• Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • The Sidemen take on an outrageous attempt to dress each other in this $10,000 outfit challenge! Who's outfit was the best? #SidemenSunday
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  • Elias Massimi
    Elias Massimi 2 hours ago

    win gang

  • Shakboy
    Shakboy 7 hours ago


  • lopasyolo polas
    lopasyolo polas 14 hours ago

    Jj looks like retarded doctor strange

  • Noelle
    Noelle Day ago

    Josh being the ultimate dad and preventing harry from making impulse purchases

  • Connor Bedford
    Connor Bedford Day ago

    Simon forgot the briefs 😂

  • Everton_11
    Everton_11 Day ago

    Is this the reason why ppl dress up like lunatics in gta all cuz of dis video

  • Lewis Holmes
    Lewis Holmes 2 days ago

    I love PSG Paris

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 2 days ago

    I’d low key wear Ethan’s fish suit

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    41:56 "No capes!"

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    34:13 I don't think it's his clothes that he'll be wanting to tie-up after this, Vik!

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    30:41 "Best" as in "most passable", or "most hilarious"?

  • theyoutubekids
    theyoutubekids 2 days ago

    Ethan looks like a gta character

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    22:30 "Welcome to your outfit." I'm not convinced that that really works...

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    Was that JJ blocking out the light at 16:47? ;-)

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    15:21 What about a Liverpool top?

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    4:44 And I quite like the badge on your arm. ;-)

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    12:23 The trouble is, they didn't *put* them up, but *kept* them up. Unlucky, Ethan!

  • Cally Cox
    Cally Cox 2 days ago

    Tobi and Simon went to the same shop as in if the other

  • koolaidmanboi 666
    koolaidmanboi 666 3 days ago

    Book can't speak at him dressing Josh

  • Kyara Rosado
    Kyara Rosado 3 days ago

    win gang

  • 777
    777 3 days ago

    Everytime Ethan laugh I loose it 🤣

  • player one
    player one 4 days ago

    Why u say dollars but ur english

  • Aleeza Jamil
    Aleeza Jamil 4 days ago +1

    They should do a tinder video wearing these outfits

    CLOVERRHILLS 4 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Simon looks like the guy from despicable me? 😂😂

  • Vansh 8
    Vansh 8 4 days ago

    The way simon led down cracked me up😂

  • hadi zaiour
    hadi zaiour 4 days ago

    42:55 rasciiiiiiiist

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 5 days ago +1

    Yous should do a tinder video wearing these outfits!

  • joshua martin
    joshua martin 5 days ago

    Simon literally almost killed me with his outfit. JJ looked truly like a special bus superhero.

  • Stealthy Gaming
    Stealthy Gaming 5 days ago

    Win gang

  • Sakthivel Prakash
    Sakthivel Prakash 5 days ago

    sidemens, we want Charity Match football again

  • Jason Guallpa
    Jason Guallpa 6 days ago +1


  • Akhtar
    Akhtar 6 days ago

    What the hell is vik doing at 7:37

  • Lamanta Thompson
    Lamanta Thompson 6 days ago

    Sub 2 Lamanta l1

    FAMOUSHAIL15282 6 days ago

    JJ looks like mr satan from dragon ball z

  • HJK 236
    HJK 236 7 days ago

    The worst thing to give to a united fan is probably a Liverpool kit but it was hilarious either way 😂

  • PekkaFN
    PekkaFN 7 days ago

    KSI hooked Ethan up, I actually love his outfit haha

  • Drift Burnout
    Drift Burnout 7 days ago

    Part 2?

  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 8 days ago +2

    At least he has the bird head so no one sees his face in public

  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 8 days ago +1

    Simon looks like AdamLZ

  • Dominic T.
    Dominic T. 8 days ago +1

    Vikk transformed into indian jme :)

  • Christian Morgan
    Christian Morgan 9 days ago

    JJ is kick batowski

  • Nick Renda
    Nick Renda 9 days ago

    Josh looks like my dad at work but bald

  • Stephen Redfern
    Stephen Redfern 9 days ago

    Imagine Tobi in a Liverpool top

  • Zoomie 77
    Zoomie 77 9 days ago

    How many times did vikk say noice in that 😚😂

  • Vansh Chopra
    Vansh Chopra 10 days ago

    Apparently everything vik got for josh was niiicceeee😂

  • Dzhadin Styuart
    Dzhadin Styuart 10 days ago

    Call of duty modern warfare 2 is a good game

  • tobes jojo
    tobes jojo 10 days ago

    why dollars

  • Cerise Clarke
    Cerise Clarke 10 days ago

    simon head look like guy from mario

  • Cerise Clarke
    Cerise Clarke 10 days ago

    for JJs if it was just the lemon shirt and white shirt it does not look to bad. but every thing else

  • Itz Marley
    Itz Marley 11 days ago

    Faveroite outfit is ethans 😂😂

  • Louis KERRIDGE
    Louis KERRIDGE 11 days ago

    win gang

  • Knate Harrison
    Knate Harrison 11 days ago


  • TroDan
    TroDan 11 days ago

    As a man united fa,n I'd much rather wear a city kit than a Liverpool kit

  • Rutvadip Raina
    Rutvadip Raina 12 days ago

    7:36 thank me later

  • KEX Oblivion
    KEX Oblivion 12 days ago

    Simon look like wack Oliver Tree

  • royalz
    royalz 12 days ago

    6:15 yo that shops playing my jam

  • Samuel Munro
    Samuel Munro 12 days ago

    18:40 the grind never stops for Ethan 😂

  • Will Fleming
    Will Fleming 12 days ago

    I'm out here struggling to live and these geeza's flexing - hurts man

  • 1MinuteMemeMan
    1MinuteMemeMan 12 days ago +1

    Vikks shoes are lit 🔥 £60 is a bargain. 👌🏻

  • Musical Mystery
    Musical Mystery 12 days ago +1

    'I hope someone buys me a proper dad outfit'
    Little did he know ...