As Seen On TV Kitchen Gadgets REMADE at Home!

  • Published on Jan 14, 2018
  • “As Seen On TV” products can be awesome or terrible. We put 6 TV Kitchen Products to the test and then made our own DIY versions for you to try out yourself! (Links below)
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    • DIY Versions of TV Products:
    Bacon Boss
    • Pineapple De-corer
    Potato Express
    Clever Cutter
    Chef Basket
    Egg Piercer
    #AsSeenOnTVTESTS #HouseholdHacker
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +409

    Thanks for tuning in to our 2nd "As Seen On TV" test. If you all enjoy these, let us know and we will keep testing and recreating more TV products! To subscribe for more just click this silly link:

    • The Algonquin
      The Algonquin Day ago

      @Cayde-6 Oh, that definitely makes you Italian. NOT!

    • Cayde-6
      Cayde-6 Day ago


    • The Algonquin
      The Algonquin 8 days ago

      That egg thingie is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen or heard.

    • Ayane Yamato
      Ayane Yamato 4 months ago


    • Florin Danoiu
      Florin Danoiu 4 months ago

      So hmmmmm zorgo

  • KlearChristal
    KlearChristal Day ago +1

    There are microwaves without turn tables?

  • gacha boy maker
    gacha boy maker 6 days ago

    This video is like a dollar challenge or 1 dollar budget haahah

  • The Algonquin
    The Algonquin 8 days ago

    Always follow the Alton Brown rule. Only one unitasker allowed in the kitchen. The fire extinguisher.

  • -
    - 8 days ago

    Life hack: Crack a small hole and big hole on each tip of a hard boiled egg. Then blow through the small hole and the egg will shoot out

  • Zach’s Cooking
    Zach’s Cooking 9 days ago

    Am I the only the one who eats potatoes with sour cream

  • ayren killman
    ayren killman 10 days ago

    There is 2 voicers

  • VicMackeyful
    VicMackeyful 10 days ago

    Microwaved bacon! Wtf 🤪🤪

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 days ago

    I guess I’ve been eating eggs wrong I didn’t know your supposed to eat the white part not the crunchy outside

  • Some. _ .Gameplay
    Some. _ .Gameplay 10 days ago

    I tried your life hack for the bacon and it tastes really good. It’s actually cooked and tastes really good but I would recommend putting the bacon s little longer if you like it crispy because (unless it’s just my microwave) it came out very floppy

  • Noob - Roblox Adventures

    If you fill the potato express with stuffing you can also get a pillow.

  • Twitch.TV/GeneralM13
    Twitch.TV/GeneralM13 12 days ago

    Why is there a fart sound @ 9:43 XD

  • Lu Luong
    Lu Luong 12 days ago

    Did you get the chef Mike from kitchen nightmares?

  • The cool k
    The cool k 12 days ago

    We have a clever cutter,now i see why

  • Alessandro Simone Di Matteo

    What cnife wher yousing

  • Mike Gehre
    Mike Gehre 13 days ago

    Tried the potato pouch gizmo. Didn't work at all.

  • Brian Dautel
    Brian Dautel 14 days ago

    "Zorbo the mighty lizard god that lives in the lake behind my house"

  • Swiftdrifter01
    Swiftdrifter01 14 days ago +2

    Best Jacket Potato:
    Prick both sides, Microwave for 4 minutes, Flip, Microwave for 3 minutes, Bake for 5 minutes (optional, makes skin crispy).

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 14 days ago

    The clever cutters blade will eventually get dull and since you cant really sharpen it because it is attached to the mini cutting board

  • PepePoot
    PepePoot 16 days ago

    The baconboss didn't cook the bacon nearly enough


    I love eating the pineapple core

  • A weeaboo
    A weeaboo 17 days ago

    I have the same plates :D

  • Thure Raaskou
    Thure Raaskou 18 days ago

    “Instead of using one thing that catches the bacon grease, we can now waste two plates every time we wanna make bacon.”

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 18 days ago

    I use a George foreman to cook bacon.

  • Master Person
    Master Person 18 days ago +1

    This might help: Pineapple has a certain acid that isn’t good for you, therefore eating too much pineapple (around 2-3 fruits) will burn your tongue. Just something to think about

  • Mista zOgs
    Mista zOgs 19 days ago

    9:35 lol, cut the cheese joke

  • Pawel Oleśniewicz
    Pawel Oleśniewicz 20 days ago +2

    That chef basket is very good for polish pierogi

  • Noah is Canned
    Noah is Canned 20 days ago +13

    For a second I thought he said, “Do not cook for 4 minutes.”

    *”So now let’s put it at 4 minutes”*

  • Mr. Salt
    Mr. Salt 21 day ago

    9:24 imagine you got kidnapped and they asked you where you put the cookie jar and you said no and they start putting this next to your finger And said where’s the cookie jar

  • Vampire Queen Aly
    Vampire Queen Aly 23 days ago

    Oof, I always microwave bacon between six Bounty sheets (three on top, three on bottom) and cook for 3 minutes for 4 strips and they always come out super crunchy. Absolutely love it that way.

  • Valerie Gray
    Valerie Gray 23 days ago

    j e w i s h d o c t o r

  • bomboniera baila baila

    But you have to wash 3 dishes after cooking

  • Random YouTube Videos
    Random YouTube Videos 26 days ago

    5:56 Don’t use a really old or rusty thumb tack as the needle might break and go into the egg and you might accidentally eat it and that’s bad for your health.

  • Rahul Gaikwad
    Rahul Gaikwad 26 days ago +1

    Pineapple looks difficult to use !

  • Just Gabi
    Just Gabi 28 days ago

    That bacon looks so depressing

  • C Gilly Man
    C Gilly Man Month ago

    2:15 Anthony Sullivan

  • Shottoc1 MP
    Shottoc1 MP Month ago

    Clever cuter is awesome

    HAVOC GAMING Month ago

    Just adding the egg most likely would not leak if the hole was ugger because there is a vacuum seal inside

  • 刁远崎
    刁远崎 Month ago

    You are amazing. I didn’t even finish the video but I already love your video now.

  • Benjamin Johnsen
    Benjamin Johnsen Month ago

    1:19, wait a second. What happend?

  • Cynthia Bonsignore
    Cynthia Bonsignore Month ago

    What if I don't want f****** holes in my potato like some degenerate animal that's been making sick sex wholes in their food

  • Cynthia Bonsignore
    Cynthia Bonsignore Month ago

    I used to spoon or a knife and I usually get the shells off in about a second spoona lot easier

  • J FF
    J FF Month ago

    I just use a sewing needle to pierce the tips of eggs before boiling. Works fine.

  • Angela Gonzalez
    Angela Gonzalez Month ago

    i always called that a strainer

  • Flamingo Skater
    Flamingo Skater Month ago

    Yo we have the same name

  • Si-Va- m
    Si-Va- m Month ago

    This show is best to watch just after "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY INVENTED IT " hosted by TROY MCLURE.

  • umovie24ma
    umovie24ma Month ago

    you need pressure and roll the egg on the table...3sec to peel off

  • Brettbaill2
    Brettbaill2 Month ago +1

    He has the same plates as me

  • the sum guy
    the sum guy Month ago

    I cant do the first one because I'm muslim

  • Papacow_225_ Minecraft maps

    Pun City

  • Shane Frey
    Shane Frey Month ago

    who eats chunks of carrot and celery that big? hahaha

  • trucker V
    trucker V Month ago

    Hold hard boiled eggs under cold water while peeling and I always use a plastic grocery bag to cook my potato's. You can put 5 to 8 potato's in poke a couple holes and microwave for 7 min. Works prefect every time.

  • Chev_man _13
    Chev_man _13 Month ago

    I bet the potato one was invented when someone put a potato in an oven mit

  • Geometry Dash Hexocircle

    What happens when you use the baconboss or diy one in a stationary microwave

  • codias britidious
    codias britidious Month ago

    Which product did you like

  • VAfishing
    VAfishing Month ago

    Wats up guys welcome back to my laboratory where saftey is our #1 priority

  • Thumbs Up
    Thumbs Up Month ago

    What kind of monster buys a half dozen carton of eggs

  • Joel Virki
    Joel Virki Month ago

    Last one was for Rollo slicer

  • mathew da growtopian thomas

    Personally I think the core of the pineapple is the best part

  • Tgernos
    Tgernos Month ago


  • Jeremiah Aragon
    Jeremiah Aragon Month ago

    I rather use the 6 dollar tool

  • Ricky Kimbrough
    Ricky Kimbrough 2 months ago

    all stupid yall bitches buy 200$ non hot plate shit go cook on a fire

  • Ricky Kimbrough
    Ricky Kimbrough 2 months ago

    i dont even put a hole in a tattie

  • The relaxing end Team
    The relaxing end Team 2 months ago


  • Forgotten Fever
    Forgotten Fever 2 months ago +1

    So you’re saying it’s more likely for someone to have a pizza cutter then a knife

  • Dylan Tavares
    Dylan Tavares 2 months ago

    my names Dylan too

  • Doubleman D
    Doubleman D 2 months ago

    You are amazing keep it still cool

  • Danix Moffat
    Danix Moffat 2 months ago

    Your potatoes look green... not good, not safe. :(

  • Austin Burras
    Austin Burras 2 months ago +1

    Multiple plate seem like way too much working dishes for me to do

  • It's Donovan
    It's Donovan 2 months ago

    Praise the mighty ZORBO

  • Anna Gilhooly
    Anna Gilhooly 2 months ago


  • JustCallMeRandom
    JustCallMeRandom 2 months ago +4

    lol, "zorbo, the mighty lizard god that lives in the lake behind my house"

  • Lunar Mizaru
    Lunar Mizaru 2 months ago

    Refer to zorbo the mighty lizard god that lives in the lake behind his house

  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 2 months ago

    Cut the cheese