President Donald Trump hosts Angela Merkel at White House

  • Опубликовано: 17 мар 2017
  • President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel answer questions from the press after a meeting at the White House.

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  • EdgarthePug Broarmy
    EdgarthePug Broarmy Месяц назад

    Im like sad because she ruins my country

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 2 месяца назад +1


  • Brendan McCarron
    Brendan McCarron 5 месяцев назад

    Merkel has been leader forever. When will her term be up already? I’m sick of her. Is she a new dictator. Lol

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 7 месяцев назад

    @15:08 The mutherfuker says it himself, "I am a traitor." Lol

  • Greatnews4me2
    Greatnews4me2 9 месяцев назад

    Angela has destroyed Europe she’s disgusting. Trump is 👍 great 👍

  • Dan Owczarzak
    Dan Owczarzak 9 месяцев назад

    Merkel is the devil.

  • Leopoldo Chatz Mata
    Leopoldo Chatz Mata 9 месяцев назад

    PrepAred statement,of course.

  • Ron Lewis
    Ron Lewis 9 месяцев назад

    I heard the Secret Service had to change their commands.
    They can't say "Get down!" anymore when the President is under attack.
    Now it's "Donald! Duck!"

  • Harry B
    Harry B 9 месяцев назад

    Trump said it when speaking to Merkel: " I am a trader". Or, was it "I am a traitor"??

  • Kevin Flynn
    Kevin Flynn 9 месяцев назад

    Her body language is so revealing. This woman both resents and fears Trumps unapologetic aggressive approach to diplomacy. Trump has successfully proven the leader of the free world to be a real mans job. Merkel has exasperated her countries internal turmoil with her nanny immigration policies.

  • Justin Gouge
    Justin Gouge 11 месяцев назад

    Cringe cringe cringe Trump

  • TheChatPolice
    TheChatPolice 11 месяцев назад

    USA talking about "peace" is the same when porn stars try to talk about virginity. All wars of the last hundreds of years were started by the USA and Germany, all USA wars were even supported by german weapons and tanks.
    So their common interest is peace? WTF!!

  • Hemen mahmud
    Hemen mahmud Год назад

    We love yo merkel

  • András Kopf
    András Kopf Год назад

    Germany is a crime trash and shithole Country. Fuck you Germans!

  • itillbeme1
    itillbeme1 Год назад +1

    merketl cannot and will not even say it. Radical Extremist Islamic Terrorism.

  • Anna C
    Anna C Год назад

    angela merkel people she has played us all. that woman speaks english very well. she comes and speak with President Trump and with her fake can't understand english so well need a translator piece . and a translator for us. of what she is saying. oh people. this woman speaks english every well.

  • alison C
    alison C Год назад

    I love the Germans

  • Sebsibus Techi
    Sebsibus Techi Год назад

    We dont need a bigger Military. It costs to much. And Merkel honors its soldiers? WTF?! Most of the german citizen dont give shit about theme. In fact, many of us hat our soldiers. Wich isnt that great if you ask me.

  • Mr233191962
    Mr233191962 Год назад

    So give the Texas Mexico !!! You occupied,even insolent ,or what ? ? ?

  • Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge Sanchez Год назад

    Trump is such a fraud.

    • itillbeme1
      itillbeme1 Год назад

      Are you here legally jorgse

  • Helga Haper
    Helga Haper Год назад

    TRUMP....Europe loves you...and Europeans despise traitors like Angela Merkel.
    Come save us,'re a true hero.

  • Zoran Kafadar
    Zoran Kafadar Год назад

    This Angela Merkel is really devil!!! also all democrats is supporting by dark and devil power...

  • Emobob Live
    Emobob Live Год назад

    People get the leaders that they deserve. In that sense I admire German People.

  • su yeon Hilbert
    su yeon Hilbert Год назад

    Der Schwein heißt Trump.

  • urmatejimmylufton
    urmatejimmylufton Год назад

    hahahah americans get what they deserve

    • Pworks - Mems
      Pworks - Mems Год назад

      Mark West I know, we got a great leader.

  • beverly crusher
    beverly crusher Год назад

    trump could be GOOD for America, it might make kids in school pay more attention in class, this is what can happen if you don't study, it might make the smartest kids want to go in to politics, do you want another guy like trump in office, it might show the rest of the world what NOT to vote for in their elections, do we want to wind up with a guy in office like America has, yeah, who knows, trump could bring an age of peace that the world has never known.

  • bauhaus
    bauhaus Год назад

    Trump is the personification of the "ugly American".

  • Aceves Efrain
    Aceves Efrain Год назад

    OK donal gran hijo de puta

  • Thimble
    Thimble Год назад

    If the USA is dissatisfied with NATO and funding from the EU then they should consider removing some or even all of their "forces" out of Germany and the wider EU.
    If I were merkel I wouldn't give one single extra dollar to NATO.
    Your turn Trump.

  • Bing Lim
    Bing Lim Год назад

    Trump speech is like a child reciting from a book.

  • erniecho
    erniecho Год назад

    Get this fucking idiot out the White House.

    • Pworks - Mems
      Pworks - Mems Год назад

      erniecho Merkel? If so yes, I agree.

  • Jessie james
    Jessie james Год назад +1

    The right wing comments on RUclip make Americans look like stupid pieces of shit.

    • Jessie james
      Jessie james Год назад

      Pworks - Mems wake up.

    • Pworks - Mems
      Pworks - Mems Год назад

      Jessie Mathiesen Basically what I'm saying is the left has no reasons to hate Trump.

    • Pworks - Mems
      Pworks - Mems Год назад

      Jessie Mathiesen This is the average anti-Trump comment, "Trump is stupid and big dummy."

  • Helmaerl Cheny
    Helmaerl Cheny Год назад

    Cine vrea adevarul, il afla, chiar daca nu ii este oferit pe tava. O investigatie inteligenta, cu date puse cap la cap logic, fara brutalitate inutila si adevarul iti pica in palma. Dar oamenii nu vor asta, vor sa "make a point", nu stiu fata de cine; poate fata de celalalt, poate asa, in general. Ambitii, dorinta de "make a point" care nu are treaba cu o investigatie si eu, prins la mijloc, bun de sacrificat pentru a castiga puncte intr-un disputa de contradictii. Faina distractie; pentru certurile de idei suntem sacrificati si cheltuiti ca jetoanele.

  • Jessie james
    Jessie james Год назад

    that was the first time he looked at the speech

  • Apostasy in Islam
    Apostasy in Islam Год назад +3

    Go Trump the first genuine president

  • Fiddler On The Roof
    Fiddler On The Roof Год назад

    Donald Trump is not a "fair trader"; he's just a traitor.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Год назад +1

    After this meeting about 90% of Germany would vote for Trump now LOL

  • Samy a
    Samy a Год назад

    lady and gentle men : The angry cute and the naughty child speak to you 😉

  • ildikom
    ildikom Год назад +1


  • Turki Alsul
    Turki Alsul Год назад +2

    Go Trump the first genuine president in decades

  • pascalm
    pascalm Год назад

    So Trump basically backed right the hell of the wire tapping allegation by saying he said nothing, just quoted a " very talented legal mind " who he doesn't even bother to name. So as president, he thinks its okay to state information as fact and days later change his line to say he was just quoting someone else, and had done nothing wrong. This is the type of behaviour you expect children to understand as being wrong and is more evidence that the he has serious issues when it comes to deciding what is reality or fiction. I take it that the press were laughing at him rather than at his attempt at making a joke.

  • Prime X
    Prime X Год назад


  • JoAnn Ephraim
    JoAnn Ephraim Год назад

    I don't see how Americans can't see what a major embarrassment to our country this man is... the rest of the world does. Republicas please, how low must America go before you step in and do the right thing? SMHH #DumpTrump

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh Год назад +2

    When he said trader again and again, It sounded awfully like traitor...

  • Karl-Heinz von Scharnhorst
    Karl-Heinz von Scharnhorst Год назад +1

    Finally a real leader in President Trump who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Unlike the silver tongued and cuck globalist socialist that the US had before in Obama.

  • O Lake
    O Lake Год назад +1

    Trump will be remembered as THE LYING PRESIDENT

  • 4sro 13
    4sro 13 Год назад

    What a sucky host!!!!

  • -승화
    -승화 Год назад +3

    It's strange why many people especially who writng here blame him about this meeting. Im the person who didnt like him Trump as his protective trade policy is not good to my country s.korea. but the result of this meeting is so nice. he gets the promise to increase defense expenditure from Germany and advantageous postion for later meeting. whatever the reason, he looks like really really loving America.

  • Egyptian
    Egyptian Год назад

    I love how he forgets to put in the ear piece lmao. Oh Donald.

  • Paul Copland
    Paul Copland Год назад +2

    I love the expression on Merkel's face throughout most of this. It basically translates to "what the fu#@ America, now I have to deal with this embarrassingly stupid excuse for a human being?".

  • No,Isaidposse
    No,Isaidposse Год назад +3

    Historic meeting between the leader of the free world and Merkel, the leader of the Islamic world.

  • Michi Voulon
    Michi Voulon Год назад +2

    is there a version without the english translater when Angela speaks? i would like to hear her words

  • r robert Brown
    r robert Brown Год назад

    what do you call a person who absolutely can't let go of a lie?

  • r robert Brown
    r robert Brown Год назад

    donald has a shared "delusion"

  • r robert Brown
    r robert Brown Год назад +2

    quit campaigning donald. the elections are over. obama is not president any more. jerk!

  • Punisher 25
    Punisher 25 Год назад +2

    A lot of Trump supporters here claim to know and care so much about Germany , but yet they can't even find Germany on the map.

  • Greg K
    Greg K Год назад +6

    Donald is trying so hard to read his prepared speech. All those big words and things. Too bad he doesn't understand what all the words mean. Nice job, considering he's only semi literate.

  • r robert Brown
    r robert Brown Год назад +8

    bet merkel speaks fluent english. this is her way to kick donald in the balls. yea merkel!

    • Hossain Alaufi
      Hossain Alaufi 11 месяцев назад

      r robert Brown not a trump fan, but any world leader should and does speak in their native langauge at all times. It shows pride in ones culture and country

  • dark angel
    dark angel Год назад

    people saying trump retarded, US voted for him so it makes 50% of americans retarded

  • r robert Brown
    r robert Brown Год назад

    anyone see donald refuse to shake merkels hand. let alone call her by her "correct" name. asshole in chief

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад

      Yeah I saw that. It was great, I wouldn't shake the hand of a childless aging crone who sold out her own country to Globalists and Bankers either.

  • Plur
    Plur Год назад

    I see a pathetic imitation on Adolf Hitler. And one of the greatest political minds in Europa. Go figure.

  • SdH76zhEU
    SdH76zhEU Год назад

    Soso, germanys gonna have to pay for beeing occpied now, GREAT (again), OMG!

  • RDK1L
    RDK1L Год назад

    He doesn't seem to be paying attention half the time.

  • tutub
    tutub Год назад +6


  • Sebastian Zenker
    Sebastian Zenker Год назад

    does he say, he's a trader or does he say, he's a traitor?

  • Termoska
    Termoska Год назад

    Co si ta píča poznamenává? Dopis na rozloučenou?

  • Ash Roskell
    Ash Roskell Год назад +1

    Trump always looks hopelessly inept in the presence of politicians who know what they are doing, whether you agree with them or not. He is lost at sea

  • Steve Anon
    Steve Anon Год назад

    Merkel: "Germany needs to increase defence expenditure" (in German)
    Merkel: "I need to get off my fat ass to tell my finance minister to increase defence expenditure, but his office is so far away and I need to sit down" (English translation)

  • Steve Anon
    Steve Anon Год назад

    Mr Trump isn't right-wing, 'protectionist' or anything else fancy labelled with such a long word. We should not honour him with having a mind stable enough to take on so much. He's weird and paranoid and he is making the U.S.A. a laughing stock around the whole world. Why doesn't he concentrate on RUNNING THE COUNTRY instead of attacking imaginary enemies? A small minority of Americans didn't vote for him to be strange and indulge in persecution-monomania; they voted for him in the hope and expectation he'd be a xenophobic, white-supremacist. Sadly, that mandate is too much for his scattered brain. Additionally, he is soiling, vandalising and degrading the office of President of the U.S.A. with his public fantasy accusations and statements. Why doesn't he go away and become a "germophobe" [sic] recluse like Howard Hughes who lives in a big house but stays in one little room and communicates with his servants by passing slips of paper under his door, only emerging when they have left the property, grounds and state? I wake up each morning to marvel at who he next accuses of attacking him. Will it be the Pope tomorrow morning? The White House cook? Someone who looked at him funny in a press conference? The residents of a small town on the outskirts of Paris? God only knows and even He's embarrassed by all this silliness.

  • Osmanli Padisahi
    Osmanli Padisahi Год назад +3

    Fuck you Angela Merkel fuck you germany

  • Nicklas Alexandersson
    Nicklas Alexandersson Год назад +2

    Oh those liberal tears... keep salting the earth lol

  • TheBaconlaser
    TheBaconlaser Год назад +1

    Dear Fake News CNN,
    Fuck the Clinton News Network & Jeff Zucker!
    A. Patriot

  • DRO Österreich
    DRO Österreich Год назад

    Merkel ist eine dreckige Verräterin.

  • westvanpolice
    westvanpolice Год назад +3


  • iMichael Johnson
    iMichael Johnson Год назад +2

    new flash angela doesnt care about germans, just look at her immigration laws.

  • Ricardo Fregozo
    Ricardo Fregozo Год назад +1

    orange trump's vocabulary is like his brain so fucking small !!

  • null
    null Год назад +1

    i believe i read someone that this evil woman took part in #pizzagate
    i have a theory that the libtards are the true children of the devil, notice how the word "lizard" and "libtard" are very similar and the difference is not in the vowels, it's in the consonants, hillary has 5 consonants but only 2 vowes, 5+2 = 7 = ODD. Donald is 4 consonants + 2 vowels = 6 which is an EVEN number, that's EVIDENCE that he only speaks the TRUE WORD OF GOD. but of course the lying media wont show this because they only show fake sjw news.
    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt!

  • Ricardo Fregozo
    Ricardo Fregozo Год назад +1

    believe me ..

  • iluvbabiepanda
    iluvbabiepanda Год назад

    Maybe Alec Baldwin can read it better!

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew Год назад

    she speaks english well, why doesn't she speak english to the press🙀

  • MrAchsas
    MrAchsas Год назад +9

    idc what anyone says merkel is a great chancellor

    • DrMerciless
      DrMerciless Год назад +3

      she single handedly imported a rape culture into germany

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад +1

      +Lena Marie I know this because of my top level sources at....THE BUNDESNACHRICHTENDIENST!

    • Lena Marie
      Lena Marie Год назад +5

      TheBaconlaser How do you know that? I live in Germany and in my opinion she's a great chancellor. She saved the lives of thousands of people because of her immigration policy and NO our country is not going down the drain. Yes, I admit we first had big problems with the immigration policy but now we found a way to cope with this situation and register the people who are allowed to stay in our country and deport the ones who are not. Don't listen to what Trump says! He lies!

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад +4

      Yeah, just not for Germans XD

  • MrLerris911
    MrLerris911 Год назад +1

    Did he just fucking call both the USA and Germany COMPANIES?

  • Kit M.
    Kit M. Год назад +4

    Oh my poor Angela, you can tell she couldnt belive it when he ranted about fake news, when she heard "fake" her face went like for real??

    • Kit M.
      Kit M. Год назад

      Pworks - Mems suuuure, do you want a cookie now? whos a bright boy? you are! *pats*

    • Pworks - Mems
      Pworks - Mems Год назад

      Kit M. Because she know it's true.

  • Cody Perry
    Cody Perry Год назад +1

    Look it's the leader of the free world, and trump.

  • ItsLando
    ItsLando Год назад

    the chancellor?! yeah i would hit that and make her fall in love with me.

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад

      Tell her you're a refugee, she'll definitely let you in. XD

  • Desolation Cult
    Desolation Cult Год назад +2

    Finally a real leader! Trump trolls her by bringing up immigration and islamic terrorism knowing shes weak on both. Then, he brings up her being wiretapped by obama and she looks sick to her stomach. She offers platitudes trying to kiss everyones ass. I didnt vote for trump but ive become a huge fan. Hes a fuckin real leader with some balls!

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Год назад +9

    Merkel has to be one of the biggest suckers in all of history. The size of Germany
    in mileage is about the size of Montana. That's one
    of our states here in America. If the State, the size of Montana took in
    1 million refugees within a year, there would be chaos within that
    state. Both financial chaos due to schools, roads, hospitals etc. and
    cultural chaos And the biggest nonsense is that Obama's
    fucked up policies in dealing with Syria caused the migration. She
    should have told Obama to go get fucked and made him clean up his own
    mess. Instead, she kissed the ass of Obama and her country's citizens
    are paying a heavy price.

    • Caius Marius
      Caius Marius Год назад

      Bill Smith Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was regional like you say, a state election. There are a lot of frustrated people who don't understand that refugees have nothing to do with their problems. The AfD has no chance in the federal election

    • Caius Marius
      Caius Marius Год назад

      Bill Smith size of Montana and 4th biggest economy in the world. Also the election is this year so I'm wondering how exactly you know that she "got her ass kicked"

    • Max K.L.
      Max K.L. Год назад

      Bill Smith are you retarded 😂 what do you know?... nothing. Angela Merkel would've taken refugees with or without Obama. you are right... If a state the size of Germany would've taken that many refugees there would be absolute chaos but you are forgetting something... it's Angela Merkel... she's one of the greatest leaders in history... she has one of the longest eras of peace had great relationships with other countries (only country with a embassy in north Korea for example), is making Germany flourish and is doing all this whilst successfully taking in refugees. About those girls hiding in fear they aren't. Maybe some people are scared but go to Berlin and you'll see that we won't let terrorists make us live in fear and trap is in our homes. And out of the vast ocean of refugees that have been taken in only a small group have done anything wrong... but we only ever concentrate on what went wrong. So please... shut the fuck up wank on your retard of a president who talks about peace and trade just to follow in the next sentence that he will be growing the military... again and be scared of a harmless religion for no reason.

    • DrMerciless
      DrMerciless Год назад +1

      clinton is the cause of the migrant crisis. Going after Assad was her, just so she could use it for a PR stunt to run for president. Vane, corrupt and disgusting human being who should be in prison.

  • Juan  Medina
    Juan Medina Год назад +1

    he doesn't belongs. !!

  • Righteous God
    Righteous God Год назад +4

    MERKEL: A childless, barren woman 'married' to a perpetually absent cuck man whose Oedipal complex psycho-sexually compels her to invite almost a million young Muslim men into her country to replace her own populous. German politicians and commentators gleefully talk about a Germany without native Germans. She follows in a long line of sick fucks like Hitler, and Marx who unleashed political chaos, evil and violence upon the world.

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад +3

      Bingo, she'll be remembered as the Suicide of Germany.

  • Fabiana Santoro
    Fabiana Santoro Год назад +2

    All Trump hayers are un American,and traitors and cry babies,,get over it or move to Canada,and this bitch Merkel another Hillary Communist liberal Clinton.There two pods in the same fucked up pod.

  • Righteous God
    Righteous God Год назад +6

    CNN is #FakeNews

  • Juan  Medina
    Juan Medina Год назад +4

    What a big buffoon is this guy!!😒

  • MrL TLB
    MrL TLB Год назад +3

    Trump why you gotta lie while she's there to correct the record of what you said?
    You just got SmackedDown!! Hard!! Hahahahaha

  • manny Acosta
    manny Acosta Год назад

    plenty of ingeniering in mexico and Canada

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones Год назад

    ze germanz zinc ze prezident iz an arschgeige & flachwichser.

  • AugustanFinn
    AugustanFinn Год назад +2

    I hope Trump gets along with Putin instead.

  • Linda Knapp
    Linda Knapp Год назад +10

    I pity the poor person who had to try to translate his blather.

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад

      +Ryan S That's fair. Time will tell I guess.

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S Год назад

      +TheBaconlaser I'm saying that the 2nd term is not always guaranteed. Plus there are a lot of pissed off voters.

    • Helga Haper
      Helga Haper Год назад +1

      Dear Linda, I hate traitors like Angela Merkel

    • TheBaconlaser
      TheBaconlaser Год назад

      +Ryan S Are you saying Trump will never win that election? :)

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S Год назад

      TheBaconlaser *four

  • AugustanFinn
    AugustanFinn Год назад +2

    I love him bringing up Merkel's wiretapping.Her expression alone shows she wasn't happy about that with Obama.
    Anyway Fuck Merkel.She destroyed Germany.

  • Soaring Hawk
    Soaring Hawk Год назад

    Moe Merkel

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green Год назад +4

    LMAO - Trump meeting Merkel: Beauty and the Bush-Pig.... Maybe that's why she let so many goat-fucking jihadi rapists into Germany - she hopes some of them might actually be willing to fuck her

    • TheDjtreak
      TheDjtreak Год назад +2

      Maybe he was referring to Trumps hair piece?

    • Ash Roskell
      Ash Roskell Год назад

      Michael Green : "Beauty"? Trump? You fancy Trump! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!