Top 10 Musicians You Forgot Existed

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • These musicians were once all the rage, so where did they end up?? For this list, we’ll be exploring the careers of musicians who have basically dropped off the map!
    Whether they had a chart topping hit, a hugely successful album or a significant presence in mainstream music, these artists have since faded into obscurity.
    From pop stars like Duffy and Michelle Branch, to rappers like Lauryn Hill and Ja Rule and groups such as Alient Ant Farm, Good Charlotte and Gotye, we’ve unfortunately heard
    very little from these once-household names. Are there any acts we’re forgetting? Let us know in the comments below!
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Comments • 1 028

  • Vanessa Rickford
    Vanessa Rickford 5 days ago

    10. She sang “Mercy ”?! I didn't knew that.
    9. Oh yeah he was a part of my childhood too.
    8. I loved that cover ✌✌
    7. No he didn't! He is doing charity work in Wakanda Africa now.
    6. I don't want to be in love, I don't want to be in love✌✌✌
    5. No! where she go? My childhood 😟😟
    4. Aww I remember her
    3. Where she go?!
    2. F**k Jlo! She ruined her career by singing for Jlo.
    1. Nooo! Who forgets her?!

  • canis felis
    canis felis 9 days ago

    Michelle Branch 😍

  • Ricky Denham
    Ricky Denham 15 days ago

    “Can somebody please find Ja Rule and get a hold of this motherfucker so I can make sense of all this? Where is Ja?”

  • lewis boden
    lewis boden 17 days ago

    Who the fuck forgot akon?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rob Peters
    Rob Peters 19 days ago

    Your list seemed to miss a few. Let me help you out Jewel. Meredith Brooks. Paula Cole. Nelly Furtado. Tori Amos. Jordin Sparks. Kimberley Locke. Sugar Ray. James Blunt. Coolio.Tone Loc. Skee-lo. Soulja Boy. Chingy. Nelly. I guess these are the forgotten of watchmojos forgotten.

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman 22 days ago +1

    2000s... 😌

  • Jakeybabes
    Jakeybabes 23 days ago

    Well fuck me dead. I havent forgot about any of these hit wonders who have been forgotten would of been better. ALL these artists got a couple hits actually

  • Yudha Bagaskara
    Yudha Bagaskara 24 days ago

    Honorable mentions:
    Vanessa Carlton
    Jennifer Hudson
    Daniel Powter
    Robin Thicke
    and many more

  • Makaveli Disciple
    Makaveli Disciple 25 days ago

    Lmao Ja Rule. 50 makes sure we don't forget Ja Rule but not for the reasons he probably wanted...

  • Gabriel Brewster
    Gabriel Brewster 26 days ago

    No one forgot lauryn hill. I hear her songs on the radio all the time. Killing me softly especially

  • Clayton Moore
    Clayton Moore 26 days ago

    Nobody forgot Lauryn. She still rules my sister’s and my stereo and I still hear her music played in public places. She left stage for her own reasons and wasn’t tarnished by a bad album or anything like that.

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace 27 days ago +1

    Forgotten artist would be one hit wonders. Lauren, Akon, Good Charlotte and Ja all had multiple hits

  • Lalo Amigo
    Lalo Amigo 28 days ago +1

    You had Ja Rule BEHIND Alien Ant Farm!!!! .... Ja Rule was a talented super star..... AAF were a one-hit cover wonder ... WHATS WRONG WIT U WATCH?!

  • D Farm
    D Farm 28 days ago

    This list is full of shit

  • JesseGoodwin2635
    JesseGoodwin2635 28 days ago

    Macy Gray was in a Ariana Grande album so she didn't fall off the map :/

  • Lapras-GD
    Lapras-GD 28 days ago

    tfw you can remember all 10 + honorable mentions

  • bandgeek89
    bandgeek89 28 days ago

    I've never even heard of Duffy...

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo 28 days ago

    Everyone: who could forget Lauryn Hill
    Me: had to actually pay attention to the video to remember who she is
    Whoops lmao

  • ashante
    ashante 29 days ago

    Nobody forgot about Ashanti or Lauryn Hill.

  • shanelle jayawardena
    shanelle jayawardena 29 days ago

    Ain’t nobody forgot lauryn hill. She has the best album of all time

  • Musa Haque
    Musa Haque 29 days ago

    Dr. Dre definitely don't count, as an artist he ain't makin' no more music for himself but he's still producin' every other rapper's music, and he ain't forgotten, he's still associated in the Rap business and his albums are greatest classics.

  • Faris Raza
    Faris Raza 29 days ago

    No one:
    WatchMojo: No one remembers Lauryn Hill

  • Benjamin Schmidt
    Benjamin Schmidt 29 days ago

    I didn't forget about lauryn..

  • sander van der Velde
    sander van der Velde 29 days ago

    Eminem ended JaRule's career when they had a rap beef.

  • Mecca Mitchell
    Mecca Mitchell 29 days ago

    Ja Rule was not a good rapper, I'm not surprised he's on this list

  • Dreadboi87
    Dreadboi87 29 days ago

    Do they mean forgotten by record labels cause all of them are in my playlist like they just came out, and Lauryn? Urghhh

  • Bodhi Ong
    Bodhi Ong Month ago

    Beastie boys?

  • Jinxyy Maxe
    Jinxyy Maxe Month ago

    If u gone tell me he fell of u a dummy cause this man is the real g😂

  • Funke Adegoke
    Funke Adegoke Month ago

    Don't play Ashanti like that bitch. Rain on me and foolish are RnB classics!

  • Arty McSly
    Arty McSly Month ago

    Came JUST to comment about a certain artist in the thumbnail seems everyone is with me

  • Alex Divasi
    Alex Divasi Month ago

    Lauryn Hill will never ever be forgotten 🎼🎼🎼🎼❤️ she’s on my playlist and will always be ❤️

  • CSE Samoan Zeus
    CSE Samoan Zeus Month ago

    Bitch h who lied and told you we forgot about Lauryn Hill

  • Danielle Harrington

    Who tf forgot about Good Charlotte???!!!

  • potato sack
    potato sack Month ago

    thats a trolling title, i still play lauryn hill and people still listen to her

  • suntansuperman26
    suntansuperman26 Month ago

    Just certain topics Watch Mojo should stay away from, stick to movies and tv shows.

  • Nocturnal Nikkole
    Nocturnal Nikkole Month ago +1

    Umm Nope Lauren and Dido 2 of my favs! Never will be forgotten.
    Lol yes with Macy Gray I do agree with this list though. Just want to know does anyone remember:
    Alanis Morissette
    Sheryl Crow
    Matchbox 20
    Az Yet

  • Joker
    Joker Month ago

    If you forgot that Lauryn Hill ever existed then you're not a true hip hop fan. Also nobody forget that Ja Rule existed that mf was a wanksta and had his career ended by 50 and Em.

  • rome368
    rome368 Month ago

    We were just talking about Lauryn Hill at work today, she will never be forgotten.

  • Lisa Young
    Lisa Young Month ago

    Bitch please Good Charlotte are STILL fire!!! They released an a new album just last year! 😡

  • Kabelo mutubi
    Kabelo mutubi Month ago

    Dido released an album this year though

  • Luisa Gomez
    Luisa Gomez Month ago

    My late teens and my tenties came back. Oh memories

  • Dru's Edits
    Dru's Edits Month ago

    Lauryn Hill will never... ever.... be.... forgotten

  • nobodys99
    nobodys99 Month ago

    Michelle branch and Vanessa Carlton haven’t had a new popular song in 15 years but I still hear them as much as Taylor Swift.

  • Caesar Is a Red
    Caesar Is a Red Month ago

    Ja Rule? The same one that has been all over the news for being a founder of the failed Fyre festival?

  • mccuish1525
    mccuish1525 Month ago

    I want some new LMFAO

  • Abdullahi Ismail
    Abdullahi Ismail Month ago

    You get to be kidding Watch Mojo. Ashanti is a legend

  • MiGz Williams
    MiGz Williams Month ago

    dumb list.... lots of these artists still relevant....

  • Mind Rules
    Mind Rules Month ago

    Don't Press On The Read More Button You Wont Miss Much
    But since you did i hope you have a great day 😃👍
    If you would like to make my day get better sub to me

  • mikey4131
    mikey4131 Month ago

    What happened to Missy Elliot ??

  • George Black
    George Black Month ago

    Noooooooooooo to that Number 1.
    No one has forgotten about Lauren Hill. That’s like saying people forgot about Frank Sanatra.

    • George Black
      George Black Month ago

      White people made this list! 😂😂😂

  • Remix NESH
    Remix NESH Month ago +1

    Ja Rule got killed by Eminem

  • BeatlesFan3287
    BeatlesFan3287 Month ago

    Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch made some of the catchiest pop songs of my childhood. Every time I hear one, I think of my freshmen years at high school. That was the last time pop music was good, as the kind now days is completely unlistenable. Pop music is supposed to be about a catchy melody. Today's pop music has no melody at all. I swear some of them only have two repeated chords.

  • Rodney jones
    Rodney jones Month ago

    Give Watchmojo a break. They're doing their best guys

  • Sebastian Eugene
    Sebastian Eugene Month ago

    I sing I try at least 3 times a month.

  • Mahendra Harimurti
    Mahendra Harimurti Month ago

    Who tf forgot Lauryn Hill.😒😤, Miseducation, 5 Grammys in 1 night, Sister act...smh. They must be living under a rock

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson Month ago

    Lauryn come back pleasee

  • Comanche Scalper
    Comanche Scalper Month ago

    Akon also raised a billion dollars for charity...but who cares right?

  • Son Motzy
    Son Motzy Month ago

    who can forget about akon?

  • Brains before BS
    Brains before BS Month ago

    Ja + 🔥 🎊 🌴= 💀 career

  • Ki-Sean Excell
    Ki-Sean Excell Month ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Lauryn Hill is definitely Obscure now.

  • Sherlan Davis
    Sherlan Davis Month ago

    I haven't forgotten any of these musicians you should say that YOU forgot

  • 3bood AE
    3bood AE Month ago

    Click bait. Lauryn Hill has not been forgotten and as for Ja Rule, he’s been very relevant these days, although for all the wrong reasons. Come on guys. Do a little research.

  • andres segura
    andres segura Month ago

    Lauryn hill was badass!

  • W
    W Month ago

    Totally didn't mention Ja Rule and the fyre festival

  • Comic Power
    Comic Power Month ago

    50 Cent shut down Ja Rules career.

  • Tiffany Paustian
    Tiffany Paustian Month ago

    Every one I'm like... OH yeah!!

  • Stefan Richard
    Stefan Richard Month ago

    “A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”

  • TiAnnah Carrillo
    TiAnnah Carrillo Month ago

    TF I forgot Akon and Lauryn hill!!!!!

  • Tim Casey
    Tim Casey Month ago

    This list makes me sad...

  • Gnarwhal
    Gnarwhal Month ago

    Don't forget Ja Rule's island concert fiasco