Lindsey Stirling - Into The Woods Medley

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Made in Everdream

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Длительность: 2:49
Комментарии: 3263

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Автор Mirka Z ( назад)
Awesome :))))

Автор Zeynep Todd ( назад)
Somg that gold dress gives me life

Автор Robert Herek II ( назад)
you are amazingly talented.

Автор Taija Sensei ( назад)
why did that end so quickly. it shouldn't have ended so quickly.

Автор Don't Look ( назад)
Oh my goodness, your videos always transport us into a magical world of your creation, both with your art and the beautiful anesthetics.

Автор jae hart ( назад)
I want to be as magical as Lindsey Stirling

Автор Positive Note Network ( назад)
This was beyond amazing and I cannot wait to listen to it AGAIN and AGAIN!

Автор TrollGaming ( назад)
The wolf is too cute to be taken as a threat.
Anyways good job! :D

Автор Emanuel Lance Cruz ( назад)
she can play violin , dance ballet and act in the same time , such a talented person

Автор Uma Loka Na Terra ( назад)

Автор Сергей Кугук ( назад)
God bless you you are beautiful and talented girl

Автор Сергей Кугук ( назад)
God bless you
you are beautiful and talented girl

Автор Armine Abramyan ( назад)
My Zahav so beautiful

Автор eryn davis ( назад)
That wolf reminds me of my giant pups (both almost 90 lbs each) which makes it hard to see it as bad. Just fluffy and cuddly, and maybe in need of a bath.

Автор Ronde Novice ( назад)
you are very very extraordinaire

Автор Jahee Song ( назад)
Watching 2017

Автор tony hughes ( назад)
So so good

Автор Koralivia World ( назад)
I've seen the movie into the woods! really mice video good job!

Автор BmXbOy #15 ( назад)
lindsey i request versace on the floor please

Автор Jacqueline Turecky ( назад)
want this song on iTunes

Автор ron gerard valero ( назад)
favorite color: Red

Автор Ammar Yasir ( назад)
can you do a how to train your dragon medley.

Автор Mick Jagger- Lead Singer of Metallica ( назад)
Oh no! Into the woods

Автор Hani Yukumi ( назад)
is there any violinist that are like lindsey stirling? I want to be like her someday😳

Автор Debi Agrue ( назад)
Beautiful Lindsey
I love when you dress up in costumes, I like to pretend I'm with you on somebody grand and magical adventures.
Please make more soon.
Big fan Debi

Автор kaila powell ( назад)
id love to do a dance solo to this the beginning is soooooo breathaking and then it gets into a fun medoly..

Автор AmandaFigureSkates ( назад)
I really want to use this music for my skating program but can't find anywhere to download it from. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can do?

Автор Roman Rumianowski ( назад)
zrobiła na mnie wielkie wrażenie
zmieniła mój wizerunek skrzypiec
słucham jej co dzień i zawsze jest mi mało
polecam subskrypcję

Автор Iguanamations ( назад)
My favorite Musical!!!

Автор m Kay ( назад)
We definitely need a Les Misérables Medley!

Автор The Ramdom Channel ( назад)
xD loved red-hooded linsdey!

Автор Bacde Grey ( назад)
Is the super long hairs your's?

Автор Honey Bee ( назад)
Into the woods scared my whole family.

Автор ThomasTheTinker ( назад)
I'm a guy and I'm jealous of all the costumes she gets to wear for all her videos

Автор Sod Off ( назад)
How and why do people dislike this? I mean, come on!

Автор NICOLE STAR ( назад)
Wow, I just stumbled upon your channel, and you have an amazing talent and gift. I absolutely love your work, I've watched quite a few of your videos, just wow, someday I hope to be just as good as you!!

Автор Mahira Mehzabeen ( назад)
She looks like a wingless fairy!

Автор franz sanchez chavez ( назад)
li li eres la mejor exelente

Автор Victoria Elisha ( назад)
Would you please do a Braveheart medley?

Автор Nuno dias ( назад)
great music i love it

Автор Katherine Swanson ( назад)
I can't believe I just now saw this! great medley! Love the transitions!

Автор LotusFlower ( назад)
The entire thing was good but holy smokes, after 1:37 I'm hearing the music of angels

Автор Kiki Terhune ( назад)
whenever she is Red Riding Hood she looks like Lindsey Lohan...

Автор hana saki ( назад)
I like yuor musyk!

Автор Dale Ella Erica Zapanta ( назад)
Wear earphones while watching and hearing the music with max volume, trust me it's amazing really fantastic.

Автор Feathers ( назад)
Any chance you'll be performing in Portland, Oregon in the near future. :)

Автор bella ringet ( назад)
love you lindsey I like your videos

Автор Allen N. ( назад)
i broke the replay button

Автор That one star boy ( назад)
Was it hard for you to dance with the rapunzel wig on? I'm a huge fan by the way! Thank you so much!

Автор Master Z ( назад)
Disney found the right violinist for this melody

Автор Chris Wong ( назад)
This is more even better than the original version.

Автор Peggy Schuyler ( назад)
If you can, you should do a Hamilton medley or something

Автор Html Christine ( назад)
I literally know all the songs cause I was in a performance for Into The Woods

Автор Blue Døllhøuse ( назад)
There she is...the woman I named my violin after (hopefully that's not too creepy ☺️)

Автор Богдана Троянчук ( назад)

Автор Austin Schoff ( назад)
was the person that listened to heavy metal such as Suicide Silence even further hardcore where no one familiarwith metal would ever understand. I felt like i had a dark personality so I grew very fond of that kinda music. i first started off with Escape the Fate 8years ago as a freshman in highschool. i grew into longing something more hardcore. i went through Fear of Domination even and one day in my suggestions Isaw Lindsey insome black goth-like dress. i listened and was like instantly turned. Some is done just because you found a rythm you truly like. I caught that in on the emotions and seriousness of some of your movements and the elegance in your physical movements. there are a few that I took note on mentally. inthose you poured all you got into your instrument. Bymeans admirable at that. the seriousness and deferminatjon are in your eyes to be certain that you nail it. your stiving for rhe perfection in sound as you play. it is definitelg aomething. it is a artists mentality. i feel that way in drawing. if it doesn't look, sound in your case, perfect to me, you may feel obliged to try n try till that perfect recording. thats what i read, but what doiknow about being a musician, There is technology haha

Автор røse ; ( назад)
This needs more views!

Автор Claudia Erkelingf ( назад)
Good music!!

Автор Stephanie Chen ( назад)
Loved the movie, and I love this!

Автор Iriana Dancer ( назад)
simply spectacular

Автор Yuxmore_5 isxajfa ( назад)
Me enamore de tus canciones, son hermosisisisisiimas

Автор anpippin ( назад)
This reminds me of Kelethin from EverQuest 1!

Автор Zoe Beck ( назад)
She should do a wicked medley!!!!

Автор Skylar 089 ( назад)
she kinda reminds me of Christina grimmie

no se si puedan leer esto pero de todas formas
hermoso video y tu tambien.

Автор Rose_Lover 946 ( назад)
You are so talented and so pretty

Автор Avery Volk ( назад)
My favorite musical and my favorite musical artist.

My life is a little more complete now. <3

Автор Sheryl L Knapp ( назад)
ok, after 2 hours of listening to these videos, i still can't pick my favorite! My daughter started listening to Lindsey Stirling and now I'm hooked!

Автор Madeline Herrling ( назад)
This is another song I wish was on iTunes same with dragon age and senbonzakura

Автор Makensie Is Awkward ( назад)
Can we take a moment to appreciate how talented, beautiful, and amazing Lindsey is?

Автор Gr1ff1n76 M ( назад)
lindsey you ARE TOTALLY MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Gr1ff1n76 M ( назад)
it's so beatiful I'm cry :D XD

Автор Gr1ff1n76 M ( назад)
ohh lindsey you inspire me so much!!!!!!!

Автор Martín Tena ( назад)
Noone is alone 😭😢😍

Автор Tanis Hardy ( назад)
i love this medley

Автор Celaena Gomez ( назад)
I am the only one who thinks that Charlie (from SPN) is inspire from Lindsey?
Bc they look like twins (a lot about that be fangirl and beautiful)

Автор Elora Stark ( назад)
I love

Автор corncutter ( назад)
Who builds a castle like that? Looks really strange with al those bumpy stones. It's not a real castle in Europe but a modern fake one, right?

Автор Jun ( назад)
I don't like this movie but this music is very nice :)

Автор Anwar Anwar ( назад)
I Love this Film

Автор Yuki Miyasaka ( назад)
Not gonna lie, I kinda cried a bit

Автор leo loin ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Siddharth Williams ( назад)
you are awesome +Lindsey stirling

Автор Little_Stirlingite _Ksll ( назад)
The beautiful dress. 😍

Автор Allen A ( назад)
Mercedes Lackey has written retellings of many of the fairy tales in her Elemental Masters series, setting them in the period from about 1890 to 1920. They are really fun for anyone who loves Sword and Sorcery Fantasy stories.

Автор Anime Girl Sunshine ( назад)
beautiful. . .my mouth was open until it ended

Автор Jacob lokalu ( назад)
1:57 R.I.P Wolf

Автор Dimple Prince ( назад)
honestly Lindsey, you could play the pokémon theme song on your violin and it would still sound gorgeous.

Автор Daphne Ortiz ( назад)
just one question dont you get dizzy?

Автор Jeffrey Smyk ( назад)
ugh I wish I knew the notes to the red riding hood part

Автор Yasyfin Andi Putri ( назад)
O' Rapunzel who plays a violin, let me climb your hair~

Автор Bindasss Chinni ( назад)
yaar.... I must admit u r awesome and beautiful....u r an inspiration.... god bless u.... good job

Автор Foodie Kids ( назад)
You really grew out your hair for part of this video. :)

Автор Kaylee XD ( назад)
am I the only one jelouse of her outfits and playing skills???

Автор Alessandra Gibellini ( назад)
grandiosa un vero talento della musica

Автор DrunkenRampage ( назад)
Why does she film her seizures?

Автор Martin Trump ( назад)

Автор Mafalda Viana ( назад)
She looks so cute

Автор YummyBethany - Music, Vlogs, Diys and More! ( назад)
I want to be like you, keep up the good work 😉

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