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Desiigner goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and confirms he has an Adidas collab coming and how Kanye and Pusha T give him fashion guidance.

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Автор Kumayl ( назад)

Автор SickenedSparrow ( назад)
Geeked the fuck up.

Автор SickenedSparrow ( назад)
These comments...lolololol

Автор Yve-André Lapomarede ( назад)
Happiest guy on earth

Автор ScootCrew ( назад)
i feel like he's high all the fucking time

Автор Vruinz ( назад)
I wonder how this guy is when he's sad

Автор Cristian Morales ( назад)
Yoooo this nigga designerr so fucking funny bro😂

Автор Frankie Neymour ( назад)
He's always hyper and very loud very

Автор Cee. Mitchell ( назад)
Busta Rhyme meets Gucci mane and Rocky mix together this how this nigga Designer sound!

Автор Black Flash ( назад)
damm i rember yogi bear

Автор dY ( назад)
ya feel me

Автор Dallas Blaido ( назад)
i dont even know what the fuck hes saying half the time

Автор operator Skull ( назад)
i don't understand anything he said after space jams

Автор UpsideDownBanana ( назад)
nigga sound like a retarded tupac

Автор kínq drama ( назад)
when u low-key on crack u always want to know what time it is

Автор The Marinatior ( назад)
Is there subtitles?

Автор Rafael Eduardo ( назад)
Everything he coped was nasty asf

Автор Chief Savage ( назад)
Lil yachty
Chief keef
Kodak black
Denzel curry

Автор C Quil ( назад)
When r they gonna do travis

Автор Johnny savage juicy j ( назад)
he took the red light prolly gotta ticket😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор superbrother377 ( назад)
xxxtentacion next?

Автор Vaughn Scrapper ( назад)

Автор JayCantStop !! ( назад)
You try going sneaker shopping with a boogie wit a hoodie

Автор Andre Savage ( назад)
I didn't think designer could count .

Автор Sylvain Raj ( назад)
Does anyone know what he is saying

Автор Jonathan Escobar ( назад)
cuhs had the courtesy to give that bill back ... smh

Автор Devron Taylor ( назад)
I see why this nigga put two "i"s in desiigner, nigga probably can't spell

Автор Shabir Zubz ( назад)
Panda panda panda

Автор Trinity Gaming ( назад)
Turn on captions :)

Автор east coast ( назад)
It's amazing how many retarded fucks can be successful for being retarded fucks.

Автор Illyaas Rafiq ( назад)
Do lil yachty

Автор Kinky Shepard ( назад)
come on Complex, I need some subtitles

Автор Kit Kat ( назад)
he funny as hell

Автор Jayda Abreu ( назад)
Why hasn't drake been on here !??

Автор Lighterz ( назад)
Get Ugly God

Автор Not A 2Jz ( назад)
I feel like the more hype he gets the less you understand him.

Автор Jason Son ( назад)
Desiigner makes me want to talk like him...

Автор Christian Miller ( назад)
I would've kept that 100 he dropped fuck bein nice....flashing his money like a fool

Автор AlfredoChicken _ ( назад)
do one with M Carey lol

Автор Aarush Mukkara ( назад)
Desiigner would've been a great person to have in Jurassic Park ... he would be talking with the dinosaurs!

Автор Luis Crespo ( назад)
Should've included subtitles

Автор Datway Vlogs ( назад)
they need to do lil yachty

Автор Riloo53 ( назад)
wow desiigner is really outgoing

Автор xFaded ( назад)
Do sneaker shopping with Marshmello

Автор DeathlyAlive225 ( назад)
Desiigner's energy like 100 humans being in One body lol

Автор Jahneil Allison ( назад)
Am I the only 1 that need a translator. Ian lost

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)
Wait he is 19 :O

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)
Designer is so full of energy I love it lol

Автор Jack Suarez ( назад)
Seriously just fast forward the whole vid to see what he got. I could hardly understand a damn thing he said

Автор Nathaniel Rios ( назад)
When Desiigner got shot as a teen im pretty sure it was at his vocal cords.

Автор Patrick Lezama ( назад)
Lmao who else came to hear this nigga speak 😂😂

Автор ddasf ayy ( назад)
what's wrong with him

Автор Andrew Guijarro ( назад)
You can tell in joes face he only understood half of what designer said 😂😂

Автор Ronnie P. ( назад)
That nigga caint be no damn 19

Автор CBgotnxt ( назад)
This man called the breds the space jams 😂😂😂

Автор MadHeadGaming /Finch/ Mjway ( назад)
put subtitles on if you cant understand

Автор R.E. Roblox and more ( назад)
could do one with young ma or migos

Автор DC SPORTS16 Gaming ( назад)
Like for Desiigner 🔥🔥🔥

Автор A C ( назад)
gotta love desiigner's energy

Автор Fofo's Ent. ( назад)

Автор The Truth ( назад)
We need a desiiger translator 😂

Автор Travis Bickle2.0 ( назад)
Seems like a nice kid but, no more fluoride for him please...

Автор Isaiah Arias ( назад)
He said the breds were space jams

Автор Yung Clapper ( назад)
You guys gonna ignore the fact that he called the bred 11s space Jams and concords lmaooooooo

Автор gondurama ( назад)
7:24 put subtitles on

Автор YouTubes Finest ( назад)
Complex, "You like 11's" Desiigner, "Yea man we got the cool greys" *Points at the Bred 11* "the space jams" smh 😔

Автор DjuLizatiOn juu ( назад)
Why this guy's always smiling like a dick head .. ? He looks incredibly stupid

Автор Inder Mann ( назад)
Imagine him going to a funeral and all you here is "grahhhgrahhhhgrtahhhhhh".

Автор Barack obama Lee ( назад)
lol complex crazy this is obviously Iman shumpert

Автор Anthony Felter ( назад)
Joe:"U down for some McDonalds?"
Desiigner:"Let's get git git git git git git..."
Joe:"-_-, Popeyes it is."

Автор OnePunchPanda ( назад)
6:09 el men lo quiere ayudar y esta mas bajo que él.

Автор tubbs Cat ( назад)

Автор Chris FIFA ( назад)
He's so full of energy and I feel like joe is hating, he has such a dirty look on

Автор Victor Oliveira ( назад)
This guy looks like he's a party everywhere he goes.

Автор Marvin Namikaze ( назад)
Dude pointed at the Bred 11s and called them space jams💀💀💀

Автор The Antagonizer ( назад)
this guy is fucking annoying hes like the ghetto reseller that waits on line all night and don't shut the fuck up

Автор GradySwag_187 ( назад)
I thought yeezys were like $1,200😂

Автор officialking jay ( назад)
anyone notice he saying "ya for me" lls

Автор OMGitsUPKAAR Man ( назад)
What's this store

Автор kay illa ( назад)
this nigga 19? wtf

Автор Leon Toombs ( назад)
this nigga always happy 😂😂😂

Автор wes65 koury ( назад)

Автор DailyViper ( назад)
Designer on that shit but stay lit

Автор HailzGaming ( назад)
Guys put the video on mute, you can still hear Desiigner screaming grrrraaaa

Автор smazzebeats ( назад)

Автор Mickey Rafter ( назад)
I think I'm the only Jew that gets horney from licking the bed pan at the old folks home.

Автор Mickey Rafter ( назад)
If he does hes not alone

Автор Mickey Rafter ( назад)
I wonder if he has dick cancer

Автор Void Graffix ( назад)
can't lie, he looks like a really fun guy to hang out wit lol

Автор Just Random ( назад)
i would of kept that 100 dollars...

Автор Ahmad Wright ( назад)
I can tell his breath stinks

Автор jesse navarro ( назад)
1:27-1:40 dude interviewing waiting for him to stfu so he can finish interviewing 😂

Автор Ivan Villanueva ( назад)
I'm not from America so this episode is really hard for me to understand

Автор Its Mark ( назад)
He pointed at the Breds & called em Space Jams 😭

Автор Mogtaba Ahmadi ( назад)
this nigga high af

Автор Juanje Mena ( назад)
this crazy motherfucker

Автор Annii Okonkwo ( назад)
Joe, I hope you make commission off all these sales fam

Автор GLO MひLA ( назад)
dam he's only 19

Автор Maxine ( назад)
Dude: We're gonna buy some sho-
Dude: *nods his head like he understands*

Автор Sara Sakhi ( назад)
can someone please translate what he's saying?

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