Desiigner Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Desiigner goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and confirms he has an Adidas collab coming and how Kanye and Pusha T give him fashion guidance.

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Автор Rap1d - CS:GO Montage Channel ( назад)
He is high i think..

Автор cdproductions19 ( назад)
No english subtitles?

Автор Makayla Toney ( назад)
Designer goofy

Автор 김민환 ( назад)
Love this lad cant stay still

Автор Jay Jagroep ( назад)
Put the subtitels on en have fun...

Автор Alexander ( назад)
oh America how you make sheeps

Автор Jesse Ward ( назад)
u should do ayo and teo

Автор Solar Red ( назад)
The most normal i've seen him

Автор Kevan Mageean ( назад)
Way too hype.

Автор Twisted Soul ( назад)
Someone Tell him it's time to rap

Автор 9Bang ( назад)
Adderal could help?

Автор Alonso ENT ( назад)
I wished I understood what designer said

Автор Joshua Chiang ( назад)
his shoe taste is not that bad

Автор Zaya .45 ( назад)
put in english (auto generated) subs and enjoy

Автор Aldair Furtado ( назад)
He always Hype 😂⚡️

Автор Neftali Morales ( назад)
Complex needa hit up logic for sneaker shopping 😤

Автор Eddie Martinez ( назад)
Wildn He left with out his jacket lol

Автор LookDatWayB ( назад)
Even though he talk funny, this is one of the most happy rappers I ever seen bruh lmao!

Автор DripAlph A ( назад)
take a shot every time desiigner says"you know what time it is"

Автор Cavernous ( назад)
Asap rocky is gonna drop some fire soon🔥🔥🔥 it's been 2 years since his last drop

Автор Tech Deck Time ( назад)
designer is only 19

Автор asterisk francis ( назад)
when he tried to get the bape nmds😂

Автор Kurt Alabado ( назад)
DESIGNER's vocabulary:
know what I'm sayin?
you feel me?
*getting hype*
*getting hype*
*getting hype*

Автор The G.O.A.T Lavar Ball ( назад)
This nigga get on my nerves

Автор Lauris Anwari ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with kodak black!

Автор Za Kid ( назад)
2:43 when u see her booty

Автор Za Kid ( назад)
he's doing a collab with kayne, and there's a high chance with adidas. but he still bought jordans

Автор Praneel Deb ( назад)
This guy's 6'5!! At least 6'4! No wonder he's so happy...

Being that tall is a blessing, my goal is to be at least 6'2 as I'm already 6 at 16

Автор Tim king Games ( назад)
Niggas voice is so dark

Автор Umar S ( назад)
the dudes like wtf is this nigga saying lol hes confused af

Автор DMcC2021 ( назад)
love his interviews lol just funny

Автор JellerStigeClipZ ( назад)
damn dat intro

what is the song?

Автор Jayden Kohn ( назад)
I wonder if Desiigner gets high every second and each day he gets higher

Автор Fernando Chiqui ( назад)
Black boomhauer?

Автор Brandon Casas ( назад)
Desiigner the same age as me & is just one happy guy. that's my goal in life, to be as happy as him

Автор GodLike 2x ( назад)
Iman Shumpert on shoes shopping is crazy

Автор shadow crafter156 ( назад)
I love designers voice

Автор dotMars ( назад)
I came here for the comments and I was not disappointed.

Автор Kareem Lawson ( назад)
atleast he happy

Автор Bri kawaii ( назад)
Desiigner is actually cute but when he starts talking I be like GIGIGIGIGIGIGET THE F OFF MY SCREEN

Автор Slinqy ( назад)
I thought i had ADHD

Автор Jakobie Chaney ( назад)
is he on crack😂😂😂😂

Автор Young Goowop ( назад)
he all ways be litty asf

Автор Owen Teems ( назад)
He looks easily 25 like wtf

Автор Owen Teems ( назад)
This video made my ears bleed

Автор aidan conley ( назад)
is he autistic

Автор XO Saiyajinn ( назад)
Do shopping with nav

Автор ASMR Unknown ( назад)
Do y'all know what time it is?

Автор MSNTheBoss 10 ( назад)
Turn subtitles on lol

Автор robertihno ( назад)
bring aboggie wit da hoddie
like if u want to see that

Автор hypebeast not allowed ( назад)
flu games for 600 wtf

Автор keylanistyles ( назад)
Is he retarded? Why does he speak with sounds like a dolphin?! I'm confused.

Автор stefanos zymaris ( назад)
what does he smoke?

Автор Oliver Shima ( назад)
can we have some lyrics?

Автор trenton mackey ( назад)
Desiigner Said "Keep the change" he a real nigga for that

Автор Shakhgusein Nasirov ( назад)
He's relly turnt

Автор do ht ( назад)
Capitalism makes you dumb. Fake material comfort in exchange of true human liberation

Автор George Vielmas ( назад)
I hated the minute I clicked to see this video n hear hes Fucking obnoxious ass "speak"

Автор Thabrockman ( назад)
so whats one of you're favorite child hood memory? "Ya yeh, srchahahaha, yeheyeyhe, szzzhraaa, feeel me feel me?!"

Автор sky bound zoo ( назад)

Автор Josh Hare ( назад)
What did he say?

Автор Latrell Taylor ( назад)
too litttt

Автор River A ( назад)
my boy x probly gona fight a nigga if they dont have a shoe in his size

Автор Nicardo Thomas ( назад)
he excited and hipe

Автор ExodoPics ( назад)
did he just say he got hit by a car at the age of 6? and knew Yogi bear?...that explains everything about this man..

Автор Matthew Keller ( назад)
what ones are the ones next to the 18's, the white and gold

Автор Gabriel Senn ( назад)
how can't you like desiigner Hes always happy and positive.

Автор x-U A V- ( назад)
I ❤️ This niggggga

Автор Robert Canady ( назад)
I actually thought he was go be chill talking normal in this smh

Автор hendrawifi wifi ( назад)
i like desiigner style..

Автор Isaac Barboza ( назад)
He been 19 his whole career bruh

Автор Isaiah Orange ( назад)
Rumor has it his jacket is still laying in that store today

Автор Theron Everage ( назад)
Joe is like this bruh if you don't stop talking like you 2 and be a grown man

Автор Tari Dacosta ( назад)
his voice doe doe i could barely understand him

Автор sameer adil ( назад)
This nigga the best energy to have around

Автор Taylor Roe ( назад)
he 19 I'm sleep

Автор Tom Doyle ( назад)
How's ur mum

Автор keke ( назад)
I'm surprised he can even count

Автор Sebastian Nava ( назад)
I thought he was like 26 lmao

Автор Jeremiah Devlin ( назад)
whay the hell is he saying dig ga gaga ra

Автор Gerardo Basabe ( назад)
Wtf was he saying this shit needs captions

Автор Chase Adams ( назад)
he's only 19.

Автор Anthony Gonzales ( назад)
Anyone else notice at the end when they took off, the intersection camera went off cuz they went pass the intersection before it turned green lol Keep the change, I just want my ticket paid !!!

Автор The Bleach ( назад)
lil yachty LEFT

Автор The Lonely Me ( назад)
Designer needs to get a translator to follow him were ever he goes.

Автор The Lonely Me ( назад)
Honestly, Does Designer speak English? What was Designer absinthe entire time?

Автор austin carrilllo ( назад)
do xxxtentacion

Автор Romefeller ( назад)
Who got the cashiers IG

Автор Romefeller ( назад)
I have a co worker from new york and shes toooooo friendly and seems like hes always overly happy and its kinda weird

Автор johnnycage435 ( назад)
Jeez he only 19 thought he was like 24

Автор Julius Lewis ( назад)
first second I heard his voice I turned off the video

Автор Javi Finessin ( назад)
Turn on the Captions😂😂😂

Автор ahmad hadi ( назад)
Drrra yewnuhwutteymeetiz

Автор danoven plays562 ( назад)
like the fact he always happy

Автор last anna ( назад)
Aishashsvshakakajahsv,all I heard..

Автор Love4 HipHop ( назад)
He ends all his sentences with either "you feel me" " know what I'm saying" or " you dig"

Автор Th3_Gam1ng_Grap3 _ ( назад)
Desiigner speaking cursive

Автор Arshia Pessaran ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Drake. Like if you agree

Автор name ( назад)
do xxxtentacion

Автор Jairo Encarnacion ( назад)
Desiigner reminds me of a cartoon character lmso

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