At 15 Years old, I Was Told I Had 6 Months to Live

  • Published on May 5, 2019
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  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 11 hours ago

    Me: *gets cancer*
    Me: *gets up* shut up biatch

  • Taels is disappointed in your recent decisions

    "Nothing can survive the will to stay alive"
    -Sonic CD, opening cutscene

  • Nixly SuperJ
    Nixly SuperJ 11 hours ago

    God bless
    Hope everyone lives a long life and to all those people who have lost someone they are probaly living ever lasting life
    In heaven.

  • lord beerus
    lord beerus 11 hours ago

    we all gonna die no matter what.

  • Jerrik Li
    Jerrik Li 11 hours ago

    F in the chat

  • Aurora Balouch
    Aurora Balouch 11 hours ago

    I newly lost someone close to cancer :(

  • SmilesForever
    SmilesForever 11 hours ago +1

    One like is one prayer for him

  • Mara Doles
    Mara Doles 11 hours ago +1

    One day I was with my grandma and we were talking about all of her animals she had had over the years and somehow we started to talk about her mom and dad she started to kinda cry and said that when she was only 11 when her dad died of a brain tumor the sad thing about it is that he died on Christmas Day the day you are supposed to spend time with your family and have fun wasn’t that fun :(.

  • XD Ra1der
    XD Ra1der 11 hours ago +1

    This Made me cry like if u cried too 😭😭😭😭

  • goldenking11
    goldenking11 12 hours ago

    This made me cry

  • Moist Boi69
    Moist Boi69 13 hours ago +1

    This is fake. I'm sick of these channels making fake animated videos!

  • - Dysterix -
    - Dysterix - 13 hours ago

    Ive had a major headache pain 9/10 and took a hot shower then it was pain 0.8 / 10

  • dat boi mason
    dat boi mason 13 hours ago

    I just got to the part that said he survived

  • dat boi mason
    dat boi mason 13 hours ago


  • dat boi mason
    dat boi mason 13 hours ago

    Well... hes dead now

  • Laura Sylvester
    Laura Sylvester 14 hours ago +1

    That was an awesome story. Keep up the good work!!😁😁😁😁

  • Conan Ampongan
    Conan Ampongan 15 hours ago

    how old are you tell me plys

  • just a guy
    just a guy 16 hours ago

    what if you get too choose your grave

  • Winnysteve999 It’s winnysteve

    It made me cry

  • Minty Chip
    Minty Chip 17 hours ago

    These videos always make me cry. The emotion in the narrator's voice just breaks my heart. I see that you care alot about these people, and spreading their stories can help others get through difficult times in their lives. Thank you, Minutevideos.

  • A777guy 123
    A777guy 123 17 hours ago


  • sadiiqoos omar
    sadiiqoos omar 17 hours ago

    I crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😓

  • My name is Magma
    My name is Magma 17 hours ago +1

    Watch a 3 month crab rave video and a 3 month Ali-A intro video.

  • Kamel Shahin
    Kamel Shahin 17 hours ago

    This is so Inspirational for me 😮😊

  • All Capone
    All Capone 18 hours ago

    I cry so much i dont now how

  • KitKahtMyister 73
    KitKahtMyister 73 19 hours ago

    am i the only one that this video made cry

    LAST IMPACT 19 hours ago +1

    Deadpool is an Inspiration For cancer Survivors

  • lion dream gamer
    lion dream gamer 19 hours ago

    Is he alive

  • ZHV. TV
    ZHV. TV 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that he is still alive because who's telling the story? ?
    Oh I just noticed at the end he said he's still alive

  • rednight the wolf furry r ac

    Yeah..........I cant sleep,I'm happy in the day but not at night,I get anxious 247,every time I sleep I have a bad dream,I have to watch RUclip to cheer up but I have no clue what I have

    STMCP 20 hours ago

    Wow I am so sorry you had to go through that

  • Joshua lopez
    Joshua lopez 20 hours ago

    What a fighter thank God he is alive prise god

  • Lil_ O
    Lil_ O 20 hours ago

    99% of comments are depressing
    1%of comments are : BIG CHUNGUS ATE MY BOODY

  • Swiss
    Swiss 21 hour ago

    Doctor:here take these pills every month
    Guy:but theres only 6

  • Elise Call me El
    Elise Call me El 21 hour ago

    Who else got a headache while watching this?
    \ /

  • priya sharma
    priya sharma 21 hour ago

    This made me cry

  • XxIsabelaxX
    XxIsabelaxX 21 hour ago

    these are fake but these are hilarious

  • BaN3n3
    BaN3n3 21 hour ago

    Nobody would wana know how scared ill be if i had cancer and had a 97% chance of not making it. 😢😔

  • Super Chis
    Super Chis 22 hours ago

    thats so scary. cancer doesnt care who you are. my fiances best friend had cancer when he was only in grade 3. they removed about 1/4th of his intestine. they didnt know what was wrong fully they just knew he couldnt eat or drink or anything so they cut him open and found a whole bunch of cancer in a tiny body.

  • TOXIC_SALT -69
    TOXIC_SALT -69 22 hours ago +1

    Ghost me: i got murdered
    Mom: *T h E p S 4*

  • Efrain Calles
    Efrain Calles 22 hours ago

    Same thing happened to my cuzin but actually left and was gone

  • Funny Liama360YT
    Funny Liama360YT 22 hours ago

    My half sisters or just sisters mom died of cancer in 2012 that was the first I saw my dad tear up I was young at the time I thought she was gonna be ok but she’s ok now she’s peacefull we celebrate her birthday every year

  • Nali Elyas
    Nali Elyas 22 hours ago

    no i think th chemo and all the other stuff got you better not happyness

  • Zumi Vo
    Zumi Vo 22 hours ago

    Pray for the gods to save all of the innocent peoples.Man he deserve to live such a fighter.

  • Selolita Wolf
    Selolita Wolf 22 hours ago

    My uncle had a brain tumor.... he is dead... I never met him.

  • Electric
    Electric 22 hours ago

    What's his hands doing there @3:25 lmaooo

  • loa
    loa 23 hours ago

    But how is he telling the story IF HE'S DEAD?

  • Bug World Production Music

    Thank God for helping you. God bless you.

  • SassyPotato
    SassyPotato 23 hours ago

    *reads title*
    Wait. Then how is he telling this story

  • EXtream cooking channel

    Now that it’s June... this boy only has 4 months to live!!

  • Ashton Tabares
    Ashton Tabares 23 hours ago

    Soo sad

  • Captain Unicorn
    Captain Unicorn 23 hours ago

    The truly Deadpool everyone

    HASAN JAUHARI 23 hours ago

    *me IF i had 6 months to live*
    "Plays minecraft every single day"

  • DigitalStorm DS
    DigitalStorm DS Day ago

    I have cancer stage 3

  • Lukasz Walasinski


  • Phillip Bowman
    Phillip Bowman Day ago

    He a warrior get him a medal and trophy

  • Aiden Nguyen
    Aiden Nguyen Day ago

    I am sad 😢 I am crying 😭 he is lucky that he is not dead 💀

  • Bryce Moss AnimatesVEVO

    Me: Mom I'm done eating

  • Super Teddy Show

    Wat if he turns into deadpool?

  • Rogue_ Faded
    Rogue_ Faded Day ago +1

    Im crying this was so sad and inspiring. Every like is hope and a tissue for me!

  • Mythic Sarcasm
    Mythic Sarcasm Day ago

    7:08 Wow Just Wow Honestly That was Really Inspiring I Cried A Little But Still sad But Also Realy Inspiring I Wann thank U for Making dis Vid cause I Havent felt that Inspired and sad at the same time in a long time

  • phil drake
    phil drake Day ago +1

    I was born in 2011

  • Colbytime&play
    Colbytime&play Day ago

    Is this true,or for comic purposes,and did you get cured after that

  • Death Striker
    Death Striker Day ago

    My sister had a brain tumor and cancer she died you can know more at

  • Lets Talk
    Lets Talk Day ago +1


  • Cham Villanueva
    Cham Villanueva Day ago

    Twist hi was ded the hole time lol

  • Skittle Bear
    Skittle Bear Day ago

    this is a good reason why you
    should not bully people,
    you don't know what their going threw.

  • SkyFrost
    SkyFrost Day ago +1

    me: mom i have a headache
    every other mom: well you should get off that phone

  • EncryptMovie484
    EncryptMovie484 Day ago

    This channel is just a meme now...

  • fighter pl jr
    fighter pl jr Day ago


  • Ryan Millington
    Ryan Millington Day ago

    you are a literal living legand

  • Aaron games
    Aaron games Day ago

    1% to survive survived

  • jayceplayzxx
    jayceplayzxx Day ago

    Why are people taking about the damn phone?!??

  • Creative Starr
    Creative Starr Day ago

    Man i love you

  • kaya and mika
    kaya and mika Day ago

    Everyone has lost. one everyone becomes sad. everyone has feelings. We have live we need to be gratefull for what we stille have left and make more fun memories not bad ones go and make more fun memories dont think of the bad ones be gratefull

  • Kitty Cat 20
    Kitty Cat 20 Day ago

    Grandma I mean

  • Kitty Cat 20
    Kitty Cat 20 Day ago

    I have a grama she died when I wasn’t even born I loved her even though I did not know her just her name it was elan but I call her we 😖😖😖

  • Harold Bouton
    Harold Bouton Day ago

    Me: stays up till 2:00 in the morning, eyes are droopy
    Mom: that's cuz of your phone!

  • Traci Alcuri
    Traci Alcuri Day ago

    If you like you will live to150

  • Jessica W
    Jessica W Day ago


  • Screw T-Series
    Screw T-Series Day ago

    I love Deadpool 3000

  • Megan Holt
    Megan Holt Day ago

    My dad had 2 brain turmors which were cancer and was diagnosed at the age of 39 , in January he was given 3-6 months to live and only lived for less than one month

  • Brandon McNulty
    Brandon McNulty Day ago

    1liken= 1 month

  • Gio G
    Gio G Day ago

    Did he die

  • rida
    rida Day ago

    I'm so sorry for you gimme a like for him to live!!!!!!!

  • Clayton lewer
    Clayton lewer Day ago +1


  • datucha gudadze
    datucha gudadze Day ago

    Me:having seizure
    Grandma:u stupid puta get off dat shitty screen

  • AuraWarrior
    AuraWarrior Day ago +1

    I’m literally crying right now

  • Bread_Crumbs
    Bread_Crumbs Day ago +1

    This dude is such a fighter.
    1 like on the video = One prayer for people struggling with this.

  • FOOTBALL game boy

    think god

  • EthanTheCookie Jr

    This story is truly inspiring
    So sorry u had to go through this man

  • Nathan Erasmus
    Nathan Erasmus Day ago

    7:16 he's poor foot

  • John Skead
    John Skead Day ago +2

    So sad :(

  • Ann Crompton
    Ann Crompton Day ago

    i am so sorry that had happened to you

  • ScoutTV
    ScoutTV Day ago

    Me:Mom I’m paralyzed

  • Kessa santana
    Kessa santana Day ago

    My uncle has cancer he is really weak but he is a fighter and u are too he has kids but him and his wife divorsed and all she wants in money from him using his kids as an excuse i am glad for u and i hope my uncle makes in through this hard time like u did

  • ccchhrrriiissstttiiiaaannn Slettevoll

    Im so happy he survived

  • Lamesa Oliver
    Lamesa Oliver Day ago +1

    Me:mom I'm dead
    Mom: it's that stupid phone you have there

  • Zara A
    Zara A Day ago

    Wait of it was 14 months till he dies then how did he get 14 months of treatment

  • Roker legend
    Roker legend Day ago

    It just seems fake when ever someone makes a sad life story, its probably because everyone does this to get views , of course there are some stories that are true but its hard to distinguish!