttt ;-;

  • Kyra&Carmens TV
    Kyra&Carmens TV Year ago +19

    " I do what i like, so i can relate to that"

  • Sergio Escobar
    Sergio Escobar Year ago +2

    How about elders react to Alan Walker?
    Like if you agree :D

  • Unsaidsteam 3499
    Unsaidsteam 3499 Year ago +1

    Elders react to GUNDAM

  • John
    John Year ago +4

    Elders react to Daniel Caesar

  • Thomas Naujoks
    Thomas Naujoks Year ago +2

    Elders react to ghost bc

  • Lukes Axel
    Lukes Axel Year ago +12

    Do it with tekashi 6ix9ine

  • uff, sarah
    uff, sarah Year ago +11

    "i like Eminem and Rihanna better'

  • NxT Stop
    NxT Stop Year ago +3

    Beerbongs and Bentley’s

  • Slick Nick
    Slick Nick Year ago +7

    React to Walmart yodeling kid

  • Esmodila Wars
    Esmodila Wars Year ago +4

    react to roy purdy

  • Mercy Kibet
    Mercy Kibet Year ago +5

    Elders react to KOD

  • Julia McMullan
    Julia McMullan Year ago +5

    elders react to stormzy!

  • mannycliff9
    mannycliff9 Year ago +7

    React to Post Malone Beerbongs & Bentleys album

  • T K1
    T K1 Year ago +4

    React to uk rap/grime/trap music and not your typical stormzy or skeptic pls

  • Crystal Sosa
    Crystal Sosa Year ago +4

    Elders react to Kanye

  • Destinee Williams
    Destinee Williams Year ago +11

    Elders react to J Cole KOD Album please!!!!! More specifically the ATM video!!!!!

  • Nev Aragon
    Nev Aragon Year ago +5

    react to post malone

  • Naturally_Jenni
    Naturally_Jenni Year ago +2

    Forget it, Forget it!!! lmaooo

  • da.real.jayvi
    da.real.jayvi Year ago

    Wry boo

  • Stacy L
    Stacy L Year ago +9

    Elders react to post Malone

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez Year ago

    Can we have elders react to king lil g cold Christmas HOPELESS BOY

  • Jenny Diamandis
    Jenny Diamandis Year ago +2

    Elders react to Lady Leshurr

  • IXZmy DarK
    IXZmy DarK Year ago +10

    Please make elders react to Billie Eilish ヘ(^_^)ヘ

  • Vimier Ramlal
    Vimier Ramlal Year ago +3

    *says I like it to i like it [the song]*

  • amanda hintun 44144
    amanda hintun 44144 Year ago +8

    Why is she going through a guy's phone? Give me a break. Lol

  • Vulzie
    Vulzie Year ago +43

    Full Video Summarized: no swearing in my good christian roblox server

  • ashtyn bernard
    ashtyn bernard Year ago +10

    Cowboys react to Walmart yoddling boy

  • Cryos The Dragon Breather

    Omg the N word :0


  • 93 koryg
    93 koryg Year ago +2

    Run the jewels pls

  • Reeve Langeveldt
    Reeve Langeveldt Year ago +1

    Do a Run The Jewels reaction

    • 93 koryg
      93 koryg Year ago

      Reeve Langeveldt yeah do this

  • Manuel Azcona
    Manuel Azcona Year ago +19

    Elders react to KOD J Cole Album


    Elders react to SNSD - Into the New World

  • Axel Gomez
    Axel Gomez Year ago +11

    ELDES REACT TO JCOLE- 1985!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fye Biba
    Fye Biba Year ago

    Elders react to BTS mic drop remix with desiigner

  • Fernando FT
    Fernando FT Year ago +1

    React to meek mill!

  • Noel Diaz
    Noel Diaz Year ago +1

    Do elders react to orange shirt kid

  • Aimee Xiao
    Aimee Xiao Year ago +1

    'oh sad' moood

  • Kin
    Kin Year ago +9

    3:00 the correct way to dance to Cardi B

  • Dalmita Vidal
    Dalmita Vidal Year ago +5

    React to hilarius humor of Cardi

  • Rocio Ramirez
    Rocio Ramirez Year ago +5

    Elders react to J Cole KOD Album please!!!!! More specifically the ATM video!!!!!

  • taxmae
    taxmae Year ago +3

    There were so many other lyrics I wanted them to react to

  • Shgds Bdbvd
    Shgds Bdbvd Year ago +13

    The “N” word ? Hello ?

  • Martin Cernak
    Martin Cernak Year ago +2

    do one for meek mill thats real rap

  • Kaylescent
    Kaylescent Year ago +12

    I wanna smack that one with the that keep saying to get original!!!! Omgggg

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +5

    Mariah Carey please

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago +1

      Sorry I just want to see them reacting to Her. I want to know what they think about her.

    • heavyspice
      heavyspice Year ago

      long overdue

    • lily bloom
      lily bloom Year ago

      jaijai JD what the hell you commented the same thing so much. Chill.

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +4

    Mariah Carey

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +5

    Please Elders react to the legend Mariah Carey

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      Robyn Minifie so funny 💀

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      Xuan Mauge we don’t care about your opinion

    • Robyn Minifie
      Robyn Minifie Year ago +1

      jaijai JD ain't Mariah a elder her self?

    • Xuan Mauge
      Xuan Mauge Year ago

      Man nobody care about Mariah

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      Or Whitney

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +2

    Please Make it happen

  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +4

    Mariah Carey next Pleaasseeeeee

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago

      Please I want to know what elder gonna say about her...

    • jaijai JD
      jaijai JD Year ago


  • jaijai JD
    jaijai JD Year ago +4

    Next Elders react to Mariah Carey pleaseeeeee make it happennnn,

  • samuel vesterlund
    samuel vesterlund Year ago +5

    Do beerbongs&bentlyes

  • luisa gonzalez
    luisa gonzalez Year ago +6

    Have them react to kehlani please!!!

  • Jeff Paterson
    Jeff Paterson Year ago +9

    They should react to beerbongs and bentleys

  • miniminer
    miniminer Year ago +9

    React to j Cole

  • miniminer
    miniminer Year ago +6

    J Cole

  • mullah daddy
    mullah daddy Year ago

    gusi bamms

  • Raven Wu
    Raven Wu Year ago +11

    do beerbongs&bentleys reaction!

  • Bri A
    Bri A Year ago +3

    @9:51 Me 😭

  • Anastaciacl18
    Anastaciacl18 Year ago +11

    The only songs i like in her album : Be careful, Bodak Yellow, I DO, I like it , Bartier Cardi .

    • Anastaciacl18
      Anastaciacl18 Year ago

      Jayden Simmons omgosh thank you !

    • Jayden Simmons
      Jayden Simmons Year ago

      Yellow Bodak🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Billie Gang
      Billie Gang Year ago

      Anastaciacl18 I agree

    • Anastaciacl18
      Anastaciacl18 Year ago

      Hrefna Runarsdottir yes the rest of the songs were repetitive only theses are good

    • Billie Gang
      Billie Gang Year ago +1

      Anastaciacl18 Yeah, I love her music but I was surprised that I didn’t like her album more than I did :((

  • Anastaciacl18
    Anastaciacl18 Year ago +1

    I love katherine

  • Theresa Eckhardt
    Theresa Eckhardt Year ago

    The two guys in the red shirts were so funny

  • Anastaciacl18
    Anastaciacl18 Year ago +1

    The beat is good - Says everyone

  • Anoneemouse
    Anoneemouse Year ago +3

    3:40 is me everytime I try out a Cardi B song

  • Anastaciacl18
    Anastaciacl18 Year ago

    yessssssssss cardi

  • Membersonly
    Membersonly Year ago

    Me: 10:01

  • Mulan szechuan Teriyaki nugget dipping sauce

    Card in makes music for people who think talking louder is winning the argument

    • Anastaciacl18
      Anastaciacl18 Year ago +4

      Cardi haters can't even spell cardi lmao , i don't even speak english as my first language and i'm doing better than a lot of people

  • mannycliff9
    mannycliff9 Year ago +4

    Elders react to Beerbongs & Bentleys!!!!!

    TROP1SEA Year ago

    They all like the beat😂

  • Damn Man
    Damn Man Year ago

    Rock knows what real music is :)

  • Mohamed Latreche
    Mohamed Latreche Year ago +10

    Please Do elders react to j cole kod (album reaction)

  • MsToshi1990
    MsToshi1990 Year ago +1

    Rock is just not into it D: