Cat vs Dog - Best Support Class

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • If you play human, you want to make sure your team has the best supports. But which classes will give you the best shots at success? Look no further for the answer.
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  • Boof
    Boof Hour ago

    Cat players are fagos

  • Belbecat
    Belbecat 3 hours ago +1

    The irony that the humans that choose cat supports are seen as cat-servants, when it's much easier to maintain a cat player than dog players who require so much more attention and care.

  • Erich Medrow
    Erich Medrow 12 hours ago

    I’m offended.

  • Austin Downing
    Austin Downing Day ago

    Creepy old women who smoke crack follow cats around, so there's that.

  • Jolly Kuo
    Jolly Kuo 2 days ago

    hmm... wouldn't you say though not all dogs can hunt? but almost all cats can?
    Dog's need training for those human 'debuffs' but almost all Cat's can catch mice?

  • Bluetrainer91 FireBlast

    I choose sea animals.

  • J Cass
    J Cass 3 days ago

    Clearly biased

  • Alex Pinto
    Alex Pinto 3 days ago

    The only thing answer is yes

  • Francis Friesen
    Francis Friesen 3 days ago

    1:44 just use the item Computer and Speaker

  • ObsidianBehemoth
    ObsidianBehemoth 3 days ago

    Cats sleep like 16 hours a day... lucky bastards.

  • Stian Andreassen
    Stian Andreassen 3 days ago +1

    Cats is much better at limiting the rodent class that has way too high respawn rate, and is also dangerous for life, and very destructive for human environment, Major cities and resistance to food shortage for human players would be impossible without the cat.

  • Steven Knelsen
    Steven Knelsen 3 days ago

    While it's a little funny to state that the only reason someone would want a cat is that they are infected by a disease, it's a little too insulting for my taste. For the record, the prey cat's were hunting at the time were animals that harassed humans, especially by stealing their food supplies, so they were simply encouraged to live in human territory without any need for domestication.

  • Beast for She
    Beast for She 4 days ago

    this is clear dog main bias

  • imp hater
    imp hater 4 days ago

    split I tb'd, yes fucking yes

  • Cruz Xx
    Cruz Xx 4 days ago

    It’s because cats ain’t nobody’s bitch

  • quan tuan
    quan tuan 5 days ago

    Poor bird

  • sup mai doods
    sup mai doods 5 days ago +1

    A new study was done and it confirmed cats undertsand when you call their name, but they choose to ignore you lmao

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 5 days ago

    as a chicken main i'm tight

  • Stephen Warmerdam
    Stephen Warmerdam 5 days ago +1

    Sounds like a dog main is spreading lies again. Lets just say that TG actually can effect humans (note: it can only effect humans with an immune system debuff) what use does it even have? If a cat decides to hunt a human it will result in an almost immediate game over. Cats rose to high teir support not because of the support to the individual, but to the society. Cats have a high resistance to sicknesses that effect humans that come from rodent and bird players who want to grief humans, so they hunt then to stop the sicknesses. Another reason is the subclass “barn cat” which keeps eodents and birds from destroying crops made by humans. Who is to say cats dont do team play. They do the biggest team play in existence.

  • Jonathan Padron
    Jonathan Padron 6 days ago

    i hate cats, my little sister fed some and ive owned 3 outside cats for about 8 years already... fuck me

  • generalnawaki
    generalnawaki 6 days ago

    toxoplasmosis gandi is some real shit. i was told it was what caused me to go partially blind in one eye as it ate the lens. it ATE my eye lens.

  • Robert96902
    Robert96902 6 days ago

    You shouldn’t be so conclusive about toxoplasma being the main reason humans like cats, it’s still a debatable topic and it’s not been proven to be true

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 6 days ago

    Cats were great during the Black Death event

  • Devine Rentals LTD
    Devine Rentals LTD 7 days ago

    Cats became a support class when Humans found they were keeping Rodent classes away.

  • Jacob Russell
    Jacob Russell 7 days ago


    LOJIK 7 days ago


  • Tinkerbell
    Tinkerbell 7 days ago

    Great so cats are basically free loaders... thank god I'm allergic

  • Tomboy014
    Tomboy014 7 days ago

    You forgot the dog's charisma buff!

  • ashenbreese
    ashenbreese 7 days ago +1

    this is my first disappointing moment with this channel as i call bullshit on the toxoplasmosis analysis. i mean, it's funny, i guess, but that's not how the disease works, which robs this video of the very thing that makes most of them so great: that they rely on science and facts first, and are only entertaining thereafter, and not the other way around.

  • Duke00x
    Duke00x 8 days ago

    Dogs were the first human support class.

  • Rhonald Neitzel
    Rhonald Neitzel 8 days ago

    If you have both it is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

  • Michael Hendrix
    Michael Hendrix 8 days ago

    That feeling when dbfz players are complaining about only 1 patch a year meanwhile life only gets one every couple thousand years.

  • JadedPandaGirl
    JadedPandaGirl 8 days ago +5

    My man, cats DO have a morale buff, it just needs to be built up over time and activated. You need to form a bond with the cat player first and then you'll get all the benefits of the Purr ability. Not only is it a passive healing on the cat player, they can confer the benefit to you if they're close to you. And Purr mitigates the negative effects of the Stress, Anxiety and Pain debuffs just as well as a dog player's mere presence does.
    Sure, cat players are still big on the griefing but in the early days of the human build, that's what we allied with them for! Mice and other players form the rodent guild used to destroy our XP generating stashes. You ever try to hunt mice players yourself? It's a nightmare. Cats are specced for it. And in many ways we still need them for that! My farming area gets plagued by mice and rat players so thank goodness I've allied with a couple of cat players to handle it, plus the owl players who farm the mice for XP but don't touch my stuff.
    My dog player ally is salty about it but he's so tiny that there's not much he can do about it. He's lucky the cat players are easy-going. Yesterday he tried to harass one but she just bodied him and washed him. Which brings me to the fact that cat and dog players can team up for some insane supporting combos. I was having a bad day and after that Friendship event, the Sadness debuff just VANISHED. (but I still had to wash the dog because he went into the trash right after, the little idiot).

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou 8 days ago

    I give local cats the ban hammer with my 22

  • Gregory Edgerton
    Gregory Edgerton 9 days ago

    I'm not a regular game player. But the subject is interesting. These stats are based a look at the current west. Shift time and place, and the game changes big-time. I'm an animal freak, so for me it's close. It's whichever one slips most comfortably in with individual needs, and this changes. But notwithstanding, I think doggy pretty-much nails it. 🐓

  • Josh N
    Josh N 9 days ago

    Egyptians rise to prominence can be attributed to their incorporation of cats into their society. Agriculture itself may not be possible in early history without cats taking care of competing animals such as rodents/crows/locusts which can be classified as more of a parasite class than the cat which is its primary historical contribution was to first start as strays around humans settlements killing encroaching small animals which humans didn't have the time for and than cats were domesticated after humans started leaving offerings outside than inside for them.

  • Michael Jurado
    Michael Jurado 9 days ago

    Soooo dogs rule cats drool lol

  • Clash Smchitcle
    Clash Smchitcle 9 days ago +1

    You have something wrong with your character if you choose to team with a Cat build

  • Elmas RobotAlien
    Elmas RobotAlien 9 days ago

    My main doesn't have a current support class but despite his dog related trauma nerf from early on in the development of his programming level he still finds low level dogs to be a much higher morale boost than cats. He views affection towards cats as 1 sided and human relationships with cats as solely beneficial in terms of survival like a symbiotic team up whereas a dog and human relationship is not only beneficial to both classes but also provides mutual affection and morale boosts.

  • Emmanuel Papadakis
    Emmanuel Papadakis 9 days ago

    Cats are usually apathetic. Once you are useless to them, they use you. Once an old lady passed away in Hampshire and her pet cats consumed most of her cadaver before people found out she died.

  • Yukiix
    Yukiix 9 days ago

    I have a friend with a cat build and he’s really bad at hunting

  • EscorpioShadow
    EscorpioShadow 9 days ago

    You are forgetting a key advantage of cats over dogs... cats Requiere much less attention than a dog and are not as annoying. If you have an outside cat you don't need to take it out. They go out by themselves. cats don't need a bath either or be groomed. I mean most humans don't need a guardian or police dog whatever. Actually, humans are working more hours and have less time to be at home. That gives a huge advantage for cats. Dogs may be better for farmers and law enforcers or blind people whatever. Yet, they make a small percentage of the overall population

  • atheistbanerjee008
    atheistbanerjee008 9 days ago

    Idiot!! Cats are best.

  • stupogo0
    stupogo0 10 days ago

    sounds like someone is a dog person

  • Smeb
    Smeb 10 days ago

    without cats we would literally drown in mice

  • soulgear22
    soulgear22 10 days ago

    So if I own a cat I'll feel less fear? Welp I'm a cat person now.

  • CrocBoss: Revolution
    CrocBoss: Revolution 10 days ago +3

    I choose cats. I don't like dogs

  • Adrian Liaw
    Adrian Liaw 10 days ago

    Mine is a inside and a outside😂😂😂

    LARMAR LAYLOR 10 days ago

    Actually I think the next balance patch is climate change but a bunch of people are saying it's fake but I don't know I'm pretty sure it is

  • AfterdeathHu
    AfterdeathHu 10 days ago

    I would personally argue that an important ability belonging to cats, which have assisted it in human history, is murine predator. Mice and rats are actually a very bad matchup for humans. They are small and agile, and often deemed too effort-consuming for humans to actively attack. In addition, mice and rats can reach quantities that could overwhelm humans through intimidation. They also have a deadly trait which has once wiped out 1/3 of the human population on the EU server: DISEASE. Historically, cats were primarily picked as a support to counter this bad matchup for humans.

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez 10 days ago


  • galactorsus. inc
    galactorsus. inc 10 days ago

    Cats literally control the mice, rat and bird population, dogs don't. This makes cat's useful

  • Bruno Bergamini
    Bruno Bergamini 11 days ago

    Cats do not transmit toxoplasmosis! The only way to get toxoplasmosis from a cat is to literally eat there’s fezes .

  • Jayson Jourgensen
    Jayson Jourgensen 11 days ago

    The don't starve ost tho

  • Joat G
    Joat G 11 days ago

    Classic Fantasy tier builds? Dragon, minotaur, sphinx...

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo 11 days ago

    cat overlords have mind control...... yeah souns about right

  • Natasha C. H.
    Natasha C. H. 11 days ago

    Some human players, such as myself, come with a fear of dogs debuff, so we can't get as much positive effects from dog support class as humans without that debuff. And cat class isn't as bad as a support class as some human players unfamiliar with it may think, with some attributes that some people may be unaware of - there are other comments that describe these traits well already!

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 11 days ago

    Dogs do not have such high intel. They are easier to train because cats have less of a gullibility weakness

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 11 days ago

    Cat’s don’t need to run support and are at least b tier without humans. Dogs drop to f, unable to survive unless hey manage to enter a pack of wolves. Cats are way more versatile.

  • Aciimov
    Aciimov 11 days ago

    you can having sex with dogs and horses, I saw gif on tumblr

  • James Beckett
    James Beckett 11 days ago

    My dog hospitalised me by accident, my cat grants me a happiness buff without having to pick up its shit. Gg nrm fuck dogs

  • Comrade Moist Nugget #0101

    I perfer a Eagle/Falcon as a support.

  • James Endicott
    James Endicott 11 days ago

    Domestic cats are second only to humans (outside diseases, disasters, and weather) at driving other species to extinction. They don't just wrack up billions of kills per year but they eliminate other classes entirely then move on to new builds to hunt.

  • Austin Stanley
    Austin Stanley 12 days ago

    Is this a game?

  • Draco Rex
    Draco Rex 12 days ago

    Cats are too a support class! They're good against vermin classes which not only damage human structures and loot farms, but also can provide resources for debuff-carrying insects players, they gather some provisions for human players, and they've been known to protect low-level human players.

  • E W
    E W 12 days ago

    oh...there's a balance patch coming...

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 12 days ago

    I agree cats arent a traditional support class, you failed to mention their greatest contribution. Pest control. Where dogs provide a bonus to grinding, cats provide a substantial defense against rodent and even insect griefers.

  • Joseph Halbohn
    Joseph Halbohn 12 days ago

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding here. Cats aren’t a support class. Humans are a support class for cats.

  • Victor Custódio
    Victor Custódio 12 days ago

    Going for a cat wingman, is like having a bonsai.
    You appreciate the fullsized ones very much, but not to the point of risking yourself phisicaly or mentaly (respctively).

  • parzival
    parzival 12 days ago

    That girl drom 2:49 is from a way different type of video about girl calling people beautiful i reamber watching like a year ago and thinking she really was gorgeous.

  • Tampa Tom
    Tampa Tom 12 days ago

    2,000 cat ppl be like you don’t know my cat

  • Soumy Land
    Soumy Land 13 days ago +1

    1.9k people have Toxoplasma

  • Ryan Dupuis
    Ryan Dupuis 13 days ago

    Cats use a neurotoxin to cheat their way into a comforting S-Tier playstyle, and that's why I love them.

  • AntiMessiah
    AntiMessiah 13 days ago +7

    As a #cat player, I'm triggered by this propaganda of yours!

    • AntiMessiah
      AntiMessiah 11 days ago +1

      @Beni 51 They got one life to eradicate my HP.
      I got 9 to eradicate "them" 🐱

    • Beni 51
      Beni 51 11 days ago

      Dog players will eradicate your effectiveness

  • RealEyesRecogniseRealLies

    Cats simply cant pet. We are the pets in that relationship