Game of Thrones S08E3 - THEON GREYJOY'S DEATH

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • RIP
    Credits to HBO & George R.R. Martin
    According to, in the script for "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" after Theon volunteers to protect Bran in the godswood during the coming battle. Jon says he doesn't have enough men. That's when Alys Karstark says she'll be there too.
    "I'll go with him," Alys says to Jon in the script. "The Karstarks betrayed your House. Allow us to earn back your trust."
    The script says "Jon appreciates the girl's sense of honor" and he nods in approval. This entire exchange did not make it onto the final episode.
    In the script for episode 3. Alys again has several key lines of dialogue. When they hear wights starting to invade the godswood, the script says: "Alys is terrified but maintains her resolve. She motions to her men in the direction of the sound: follow me."
    The scene then continues with Alys and her men walking among the trees in the godswood, following a trail of footprints. The trail leads them to a small wight-child, and the group of fighters turn to find a way out. But through the trees they can see "small figures moving with them. Snippets, glimpses of other child wights." The wights descend upon a Karstark soldier, and Alys "turns and runs."
    On the show, she was near Theon in the godswood, but never had a dedicated moment on screen during the fight. However, according to an Instagram post by the actress, they actually filmed her death scene but decided to cut it out for the final episode. Not sure why HBO decided to do that.
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  • Az Blue Phoenix
    Az Blue Phoenix Day ago

    I always loved Daenerys but this scene made me realize how weak she is without her Dragons or someone protecting her.

  • Ariel D.
    Ariel D. 3 days ago

    His death broke me. I would’ve loved to have seen Yara’s reaction to his death.

  • Anscenic
    Anscenic 4 days ago

    Should be: Game of Thrones death scene, rest was a garbage.

  • Isaac First
    Isaac First 5 days ago +1

    it makes me feel good that See Jorah really did become one of the greatest knights of Westeros

  • Date Mike
    Date Mike 5 days ago

    Theon GAYJOY

  • Jacques
    Jacques 6 days ago

    Theon is stupid lmao. Poor attack

  • Waste Hazey
    Waste Hazey 6 days ago

    Theon Jenkins

  • Burak Ayvaz
    Burak Ayvaz 8 days ago

    Lived like coward, died like hero.

  • Leandro Ondarza
    Leandro Ondarza 9 days ago +1

    Se la banco como un campeon...

  • Riley
    Riley 9 days ago +1

    Bran just sitting there like: "Wow didn't know it did that"

  • Timmy Charles
    Timmy Charles 12 days ago

    Imagine in the books since we will for sure get a similar version to the night king Theon defends bran as he did in this scene but instead he manages to kill the night’(s) king ultimately redeeming himeself

  • Timmy Charles
    Timmy Charles 12 days ago

    Was an amazing way to go out but would’ve been even better if he killed a white walker or two while defending bran, RIP Theon you redeemed yourself as much as you could

  • Say my name
    Say my name 12 days ago

    Thankyou Theon
    The fallen wolf....❤

  • Chia Treme
    Chia Treme 13 days ago

    Theon, Jorah, and Arya had the best story arc in GOT. I am still mad at how they wrote Jon and Dany in the season 8.

  • Kieran Brain
    Kieran Brain 14 days ago

    Proper lost is at that death scene was an amazing moment in a subpar season

  • Anthony Ricci
    Anthony Ricci 15 days ago

    Theon was seriously the most conflicted and interesting character in the show. Alfie Allen is so underrated.

  • Brian B
    Brian B 17 days ago

    I had more fear stairing into the toilet bowl......arrrrrr

  • Jack Lan
    Jack Lan 17 days ago

    The writers got it wrong here. His name his Reek, not Theon.

  • Neytiri
    Neytiri 20 days ago +2

    He died as a Stark. Amazing character arc and story of redemption

    FORREST GUMP 22 days ago

    Anyone else think Theon should have killed the night king? He should have stood up and stabbed him instead of Arya coming out of the sky. Arya should have tried to kill him but gets stopped and Theon saves her and Bran. Arya looks in shock as she didnt fulfill her prophecy and mourns Theon. Another one of Melissandre's prophecies doesn't come true so she takes her necklace off and dies.

  • Nathan Jackson
    Nathan Jackson 22 days ago

    The best and only good moment of s8 for me

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 24 days ago

    I alway hated him.
    He deserve that what he did.

  • Korra Satsuki
    Korra Satsuki 26 days ago

    No one ever called a Theon a good man. He was always either a disappointment or “not in the club.” But looking back at the earlier seasons, he was never a bad guy at all, especially by GOT standards. He never ordered the two kids and their family killed, his men did it without him knowing. Theon wanted to give the family a purse for there lose and only went along with the act out of stupidity. He’s a truly tragic character, that’s why he’s sadly, one of the most underrated/loved characters in the show. Also, looking at the bodies laid in front of him, Theon wins highest personal kill count.

  • flimsydildo
    flimsydildo 27 days ago +2

    The only man who looked the Night's King in the face and said "fuck you." The man with no balls turns out to be the man with the only balls big enough to face the Night's King face to face. Theon Greyjoy.

  • Coyote Peterson
    Coyote Peterson 28 days ago

    theon came closer to killing the knight king the jon ever did

  • Angela Mackay
    Angela Mackay 28 days ago

    Yeah who would ever thought Theon would died so honorable in the end he was a true stark he knew by protecting Bran he most likely die and when Bran said he said he knew he was but he ran toward it to give bran more time and I think it did Arya got there just in time so Theon help kill the night king as much as Arya in my opinion

  • kumu pro
    kumu pro 29 days ago

    The real hero of winterfell

  • Avanindra D
    Avanindra D 29 days ago

    Such a beautifully written arc, but I wish we could've seen Theon in the godswood while he didn't remember his name. They're really powerful moments in the book. Not even anything too important, I wanted to hear the tree whisper to him.

  • Matt Beauchene
    Matt Beauchene 29 days ago

    The redemption of Theon
    Greyjoy and Jorah Mormont :( :(
    "What is dead may never die"
    "Here I stand"

  • moodyjenny86
    moodyjenny86 Month ago

    Heartwrenching. Alfie Allen was amazing in this scene.

  • Lefter Mc
    Lefter Mc Month ago

    Jorahs should have said “here I stand”

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller Month ago

    Man this bit when he said Theon you’re a good man, made me cry. You felt it so deep that that’s all he wanted, to finally be good guy and do the right thing.

  • Slow&Low
    Slow&Low Month ago


  • Trọng nhân Lê
    Trọng nhân Lê Month ago

    Dull machete will Go to all the men Theon just kills. I don’t want to give to Theon because he was my favorite character and put an awesome fight and a sacrifice
    And the men Theon kills are all offscreen

  • jimbar kka
    jimbar kka Month ago

    Glorious death of most complicated character...

  • JR Reed
    JR Reed Month ago

    Damn, I never thought I’d say this... but Theon redeemed himself

  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza Month ago

    I wish Bran could have killed the NK with a special weapon given to him by the children. It would have made sense.

  • Daniela Espinosa
    Daniela Espinosa Month ago

    The saddest thing is that Bran knew what was going to happen to Theon, that's why he talked to him the way he did and thanked him, because Bran knew those were the very last words Theon needed to hear.

  • Louis FCNLUFC
    Louis FCNLUFC Month ago +2

    This is so unfair ... Theon died for nothing before ninja girl jumped out of nowhere to save one of the most useless characters in the show ...

  • Smjpp content
    Smjpp content Month ago

    No no no no no

  • Walter The Mighty
    Walter The Mighty Month ago

    Theon Greyjoy died a hero's death.
    Six seasons ago, I would have cheered for his demise. Im so proud of how far he's come.

  • Notorius B.I.G
    Notorius B.I.G Month ago

    For what it’s worth, I wonder if It would’ve been any different had theon just stayed by Brans side.

  • Kai Mckay
    Kai Mckay 2 months ago

    RIP Theon Greyjoy/Stark.
    RIP the Iron Wolf

  • Rorschach Jevra
    Rorschach Jevra 2 months ago

    Well that's a character arc!!!

  • Qcumber
    Qcumber 2 months ago

    Brienne and co get swarmed but are completely fine yet theon gets penetrated by a god damn stick trough plate armor. What a mess of a show and what a shame to let this amazing actor die in such a stupid way.

  • TheReaperLord995
    TheReaperLord995 2 months ago

    Theons death along with Jon killing Danerys are the only two things I liked in this season.

  • Annie B
    Annie B 2 months ago +1

    God, when Sansa and Tyrion grab hands and that haunting piano track starts... makes me cry every damn time

  • Tazrean Rifty
    Tazrean Rifty 2 months ago +1

    One of the best heroic scene in GoT.

  • Tazrean Rifty
    Tazrean Rifty 2 months ago

    The background music makes my body .......

  • Cornchip Universe
    Cornchip Universe 2 months ago

    Instead of the Night King dying the way he did, they should've made both Theon AND Arya kill him.
    Have it go the way it did, but instead of the dagger being a one-hit-ko it should've injured him and then the night king injured Arya in their fight. Have the Night King almost kill her, but as he he' about to Theon impales the Night King on the same spear he was impaled by. The Night King then kicks Theon away and when he turns around Arya slits his throat with the dagger finally killing him. Theon then bleeds out from his wounds with a peaceful look on his face knowing that he protected the Starks and redeemed himself.

  • Matti Fjelstrøm
    Matti Fjelstrøm 2 months ago +1

    Best story line of a character

  • Deer Boy
    Deer Boy 2 months ago

    After a while i watched this scene because i think it is well directed despite how it ended. But now it feels incomplete without the memes.

  • Karl V Redweld
    Karl V Redweld 2 months ago

    sorry but the intro with all that plot armor is fucking ridiculous. this show has failed in so many ways.

  • tanmay kawadkar
    tanmay kawadkar 2 months ago

    Producers: Theon, we don't want you. f**k you! *gets stabbed*

  • Justsome Honeybear
    Justsome Honeybear 2 months ago

    Bran didn’t need to go to the garden, he could’ve stayed in the keep

  • Sandali Dev Sinha
    Sandali Dev Sinha 2 months ago

    Season 8 had so many flaws... Theon's character arc was not one of them.

  • Oyun Ochir
    Oyun Ochir 2 months ago +1

    Theon is the most tragic character ever. So heartbreaking..

  • Ricky F
    Ricky F 2 months ago +2

    In the end, he died trying to protect the family he loved the most

  • Treeman
    Treeman 2 months ago

    This death stuck with me. Ned Starks death, dragon deaths, dany death, jorahs or any other death on the series never came close to the impact this one had on me.

  • DuccMuncher
    DuccMuncher 2 months ago

    Thanks for lighting this up so i can actually see whats happening