Why Dave Chappelle Is More Important Than You Think

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More than ten years after going off the air, Chappelle's Show is still eminently watchable, quotable, and hilarious. But why did Dave Chappelle resonate in the first place? And why, after all these years, do we still need him more than ever?

High and low | 0:14
He shows his flaws | 0:37
Hip-hop ambassador | 1:20
Master of the craft | 2:02
Frank and inclusive on race | 2:24

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Автор N D Lords Hands ( назад)
Yeah, leave it to a black guy to discriminate against another black guy because white people like him and then turn around and try to make him look "cool" because he is more hood, gtfoh!

Автор Done Write ( назад)
Chappell is a fucking sell out I wonder how many corporate CEO"s dick he had to suck to get the Netflix deal quit a few.

Автор Jonathan Trinidad ( назад)
Illuminati got him.....he even throwing up signs

Автор Spooky Boyy ( назад)
I'm watching this anyway but he is black american comedy and Louis CK is white american comedy
Obviously people aren't so intellectually stunted that they can only have one but those two are the essence of America comedy

Автор Brenton Budd ( назад)

Автор Tim C ( назад)
Anyone that grew up in an integrated neighborhood, knows a David Chappelle, funny as hell, but as scared of gun toting dudes as Whites. That's why, like "Prince" he lives in an all White neighborhood. Also completely self centered. But all super stars are.

Автор Nimninj ( назад)
so, why do we need him again?

Автор Ruben Lopez ( назад)
2:17 antagonistic? I don't use the word snowflake but this white chick narrator, is a butthurt snowflake.

Автор Timothy Floyd ( назад)
it takes a Virgo

Автор tahjae stacks ( назад)
Black Hebrews the Trendsetters of the world...

Автор Graeme Dixon ( назад)
Native Americans. ....say no more !!!
is this pcp...im itching...the spirits have got ME.!!!

Автор ghostkilla346 ( назад)
Funniest dude ever. His jokes and messages are still relevant to things today. always reminded me its good to have a sense of humor and not to take shit too serious.

Автор Josh ( назад)
if this is Dave Chappelle we all know and love the dude aged terribly

Автор pacaveli Vazquez ( назад)
SELLOUT!!!!!! he sucks now!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 3rooklyn ( назад)
First of all I'd like to thank God almighty...for giving everybody so much and me so little. 🤣🤣🤣

Автор martinez221704 ( назад)
Only comedian that will make cry of laughter

Автор Mirielen Cn ( назад)
Love his stand-up!

Автор Tim Campbell ( назад)
Well done video, props.

Автор Susan Heywood ( назад)
Is it just me -- or has anyone else noticed that Chappelle is different. He has slight changes that make me believe that...hmmmm...

Автор Praying Hero ( назад)
sadly, THEY have got him and is now being used to normalize their agendas, which is exactly what he was trying to escape

Автор beneyam getinet ( назад)
Blah Blah Blah!! i will respect looper if they put this video when dave feels down!!

Автор zanichar ( назад)
He truly is a comedic genius, intelligent, real, and has more integrity in his pinkie than most people have period.

Автор So Truthfully ( назад)
Kevin Hart doesn't have anything on Dave Chappelle.

Автор Uncle Johnson ( назад)
Block Party 2 !!!! Cmon !!!!!

Автор tingsgwan ( назад)
monsters with chappelewerewolf ashylarrymummy and frankenstienmurphy one of the funniest shits ever died from it came back to finish laughing and died again..... and then came back hahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaha. something about stop scratching your balls over my cereal your getting dandruff in it.

Автор Danielle Esquibel ( назад)
The real Dave Chappell is dead. This new guy is a BUFFED CLONE who isn't FUNNY!

Автор berry iggy ( назад)
when she said "mutt butt" I came

Автор JAIS ( назад)

Автор Bruce Baner ( назад)
So is Dave Chappelle our modern day Richard Pryor or something? Or is he just up in that League? To me personally I think there's is a little bit of something in between... ? And then he goes into his own category..Note this motherfuckers is just that damn funny hahaha!!!!!!!!!! I'm just glad he's back it's that proverbial comedic void filled finally!!! also now that he's back that means he brings creative genius competition and will bring out the dwindling fire in these other comedians that's been lying dormant for a couple of years?🤔 Now if we just can do the same for the infiltrated demonic type dying Hip Hop Oh Happy Day😊

Автор Tungadunger ( назад)
My theory is that Oprah bullied Dave Chappelle into quitting so that his humour would not interfere with the Obama Presidential campaign.

Автор cobbinpickinmeddilin ( назад)
Youtube is run by Muslim's. The Ceo of Google is Name in Sundar, and you wonder why isis videos clear the graphic content filter? Fuck Looper and a washed up failed comedian's who only use race to get laughs.#500 churches shot down 428 mosques opened#

Автор Vagabund Vox ( назад)
Fucking sell out

Автор ddkeegs 888 ( назад)
I love Chappelle because he says it like it is. Like Bill Hicks and George Carlin. But, is it just me....or did Dave Chappelle conveniently take a sabbatical from the main stream media while Obama was president for 8 years??? We're was Dave calling out the absurdity of Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize as POTUS...yet then getting America in war in a few more Arab nations? But alas, Obama is gone....aaannnddd Dave Chappelle is back? WTF?

Автор Miguel Marmolejo ( назад)
He's back Bitch!!!

Автор Brock sator ( назад)
666 k views?!?!?!?!???!?!?!

Автор Rhyan Park ( назад)
he keeps it real

Автор lozzauk ( назад)
God this chick on VO is so annoying....a

Автор Don ellis ( назад)
and yes the industry needs him back after all he is the king of comedy Now his Negan skit was off the chain

Автор Don ellis ( назад)
Comedy Central needs to pay him the whole fucking 300,000,000 they own him part of the reason he walked out it's because he made them over 500 million and they only gave him 10%they fucked him over on his contract

Автор Poly Nikes ( назад)
Love ya, Dave. Stay who you are.

Автор Lolita Morris ( назад)

Автор coffEKolor ( назад)
@0:12 DAVE!
@0:14 Frankenstein!

Автор Inferknite ( назад)
They killed Dave Chapelle. The new Mike Tyson lookin motha fucka is neither funny nor honest.

Автор dojo ( назад)
People who otherwise may have not been able to afford tickets to the concert, uhhhh kind of a shitty thing to say.

Автор BlankFacedUser ( назад)
One of the Greatest Comedians of All Time.

Автор Gordon Richstone ( назад)
its not him

Автор Sherry Jackson ( назад)
love you Dave Chappelle

Автор Sheila Starks ( назад)
I would love to see his show, I live in Vegas

Автор Randje ********* ( назад)
Dave Chapelle is the funniest nigga eva. Period. End of story. Some people are funny. Dave IS funny, itself.

Автор Ethan Thomas ( назад)
is there a comedian alive thats as funny as him

Автор So Icey Ace ( назад)

Автор Lxrd Breezy ( назад)
he a legend..thats bout all you can say

Автор John-L Voth ( назад)
Hot air.

Автор mraaronjosephbonnici ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is a Hollywood clone now. He was murdered by Oprah Winfrey and the black crusaders. He will never return to the spot light and "fight the power" (social constructs) like he used to.

Автор Proinsias Cassidy ( назад)
I have this theory that President Obama asked Dave Chappelle to host Saturday Night live to sort of quell the storm of the 2016 election. Specifically because New York was going full triggered, and everyone was freaking out at the time. Most of the skits appeared biased, but if you watch them objectively you can tell they had a purpose to calm the masses. He even makes that apparent with his close. Man Comedy Central fucked up big time, they know that South Park is the only thing keeping them afloat and with the last season their days are numbered.

Автор N 9 N E ( назад)
2 bad his a clone now and the real dave is prob dead. Notice how different he is now. Dave would never sell.

Автор Bone Z ( назад)
blame oprah and bill cosby... DAVE WOULD

Автор Vik Capella ( назад)
There is nothing important about this man...he's gives me the creeps. I have no need to know him or see him do anything. he speaks black speak - which is all about black men being raped by the white man. I got to go - keep kissing asses - homo sapiens.

Автор EVOL Rogers ( назад)
It's a clone

Автор STICK ( назад)
Red Balls

Автор samuel huckaby ( назад)
we missed you Dave!

Автор shawn chaudry ( назад)
i like DC but honestly a lot of comedians talk about these issues. And if MTV would just show music videos instead of these worthless reality shows we wouldn't need comedians to spotlight new music.

Автор save modius ( назад)
Watch mojo?

Автор Garry Ellis ( назад)
crack baby hahaha

Автор DMG ( назад)
I'm rick James bitch

Автор iba s ( назад)
When keeping it real goes wrong..

Автор William Goodwin ( назад)
Clayton Bigsby. Masterpiece.

Автор Reginald Dorthmatter ( назад)
This dude is a fucking legend, he comes back to TV out of the blue and right after our country's most depressing moment and making me laugh as hard as when I first saw Chappelle's show.

Автор Remy Jordan ( назад)
What the fuck is juice?

Автор Juan Valentin' ( назад)
Respect !

Автор Kitonyi Mitchell ( назад)
Go sell some medicine bitches, we tryna get that oil ooh

Автор michael rodriguez ( назад)
sounds evil

Автор Troll ( назад)
*Dave Chappelle is going to be on SNL this week, BITCHES*

Автор 1234567890sunshine ( назад)
Grateful for Kevin Heart, but I miss Dave Chappelle

Автор Rrock Cj ( назад)
I hope Dave would see that video, and it`d make him reconsider

Автор Varuna Janardanan ( назад)
SNL baby !!

Автор Tc king ( назад)
im rich Bitch!!!

Автор Holy Plague ( назад)
I say Looper need black chappelle to keep up the views.

Автор Christopher Gongora ( назад)
Kevin hart is the worlds rebound guy ever since he went under the radar

Автор ESTIZINIZM ( назад)
Chappelle is that nigga

Автор Kickor Sidumain ( назад)
Katt Williams broke down what really happened to Dave. Crushing

Автор Derek Chapman ( назад)
funniest shit came out of a man besides the greats

Автор Derek Chapman ( назад)
chappelle show is always classic if you missed it you missed out on history

Автор M. a ( назад)
he's too smart for America. if you understand what I'm saying

Автор R.B.W. Culpepper ( назад)
I spit hot fire!

Автор Lehlohonolo Mokotedi ( назад)
Best comedian of all time

Автор Food&Liquor ( назад)
Hoes, Dave. Dave, Hoes.
Evening, bitches.

Автор iHappyVideo ( назад)
"Black people still do steal radio's!"

Автор Grozny Entertainment ( назад)
why did Chappelle  stop? Because we had a black president  -

Автор Moonman Moonman ( назад)
Im rich biatch
*honk* *honk*

Автор Vegetas SideChick ( назад)
man I miss Dave Chappelle if he came back he would make Kevin heart run for his money just opinion Kevin isn't all that funny

Автор Omega Prophet ( назад)
Celebrities aren't any more important than anyone else. If anything they're less important because they're greedy with the resources they've acquired through everyone else.

Автор Deadbeliefs ( назад)
Video sucked.
Your channel sucks
You suck

Автор Jasmine Chase ( назад)
This made me smile. Thanks Looper:)

Автор Kevin Gillihan ( назад)
Delivery, delivery, delivery. Dave has it in spades. Never understated in comedy.

Автор Trickshot 2016 ( назад)
Black Bush.
Bitch you cooking?!!

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
I miss you dave.where u at?

Автор ledzeppelin711 ( назад)
This nigga is a clone, not even funny anymore dude.

Автор ledzeppelin711 ( назад)
Dave Chappelle's block party was the most boring stupid thing I've ever seen.

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