Trampoline Duck Hunt Challenge!! | Painful Paintball Edition!!

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Hey guys! In this challenge, the hunter becomes the hunted! After a long season of duck hunting, the ducks want revenge! Joey and Bryan try to shoot Bobby as he runs from cover to cover! Will the hunter will, or the ducks?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 111

  • PotterHead
    PotterHead 14 hours ago +1

    I've been shot by a paint ball 🔫gun. And it hurts to be shot by a paint ball 🔫gun.

  • Nathan Matear
    Nathan Matear 2 days ago

    Opps i did it agan

  • Mini Bomber
    Mini Bomber 3 days ago

    6:44 good times

  • Paxton Ross
    Paxton Ross 4 days ago +1

    This was posted on my birthday

  • May._ .cookie305
    May._ .cookie305 5 days ago

    I just noticed all ur new videos doesn't have Mat

  • kabalxd 7
    kabalxd 7 6 days ago

    how can bobby say he barely missed even tough he missed

  • Maya Lesniak
    Maya Lesniak 6 days ago

    The last sentence in the description is spelled wrong. Will the hunter WIN, or the ducks?

  • Evan Helgi
    Evan Helgi 6 days ago

    This comment is just random /:

  • BARI Vlogs
    BARI Vlogs 6 days ago

    Hi I’m hg

  • Dakota McDougall
    Dakota McDougall 7 days ago

    I have that bike helmet

  • Shakira Henry
    Shakira Henry 7 days ago

    Bobby is amazing at this

  • Thacatlcoatl Hilton
    Thacatlcoatl Hilton 8 days ago

    How do your feet slip in the air Bryan!

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor 8 days ago


  • bippitybippity Akers

    I am reading the most dangerous game right now in high school

  • Talis 123567
    Talis 123567 10 days ago +1

    Stop duck abuse

  • MemesForBois
    MemesForBois 10 days ago

    No animals we’re harmed in this video
    Except the giraffe

  • D4X3
    D4X3 11 days ago

    Sub 2 My Channel or Your Gay Sub 2 My Channel or Your Gay

  • ItzYourBoiCrafty
    ItzYourBoiCrafty 11 days ago

    All the comments: Anybody remember when Matt was in the intros with the old crew
    Me: *realizes that there are no new viewers*

  • Brohannon
    Brohannon 11 days ago


  • Harry Williams
    Harry Williams 11 days ago

    Watch Bryan have a shotgun

  • WoodLands
    WoodLands 12 days ago

    1:48 had me laughing for hours on a school night

  • Joy Yu
    Joy Yu 13 days ago


  • Joy Yu
    Joy Yu 13 days ago


  • loulou Wonne
    loulou Wonne 13 days ago +1

    5:58 is the funniest thing I've seen today😂😂

  • Keri Wahlund
    Keri Wahlund 13 days ago

    6:50 continuation of brian's song "his momma gana kiss him on his as*"

  • Springy Love
    Springy Love 14 days ago

    When your Fortnite dou dies 3:56

  • Lyft Gaming
    Lyft Gaming 14 days ago

    I have that same paintball gun

  • Kianolol 21
    Kianolol 21 15 days ago

    LOL 6:00

  • unicorn princess
    unicorn princess 17 days ago

    Bobby is going to cry he's going to be so sad and his mom is going to kiss him Bryan sang

  • Rylee Mckenna
    Rylee Mckenna 18 days ago

    I feel for Joey and Bryan

  • i'm just bored really bored


  • Rusty Talent
    Rusty Talent 19 days ago

    5:58-6:04 HAHAHAHAHAHA that got me so good!

  • maura Spear
    maura Spear 19 days ago

    "Come awn lil quacks" ~ bobby 2019

  • skilly 44
    skilly 44 20 days ago +1

    **No ducks were harmed in this Video**

  • Ibitsu Akane
    Ibitsu Akane 20 days ago +1

    J-fred's reaction to getting 20 shots instead of ten!!! I love these guys!!!

  • Diana Campos
    Diana Campos 21 day ago

    6:00 so unexpected 😂😂

  • ink sketches
    ink sketches 22 days ago

    Bobby: I got em right in the tushy!
    Bryan: that's not tushy dat was crack!!!

  • Sinai Arellano
    Sinai Arellano 22 days ago

    50% of the video: Aahhh!

  • Jasmine Vanlenten
    Jasmine Vanlenten 24 days ago


    BIG MAC 24 days ago

    7:29 is aimbot

  • jace888
    jace888 25 days ago


  • deadlaser3
    deadlaser3 25 days ago

    the go pro footage haha

  • Xavier Pezo
    Xavier Pezo 26 days ago +3

    5:26 Bobby at it again with traces of some dark persona
    What should we call him?

  • Grace Blegen
    Grace Blegen 26 days ago

    Who else loved the most dangerous game reference ↓↓↓↓

  • Noah Pike
    Noah Pike 26 days ago

    Man I was laughing my head off the whole video. Also I feel so bad for Bryan and J fred. But I am happy they got REVENGE on Bobby

  • William Preston
    William Preston 26 days ago

    Wait in the thumbnail of shoot the person behind the wall Bobby is doing the same pose.

  • Rising _Nova
    Rising _Nova 26 days ago


  • SuTart
    SuTart 26 days ago

    0.25x sounds like their depressed

  • aRanDm PeRoN
    aRanDm PeRoN 27 days ago


  • Dislike Button
    Dislike Button 27 days ago

    The comment above me is pointless

  • Mossy Hollows
    Mossy Hollows 28 days ago

    😂It is soooo sad😂 3:52

  • FallenReaper
    FallenReaper 28 days ago +1

    9:25 there is some good music you got there I really wanna know what music is that

  • Sander Sard
    Sander Sard 28 days ago

    Use airsoft guns : )

  • Maria Langler
    Maria Langler 29 days ago


  • yoyoyotomas roblox and more

    I’m dieting

  • Mei Jian Yau
    Mei Jian Yau Month ago


  • Jean Elwell
    Jean Elwell Month ago

    omg, love u Bobby

  • Beckam Howard
    Beckam Howard Month ago

    The little tails

  • kale vaughn
    kale vaughn Month ago +8

    this is how many times bobby got hit

  • ChrIs o
    ChrIs o Month ago