How we're honoring people overlooked by history | Amy Padnani

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Since its founding in 1851, the "New York Times" has published thousands of obituaries -- for heads of state, famous celebrities, even the inventor of the sock puppet. But only a small percentage of them chronicle the lives of women and people of color. In this insightful talk, "Times" editor Amy Padnani shares the story behind "Overlooked," the project she's leading to recognize people from history whose deaths were ignored -- and refocus society's lens on who is considered important.
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Comments • 217

  • Melinda Burns
    Melinda Burns 23 days ago +1

    It feels like this woman is full of BS. Who even reads the Obituaries? And how were theses people not represented? She's just another social justice warrior trying to make it seem like something it bigger then it actually is.

    • Melinda Burns
      Melinda Burns 23 days ago

      @BJ C How is it being racist? It's an obituary. If someone is interested in it then fine but it's about dead people. Kinda depressing. Why would you want to depress yourself like that?

    • BJ C
      BJ C 23 days ago

      I love it when racists get triggered.

  • Lee Charles Prochazka
    Lee Charles Prochazka 24 days ago

    Do you people in the comment section support pedophilia? Ted talks do. Look it up. I implore you.

  • L Jay
    L Jay 25 days ago +4

    It's ironic that TED has one of the most intolerant comment sections in the education genre. Most of the people in the comments are the antithesis of what TED stands for. Sad.

    • L Jay
      L Jay 21 day ago

      John Buffalo I am 97 Bahahahaha, please continue!

    • John Buffalo I am 97
      John Buffalo I am 97 21 day ago +1

      @L Jay you should be grateful we gave you freedom and taught you how to be modern

    • L Jay
      L Jay 21 day ago

      John Buffalo I am 97 And here, we have a display of irony, haha.

    • John Buffalo I am 97
      John Buffalo I am 97 21 day ago +1

      You should go and help put africa

  • Márk Varga
    Márk Varga 26 days ago

    i want to say only that woman can´t speak normally

  • 이쁜이
    이쁜이 27 days ago +1

    She is so amazing.

  • Lee Colgate
    Lee Colgate 27 days ago


  • Lieve Leysen
    Lieve Leysen 28 days ago


  • Manar Alghnamee
    Manar Alghnamee Month ago

    We need Arabic subtitles please!

  • Thor
    Thor Month ago

    Intersectionality is cancer.

  • Wasan Alnahi
    Wasan Alnahi Month ago

    I just hope we stop chaterogizing people with non white skin as people of colour as if we are emphasizing it ,and stop calling people black they are not black they were created with dark colored skin, it's a pity people are chategorized by their skin colour and not by who they are really is

    • BJ C
      BJ C 23 days ago

      So everyone should just deny the reality that discrimination based on these characteristics exists? Are you kidding me? Yeah, no. We are going to speak to reality, you can live in your fantasy land.

  • 1ailAlia1
    1ailAlia1 Month ago +12

    I'm so surprised with the hateful comments towards someone who is only trying to rectify past wrong doings. Please do not worry the majority of people in orbituaries are still white males and that won't change for another good 30 years. We deliberately ignored some people in the past and she gives these people a voice. Not sure why this is scaring/worrying people to a point where they need to discredit her with fake excuses. People who were ignored were mainly people of colour and women so she helps them. It would have been white males then she would have helped them.

    • Luke Miller
      Luke Miller Month ago +2

      As a white male, I think this video and the idea of Overlooked is amazing as, regardless of race or colour, people who unfairly didn't get the recognition that they deserved are finally getting that 😊

  • kebakent
    kebakent Month ago +1

    Why do TED keep inviting these racist and sexist people on stage? It's 2019, stop this nonsense, and take a long look in the mirror.

  • AnimePro
    AnimePro Month ago +2

    TED has lost all credibility as an educational outlet

  • gun wheat
    gun wheat Month ago

    I wish one could focus on quality over quantity. Equal quantity does not equate to equal quality.

  • Yomer
    Yomer Month ago +1

    Nobody cares.

  • Sigeberht
    Sigeberht Month ago +6

    If you are telling stories to shift a narrative, you a are not a journalist.

  • Lay Lobinson
    Lay Lobinson Month ago +3

    It starts with looking at other people and not thinking about them as other people, but rather just another part of yourself.
    We are all one. There is no difference between us except that which is build by human construct.

    • Lay Lobinson
      Lay Lobinson 29 days ago

      @Rob Robi true enough in a sense that you and I for example are fundamentally different charakters, but still we are the same bro, just another human trying to work itself through life. We might use different roads to get there, or use different methods. But in the end we're not all that different. We just want to live a fullfilling life, no?

    • Rob Robi
      Rob Robi Month ago

      Often we are very very different from each other.

  • IvanAndreevich
    IvanAndreevich Month ago

    Hey you bigot, why are you being so BINARY, HUH?! Huh?!

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold Month ago +1

    you had me until you started whinni g about race and colour..just vouldnt leave it and mention all people who get left...just another race baiting dont ytell its all Trumps fault right..?

  • mostawesomedudeever1

    Race doesn't exist it's a social construct. Lol.

  • Lev Marchuk
    Lev Marchuk Month ago

    Looks like the chuds were slower to the punch this time cause the like/dislike ration doesn’t seem as fucked as usual

  • Babii Minogue
    Babii Minogue Month ago +1

    Hello, writing a response from Los Angeles. I’ll start off by saying I haven’t done extensive research on this topic, but off the bat your argument seemed false and misleading.
    To test your statistics I looked at the LA Times obituaries today 08/20/2019 and found there was an even number representation between male and female as well as an equal number of people of color (in terms of their demographic percentage).
    I believe your speech to be misleading and backwards, and while I know there was misrepresentation for POC and women decades ago- the country has significantly grown past it. The only division left in this country is people like yourself who hold on to the misfortunes of the past and don’t focus on the progress our country has made. We have a long way to go, but in my opinion your outlook doesn’t help.
    Also, isn’t it the families responsibility to submit an obituary? Or are you saying the New York Times has a problem doing famous women/ POC obituaries? either way, it sounds like family issues or a NY times problem, not a national issue. Unfortunate that people will see this and think it’s accurate because it’s a Ted video. 👎🏻
    (just my opinion. And ultimately respect but disagree with her speech)

  • neon rider
    neon rider Month ago

    Abdus salam made a name for Pakistan in the world's scientific community. Sadly , because of religious prejudice, he was forgotten.

  • Allen Markham
    Allen Markham Month ago +1

    So who really invented the game of Tennis as it was played in Bermuda? Mary Ewing Outerbridge introduced to the US, but it wasn't her invention, though it may well have been a woman's invention.

    • Allen Markham
      Allen Markham Month ago

      I wish I could delete this, Ms Outerbridge should have been remembered for her contribution - regardless of who actually invented the sport. Women have too long been overlooked for their contributions.

  • Joy Bradford
    Joy Bradford Month ago

    Amy! You are freaking awesome!

  • Ben Verzijlbergen
    Ben Verzijlbergen Month ago +13

    Life must be pretty damn good if obituaries are on your list of how to improve the world.

  • Tom Parker
    Tom Parker Month ago

    White is a color...only a color of all colors.

  • LO V3
    LO V3 Month ago +11

    Because his work as we know it was forbidden at the time, Da Vinci was lost to the world for hundreds of years. He was different and had to hide amazing observations. Mere chance is the reason we know him to be a scientist today. When we stop seeing people as different altogether and begin to see ourselves as a greater whole perhaps we will deserve whatever potential awaits us.

    • Maryanne Quenneville
      Maryanne Quenneville 13 days ago +1

      What a wonderful world it is going to be. When we embrace all humans because love is truly the answer.

  • Kayle Ersek
    Kayle Ersek Month ago

    Just another WOKE person being given credit for basically nothing. Also, if you're going to only read the monitor, don't put it over the heads of everyone and the camera.

  • cinnamon8884
    cinnamon8884 Month ago

    Great talk - thank you!

  • Arcux [Bear Claws]
    Arcux [Bear Claws] Month ago +2

    When you make a big fuss over women "who accomplished something," you are simultaneously telling all women that they are lesser for choosing to be a stay-at-home mother and homemaker. And this is how you destroy a civilization. You make worldly accomplishments and accolades more important than family life. It started with men about a century ago. We'd ask young boys, "What do you want to _be_ when you grow up?" Cementing the notion that one's identity is tied up in his career. Once men had been successfully brainwashed into misplacing their worth, women were next. They were told that they needed to work, think and act like men in order to be successful and "empowered."

  • gamejaw
    gamejaw Month ago

    heard new york times paused to make this comment, clicked to watch another video.

  • Maximus Sparticus
    Maximus Sparticus Month ago +3

    Almost thought this was gonna be interesting, until “women and people of color” that’s pretty much when you know to tune it out

  • Gaurav
    Gaurav Month ago +1

    Which colour is this women?

  • BDHARTMAN Hartman
    BDHARTMAN Hartman Month ago +1

    Great work! So inspirational! God bless you! 👏🙌🙏❤️🔥🏆

  • カミーユビダン


  • 964tractorboy
    964tractorboy Month ago

    Have I ever thought about who created the sock-puppet and what their life was like? Take a guess. Correct. And that's the way I roll.

  • Mihir Patel
    Mihir Patel Month ago

    Like Narendra Uneducated Modi?!

  • Joannot Fampionona
    Joannot Fampionona Month ago +9

    Me: How triggered do you want anti women to be.
    Speaker: Yes.

  • David Hall
    David Hall Month ago

    Amy is lovely

  • HOD0R
    HOD0R Month ago +8


  • samh rostam
    samh rostam Month ago

    I love your way of explaining, I wouldn’t be tired if I watch the same video several times.

  • asheswillfa11
    asheswillfa11 Month ago +13

    Do women and non white people not have families or friends to write obituaries for them?

    • 1ailAlia1
      1ailAlia1 Month ago +1

      They do. But these people do not automatically have a decision power in newspaper's orbituaries...

  • Tespri
    Tespri Month ago +9

    Nice ted talk from a sexist and racist person.

  • hxv thkxc
    hxv thkxc Month ago +1

    Great lecture and stupid comments

  • Theresa Morris
    Theresa Morris Month ago

    What a most excellent job you have done young lady. Your just barely in there as a young journalist (& in a department that most wouldn't realize is a much bigger deal than first though to be) an you have managed to shake
    it up so much. By seeing w/your new young bright eyes where the major in balances were in that department an then showing and questioning others about this . Followed by research for establishing the facts along w/ the follow through as what could an should be done (baby your journalism abilities are most definitely
    an asset to anyone who has you employed or working on their team. You are right an needed
    in this business) so well that it has now already been implemented. Talk about impressive. Now I have never worked there but such major changes anywhere in older established places/businesses can be a very slow (if @ all) process so very impressive you have done beautifully. An w/ such a noble an a deep necessary needed subject to draw attention of both book authors an film alike, , , , WoW .
    Really seriously what more can be said but W0W !
    Young lady you sure are beautiful w/a beautiful 💓 an serious talent to match. W/ such purpose an depth an
    possess what it is needed to be heard an acknowledged in your chosen field for which you are perfect an very much needed in . You are in the right place an at the right time. This world has needed you an I'm very glad you have arrived. I can't imagine what it must feel like to touch so many people on such a deep an growing level as you have an will continue to do for forever forth now.
    Again I say W0W.
    I really can't wait to see what else you
    are going to do to improve this world we are in.
    Forever your fan. 💋

  • Savickas
    Savickas Month ago

    The "New York Times" published in a country founded by white people has an obituary bias? Bottom of the barrel.
    By the way while men and women have similar average IQ's, men dominate both ends of the bell curve. That means they have a disproportionate number or geniuses and Darwin award recipients.
    How about you do something worth writing about rather than complaining about obituary mentions?

  • Inglês da Iza
    Inglês da Iza Month ago +1

    I never thought of that before

  • Inglês da Iza
    Inglês da Iza Month ago

    Excelent point of view

  • Afroz Inamdar
    Afroz Inamdar Month ago


  • Supa
    Supa Month ago +4

    What about all the white men that did cool stuff and still got "overlooked" ?????????? There are lots of very different people in this world get over these identity politics and do something more productive!

  • Stephen Catton
    Stephen Catton Month ago +2

    I knew it would be for women and poc.... Saying things like 'as a woman of colour' makes you sexist and racist. You assume that somehow this makes you different and that you speak for all WOC which you do not. You cannot feel their pain ... they are dead. 'POC weren't invited to the table to make a difference'..... Perhaps they should have made their own table and invited themselves just like the people who were sitting at the table did rather than whining. Love Lace was not a computer programmer.... This is so disingenuous to the person who was

    SAITAMA Month ago +7

    Im colorless and you are people of color.

    • Noob Tube
      Noob Tube Month ago

      SAITAMA it’s colour you dirty American

  • lijon Lee
    lijon Lee Month ago

    history has a way of overlooking itself when writing about
    what is right, and about what really happened!
    The realization that history and what history says
    may have nothing in common with what really happened.
    History is written by the winner, how would history read if it was written by the losers?
    ...and I do realize that the losers could and most likely would also write what may have nothing to do with what really happened.
    How do we trust history as written?
    We can't and we should not!
    So where do we find the truth?
    How do we learn from history? When both omit and lie about it...

    • Big Trouble
      Big Trouble Month ago

      Of course history has been twisted by liberals, union clowns, thieves and liars of the Democratic party. History taught today isn't the history I learned in the 60's, in fact the left has changed it so much even I can point out many changes which are lies. Of course you're speaking out because you and your class mates were lied to by your piers, and your parents were to caught up in thier pathetic live's to teach you the truth so they failed you. It's great to see you're learning the truth, Liberalism is a pack of lies used to trap gullible people into the fearmongering they push on a daily basis.

  • Dank Vader
    Dank Vader Month ago

    People of color means non-white, why do they define themselves as not white? An i non-asian? Non-jew?

  • Benjamin Pope
    Benjamin Pope Month ago +6

    She is thick!

  • Truthful Chap
    Truthful Chap Month ago +1

    In the UK the homelessness deaths are not recorded. Most of the homeless are white men. When you wake up to this knowledge this "Oppression Olympics" of TED talks can be clearly seen to be what it is. Pathetic.

  • tsjoencinema
    tsjoencinema Month ago +3

    Race-baiting has never been as profitable as these days. This is a huge business. Find a random subject, add race to it and voila - get on TED.

  • Deon Van Heerden
    Deon Van Heerden Month ago +1

    Fake New York Times.

  • thoughts&behaviours
    thoughts&behaviours Month ago +3

    Really great talk! Thank you