Jake Paul Has Reached Peak Cringe

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • cody ko yes jake paul no
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  • The Stupid Stuff
    The Stupid Stuff Hour ago

    Jake paul *what kind of person is that he looks down at the ground and says im sorry man*


  • LAUNCHtastic
    LAUNCHtastic Day ago

    Cody Ko: ya know, I might a few vids w/ mah mate Noel on this guy as a joke

    A year later
    Fake.P: ..... Mommy...i-i'm being bullied! Wot do I do?
    Logan: Do wot I do: be an idiot about it and play the victim.
    Fake.P: ... **genius**

  • Crusher X gaming/vlogs

    Jake Paul: cyber bully channels are cancer cancer cancer
    Misha: am I a joke to you

  • Harrison Ellis
    Harrison Ellis 2 days ago +1

    This is the guy who made numerous diss tracks and had a fight for money

  • Shaggy got waves
    Shaggy got waves 2 days ago +1

    Like the comment if you no bully

  • Shaggy got waves
    Shaggy got waves 2 days ago +1

    I have the headache

  • madness user
    madness user 2 days ago

    I wonder why jake paul is a thing when i saw this

  • Javan Campion
    Javan Campion 2 days ago +3

    Jake: "he's not a real man"
    Jake calls him self a man even tho he the one that act like a kid

  • Fuck my Life
    Fuck my Life 2 days ago

    Omfg jake kinda sounds like donald trump sorta when he does the sarcastic voice at the end of the clip

  • Marlon Hernandez
    Marlon Hernandez 3 days ago

    Cancel Jake Paul

  • cuboxy
    cuboxy 4 days ago +2

    Cody Ko: I don't like minions.
    Jake Paul" *i can't imagine having this much hatred*

  • Adam McDonald
    Adam McDonald 5 days ago

    Does anyone even watch him anymore

  • Patrick Berry - skits, paranormal, and more

    I like how the game is run 2077

  • DaBabyZebra
    DaBabyZebra 6 days ago

    Jake Paul was banned from Disney so shut up Jake Paul.

  • Hammond Dio
    Hammond Dio 6 days ago

    Cody Ko is boosted memeulous confirmed????

  • RevoDaMobileKing
    RevoDaMobileKing 7 days ago +1

    “Cody ko is a sociopath”
    Says the one who abuses Mexican people

  • The Randomize
    The Randomize 7 days ago +2

    Watching memeulous reacting to jake Paul reacting to Cody reacting to youtubers

  • Kalani !
    Kalani ! 8 days ago +1


    T R O L L S

  • Maximiliano Liborio
    Maximiliano Liborio 8 days ago

    Oí bruv

  • diablos bitch
    diablos bitch 9 days ago +1

    i think jake paul is the negative one here

  • diablos bitch
    diablos bitch 9 days ago

    it's not even cyber bullying he only the shit he said once not in a repeated pattern he needs to get his facts right

  • H burgess
    H burgess 9 days ago +1

    Please do not hate on my boy Jake

  • Leeroy's Channel
    Leeroy's Channel 9 days ago +1

    Jake: dont shit on people
    Also jake: shits on cody ko

  • Ryan Jameson
    Ryan Jameson 9 days ago +1

    I like how Jake Paul is mad at Cody for apparently hating on people for popularity while his big video that exposed him to the world was a diss track, which is literally a song dedicated to hate

  • Timber TIME
    Timber TIME 10 days ago

    Cody: I don’t like minions and the fact Logan dressed up as one
    Jake: SCUM!!!
    Memeulous: says the one who’s brother filmed a dead body
    ME and probably everyone else watching this video: UTTER SHOCKETH

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 10 days ago +1

    His hair looks like an uncooked hashbrown

    • Abyss
      Abyss 10 days ago

      Lol so true

  • Tile Hatchet
    Tile Hatchet 10 days ago +1

    “I’d bet my house IF I HAD ONE.” Lol

  • James Kim
    James Kim 11 days ago

    I wonder how much Jake Paul is r/wooshed........It's probably the amount of times messy his hair is.

  • Mynti Girl
    Mynti Girl 11 days ago +3

    Jake Paul is a bad RUclipr, but he would be a *great* soccer mom!

  • Punjabi Dragon
    Punjabi Dragon 12 days ago +1

    what video was this 6:56

  • Grace Glover
    Grace Glover 12 days ago

    *Who else got scared when jake used his fingers?*

  • gideon buinicky
    gideon buinicky 12 days ago

    Jake Paul: "He's a big ball of hate"

    Jake Pauls diss a logan

  • Harry Liang
    Harry Liang 12 days ago

    I’m glad kody ok is making fun of him

  • Ruby Clark
    Ruby Clark 13 days ago

    I never knew Jake Paul had a lisp lollll

    BRONX KID 14 days ago

    Jake paul:I hate cyberbullying,i really hate it.
    "Words from a guys who says n word eventough his white"

  • WyB27 500
    WyB27 500 14 days ago +2

    Jake Paul: There is nothing worse then cyber bullying
    Terrorist groups: We did it boys were no longer the worst thing on the internet

  • Concealed basement
    Concealed basement 14 days ago

    I love how much of a hypocrite Jake is, he blames Cody for making childrens' life "negative" when he made all his neighbours' lives impossible.

  • melody balnawi
    melody balnawi 14 days ago

    Jake paul was basically r/woosh in the video

  • WyB27 500
    WyB27 500 14 days ago +1

    1 RUclip weirder sitting on a wall is named Jake Paul lets do a dna test look half percent demon spawn 25 percent hitler 10 percent Putin and 5 percent Angela Merkel

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 14 days ago

    Jake Paul running for president 2019

  • CDA Gamer
    CDA Gamer 15 days ago

    Tbh I think everyone deserves a great channel and the Jake Paul is jealous because I think that everyone has a channel on RUclip always do their own content and tbh Jake thinks he is the boss but if I meet him I would say leave youtubers alone and LET them do there own things

  • Fr0z3n_ be4st
    Fr0z3n_ be4st 16 days ago

    Jake paul sounds 80

  • Josi_sVenture1
    Josi_sVenture1 17 days ago +2

    jake will only fight cody ko if logan does it first

  • Josi_sVenture1
    Josi_sVenture1 17 days ago +1

    jake paul = soy boy

  • Josi_sVenture1
    Josi_sVenture1 17 days ago +3

    jake paul's the type of guy who'd try to bully someone, and then get bullied back by them...

  • RicoReactsToVidz
    RicoReactsToVidz 17 days ago

    cody: i make videos

    jake: im hate cody co blah blah blah he cyber bullies me

    me: mate theres no such thing as cyber bullying surly you would just click off

  • Jamie Stretch
    Jamie Stretch 18 days ago

    How do people with a speech impediment able to host a youtube channel???

  • 3rd Street Saint 69
    3rd Street Saint 69 18 days ago

    Like he hasn't ACTUALLY bullied his girlfriends and "friends".

  • learned pup
    learned pup 19 days ago

    #100% pure waffle from kale using his big boy words and he don’t make shit sense

  • Lunnaru
    Lunnaru 19 days ago

    Cody ko: I don’t like minions..
    Jake Paul: _He’s spreading so much negativity!_
    Also Jake: *Doesn’t go after wannabejoeweller53*

  • Cody
    Cody 19 days ago

    My name is cody....... shit


    5 year old me: Your a bully! I don't like bullies! 22 year old Jake Paul: Your a cyberbully! I don't like cyberbullies!

  • Skinhead Oi!
    Skinhead Oi! 19 days ago

    cody: yeah this video, not that good

  • Flaming Gamez
    Flaming Gamez 20 days ago +1

    Memeulous: I bet my house, if I had one.


  • Rev The Gr8
    Rev The Gr8 20 days ago

    People like Jake can have all the money and fame in the world, but his skin will always be fragile and his balls will always be non existent

  • Orphix
    Orphix 20 days ago +1

    did you watch jeff witteks video? he just takes the piss out of jake and does it for a plug

  • HenryWithaG
    HenryWithaG 21 day ago +1

    When a bully feels threatened by everyone bc everyone is trying to stop the bully so the bully just pull up on a random and say he’s a cyber bully? So who’s Jake Paul going to confront next? Saying pewdiepie is a cyber bully?

  • EsEnternal
    EsEnternal 22 days ago +2

    He is using a script because we all know he is retarded

  • It's called whatever
    It's called whatever 22 days ago +1

    This made me sub to Cody ko

  • Ryan_bidababoi_wilko
    Ryan_bidababoi_wilko 22 days ago

    Jake Paul needs to twist his ankle swear down

  • Amber Lily
    Amber Lily 22 days ago

    Jake’s literally just insecure as shit which I mean I can relate lol but Cody ko is funny as he’s just pulling random shit out of his ass

  • the Kannad of Old Ashton

    does jake not remember when everyone thought he was a sociopath

  • Fin Jobson
    Fin Jobson 22 days ago

    Looks like somebody read up on 101 ways to be intelligent

  • Ender Lad
    Ender Lad 22 days ago +1

    Jake, you insulted a poor news anchor, use the dab to start your day and think your a failure for making 60 grand a day
    Some pilots make 40 grand per flight

  • MK赌博
    MK赌博 23 days ago

    I don't hate u but if you make videos about famous RUcliprs then you'll end up in keemstars video

  • HackatoaPlays
    HackatoaPlays 23 days ago

    5:43 George be like..

  • Brittany Dupont
    Brittany Dupont 24 days ago

    Kodak co:I like the enternet Jake Paul:HES GONNA START WORLD WAR 3!

    • Brittany Dupont
      Brittany Dupont 24 days ago

      The reason ko is co blame that on auto correct the thing that yutube doesn't give me a option to get rid of

  • trxgicmess
    trxgicmess 25 days ago

    The Paul’s are gonna give me brain cancer

  • Xavier Harris
    Xavier Harris 25 days ago

    JAKE PAUL!!! just called someone a douchebag

  • A Unoriginal Username
    A Unoriginal Username 26 days ago +2

    *With every movement and noise that comes out of Jake, I loose 10 brain cells*

  • Aya Sobh
    Aya Sobh 26 days ago


  • Aya Sobh
    Aya Sobh 26 days ago

    8:43 he said “like” so many times, I had to watch the clip twice to understand what he’s saying, all I heard was “Like...like....like....like...like-like” and so on 😂

  • That Banana
    That Banana 26 days ago +2

    Jake Paul saying he's not a bully even though he has made videos in the past calling ppl names

  • That Banana
    That Banana 26 days ago +3

    Can we just forget about Jake Paul and his scamming girlfriend Tana?

  • The Queztioned
    The Queztioned 27 days ago

    says cody ko is cyber bully

    shows off his money

  • Bonnie Ramos
    Bonnie Ramos 27 days ago

    2019 year of cringe

  • Th3AngryPooch
    Th3AngryPooch 27 days ago

    is the era of little t over?

  • The Real HABIBI
    The Real HABIBI 27 days ago

    Leafy was doin the same thing as cody n everybody called him a bully how ironic

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 27 days ago

    Shit up, you just jealous jake has more subs, money and better music than you. #jakepaulerforlife

  • Just some Guy
    Just some Guy 27 days ago


  • AshGeo1
    AshGeo1 27 days ago +3

    Jake: I HaTe CYberBullIESSS

    Me: Then What happened to all of the diss tracks? you made over ONLINE, and all of the rants you started ONLINE?

  • Des Des
    Des Des 28 days ago

    His brain:
    Bullies make people feel bad with words.
    Cyberbullies use the internet to make people feel bad.
    This guy makes me feel bad.
    He is a cyberbully.

  • MyKenzie Roy
    MyKenzie Roy 29 days ago

    Who peeped Jake Paul reading of the screen

  • William Frederick iversen

    5:37 I finally got the context to the meme

  • AdamMcG
    AdamMcG 29 days ago

    The only dislikes on this video is from George hating on jeff

  • Etriton Sejdijaj
    Etriton Sejdijaj 29 days ago


  • zac laroche
    zac laroche Month ago

    jake and logan paul were in my town in centeral Oregon and i have no idea why he was here

  • Kacper Wiechnik
    Kacper Wiechnik Month ago

    1:55 you forgot Logan Paul existed

  • Kacper Wiechnik
    Kacper Wiechnik Month ago

    I'm like cody ko
    I take the piss out of cringy stuff or trends as well as road men

  • Gradh Gaming
    Gradh Gaming Month ago

    Whats the problem Jake with minions?! what the heck I cant believe this.

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris Month ago

    Cody Ko is a little unfunny, but he’s not a cyber bully.

  • Nicholas DeMarco
    Nicholas DeMarco Month ago

    XD there is hate but I don’t agree with jake Paul because he is a asshole xd

  • The Misunderstood Assassin

    *reads title*
    I thought that Jake Paul reached peak cringe when he released "It's Everyday Bro".

  • shortcuts573
    shortcuts573 Month ago

    lmao he has bullied so many people, in real life too. remember the videos of his room mates like traumatized by his antics and bullying? and then did the classic bully thing when they try to confront him and ask nicely to stop he just makes fun of them and turns his discomfort into more bullying because he can't bring himself to say sorry. HMMMMMMMMM.

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller Month ago

    Jake you be waffling bro

  • Frickin Chicken
    Frickin Chicken Month ago

    Jake Paul was on a documentary for being a sociopath lik tf

  • The art Potato
    The art Potato Month ago

    I just like the add

    EVOIIIGSR Month ago +2

    **Jake paul** he’s like he looks down and he’s like I’m sorry man
    **Jake paul** confronts like an 5 year old

  • I pee on your dad
    I pee on your dad Month ago

    I didn’t even know who Cody was before this, but then I checked him out and now he has a new subscriber because he makes good content.

  • Moonlit Daydream
    Moonlit Daydream Month ago +1

    Jake Paul reminds me of those bitchy teen girls who start drama but don’t have enough brain cells to provide evidence for what people have allegedly done wrong 😂😂