Introducing FaZe Mongraal

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Welcome to the team.
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  • Lil Monkey
    Lil Monkey 8 hours ago +1

    can you edit for me ?

  • Sam Firth
    Sam Firth Day ago

    what filter do you use for these clips

  • Guh
    Guh Day ago


  • Koe Simindinger
    Koe Simindinger Day ago

    Those dislikes😶

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 2 days ago

    Name the song ?

  • Brandon Zapata
    Brandon Zapata 2 days ago

    I really want to try put by 1v1 someone in fazd

  • Phil Conway
    Phil Conway 2 days ago

    Only people who cant wipe their own ass can like this comment.

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed 2 days ago

    Is the hole clan smoking weed cause it cant be good



  • AJ Pingitore
    AJ Pingitore 3 days ago

    Can I be the first girl faze player go look on instagram addy.dubs

  • Waterable
    Waterable 3 days ago

    *Anyone noticed 69*

  • BOSS18BOSS George
    BOSS18BOSS George 3 days ago

    He’s so loud

  • dZp_death15
    dZp_death15 3 days ago

    Mongral should not be in faZe no more he yells and says bad words a lot

    • Daniel Villa Mejia
      Daniel Villa Mejia 18 hours ago


      SYPHENX // VISION 3 days ago

      What's wrong with him saying "bad" words. I don't think he should because his younger audience but he shouldn't be kicked for it

  • thepanda king
    thepanda king 3 days ago


  • thepanda king
    thepanda king 3 days ago

    Let mccreamy join faze

  • King YEET
    King YEET 3 days ago

    Could I join your FaZe Clan

  • TMS_ OSA
    TMS_ OSA 4 days ago

    We’re introducing Faze Ewok

  • Sv en
    Sv en 4 days ago +4

    Mongraal joined faze and I still have a better microphone than him

    • Vhanz
      Vhanz Day ago

      what about skillwise

  • yanick pas drôle
    yanick pas drôle 4 days ago +1

    GG bro

  • Calvin Wilson
    Calvin Wilson 4 days ago

    My fortnite name is blessed4ever44

  • Calvin Wilson
    Calvin Wilson 4 days ago

    Can I join the faze clan

  • LeXa 77
    LeXa 77 4 days ago


  • MegaGamer32
    MegaGamer32 4 days ago +1

    Can I 1v1 one of the faze I want to join

  • Jaime Mead
    Jaime Mead 5 days ago

    I know I'm late but who gives a flying horse shit about someone joining FaZe?

  • Prince Cooper
    Prince Cooper 5 days ago

    Mongral is dog shit why is he in FaZe clan

  • Inverse Noah
    Inverse Noah 5 days ago +1

    Mongraal a beast

    CLIXZY 6 days ago

    Faze 2010: COD's biggest team and a respectable group of gamers
    Faze 2018: just fucking fortnite

  • cool guys 10000
    cool guys 10000 6 days ago

    Introduing Faze Moneygraal

  • Prod uctionz
    Prod uctionz 7 days ago

    Song plzzzz

  • SSN_ phantom
    SSN_ phantom 7 days ago

    its my dream

  • SSN_ phantom
    SSN_ phantom 7 days ago

    FaZe phantom going to be next its me

  • Stringlessyoyo Fortnite


  • M Ahsan
    M Ahsan 8 days ago

    Faze clan does not wanna get beaten lol that why they invited mongraal

  • Mismail Shah
    Mismail Shah 8 days ago


  • Nuk3z
    Nuk3z 9 days ago

    FCK of the new faze Trash edits... every one must see the old stuff from faze ( 2mill. Teamtage part3 ) thats godlike

  • Axel Remneblad
    Axel Remneblad 9 days ago

    keep up the good jobc:

  • Splash killer
    Splash killer 9 days ago

    Emotional Oranges

  • Ana Karina Quintana
    Ana Karina Quintana 9 days ago

    Can i Join faze clen

  • Wendighost
    Wendighost 10 days ago +1

    Shing shing shing

  • Zaro x
    Zaro x 10 days ago

    Faze Clan:Ha ha ha we have a best Keyboard Player Money 🤤
    Mongraal:I clap the everyone in the Clan ez clap 😏

  • Dakish Oficial
    Dakish Oficial 10 days ago +2

    Secret : thanks monngral for the god moments
    FaZe:I like the money

  • Victo Arturo Pineiro Gonçalves

    Algum brasileiro
    Se sim da like

  • Moпс Мопсович

    I begin to love this song

  • Eric Cardenas
    Eric Cardenas 11 days ago


  • ImGoNe 103
    ImGoNe 103 11 days ago

    He ln sine

  • sukez
    sukez 12 days ago


  • JoSe_PrO
    JoSe_PrO 12 days ago +1

    mongraal is insaneeeee

  • J3ROME
    J3ROME 12 days ago

    Mongraal: Hey look 2 dollars
    Faze: You mean 50 cents?

    Stolen btw

  • Toby bro 202 Smith
    Toby bro 202 Smith 12 days ago

    Mongraal pls be my friend in Fortnite! I’m good a little bit I need a win or i get bullied one good player sent me a friend reqeust or a subscriber, Fortnite username: tobysmith2011

  • Thorn
    Thorn 13 days ago


  • Zinx AaronYT
    Zinx AaronYT 13 days ago

    I feel bad for secret :/

  • Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons 14 days ago

    can I join FaZe

  • Cd Maniac
    Cd Maniac 15 days ago


  • Marshall Barnes
    Marshall Barnes 16 days ago +1

    Faze should try out steven rich yt I think he could be the next sway and it would be amazing to give him the support he needs

  • LMAO Boy
    LMAO Boy 17 days ago

    how to join in faze clan

  • AmanYourGod
    AmanYourGod 17 days ago

    For faze

  • AmanYourGod
    AmanYourGod 17 days ago

    Can I try out

  • Club-cart
    Club-cart 17 days ago

    Gtfo faze, team secret actually cared. Prolly wont even pay him the money he makes lmfaooo

  • Keegan Koeford
    Keegan Koeford 17 days ago

    Omg I remember when the deagle did a one tap to wood buildings I miss it bro

  • XxNuBiE
    XxNuBiE 18 days ago

    Faze clan edits suck check my insta and compare
    I G:P.6U7