How to motivate yourself to change your behavior | Tali Sharot | TEDxCambridge

  • Published on Oct 28, 2014
  • What does make us change our actions? Tali Sharot reveals three ingredients to doing what's good for yourself.
    Dr. Tali Sharot is a neuroscientist at University College London and the director of the Affective Brain Lab. She is a faculty member of the department of Experimental Psychology, a Wellcome Trust Fellow, and currently a visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School. Her research focuses on how emotion, motivation, and social factors influence our expectations, decisions, and memories.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Alakshinder Chauhan


  • W L smith
    W L smith 12 hours ago

    I want to thank Dolores Canon for this talk time. It has helped me to unscramble what has been happening to me for a long time and also gave credence to what has been happening all my life . I have answers and reasons now.

  • Cefanie Light
    Cefanie Light Day ago

    Amazing, great speech!

  • Bria Thomas
    Bria Thomas Day ago

    This is a game changer. Thank you.

  • Ken Musto
    Ken Musto Day ago

    omg cut to the chase!

  • Stephanie Jo Rountree

    It's all good!

  • jhk0428
    jhk0428 Day ago

    Damn. Elizabeth Shue ages well.

  • John Reese
    John Reese Day ago

    She’s hot!🔥🔥🔥

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    Kishalay Sinha 2 days ago

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  • Eisenwerks
    Eisenwerks 2 days ago

    The body language of the audience after the mirror image at 7:31 vs a few seconds before it made me laugh so hard

  • Instinct Brain
    Instinct Brain 3 days ago

    How do you know that negative habit factor is politic instability?

  • Christopher Hofmann
    Christopher Hofmann 4 days ago

    life changing

  • Designer- Garb
    Designer- Garb 4 days ago +18

    That's how I raised my daughter with encouragement instead of punishment, worked out pretty great.

  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett 5 days ago

    yea, she's about right for me.. right? my friend would say,, you could do better.. very elemental stuff.. .. why doesn't she speak with her native accent?.. I worked one time with a couple of brits they spoke so fast plus their accent I was wondering what language they were speaking.. After I repeated "what" a few times they slowed it down.. nice fellas. brag about how much food they could eat.. I sent them to michelbobs.. barbecue.. next day they were very appreciative.,.. She looks Scandinavian.. but has an Arabic name.. I'm not impressed.. I mean she looks good.. I know the Vikings invaded the Mediterranean and turned a bunch of the Arabic people there,, , , part white.. maybe she just married one.. how does that make you feel Tali? what indeed will she tell herself..

  • Rosario Di Rosa
    Rosario Di Rosa 5 days ago


  • David Reinhardt
    David Reinhardt 5 days ago

    Yes, but it is the system of motivation of the Greater negative that motivates the individual towards a specific positive. You are only speaking here of surface observations of the human motivation and not the system itself. It is right in front of you and you don't even see it!

  • Tour From Bali
    Tour From Bali 6 days ago


  • RunToEternity
    RunToEternity 6 days ago

    Conform or die, is never the question. Conform in increments, just that we know you will never say no. You die everyday, we are just increasing that just a little bit, ok?

  • RunToEternity
    RunToEternity 6 days ago

    Her grandma told her to never lie, never login, never trust experts, just don't smoke honey, and don't hang around smokers honey. You will be way better off than I am. Don't bear false witness, like it says in the Bible. And, now,,,

  • Kader Meral
    Kader Meral 7 days ago

    i found your work way too much into technicality to talk about "feelings" but i still respect it, so much too learn

  • me kerr
    me kerr 7 days ago

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  • me kerr
    me kerr 7 days ago

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  • Truman Lamberson
    Truman Lamberson 8 days ago

    I'm not sure that people care about the future. I'm trying to signal your expression and the passion you have for your performance.

  • Truman Lamberson
    Truman Lamberson 8 days ago

    My negative view on these situations that are most detrimental. We should feel like the forms of practice should be given a guide to recon the purpose in your message. Communication and comprehension today is still the introduction to any required acknowledgement. Any time the mental thought appears it should be made aware at least for the protection of further damages.

  • Eddie Spencer-Small
    Eddie Spencer-Small 8 days ago +8

    I've struggled with procrastination all my life. One thing I've done recently is to start compartmentalising each part of my day. i.e. I need to be doing x at 7pm, so I need to do this now to free up that block of the day.
    Especially at night this helps, because often I would stay up till 3am (often later) just browsing online and doing nothing important. Once I started viewing sleep as another part of one huge (as opposed to viewing each day as separate to each other, meaning I could stay up as long as I liked because it's the end of the day and I can put off sleep for a little bit) that's when everything started to click into place, and I could actually get on with everyday tasks like normal people do. It's stopped me feeling like I'm fighting through the day to get everything done, and feels more like I'm in control of my life.

    Sure, there are days where I struggle to do this, especially if I've broken this new daytime routine by going on vacation, or travelling, but I figure this is because I've had a lifetime routine of no routine, and it'll be a long time before this new routine becomes second nature to me, it may take years even, but at least I know I'm on the right path to sorting out this grave issue of mine.

    • Eddie Spencer-Small
      Eddie Spencer-Small 22 hours ago

      @WALLACE Apparently I'm an INFP-T, and I've looked at the characteristics and they hit home: creative, private, takes things personally. It's like I'm reading a description of me!
      "The true friends of people with the Mediator personality type tend to be few and far between, but those that make the cut are often friends for life" That is me.

    • Eddie Spencer-Small
      Eddie Spencer-Small 23 hours ago

      @Amanda Belms It's getting started that's the hardest thing, but once you get into a rhythm it's much easier to continue with. Also if you can commit to just 5 minutes of whatever task you're putting off (as opposed to an hour), it's more manageable. Good luck. Procrastination is a horrible affliction.

    • Amanda Belms
      Amanda Belms Day ago

      Wow, that's exactly what I'm doing now! Wasting my time and putting off the things I have to do later. I hope I can follow your good example.

      WALLACE 3 days ago

      Eddie Spencer-Small perhaps you should review Briggs Meyer 16 personalities in which 2% only are INFJ.. Rare & Very Typical Symptom or Behavior.
      Let me know what you think. Please.

  • e13373
    e13373 8 days ago +1

    10:35 lady clearly needed some motivation

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 8 days ago

    Oh please: you either accept that you need to change or you don't. THAT'S IT.

  • Dpadrie Arts Agency
    Dpadrie Arts Agency 8 days ago

    Really good info, i work as a therapist and behavoural chsnge is mostly what people are looking to find change in. I find it is firstly individual charicteristicc respond better and differently to various interventions. Social incentives are more impotant to some then others, progress the same, reward however fits most people. How it is communicated and genuine interest congruence and care come into play. The who and why, set and setting plus readiness of a person to not just listen but capacity to hear and sense the gain and reward in these impotant areas. When you can create a win win win senario, understood and felt. Negative behaviour very often falls away.. some others feel loss or letting go is of consequence however, replaced with something they enjoy again combats this ontill the new improved behaviour is installed to become as natural as habitual brain activity goes..

  • meg O
    meg O 9 days ago


  • Daryl Rosenbaum
    Daryl Rosenbaum 9 days ago

    Tali, How can we (as a people) encourage you to promote this concept at the United Nations in regard to climate change? Clearly, the message needs to be re-framed to be effective.

  • Farukh Korchiyev
    Farukh Korchiyev 10 days ago

    Now I understand why simple statistics encouraged me to take more and more steps every day. Several months ago I really decided to change my lifestyle and to start doing sports. So, I installed an app that counts the steps you have taken during the day. Of course, it was showing the stats ( the number of steps) for Monday, Tuesday, etc. However, it did not really push me to walk more and more. Everything changed when I noticed one statistic. The percentage of how well I was doing in comparison to other users. "You are more active than 85% of all users...' it said, at the same time showing the mountain the line where you were in the mountain. And I kept pushing myself to be on the top of the mountain, so I took more and more steps every day. As a result, I improved my health and fitness level. Great speech, thanks a lot Tali Sharot!!!

    AGENT G 10 days ago

    The study is flawed. There is not enough data if college students were the ones who were studied. They would automatically be set apart from the other part of society that doesn't have enough motivation to go to college. And I know a random person like me can't be compared to the doctors because I am not even a doctor, and I wash my hands every time, no exceptions.

  • Azathoth Hastur
    Azathoth Hastur 10 days ago

    deport minorities until things improve

  • Student
    Student 10 days ago

    I'm in university and I keep telling myself "if I procrastinate, I won't get good grades, I might fail, and I won't get an internship, I won't get a good job". I've been saying things like that since I was 10 or 11. And I still procrastinate a lot.
    This video changed my perspective. I should instead be telling myself "I WILL get good grades, I just need to procrastinate less. An internship and good job is ahead of me, if I make the choice of not succumbing to temporary pleasures and focus instead."

  • David Weglarz
    David Weglarz 10 days ago

    "What would you say the chance of having hearing loss?"
    What???? This woman is looney.

  • juan robles
    juan robles 10 days ago

    Reward works temporary but long term the problem is there. All we are doing with rewards is teaching people to escape and not look at the cause.

  • Izaachou
    Izaachou 11 days ago

    i'm surprised she didn't mention the environmental issue...

    SIMON GREATWOOD 11 days ago

    There seem to be a lot of men in the audience ,, mmm, I wonder why.

  • Karen Sindall
    Karen Sindall 12 days ago


  • J C
    J C 13 days ago +2

    I would rename this as “How to sustain change in behavior”. Most people need something overwhelm just to initially change behavior. This does nothing for someone that has not made the decision to change behavior except to reinforce the fact that he or she is not like everyone else doing well.

  • Marshemallow
    Marshemallow 13 days ago +3

    Wow she looks exactly like the doctor in Lucifer

  • Afri. Egzabhire
    Afri. Egzabhire 13 days ago

    You try hard, you will fail in most of it. Only Jesus Christ will transform completely to differnet person.

  • kehakasha'n Hasan
    kehakasha'n Hasan 13 days ago

    I think it works both ways

  • Johanna Joe
    Johanna Joe 16 days ago

    It's already done @

  • Johanna Joe
    Johanna Joe 16 days ago

    It's already done @

  • jf tierdor
    jf tierdor 16 days ago

    i totally recognize myself in the portrait she made :)

  • Laura Mejia
    Laura Mejia 16 days ago

    Luisillo el gordillo abriendo el plátano a la reina del pescaooooo!!!

  • Graham Brown
    Graham Brown 18 days ago

    The value of the conversation comes too late and I find myself switching off before I ever get too know 🙈😳

  • Eyo T
    Eyo T 19 days ago

    Did she say t bones are bad for you?

  • Shock Editing
    Shock Editing 19 days ago


  • empathic purple soul
    empathic purple soul 19 days ago

    She gripped me for a couple of minutes then it became mostly obvious statements ... Well... Assuming the person listening has common sense

  • bulldog2890 gmail com
    bulldog2890 gmail com 19 days ago +2

    I thought the thumbnail was Julie Bowen.

  • Jenn Ifer.
    Jenn Ifer. 19 days ago +4

    I think this is good for a start.. but after hearing a lot of enlightened people, the truth is we should give up this mind games and treat it like she deserves.. a powerful servant, and not play games or rewards just to keep ourselves happy and fake

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse 19 days ago

    This is all so ridiculous, as if intended for how to deal with preschoolers. Adults already have all kinds of wrong mental views on the areas where their behaviors are unhealthy. The only way to stop the behaviors is to change the thinking about them. Education is the number one thing needed. We must break the bad loop. Here is what is wrong with old habit, here is what is going to be great when you lose that habit...therefore for those reasons..I CHOSE to make a change. Then the good behaviors be come habit. We must breakdown WHY we think something adding to our stress will relieve stress. That's a program error that has to be revealed analysed & tested.

  • Koroglu Rustem
    Koroglu Rustem 20 days ago +2

    Wish I could remember which talk has mentioned the exact opposite of her message, saying that we tend to avoid negative rather than attracted by positive one

    • Eyo T
      Eyo T 19 days ago +1

      Koroglu Rustem right I was thinking the same I believe she meant we only take in what we want to hear, because we all know the world loves to watch a train wreck

  • Wayne Moore
    Wayne Moore 22 days ago

    So, if you were being spied on to check that you were washing your hands (SOMETHING THAT YOU WERE ALREADY REQUIRED TO DO AS PART OF YOUR JOB) then you would be more likely to wash your hands.
    Well..... DUH.
    Why do you think foremen and managers exist? - that's right, to check that the labourers are doing their job.
    If it's found that they are NOT doing their job, they would be threatened with the sack.
    Therefore, what she calls "progress monitoring" is purely a marketing man's dressing up of the phrase "workplace snitch".

  • Zroxy Rich
    Zroxy Rich 22 days ago

    Rubbish talk

  • Md Nabil
    Md Nabil 23 days ago

    This video really makes me motivate..

  • balamohan kittappa
    balamohan kittappa 23 days ago

    Really thinkable

  • Olor de primavera
    Olor de primavera 23 days ago