Top 7 Biggest sixes

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    Here is the Video of Top 7 biggest (longest) Sixes in cricket History. Featuring Some Of Dangerous Six Hitters In today and Cricket History.This video contains sixes hit by chris gayle, corey anderson,ross taylor,jesse ryder,brett lee, Ryan ten Doeschate and mark waugh
    07.Corey Anderson
    Corey Anderson breaks Shahid Afridi's long standings fastest 100 in ODI record this past year and its obvious that he is able to struck the ball good way with rather easiness. Participating in against India at Napier he struck four sixes in the overall game and handful of the shots went of the stadium. Again distance is not documented but it was huge sixes that could have kept heading got it not for the roof top tops.
    06. Chris Gayle
    As EVERYBODY KNOWS Chris Gayle MAY BE THE AMONG Most Dangerous Batsmen in cricket world. He Hit Sixes Eve In Test Matches. He's really the only 2nd Just Behind Shahid Afridi IN EVERY Time Six Hitter In International Cricket.Chris Gayle hit an enormous six of the back-foot on the bowling of Mark Gillespie.
    05. Ryan ten Doeschate
    Dutch professional cricketer Ryan ten Doeschate struck an enormous six into street
    04.Jesse ryder
    Big Man From new zealand, Deposited AMONG luke fletcher's Ball into Top of Stands
    03.Brett Lee
    Brett Lee was often at the incorrect end of big sixes but he himself could clear the ropes when in form. Brett Lee possessed a natural golf swing with the bat and Western world Indies bowler believed the real beef of Brett Lee bat back 2005 when he produced this monster shot.
    02.Ross tylor
    01.Mark Waugh
    Waugh Was Classy, Elegant, Stylish Big Hitter WITH THE Cricket Ball Also. November 1997 on 21, Mark Waugh scored a six against Daniel Vettori which continues to be remembered because of its length and height. This was through the 2nd test match of New Zealand's tour to Australia.
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    Missed shahid afridi six against south africa..

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    158m Shahid afridi

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    Afridi and Ganguly

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    cuteee barbie Месяц назад

    You not correct the biggest six from boom boom shahid afridi

  • Safeer Mehdi
    Safeer Mehdi Месяц назад

    Shahid Afridi is the man who holds the world record (at least the one registered) for longest mightiest six in International cricket lasting as long as 158 meters against South Africa.

  • Zafar Iqbal
    Zafar Iqbal Месяц назад

    oh zaleel insan video bananay walay afridi ka 158 m kahan hai bhonk

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