As Seen On TV Toilet Gadgets TESTED!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • Are these "As Seen On TV" Toilet Gadgets worth your money? Or should you just flush 'em? We TESTED strange toilet gadgets we could find and the results were extraordinary!
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  6 months ago +1493


    • femaletrouble
      femaletrouble 4 days ago


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      Shawn Stuart 5 days ago


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      AlexGaming27 18 days ago


    • Shark Fanatic
      Shark Fanatic 25 days ago

      💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 💩 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

      SAHIL RAJ Month ago


  • Multi Pass
    Multi Pass Day ago

    Get your ass sprayed like Bidets

  • Aiden Bruce
    Aiden Bruce Day ago

    The water isn’t warm it won’t clean that well

  • Radya Gardian Pranoto

    I’d use the glow bowl as RGB lighting

  • Gail Adie
    Gail Adie Day ago

    I've seen videos of small apartments in other countries where the bathrooms are so small the toilets come that way. And the sink is porcelain, not plastic. Also you don't need to flush to use it, since it is a actual sink that just sits on top of the toilet.

  • Carsten Maynard
    Carsten Maynard Day ago

    Omg can jaboody dubs please dub this shit. PLEASE!!!!

  • 충전수분
    충전수분 2 days ago


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  • Joel Rios
    Joel Rios 2 days ago

    3:11 funny

  • eric martinez
    eric martinez 2 days ago

    Ummm the sink twice doesn't make a whole lot of sence seeing how its not hot water coming out of the toilet. Hot water being key to killing germs. Cold water would just give the germs a bath and build up a resistance

  • Burns My Britches
    Burns My Britches 3 days ago

    Cryptonick better stick to his day job of washing his head using toilet water!!

  • Sub To pewdiepie & mrbeast

    Yo lol 2:39

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson 4 days ago

    You can get a knock off glow bowl for 5$ or less on widh

  • Pave Stiletto
    Pave Stiletto 4 days ago

    Yeah--get a Toto Washlet instead. Every penny.

  • Elliot Schmoe
    Elliot Schmoe 4 days ago

    That toilet light is going to get disgusting after a week

  • Jonathon Hobbs
    Jonathon Hobbs 5 days ago

    The tip of letting the brush drip dry using the seat probably just changed my life

  • WallyAnimate
    WallyAnimate 5 days ago

    5:15 Japan usually has those

  • Ricky SP
    Ricky SP 6 days ago


  • Sumaer Sahney
    Sumaer Sahney 6 days ago

    Dang it Steve

  • TheCruzmeister
    TheCruzmeister 7 days ago

    Don’t attack me. I wash my hands

  • oniT acsaG
    oniT acsaG 7 days ago

    The commentary tho😅

  • PoluX
    PoluX 8 days ago

    And there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t apply that same type of care to you *A S S E E N O N T V*

  • Dion Kraft
    Dion Kraft 8 days ago

    Better Bidets use warm water heaters..not cold water like this one...

  • Henry Zelaya
    Henry Zelaya 10 days ago +2

    I freaking love the way you walk everything thru 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • L.J.
    L.J. 10 days ago

    so funny

  • gotohell
    gotohell 10 days ago

    Skid marks on yr race track 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nasty Angel
    Nasty Angel 11 days ago

    this is the most hilarious!

  • Todd the gamer64
    Todd the gamer64 11 days ago

    10:57 “put me down”

  • Brett Prior
    Brett Prior 12 days ago

    As loosely as that glowbowl "attaches", there's NO WAY it's good for a bathroom where a child would be found. Instantly in the toilet, 100% of the time... promise.

  • Bryan A.Cal
    Bryan A.Cal 12 days ago

    double dragon

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver 12 days ago +1

    These videos truely are gems.

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver 12 days ago

    Point the *A B S O L U T E U N I T* towards the entry of the room.

  • Cliente Promedio
    Cliente Promedio 12 days ago

    I just had dinner... WHY DID I WATCH THIS?

  • Zots TV
    Zots TV 13 days ago

    Why do I keep farting

  • ahmed osman
    ahmed osman 14 days ago

    That’s nasty

  • Scott Biggs
    Scott Biggs 14 days ago

    Hmmm. The video is edited mid-sentence at 3:27, completely skipping your summation of the bidet. Waaah!

  • nmeunier
    nmeunier 15 days ago

    I don't know what was funnier... the running commentary or the lack of craftsmanship and quality build of those devices. No wonder landfill sites everywhere are at full capacity. It's pure junk the minute you open the box.
    A bidet that pummels freezing cold water at Uranus? No woman alive would allow a near zero degree Celsius aquatious assault anywhere near Planet Taco let alone a man's two floating orbs! At those temperatures, my gym bag would retract faster than one of Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press statements after a Donald Trump speech.
    And that terrible sink idea... I'd be embarrassed to market such a horribly designed waste of plastic. People, save your money and spend it on more useful products like vibrators and prostate massagers. At least these items help prevent more babies and controls the world's population.

  • TΩwmaX
    TΩwmaX 15 days ago

    1:26 👌👌👌👌

  • Dan Age
    Dan Age 15 days ago

    Had a glowbowl the thing always fell off when my pants caught it.

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 15 days ago

    Piss in the sink at night its easy, no need to control the flow just let it go....👍

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 15 days ago

    Great cold water up my wrinkled sphincter, setting 5 and watery shit spraying up the Toilet Bowl.....🤢

  • Davey Blue Eyes
    Davey Blue Eyes 15 days ago

    Washing your bum😱 and hands with cold 😖water. What more could you want? 🙄

  • Kyo Edgar
    Kyo Edgar 16 days ago

    The glow bowl is meant for baby's if you're man then you know the pain of the light

  • Zhepard
    Zhepard 16 days ago

    The sink twice idea is super popular in japanese apartments

  • Kin S
    Kin S 16 days ago

    I though it was "As seen on Toilet gadgets"...

  • Gavin Stancroff
    Gavin Stancroff 18 days ago

    “An exiting way to hide your toilet brush”

  • My Wiener Is Incredibly small , but

    2:47 WHOOOOOUU

  • rove 666
    rove 666 18 days ago

    "No, stop being weird"

  • L.D. Johnson
    L.D. Johnson 19 days ago

    Genuinely disappointed that the bidet didn't get an actual use review. No, I don't need or _want_ to see it, but you could've easily just told us if it worked for you or not...

  • Mark Rayes
    Mark Rayes 19 days ago +2

    i mean for the first one we didn't need to see you use it... but a personal first hand review would of been nice before i spent $25

  • VietcongHere2banzai
    VietcongHere2banzai 20 days ago

    Lmao i imagine the sink twice being used with the bidet stuff

  • scythedd7
    scythedd7 20 days ago

    Or you could just put a nightlight in for bathroom....they cost like 3 bucks, dont need batteries and you don't pee all over them...

  • Fierofreak01
    Fierofreak01 21 day ago

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! The Best one yet!

  • sfbgasdgasdf
    sfbgasdgasdf 21 day ago

    Am I seriously the only one who noticed Carl and Steve?!?!

  • Anxietyprimev69
    Anxietyprimev69 21 day ago +3

    Everyone knows Smart Toilets only run at full capacity when you have a GlowBowl.

  • Pokémon Go
    Pokémon Go 21 day ago

    We have the toilet light for years 😂 its really good for exactly that.
    Middle of night, enough light to see enough to find the toilet 👍 5 of 5 stars (seriously, no sarcasm)

  • Fluteristic
    Fluteristic 21 day ago

    Must have ? Three AAA batteries signifying yet another energy hog and environmental hazard ? You are the problem not solution .

  • Amera Swain
    Amera Swain 21 day ago

    2:22 I'm so weak cuhh 😂😂😂hold up

  • GamingwithAlwyn 999
    GamingwithAlwyn 999 21 day ago

    Hope to regard our invisibrush as no 1 not no 2
    Squattypotty: Ahhhh PISS

  • James DeMarr
    James DeMarr 22 days ago

    I mean.. You shit right in his face.. I can't imagine he'd be too happy.

  • Need For Gamers
    Need For Gamers 22 days ago

    The first one is standart in our country but it is not plastic and it is better than this

  • Awesome Stuff
    Awesome Stuff 22 days ago

    I think I need the sink twice, I want those codes. Lol

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins 23 days ago

    I pee on the side of the toilet bowl so it doesn't make noise...

  • joe burkett
    joe burkett 24 days ago

    got to love the rubber gloves

  • Evan Is Kinda Good
    Evan Is Kinda Good 24 days ago

    astor bidlet is the god for pinoy tabu

  • Jay Zandegiacomo
    Jay Zandegiacomo 24 days ago

    conference call bit was funny as hell

  • Zachary Firestone
    Zachary Firestone 25 days ago

    Lol everyone should wash their hands after using the toilet, Steve...

  • Hector is Satan
    Hector is Satan 26 days ago

    Thought you were gonna shit and show if the product is worth buying 😔

  • CarlixX
    CarlixX 26 days ago

    I’m a masochist (; lmao but fr love this video 😂

  • Kiss Me
    Kiss Me 27 days ago


  • R C
    R C 28 days ago

    The bidet thing would be cool but who wants to wash with cold water?

  • Nelson Reyes
    Nelson Reyes 29 days ago

    This was hysterical!!! Great job!!!!

  • Avril Gica
    Avril Gica Month ago


  • Laughter in the Shadows

    We could probably DIY a Twice sink for $10. These videos do sell me on some items but 60% of them are things I may try DIY-ing.

  • Dannyxyzxyz vv
    Dannyxyzxyz vv Month ago

    Guy is funny

  • MsKiTTy1138
    MsKiTTy1138 Month ago +1

    Your narration is HILARIOUS. I can't stop laughing at some of the one-liners, you are too funny. LIKE;
    You don't have skd marks on your race track.
    Let's se what this thing can Do Doo.
    2 being set to Stun, & 3 thru 5 is what we can describe as assult & Battery.

  • White Gold
    White Gold Month ago

    Looks shit

  • eddie tng wei ming
    eddie tng wei ming Month ago

    bro u should try really shiting and use it (censored the thing) {TROLLING}

  • DerMetzger
    DerMetzger Month ago +7

    A bidet by ASTOR 😂😂😂 most perfect company name

  • Kathryn’s Hacks
    Kathryn’s Hacks Month ago

    HH has jokes, folks! 😂🤣😆

  • AnyTime Bot
    AnyTime Bot Month ago

    4:17 2018- Hey look my computer has RGB
    2019- Hey my computer and toilet is RGB , beat that

  • KrishGup1
    KrishGup1 Month ago

    At 6:50 when he didn't roll up his sleeves to wash his hands shook me

  • bigpoppajersh
    bigpoppajersh Month ago

    Cold water hitting my starfish? No thanks

    • jmchez
      jmchez Month ago

      Buy the two hose version. Hot water hose attaches to the sink.

  • Dylan Pursel
    Dylan Pursel Month ago

    I honestly wanted to see him use it at level 5. 😂

    • jmchez
      jmchez Month ago

      You're a sadist.

  • Evan J Rodriguez
    Evan J Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Sink twice more like think twice before you drink out with the toilet sink

  • FireLifeGames HD
    FireLifeGames HD Month ago


  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar Month ago

    Omg god so ugly who drink the water of toilet

  • CrowKYS
    CrowKYS Month ago

    4:37 sorry but i like the gamble of pissing in the dark and waking up to see if i hit the toilet or not

  • YTBones
    YTBones Month ago

    2:32 that last one would be me 😆

  • blaze slayer79
    blaze slayer79 Month ago

    At 4:13 who made this they are genius I need it

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner Month ago

    The swiss army knife of toilets.

  • Jason Rosales
    Jason Rosales Month ago

    “Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, twitter, Facebook, eBay” 😂

  • ButchE30M3S14
    ButchE30M3S14 Month ago

    Don't you Americans use wall hanging toilets? Renders all these gizmos useless lol

  • Zenon 45
    Zenon 45 Month ago

    Ozzy Osborne needs the toilet light if you know what I mean

  • Treeblox2007 21
    Treeblox2007 21 Month ago

    00:23 the asstor cb 9000

  • Madeline Timiney
    Madeline Timiney Month ago

    Now you're wondering if I'm gonna show myself using it. No! Stop being weird...