Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • Meizu 16th -
    Is the Meizu 16th the most underrated smartphone right now? How does it compare to the legendary Pocophone F1?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +6109

    To notch or not to notch?

  • EugeniaCtibor
    EugeniaCtibor Day ago +1


  • New Bie
    New Bie Day ago

    Please try it for daily use.. and i want to ask.. is google pixel xl is still ok to use in 2019?

  • foretimessuxdix foshow

    Any reason you dont reveiw asus phones? Their excellent mid range budget phones paid 350 for asus zenfone max m1 and was taken by surprise by how good the phone actually was. Just suggesting an idea, it wouldnt hurt;)

  • Matías Largo
    Matías Largo 5 days ago

    Song name?

  • codgod bo2
    codgod bo2 6 days ago

    The s9 or s8 is much better

  • Ayush Varma
    Ayush Varma 8 days ago

    Unbox the new Samsung a80 which has pop up camera and rear camera twists to the front which is insane

  • Otisa Weekes
    Otisa Weekes 9 days ago

    Review the vmobile s9

  • Drop nothing
    Drop nothing 9 days ago

    Do for the galaxy a80

  • alpha blade250
    alpha blade250 10 days ago +1

    i have to say this phone is quite good but after using it for more than a month u reallize what problems it has

  • memesaday000
    memesaday000 11 days ago +1

    I don't know if you did, but I think you should review the huawei y9 2019. It's really worth the price. Someone tell me if he did or not.

    SHARON STEPHEN 11 days ago

    Plz take a look at the new redmi note 7 pro...

  • 'Δημήτρης Αντωνίου'

    Apple uses Face ID and it’s great and in many occasions more useful than a fingerprint scanner. Why should they change that if it works for them?

  • Obaidullah's Full Movies Kingdoms Channel

    Meso is my college is school

  • Sujal Maharjan
    Sujal Maharjan 14 days ago

    This is very better than the pocophone !!!!
    Very bang for the buck

  • Tom V
    Tom V 15 days ago

    Switch‼️ I'm curious

  • paziglavataxD
    paziglavataxD 15 days ago +1

    Meizu for the win

  • Maggieteo1980 Maggieteo1980

    Please reviewed Meizu zero..

  • Syed Uddin
    Syed Uddin 16 days ago +1

    Bhosdika, 2018 mei kon notch k bina aisa phone use karega ?

  • chong wen xin
    chong wen xin 16 days ago +1

    I'm always a fan of meizu, not the best best smartphone brand, but definitely innovative. I have 5 meizu phones in house tho

  • nathan thebe
    nathan thebe 16 days ago

    The one plus6t killer

  • Sandman Fu
    Sandman Fu 17 days ago

    Only con is not stock Android

  • Sheikh Hamza
    Sheikh Hamza 19 days ago

    unboxing oppo f11 pro

  • Poli Gonzo
    Poli Gonzo 26 days ago

    What about gaming that's the fashion today

  • Life Voyager
    Life Voyager 26 days ago

    Could you send a link to this gorgeous wallpaper?

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles 27 days ago

    Actually, Apple had the idea of an in screen fingerprint sensor way before anyone else did. The reason why they haven't released it yet on their phone is because they want to get it PERFECT. Apple even has a blueprint of the sensor back in the early 90's. Meizu just hacked into Apple to steal the idea.
    Also, Tesla stole the idea of an all Electric Car from Apple! Elon Musk use to work as a Janitor for Apple. One day, while everyone left HQ, Elon was cleaning an office when he realized they forgot to shutoff the PC (Apple doesn't use Apple computers for security reasons). So Elon grabbed a USB drive and download all of Apple's secret. He then quit, and start his own company.
    Also, Apple was the 1st to create a handheld Vacuum. This douche British guy named Dyson stole the idea from Apple! Dyson was working a temp job for Apple blowing Steve Jobs. When it was time to clean up the cum stain, Dyson saw a prototype of the Apple Vacuum code named Apple Suck. This design was amazing. Like all Apple products. Dyson stole the vacuum by shoving it up his ass and snuck out to fly to England where he started his Vacuum Company.
    The more you know! Everyone copied Apple!

  • Enjay Hue
    Enjay Hue 29 days ago

    Plz do the Huawei y5 2018

  • ashley byrum
    ashley byrum Month ago

    new to cellphones what carriers in the USA would support this phone?

  • anonymous KYS
    anonymous KYS Month ago

    Looks like a thicc s8

  • Mas Bejo
    Mas Bejo Month ago +1

    Meizu is a bad product. Dont buy it. Software UI not stable.

  • Iosif Simon
    Iosif Simon Month ago

    I really like that you are put the question why the small company's are more interested in bringing the people what they need and one of the world biggest leaders cannot make it.... Or they do it for astronomical prices...

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell Month ago +2

    Probably underrated because not many people trust a brand that they've never heard of, especially one that sounds Chinese

  • 완Zheeso
    완Zheeso Month ago +2

    Well-symmetrical phone so far 👌👌👌

  • Gaba Khan
    Gaba Khan Month ago

    Why it looks so small mean it feels so compact while it has 6.5 inch display

  • Nicanor Arengh
    Nicanor Arengh Month ago

    Do make a review video on Asus Zenfone Max Shot and Max plus M2 we would like to watch it.

  • Stella Mwila
    Stella Mwila Month ago

    Check out the umidigi a3 pro

  • Prathamesh Shelar
    Prathamesh Shelar Month ago

    Please try realme 3 too

  • Prathamesh Shelar
    Prathamesh Shelar Month ago

    Please try realme 3 too

  • Jahfar Evans
    Jahfar Evans Month ago

    like your reviews i am hoping to buy a honor 8x i am hoping that you could review it and show me your perspective on this phone weather i must buy it or not

  • amreen nazir ap
    amreen nazir ap Month ago

    can you to the unboxing of redmi note 7pro...please is it the king budgetphone

  • Vpr OD
    Vpr OD Month ago

    No notch + equal chin and top = perfect


    Oppo k1 unboxing

  • Camron Foster
    Camron Foster Month ago

    Before the s10 right? So the s10 was not the first in phone fingerprint

  • FPSB0B306
    FPSB0B306 Month ago

    whats the music at 7:25?

  • Minghao Fei
    Minghao Fei Month ago +2

    meizu didn't do a good job in adapting the OS to countries other than china. no google play is a nightmare.

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting Month ago


  • Joshua Thangaraj
    Joshua Thangaraj Month ago

    He has to review the 16s once it comes out

  • Kurt Camby
    Kurt Camby Month ago

    hey guys. can someone tell me the title of the music e played recently

  • عبد الباسط الوحيشي

    I bought pocophone without knowing that it doesn't have amoled display and now i see this ....... Im a huge fan of always on display

  • Jonathan Abella
    Jonathan Abella Month ago

    You said too much any how. Now i feel like marshall is taken in my head.

  • fabi
    fabi Month ago +8

    when a 300 dollar phone gives you a fast charger in the box but not a 1K iphone

  • Gurjinder Singh
    Gurjinder Singh Month ago

    Is it better than Pocophone F1?

  • Bakha Juraev
    Bakha Juraev Month ago

    White color of this phone looks awesome

  • Bakha Juraev
    Bakha Juraev Month ago

    with meizu from mx2

  • 王LOTTE
    王LOTTE Month ago

    I just wanna say, you just missed the most important feature in this phone - Mback - the os design. That’s the spirt of Meizu.

  • jeffbigfan13
    jeffbigfan13 Month ago

    Yes we want jacks. And who gives a fuck about fingerprints anymore!?

  • Kazi Afsar Hasan
    Kazi Afsar Hasan Month ago

    Nokia 9 Pureview please! Yes that's right! It has the potential to defeat pixel in photography!

  • Alireza Asadi
    Alireza Asadi Month ago +2

    3k battery is not enough for me! I stick with poco f1

  • Nikita Levchenko
    Nikita Levchenko Month ago +1

    Meizu. Only Meizu.

  • Lady961000
    Lady961000 Month ago +2

    What a sleek design!

  • tim chand
    tim chand Month ago

    Will this work on metro pcs

  • avodel br
    avodel br 2 months ago

    now buy a khabib toy XD

  • Unknown.exe
    Unknown.exe 2 months ago

    I am in love with this phone

  • retro tech
    retro tech 2 months ago +1

    3:25 if you broke the glass on the phone fingerprint scaner won’t work but on iphone you have fingerprint bult in the home button .

    • Work out
      Work out Month ago +1

      ?? By that logic if you break the front iphone screen the fingerprint scanner wouldnt work

  • Deutch
    Deutch 2 months ago

    Definitely its a good phone, I want to try it but it seems to be overpriced in my country.

  • Deutch
    Deutch 2 months ago

    Definitely its a good phone, I want to try it but it seems to be overpriced in my country.

  • hassan ali rizvi
    hassan ali rizvi 2 months ago

    xiaomi should also try that

  • hassan ali rizvi
    hassan ali rizvi 2 months ago

    If you Can do suggest meizu to make a snapdragon 845 android one phone like this with 6-8 gigs ram and sell it at 400-450 it will sell like hot cakes

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 2 months ago

    This phone cost more than 400 dollars now so Id S
    Prefer the poco phone

  • Nepogibshiy
    Nepogibshiy 2 months ago

    Its a great phone! I had 8/128 version,sad I sell it off cause of it’s camera couldn’t record full hd in 60 FPS and there was no nfc module in it,but design, body quality,sound and screen were very good for the price.

  • Kartiko Nugroho
    Kartiko Nugroho 2 months ago

    can you unlock the pone by touching the finger print sensor only? (without hit power button first)

  • Matt Benson
    Matt Benson 2 months ago

    I had owned Meizu 16th for 5 months. It has more than 91% full screen. Dual speaker is really wonderful. Flyme OS is very clean and unique. And smart gesture and Linear Motor are awesome. The camera is not bad. The only weakness is battery. If you takes it out, you will have to bring a external power bank. Luckily, Meizu mcharge is super fast, and I could refill juice very quickly. I think it's good than Xiaomi Mi8. But I wish Meizu 16th has NFC supported.

  • Lachlan Pearson
    Lachlan Pearson 2 months ago

    Check out the oppo r17 pro

  • Mr Monday
    Mr Monday 2 months ago

    I have an A7 2018 so yeah I'm happy

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie 2 months ago +1

    Apple: we got rid of the headphone jack and the fingerprint scanner to make our device thinner, and it's 1500$ now
    Meizu: wanna bet i make mine thinner than iPhone with all features and at 20% of your price?

  • Herbert Tsai
    Herbert Tsai 2 months ago

    MEIZU is great at polishing hardware.
    Biger battery is more suitable for s845.

  • G T-B-B
    G T-B-B 2 months ago

    stop making points and proving them wrong , that annoying

  • Daniel Arruda
    Daniel Arruda 2 months ago

    The unboxing starts in 1:20 😁

  • Hassan Mujtaba
    Hassan Mujtaba 2 months ago

    Looks like a perfect smartphone, decent specs appealing screen to body ratio. This is all what was required for a flawless smartphone, meanwhile Apple and Google makin some huge ass notches...

  • Shuvadeep Sil
    Shuvadeep Sil 2 months ago

    I don't want to say you but today I have to say this that you was paid by the brand in this video

    • Tech ALL
      Tech ALL 2 months ago

      No need for it, Meizu 16th is a great phone, test one for yourself and say to me what you think.

  • Tsega Haile
    Tsega Haile 2 months ago

    Please do the UMIDIGI A3

  • Artist Life Marquel Gray

    Does this phone come unlocked from the meizuworld store?

    • cenariusbg
      cenariusbg 2 months ago

      Please do not buy a meizu. 0 support. I have meizu mx5 and it's beyond trash :/

  • Eca Love Mcma
    Eca Love Mcma 2 months ago

    meizu zero please

  • Tony Clifton
    Tony Clifton 2 months ago


  • Dian Malela Napitupulu
    Dian Malela Napitupulu 2 months ago

    the battery life??

  • Vault Von
    Vault Von 2 months ago

    it is

  • The Damn Train
    The Damn Train 2 months ago

    Close to flagship specs. I KNEW IPHONES ARE SHIT

  • Jade XII  Azuma  Navas
    Jade XII Azuma Navas 2 months ago

    Why people hate notch?

  • alfredo carpio
    alfredo carpio 2 months ago

    NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE MEIZO ZERO its where the phone are in my opinion going you feel me bro

  • George Azzopardi
    George Azzopardi 2 months ago

    The phone is solid buuutt the battery life it not promising i think

  • hasan farook
    hasan farook 2 months ago

    Tell me about honor view 20

  • Atiqul Haque
    Atiqul Haque 2 months ago

    Amazing phone right now...

  • Kripge
    Kripge 2 months ago

    Leider ohne NFC :(

    SYED EPIC STUDIOS 2 months ago +2

    +Unbox Therapy MEIZU zero unboxing..?

  • Milan Dudok
    Milan Dudok 2 months ago +1

    Check out Meizu Zeroooooo, please :)

  • Rakan Talal
    Rakan Talal 2 months ago

    All phones grow bigger every year no matter what the price is. . my hands aren't ... Help.

  • Thomas King Schillerlein

    No NFC, No SD-Card option? , No 256 or 512 GB Model? Why buy??

  • aNAND
    aNAND 3 months ago

    4:00 oppo has it

  • Tahmir LaPoute
    Tahmir LaPoute 3 months ago

    3:18 good question

  • Marko Subotic
    Marko Subotic 3 months ago

    Your channel is bad and you should feel bad