Weekend Update on Fake News Sites - SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, including President Obama criticizing the spread of fake news and Dwayne Johnson being named Sexiest Man Alive. Pete Davidson and Willie (Kenan Thompson) stop by.

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Автор Ohio Red ( назад)
fuck trump and fuck all white people except pat sajak he aight

Автор DirtyPrancing ( назад)
getting pretty tired that SNL can't seem to come up with any other material besides Trump hate. The politicians haven't stopped giving you material, so why are you being so good damn lazy?

Автор Todd Here ( назад)
Trump bashing is getting tired .. really .. Try to be funny .. Remember Comedy .. Love Spicey ..

Автор chabnormal ( назад)
Kenan is the funniest cast member. I've been a fan of his since he was on All That.

Автор Evera Outta ( назад)
*Alternate version* Survey says the remake of Ghostbusters singlehandedly lost Dems the election this year. Says one angry white straight male "Pepe cucks for no [slur]" in a comment, "smh Hollywood is full of Jews enough as it is, now we have to deal with the man that played a mass rapist Nordic god, in a gender swap? What a beta male cuck he turned out to be." *Transition to Breitbart News logo*

Автор Evera Outta ( назад)
*A massive Christian flag is unfurled over the background world map by masked white Christian terrorists, as Jost continues to froth from the mouth, slam his fist on the table, and rave about minorities that he hates and claims don't suffer anything real, and don't even exist. Real screams from the audience, shots are heard.*

Автор Evera Outta ( назад)
*Jost continues* Yes! Trannies, feminists such as the historical Illuminati that fought for women's education, the Rothschilds and other Jewlords, Muslims, Latinos, reptilian space aliens, and autists and other retard mentally disabled wastes of food, lost the Dems the election this year. All fucking hail Pepe, the 4chan king of reason. All hail Kek, all hail Sargon. *one guy in the back sorta has been nervously proto-laugh chuckling, waiting for the punchline, which never comes*

Автор Evera Outta ( назад)
*White man, on my birthday, and I'm a trans woman* : Trans people are why Dems lost the election, not white people. *everyone laughs nervously at obvious lie*

Автор common101sense ( назад)
"Steve Bannon, who everyone is saying is a racist" is such a slippery way of calling someone a racist without any proof.

Автор Jack The Gack ( назад)
They are saying give trump a chance. (cough) Obama ( cough cough)

Автор India Nicholas ( назад)
I don't want to listen to Kanye period.

Автор jujuandjesus ( назад)
One of the best SNL segments ever. Every single moment is gold

Автор Kyle Stubbs ( назад)
That millipede made my day.

Автор Theodore Rule of Law ( назад)
Oh. I thought it was Dona Brazille…

Автор albedo089 ( назад)
Pete Davidson seems to be a brainless LIAR

Автор deartotheheart ( назад)
Seriously you wish Staten Island got destroyed because they primarily vote Republican and disagree with you politically? That's disgusting

Автор Kia Doll ( назад)
Investigate Olive Garden

Автор John doe ( назад)
I've been watching a lot of SNL clips and keep seeing comments like SNL us so obviously left they hate trump truth be told folks ALL of the Major Networks are biases Left and right Abc NBC Fox CNN CBS that's because they are bought out by onside or the other is so funny to watch lefties talk about how right biased Fox is or righties to talk abou NBC or CBS is left biased wake up people the two parties bought the networks to brainwash you the laugh when u sit there and point out the obvious biases and fight amoungst your self while meanwhile there is a much much bigger agenda at hand time to wake up America stop fighting the left vs right black vs white agenda and really look into what really ails this country while we fight the petty fight the elitist keep getting stronger and richer Trump isn't more than another pawn in the game Pay attention look forward and pray for our great country

Автор Hannah ( назад)
I LOVE Pete Davison and I am so glad he's back and hopefully healthy and in a good state of mind

Автор Matthew Diaz ( назад)
Those turkeys is running a train on your dog Willie!

Автор somekindonut ( назад)

Автор Fatima Mendez ( назад)
THAT Tinder joke!!!! 🤣

Автор Hedwig Baby ( назад)
Lol Pete!!!

Автор erasethepatterns1 ( назад)
You f'n Trump haters ruined SNL.

Автор Poo The Panda ( назад)
My Reliable News Source

Автор Pork fried rice ( назад)
Lmaoooo "its called 'why democrats lost the election'" savage

Автор DreTheThinker ( назад)
Kenan Thompson is not funny at all.

Автор lola bigcups ( назад)
Does that first guy have a facial disorder or am I tripping?

Автор Gundyr the Thunder ( назад)
Pete Davidson is actually the one person on SNL I wouldn't expect to be a Liberal

Автор Soulfox ( назад)
Pete Davidson is the best

Автор bisquitnspanky ( назад)
My standard response to "Give Trump a chance" is, "He was appointed President of the United States of America after losing the election. How much more of a chance does he fucking need?"

Автор Chicken Permission ( назад)
This was one of the funnier shows

Автор Robin Long ( назад)
Pete Davidson is adorable. Staten Island kind of thing to say...

Автор sirjames45 ( назад)
SNL, for liberals only now..........

Автор BunnyMix Meow ( назад)
"I'm so proud of that joke "

Автор R Victr ( назад)
weekend updates are awesome

Автор Treesuh ( назад)
Weekend update is the only thing I like about SNL

Автор Rapportus Rich ( назад)
mother fuckers left eye is bigger than his right wtf

Автор stainkilla best ( назад)

Автор Lauren Freisinger ( назад)
hey jeff sessions how ya like that chocolate pie miss minnie made you racist

Автор Lincoln Bohrer ( назад)
Hey, they said "Trump". They must be pedophiles. Yeah, that makes sense.

Автор metalfan ( назад)
Kanye West can go fuck himself

Автор CJ Nicosia ( назад)
Pete Davidson looks like what would happen if an inbred started doing Heroine

Автор rakim750 ( назад)
This is not funny.

Автор Mongo Swanson ( назад)
What did the prime minister of Israel say? Oh yea President Trump is the greatest friend to the Jewish people.

Автор ThaFriendlyDictator ( назад)
I'm ashamed at how hard I laughed at the Dwayne the Rock Johnson joke...

Автор Sha'Tera Wilcoxson ( назад)
Pete went the hell off.

Автор footballfan8989 ( назад)
when did SNL go so obviously left? half the country voted Republican hahahahahaha. I don't get it. SNL doesn't seem to get it either. there are red parts of the country hahahahaha. yeah if you look at the map most of it is red

Автор timber72 ( назад)
You're not funny, Pete Davidson. You're just bitter.

Автор Chief 1 Step 2 Far ( назад)
they try soooo hard, soooo hard

Автор chiefdancingostriche ( назад)
sexiest man alive, we all know that is keith olbermann.

Автор Cole Hutson ( назад)
Pete Davidson is fucking hilarious

Автор Solo Zero ( назад)
this...was... very funny

Автор Stephen Fennessy ( назад)
I thought Kenan had given up playing women?

Автор Animefreak242 ( назад)
Kenan is terrible

Автор Ausitn Swaney ( назад)
protesting idiots like you

Автор Lil Kayak ( назад)

Автор Roger Todd ( назад)
It's called why democrats lost the election 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Ryan Sullivan ( назад)
This show was good once, now it's just relentless liberal nonsense

Автор Cecilia M. Neves ( назад)
oh yes

Автор Tris10 ( назад)
There's only 2 genders

Автор alvin johnson ( назад)
when are they going to start getting on ivanka!!!

Автор Ray Richey ( назад)
Wow, I'm glad I didn't subscribe I'm starting to think Trump is right about Saturday Night Live's comedy is going down hill. I think Alex is doing a pretty good job with Trumps mannerisms but this bit was over the top. I've been a fan of SNL since my college days and I don't mind poking fun at anyone but this was not even funny.

Автор Counter Punch Boxing ( назад)
man Saturday Night Live has really gone downhill it's just not funny anymore

Автор Destry Prater ( назад)
I remember when snl was funny.

Автор Keith Seals ( назад)
lol he's come a way long since those Nickelodeon Kenan and Kel days

Автор Jack Paval ( назад)
Is this supposed to be funny? i cant tell
I hear people laughing, but i don't really see any actual humor.

Автор iiFallenWish ( назад)
37 genders...the US really is embracing mental illness instead of treating it

Автор sirjames45 ( назад)
SNL is just about unwatchable now. 97% leftist sermon, and 3% comedy.
I just can't watch it anymore.

Автор DRich M ( назад)
ahhahaha Lol Kenan Thompson killed it I may not live a life of luxury maybe I don't have a coat or toenails but I do have something that nobody can't ever take away from me ( Michael Che) what'sthat? ahhah outstanding warrants !! ahahLol

Автор Luke Riley ( назад)
Willie is and always will be the realest.

Автор kanyallhearmenow ( назад)
SECRET GAY ALIEN !!!!!!!!!!! i knew it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Markus Steph ( назад)
3:25 Good point xD

Автор Sarah Leslie-Marie ( назад)
Lol so pathetic you guys. I haven't seen the whole Clinton being a child rapist thing covered once by you. Sure, Trump is whats relevant now, but you've had a few decades.
You're pedophiles aren't you?
Eh, you know what? Im officially boycotting tf out of anything snl. Because at this point Im 100% positive that this show is being run by pedophiles. You're just way too obvious about it.

Автор Joel Ortiz ( назад)
Donna Brazile

Автор BIG BEAR ( назад)
"Those turkeys is running a train on your dog Willie" LOL

Автор Paul Walker ( назад)
Kenan and leslie is funny as hell.

Автор codetaku - ( назад)
This was absolutely the best Weekend Update I've ever seen. I regret not having a TV so I didn't see it when it aired the first time.

Автор Dog Wood ( назад)
I am waiting for a CNN report blaming the Sargento cheese recall on Donald, Melonia, Ivanka or Baron Trump. What gives?

Автор Kit E. Katz ( назад)
Pete is so cute!

Автор carmeld45 101 ( назад)
Love me some Kenan..this was too funny

Автор Grizzify ( назад)
Once again with the same tired, dried up Trump bullshit. i can always take a joke/opinion and such, but after a while the same damn shit over and over and over again just gets old and insufferable. Enough already SNL, hang it up.

Автор imbonnie ( назад)
getting hard to find a funny SNL skit...

Автор Sam Splear ( назад)
Wow another political skit what a surprise..............

Автор Ryan Lankford ( назад)
fucking pussy's

Автор dolphin534 ( назад)
When you get the 69th dislike

Автор cvt cvt ( назад)
Obummer sucks. Trump is great. SNL is unfunny leftist communist garbage. Stick to jokes not politics, idiot actors.

Автор Patrick Nealon ( назад)
You can tell he's high off his ass

Автор southrules ( назад)
Gotta love the stupid rednecks that actually believe that the news they read is real when the irony is that the fake news is the news telling them what fake news is! 😂

Автор S H ( назад)
I used to love SNL. Now that I know they're controlled by the real fake news (mainstream media) I can never look at SNL the same again. They are trying to turn people away from the truth- Hillary Clinton is involved in a child sex trafficking ring- and make us believe that people like Hillary are good people. SNL are child molester supporters. I never thought I'd have to say that in my lifetime. But some of you are too fuckin dumb to read between the lines.

Автор Yugioh Jesus ( назад)

Автор Judy FIELDS DAVIS ( назад)
It makes a difference
The Starfish Story

Original Story by: Loren Eisley
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.
Approaching the boy, he asked, What are you doing?
The youth replied, Throwing starfish back into the ocean.
The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die.
Son, the man said, don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?
You can't make a difference!
After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,
and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said
I made a difference for that one.

Автор Joeey Chow ( назад)

Автор da kween alana ( назад)
i just realized that kenan ALWAYS breaks character at least just a little (and even when he was on all that) but he makes it work LMAOOO ily him tho😂😂😂

Автор Lentro Zenol ( назад)
4:23 Sorry, I don't get it

Автор Appleboy78165 ( назад)
Pete Davidson sorta reminds me of Mike Matei.

Автор Neo The Seraph ( назад)
snl is a liberal clap trap.

Автор apocalypse ( назад)
Trust the government.

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