RHOA: Matt Breaks Down in Front of Kenya (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo

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In Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after coming to grips with the end of her marriage to Peter, Cynthia is looking forward to embracing this new chapter of her life with a fresh start in a new house. Kandi and Todd are still over the moon with the arrival of baby Ace, but juggling high-profile careers and parenting duties proves to be challenging, especially with Mama Joyce drudging up past issues between Kandi and Phaedra. With her law practice and social justice work taking up more of her time, Phaedra hires a tough new nanny to wrangle her growing rambunctious boys, Ayden and Dylan, as she awaits word of her divorce from Apollo being final. Porsha has rekindled a love connection with an old flame and in an effort to better herself, she begins anger management counseling. On the heels of juggling a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Matt, Kenya channels her love struggles by racing to finish "Moore Manor." Just up the road at "Chateau Shereè," and holding a peach for the first time since Season 4, Shereè puts on her "Momager" hat with hopes of her son being The Bailey Agency's next top model. Coming up this season, there are major twists in relationships among the group from unexpected alliances that form as well as shocking accusations that could end an old friendship beyond repair.

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RHOA: Matt Breaks Down in Front of Kenya (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo

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Автор keldrick crowder ( назад)
Bad Acting!

Автор themezzy mahon ( назад)
At this point, this is all just for a storyline.
I'm over it to be honest

Автор Ess Rae ( назад)
He's mad end of I CANT.....

Автор mstcherie13 ( назад)
Matt looks like hes doing a monologue piece for an audition lol

Автор Ebony James ( назад)
I low-key feel like Kenya likes this type of attention and the story-line of Matt acting crazy towards and for her. Matt needs to stop playing the game.

Автор Ka'Mya Robinson ( назад)

Автор Ahuvah Blossoms ( назад)
I'm the only one who is confused?

Автор John Keyes ( назад)
Kenya is such a bad actress. lol I see right threw her like cellophane.. it's hysterical watching her try to act normal like it's real reality..

Автор Maolo Noggi ( назад)
poor guy

Автор kj's girl ( назад)
I must give it to her! Kenya definitely has a special gift/talent/knack for people's heads! Kenya Moore Haircare for the outside. MK(Ms.Kenya's)Ultra Mind Control for the inside!

Автор BluFlame WoWlyOut ( назад)
yessss honey he beating her up

Автор BluFlame WoWlyOut ( назад)
o she loving the 🍆

Автор Keisha Franklin ( назад)
Well his sister did warn him! All he want is an apology for Kenya's action and she won't give him that? I feel for Matt, I just pray he moves on and find him a woman.

Автор Layshawn Edwards ( назад)
Lmaooo Why did she get that quite when he said they had sex in his truck the other night. Goodnight

Автор Sàchikō Crichton ( назад)
Kenya can't mother you dafugg smh..

Автор Kay L ( назад)
Why do they keep going back and forth when they obviously are no good for each other. So sad.

Автор RocknRollDina ( назад)
lmao this was funny. soap opera music in the background too lol

Автор Nesha Green ( назад)
I didn't see not one tear, when he showed his face, lol

Автор 99whynot 99 ( назад)
he's fucking crazy...Kenya run

Автор Buther Ace ( назад)
How he think as he claims is in late 20s meaning that is still have a bright future ahead but is trying to put himself in trouble.who will employ him with this kind of attitude ?or he break the school on interval.he never go back?......becoz Bravo is going to dump him like a hot potato.

Автор lesley mbuyi kayembe ( назад)
Kenya just leave him alone! go find somebody else PLEASE!!

Автор Tin Ho ( назад)
Mmmm seems like it was fake with kenya's fake ass. Bring NeNe back!

Автор ambiebby ( назад)
This dude has issues. He's sitting on the steps crying and throwing a fit like he's a 13 year old boy getting scolded by his mommy. Dude you grown. Man up.

Автор kardiair2 ( назад)
he childish. and lets not forget crazy. he can't even have an adult convo. that anger is explosive and that's why shows like "Fatal Attraction" exists. Like Della said. There's a thin line between Love and Hate. keep fucking around Kenya. if u going to be done stop Fucking him.

Автор Stephanie Young ( назад)
Why does this background music sounds similar to soundtrack of The Exorcist?? WOW...very creepy 😯😯😞

Автор Tima's World ( назад)
We all know Kenya is hard to deal with,but this matt dude needs help....he is going thru some unknown issues. Kenya better be careful before he murder her ass.

Автор Mspechez Ligon ( назад)
This sounds like a scene from a Lifetime Movie

Автор Natasha Davis ( назад)
poor Matt!

Автор Kay Will ( назад)
Matt might be gay if you ask me..........

Автор janespeaks ( назад)
LMAO, I guess they cut off the part where she ended the sentence by saying "but baby I can't do dis no more....because the season has ended."LOL!!!!

She's such a user and a poser.

Автор kjdnyhmghfvb ( назад)
When you don't get along, but your parts do. All in the Truck.

Автор Cauzin Diem ( назад)
His thong is too tight. That's why he's crying. Shape your reality, man.

Автор Jhai Fitz ( назад)
Check out Matt and Peter's recent" involvement" at a radio station if you think this stairwell incident is sad. Matt gained 2,000 Instagram followers in less than two days and now his Instagram account is PRIVATE.

We shucked and jived about Matt, but he needs serious mental intervention.

I pray this ends well.

Автор Abena Walker ( назад)
I feel like she antagonizes him, purposely. She likes pushing people.

Автор Abena Walker ( назад)
Kenya is very manipulative, conniving, and vindictive. I'm not excusing Matt's behavior at all. I'm saying these actions can drive someone off the wall.

Автор mzurilove beauty & fragrances ( назад)
A true sociopath.

Автор B Wil ( назад)
oh gosh i cant wait for this to end kenya and these mind games matt please stay away

Автор I AM ( назад)

Автор The Homie ( назад)
Fr Kenya, who are these guys?... cause we aint seeing them.

Автор The Homie ( назад)
This guy need a to kill himself... Bro you serious crying on tv for Kenya?.... boy u better get yourself together.. she's 49 years old and broken, what did you plan to do with her?...

Автор Latrise Nelson ( назад)
if Kenya has so many men and is supposed to be so classy why is she always with a married man. I can't stand a woman who sleeps with a married man because they have no standards​ at all..get your own damn man.

Автор Latrise Nelson ( назад)
Im drinking my tea and yes it is piping hot because you guys is giving Kenya the business honty..my stomach hurts..who else came here with their tea and for the comments and realized that you didn't read Kenya Moore ass wrong...THAT WE ALL THINK THE SAME SHIT ABOUT HER OLD ASS😂😂😂

Автор Olive D above ( назад)
Matt is a weirdo.

Автор mimi kwisha ( назад)
Kenya Hun! Take off your heels and runnn!!!!! Mat ain't good for you.

Автор E-girl ( назад)
I bet that makeup sex was good, but not good enough to keep dealing with his crazy ass..I don't care what nobody say, that relationship was real..Matt stated he asked her for money, just for appearing on the show and she got mad..So it was never her idea..He has issues that need to be dealt with..

Автор HipKnowSis 9 ( назад)
This dude got issues....and she does too for WANTING him.

Автор bb sk ( назад)
I don't care for Kenya but this man is obviously crazy as fuck and he has been since the first time he appeared on the show

Автор Rose Raphael ( назад)
um, just yuck!

Автор ashimadaniel31 ( назад)
Its obviously this man have issues He's mentally & abusive
It's best for Kenya to get away from him asap

Автор Alana Parks ( назад)
He's ugly and mean...idc what you hoes say

Автор Chyna .Nichole ( назад)
Kenyas weird , he's weird.. whatever .. I'm just watching

Автор Smokey robinson ( назад)
Matt needs to grow up and be a 'MAN' all that crying and running in the woods from the police, smdh... And then spilling the beans about sex and other shit is straight bitchness...

Автор jebrown8 ( назад)
That music doesn't help😭😭

Автор jebrown8 ( назад)
Son is real emotional...damn

Автор MIZZJACQUETTAx ( назад)
Matt was totally lost his mind

Автор Raine S. ( назад)
ROFL... Is Matt for real acting like a child throwing a tantrum?? ARTICULATE nigga, damn! I'm sure he got sum more tea to spill bout Kenya and her sexploits too.... kmt... screwin in his truck JUST the other night cauz SHE wanted to... Damn Matt, man up homey... LOLOLOLOLOL

Автор veronica stamps ( назад)
that Kenya is a hot mess!!!!
she play mind games with people.

I see why her mama don't want to have nothing to do with her.

Автор Fredlandriya Myers ( назад)
huh huh matt got to go

Автор Louis McCollum ( назад)
Wow pay the Nigga and step off his crazy bullshit kept you relevant. These females are Independent business minded individuals they're riding the wave until the ratings flop I like the show but I believe exploiting black lives like that they should have paid Matt some coins but getting on internet crying cause nobody is giving you no money these people barely know you.

Автор Cassandra Amore ( назад)
what has Kenya done to Matt

Автор Amanda Fails ( назад)
So tried of her trying to be the victim ,when you try to use someone it will come back on you,stop using abuse for a story line ,real people are living abuse from a partner every day,Bravo needs to stop ,

Автор AlwaysRemarkable Brooks ( назад)
Kenya is DANGEROUS!!! They are both a mess!!! If she wanted to be done with him then she should not have had sex with him. She skated past that part.

Автор Jennifer Leigh ( назад)
parently this must just be a good storyline for her and her only storyline so she is not a snoozefest and does not get kicked off the show because what idiot puts up with someone like this

Автор Veronica Smith ( назад)
lol where all these guys kenya lol TRUEEEEE

Автор Tibbici Barbes ( назад)
but on the other hand I'm happy that she really apologized for hurting him in the relationship that was a grown woman move.....#bouttime
no one really moves on unless you bout apologize.😋

Автор Tibbici Barbes ( назад)
okay@g theo

Автор T Jack ( назад)
Matt and Kenya both crazy! Kenya leave that young boy alone and stop playing mind games with him. He is young.. Stop this before someone get seriously hurt.

Автор chris banks ( назад)
Kenya ass always dating crazy men n too me he seems like a serious stalker n wants sex now 😅😅😅

Автор O Overlyloved ( назад)
matt needs prayers and therapy....wish him all the best

Автор Latoya Harvey ( назад)
My MoM thinks his outbursts are due to STEROIDS!!!! #Comment and let me know what y'all think

Автор G Go ( назад)
Kenya get rid of him and move on. Something is really off with this dude.

Автор thalrg22 ( назад)
Still fucking niggas in cars tho???

Автор Vet Len ( назад)
she driving that guy crazy. that's why his sister didn't like her. she saw straight through Kenya

Автор talkindurinthemovie ( назад)
he is hella unstable

Автор talkindurinthemovie ( назад)
sick of him

Автор Armaniwazhere ( назад)
this shit so fake… and matt is just a bad actor.."kenya pull the trigger because u clearly don't care about me, GO" *puts head in hands* child please...

Автор c0ma212 ( назад)
Who cares if they had sex in the Truck??!! Shit I'm still fucking around with my ex and its been a damn year. This man is unstable and that is whats apparent. Kenya couldn't run games on a guy who had his shit together. Somebody put this baby in a crib and give him a bottle.

Автор Touy Prater ( назад)
Yuck to both

Автор craig negrey ( назад)
hahahaha kenya moore is playing with whom ever she can to get a story line she is fkn boring boring boring on the show and so is cynthia

Автор Biscuit Melts ( назад)
See that's the problem right there she's needs to stop having sex with him

Автор Lisa Moyer ( назад)
He's just way way way too immature for a woman in her 40s. Plain and simple.

Автор imsuchanocfan ( назад)
Something was never right with this "relationship". He suddenly claims that he was hired to be Kenya's companion, but I think that's a lie, his just using that against her to embarrass her because that's what the first guy she dated on the show claimed. If this relationship was real, which I believe it was, I think Kenya seems to find broken men because she herself is also broken. Why not leave this man alone and let him live his life. Don't continue a relationship with someone if they are so damaged and dangerous. Don't lead him on and have sex with him one night, and the next have him on camera looking like a raging unpredictable psycho. I as a black woman myself don't enjoy our men being portrayed as violent, & Kenya has no problem doing that as long as she has a storyline. Matt needs to get some help and figure out where all of his aggressiveness is coming from & not play it out on television!!

Автор Sydney Nock ( назад)
Chile the tea !!!!! 🐸☕

Автор Tory Takken ( назад)
He's so dramatic he's acting like a big ass kid this is funny

Автор Emily Spencer ( назад)
Sex in the truck 😳

Автор Emily Spencer ( назад)
He crying ?!?!? 😩😫

Автор Geraldine DeGross ( назад)
Kenya needs to leave his crazy ass alone.  He appears to be one of those MFs who will kill a woman if she want to end a relationship.  And if she indeed had sex with him, she definitely needs to stop prolonging the relationship.

Автор M K ( назад)
Matt's ass is annoying lol

Автор cash miller ( назад)
If he's crazy then stop having sex with him then! Retarded ass heifa

Автор Aja Borealis ( назад)
STFU Kenya. He wants him to punch her in the face . . . if he did Im sorry but I wouldn't blame him. ijs

Автор lexie LEXIE ( назад)
this mf acting like the man on split

Автор delta beauti ( назад)
Kenya can do better. This was really sad to watch. Matt needs to grow up. I'm sure it's more here but I hope both of them will move on.

Автор Dee wynne ( назад)
kenya is holding on to this cry baby ass negro that needs to seek help simply because she has nothing else going on. He is her storyline. its like she keeps going on with him because she dont wanna have to start over with anyone else. Kenya needs take a look at herself...she keep choosing this nothing ass men

Автор diane mitchell ( назад)
Kenya has mental issues N found a man with worse mental issue​s, they getting sickening

Автор Katori Thomas ( назад)
Kenya should have been left his bipolar ass

Автор love happness ( назад)
his acting is horrible this is now acting TV cut

Автор Sihaam ( назад)

Автор Yaya G'baby ( назад)
Kenya act like he's the only problem.. she calls him and adds fuel to the fire just for tv.. when he said "so we aint just have sex in the car the other night?" She didn't kno wtf to say lmao. .they both need help

Автор Akosua Mensa ( назад)
does this seem fake to anyone else. using words like a broken record....

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