Fargo Season 1 Official Trailer 1 (2014) HD - FX TV Series

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Длительность: 1:1
Комментарии: 100

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Автор gabeft95 ( назад)
This trailer is misleading as fuck. This show is way more awesome than this and its not a comedy

Автор frycook48 ( назад)
Just started it, really cool so far, Malvo is an interesting villain and I'm keen to watch more.

Автор Snow Sail ( назад)
should i try this show??? I'll try this show then

Автор Ishmam Rahman ( назад)
who's the actor at 0:45?

Автор grock robinson ( назад)
fuck Lester ..damn guy I was kind of pulling for ya ..got rid of the fat cow wife that should have been some black hood rat jail bird babies mama ..you got to go balls deep in Hess the bullies wife ..bust a nut in the bitch ...then you got that fine piece of Asian office pussy and u fucked it all up ..I was hoping you fucked your brothers wife to ..also why the fuck did u stop running Lester ..damn it ..

Автор David K ( назад)
Show looks good but I'm not really into funny crime drama movies/TV series.... I like serious show... Don't get me wrong I love comedy but comedy mix with crime, thriller, drama, horror is not my cup of tea...

Автор Android ( назад)
Will this series be on same story line as the movie given that this was based on a true story? To be honest, the dialogues and acting was fantastic on the movie but it wasn't that much enjoyable for me.

Автор Honest Customer ( назад)
Fuckin Netflix this trailer does the show no justice and tries to make it seem like a comedy! Well I have News for you peeps its a very very amazing show that will have you wanting more at the end of every flippin episode and its a thriller I loved it and how it ended was awesome.

Автор Jon Keller ( назад)
Question: I don't remember the scene from 0:45 in the trailer. But, I binge-watched all of season 1 on a couple of long flights last week. Was that scene cut from the original broadcast, or just edited out by the airline?

Автор Calm The Fuck Down ( назад)
Now we know what happened with Saul after Breaking Bad 😃 Small-town cop.

Автор J_MD ( назад)
Is it any good? Idk if its worth it

Автор David Ashman ( назад)

Автор John Hamilton ( назад)
I meant Fargo

Автор korlu01 ( назад)
You know what's the most mind blowing thing about this show? They can show the most intense scenes of brutal violence, yet they're not allowed to say the F word. Is that not insane to you?

Автор Denny Kaleal ( назад)
Should I watch this? I'm a tv show fanatic, I watch.. Well a fuck ton of shows, but I don't enjoy comedies, and for some reason this seems like a comedy to me.. But I've seen the movie which isn't a comedy... So what is it?

Автор NerdyGirl126 ( назад)
Why is everyone talking about Breaking Bad? These are two completely different shows! If it's because Bob Odenkirk is in it, then where's the Sherlock fandom talking about Martin Freeman? Breaking Bad and Fargo are two amazing shows for different reasons, but don't bombard the comments of a FARGO video with BREAKING BAD comments. Please and thank you!

Автор Biljana Pendacanska-Miljus ( назад)
I love this show, as well as the movie!

Автор kvnlgn3008 ( назад)
Wait, what happened to the orignal cast, Patrick Wilson, etc...???

Автор Theo Polyzoides ( назад)
Bey felliw fargoat likeez? What ith thee song that play at end? Stupidlysong he who listens to this song is very retarded

Автор Pete Owen ( назад)
Best show in recent years after Breaking Bad. Season 2 is a blast as well.

Автор Kuhmo KurculjaVEVO ( назад)
0:36 who's that MILF? Thanks

Автор meedily ( назад)
I've lived in MN all of my life and I can attest our accent is far more annoying than it's portrayed in this show.

Автор The Jackal ( назад)
Lorne Malvo my type of villain

Автор Irwana Budiono ( назад)
I got Lorne Malve on Buddy tv. I am a criminal mastermind then. *smirk

Автор Slack Man ( назад)
Slightly disappointed to learn the show is actually fictional despite the claims, but also vindicated as I didnt really believe it was true in the first place!

Автор Greg Lites ( назад)
The millennium version of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Автор xele fonte ( назад)
breaking bad is the worst fictional bullshit ever.. you fags need to shut the fuck up about that show!

Автор zeromant80 ( назад)
0:46 what episode was that?

Автор BRADY SCHROEDER (1900 лет назад)
should have had some of us real Minnesotans in it I guess for the true accents. I haven't seen it yet but I'm buying the first season as soon as possible

Автор NorthWriter ( назад)
As a Minnesotan (and one who intentionally tries to avoid "the accent,") I find their poor attempts at a rural Minnesota accent incredibly distracting. Everyone sounds like they have really shitty Irish accents. The only people in this video who have it right are the police chief (Bob Odenkirk, who I think nailed it by not laying it on thick) and the office people being interviewed.

Автор xxrter ( назад)
I've only heard about this show because I watch American Horror Story and now I wanna try this one out but it's not on my country's Netflix yet

Автор Bhakti Al Akbar (1283 года назад)
Funny and amazing show!

Автор Ricardo Ochoa ( назад)
Does anyone know if this is somehow related to the movie "Fargo" by the Coen Brothers?

Автор Abdulaziz M ( назад)
great show

Автор Matt Everdeen TWD ( назад)
after of Heisenberg, Saul becomes in a cop of Minessota xD

Автор Marinkovich ( назад)
The show is good. Not as good as Breaking bad, but passable. Only thing that got on my nerves was that Scooby-doo like character of Molly. Her real life looks and that "must know everything" behavior was just too much. Season 1 - 7/10

Автор Derp Mcherp ( назад)

I love the transition on his face from the playful joking, to steadying his aim and putting that focused look on his face.

Автор John Hamilton ( назад)
Cant not wait 4 the Coen bros. Making a comeback.

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