Beyblade Burst GT Fumyia vs Delta Episode 23 24 Wizard Fafnir vs Venom Diabolos


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  • Zik Pacana
    Zik Pacana 10 hours ago

    He acts just like Joshua

  • Hype Barlon302
    Hype Barlon302 23 hours ago

    I like fumiya but he is not as cool as free

  • wizard fafnir
    wizard fafnir 4 days ago

    My worst match I make ever why did I lose to these beyblades

  • Tracy Huang
    Tracy Huang 5 days ago +1

    The rap

  • Miguel Angel Aguilera Gutierez

    Yo tengo el bey de al diablos

  • Mr. hax619
    Mr. hax619 6 days ago

    The songs suck

  • Pastagetti _911
    Pastagetti _911 9 days ago

    Anyway I am an bey additct

  • Hardy Gacha life
    Hardy Gacha life 9 days ago

    R.I.P fifnar lol

    LIGHTNING BOLT 10 days ago +1

    When I finally get to the sad part when wizard fafnir loses creator makes the strongest fafnirs and all the beybladers have more friends ha

      LIGHTNING BOLT 10 days ago +1

      I hate wizard fafnir and new free de la Hoya I like the old ones

  • kevin studio gamer tv
    kevin studio gamer tv 10 days ago

    Best Video dude!

  • Kyro zero XV
    Kyro zero XV 11 days ago

    Free is more betters than fumiya who agree

  • Oscar Abraham Araujo Aguilar

    Que perdón fanir

    SAD_ TYLER! 15 days ago

    Delta is like phi

    • Matt Sniping
      Matt Sniping 13 days ago

      *but he did not Destroy the Beyblade he made it lost*

  • Rodrigo Iván Beristain Hernández

    No me gustó ese episodio eso no se vale en los Bley Bley

  • AyoJeff
    AyoJeff 16 days ago

    A nerd who loss his glasses and his bey

    • Tajuana Burch
      Tajuana Burch 13 days ago

      I really love your channel so make sure you give me a leg on my channel called Ty is the

  • avince 27
    avince 27 17 days ago

    Fumiya is too cocky in 0.22

  • Dmytro Seleznyov
    Dmytro Seleznyov 18 days ago

    крута ти майу песньу лубимайу ставил

    ADAM’S MASTER 20 days ago


  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva 21 day ago +1

    Que pica wizard fafnir vs venom diabolos

  • Nathan Syndergaard
    Nathan Syndergaard 22 days ago +1

    go to 0:17 (donkey in the house)

  • Azariah Stephen Dela Cruz

    Did Fumiya just copy the bey of Free

  • vini120411
    vini120411 25 days ago


  • Geometry Dash Rafa
    Geometry Dash Rafa 26 days ago +7

    Fumyia looks like the second Joshua

  • Aleksa Dencic
    Aleksa Dencic 26 days ago +1

    What's music

  • billgateforever
    billgateforever 26 days ago +1

    Like Im fine with Fumiya, he's just disappointing

  • José Vargas
    José Vargas 26 days ago +2

    This is a good song I love the way it has the a good songs

    • joceline diego
      joceline diego 23 days ago

      It just sounds really good

    • Ayano Aishi
      Ayano Aishi 25 days ago

      Bruh this song is trash you probably just think its cool because the cussing

  • Aiga beyblade 321
    Aiga beyblade 321 27 days ago +1

    No one can beat me

  • Aiga beyblade 321
    Aiga beyblade 321 27 days ago

    Let it rip

  • Aiga beyblade 321
    Aiga beyblade 321 27 days ago


  • Antonio Johnson
    Antonio Johnson 28 days ago

    this is the best vid

  • roy hampton
    roy hampton 28 days ago +4

    They should've brought free back js

  • Anouchka Anouchka
    Anouchka Anouchka Month ago +1

    💀🧙‍♂️Wizard fafnir dead

  • AN - 04BL - Huttonville PS (1530)

    gensiss ad strike valkrie

  • hello friend
    hello friend Month ago +5

    2:37 lol

  • Rohayna Comaradang
    Rohayna Comaradang Month ago +3

    Can you make the story how did fumiya got wizard fafnir

    • Deez Nutz
      Deez Nutz 29 days ago

      I think Free is... Fumiya's father(i jjst say this cuz I dunno)(also say this because he looks similar to free)

  • CSYON ツ
    CSYON ツ Month ago

    whats the song?

  • danceing bros
    danceing bros Month ago

    This music is cringey

    • Anouchka Anouchka
      Anouchka Anouchka Month ago

  • Alessio Favata
    Alessio Favata Month ago


  • Gerry Verano
    Gerry Verano Month ago +1

    Venom Diablo say kagebunshin x2

  • 「FrostyDino」
    「FrostyDino」 Month ago

    бля как я смеюсь

  • Ace Diablo
    Ace Diablo Month ago

    Ты молодец запилил мою любимую песню!

  • Wisketrabbits Plush official

    This isn’t music it’s just noise (the second song though THATS MAH SHIT BRUTHA YYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!)

    NAGIBATOR Month ago +5

    0:13 ярик бочок потик

  • anje lized
    anje lized Month ago +2

    i like that beyblade

  • Paula Castro
    Paula Castro Month ago +3

    He copi free bey and free wode have one

    • Wisketrabbits Plush official
      Wisketrabbits Plush official Month ago

      Plus your grammar is horrible......what you meant to say was (he copied free’s bey and free doesn’t have one now) not true he has Geist fafnir still calm down

    • Wisketrabbits Plush official
      Wisketrabbits Plush official Month ago +1

      Paula Castro no he’s basically a descendent of free so free passes fafnir down to him (everyone and I mean EVERYONE will be in the next season of GT look it up)

  • Mucio Domingo
    Mucio Domingo Month ago +1

    This song is really good after I sing it in my ibas and my phone

  • Eliel Velazquez
    Eliel Velazquez Month ago

    No me gusto

  • Żik For live
    Żik For live Month ago

    Скачевай ролик з нормальной музокой

  • Maximiliano sushs6sgh6zhw

    No escribió bien Fumiya

  • Daisy Garcia
    Daisy Garcia Month ago +3

    Song Is called mercury by ghostmane

  • laurentiu constantin

    No mi heart 03:21

  • Arujun Nadarasa
    Arujun Nadarasa Month ago +1


  • Rhythm 101
    Rhythm 101 Month ago +19

    0:31 wAIT WHAA-

  • BixGamer Li
    BixGamer Li Month ago +1


  • BEYBLADE de pana chile de pana

    La canción no le pega nada al video vali callampa aweonao

  • Менче Јолеска

    Love you video

  • Iara Ferreira
    Iara Ferreira Month ago