Why Dave Chappelle Is More Important Than You Think

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More than ten years after going off the air, Chappelle's Show is still eminently watchable, quotable, and hilarious. But why did Dave Chappelle resonate in the first place? And why, after all these years, do we still need him more than ever?

High and low | 0:14
He shows his flaws | 0:37
Hip-hop ambassador | 1:20
Master of the craft | 2:02
Frank and inclusive on race | 2:24

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Автор Rhyan Park ( назад)
he keeps it real

Автор lozzauk ( назад)
God this chick on VO is so annoying....a

Автор Don ellis ( назад)
and yes the industry needs him back after all he is the king of comedy Now his Negan skit was off the chain

Автор Don ellis ( назад)
Comedy Central needs to pay him the whole fucking 300,000,000 they own him part of the reason he walked out it's because he made them over 500 million and they only gave him 10%they fucked him over on his contract

Автор Poly Nikes ( назад)
Love ya, Dave. Stay who you are.

Автор maspangel ( назад)
Dave Chappelle was ahead of our time and still is.

Автор Lolita Morris ( назад)

Автор coffEKolor ( назад)
@0:12 DAVE!
@0:14 Frankenstein!

Автор Inferknite ( назад)
They killed Dave Chapelle. The new Mike Tyson lookin motha fucka is neither funny nor honest.

Автор dojo ( назад)
People who otherwise may have not been able to afford tickets to the concert, uhhhh kind of a shitty thing to say.

Автор BlankFacedUser ( назад)
One of the Greatest Comedians of All Time.

Автор Gordon Richstone ( назад)
its not him

Автор Sherry Jackson ( назад)
love you Dave Chappelle

Автор Sheila Starks ( назад)
I would love to see his show, I live in Vegas

Автор Randje ********* ( назад)
Dave Chapelle is the funniest nigga eva. Period. End of story. Some people are funny. Dave IS funny, itself.

Автор Ethan Thomas ( назад)
is there a comedian alive thats as funny as him

Автор So Icey Ace ( назад)

Автор Lxrd Breezy ( назад)
he a legend..thats bout all you can say

Автор John-L Voth ( назад)
Hot air.

Автор mraaronjosephbonnici ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is a Hollywood clone now. He was murdered by Oprah Winfrey and the black crusaders. He will never return to the spot light and "fight the power" (social constructs) like he used to.

Автор Proinsias Cassidy ( назад)
I have this theory that President Obama asked Dave Chappelle to host Saturday Night live to sort of quell the storm of the 2016 election. Specifically because New York was going full triggered, and everyone was freaking out at the time. Most of the skits appeared biased, but if you watch them objectively you can tell they had a purpose to calm the masses. He even makes that apparent with his close. Man Comedy Central fucked up big time, they know that South Park is the only thing keeping them afloat and with the last season their days are numbered.

Автор Turtlefoot 69 ( назад)
2 bad his a clone now and the real dave is prob dead. Notice how different he is now. Dave would never sell.

Автор Bone Z ( назад)
blame oprah and bill cosby... DAVE WOULD

Автор Orlando Mendez Jr ( назад)
my 2 favorite skits are the niggar family and Clayton bigsby. especially when he played prince and Rick James. fuck you couch, nigga lol. He WAS a genius. now he is part of the illuminati and now he is different. plz go back to your old style of comedy. you are the my 2nd favorite comedian. my first will always be Richard Pryor

Автор Vik Capella ( назад)
There is nothing important about this man...he's gives me the creeps. I have no need to know him or see him do anything. he speaks black speak - which is all about black men being raped by the white man. I got to go - keep kissing asses - homo sapiens.

Автор EVOL Rogers ( назад)
It's a clone

Автор STICK ( назад)
Red Balls

Автор samuel huckaby ( назад)
we missed you Dave!

Автор shawn chaudry ( назад)
i like DC but honestly a lot of comedians talk about these issues. And if MTV would just show music videos instead of these worthless reality shows we wouldn't need comedians to spotlight new music.

Автор save modius ( назад)
Watch mojo?

Автор Garry Ellis ( назад)
crack baby hahaha

Автор DMG ( назад)
I'm rick James bitch

Автор iba s ( назад)
When keeping it real goes wrong..

Автор William Goodwin ( назад)
Clayton Bigsby. Masterpiece.

Автор Reginald Dorthmatter ( назад)
This dude is a fucking legend, he comes back to TV out of the blue and right after our country's most depressing moment and making me laugh as hard as when I first saw Chappelle's show.

Автор Remy Jordan ( назад)
What the fuck is juice?

Автор Juan Valentin' ( назад)
Respect !

Автор Kitonyi Mitchell ( назад)
Go sell some medicine bitches, we tryna get that oil ooh

Автор michael rodriguez ( назад)
sounds evil

Автор Troll ( назад)
*Dave Chappelle is going to be on SNL this week, BITCHES*

Автор 1234567890sunshine ( назад)
Grateful for Kevin Heart, but I miss Dave Chappelle

Автор Rrock Cj ( назад)
I hope Dave would see that video, and it`d make him reconsider

Автор Varuna Janardanan ( назад)
SNL baby !!

Автор Tc king ( назад)
im rich Bitch!!!

Автор Holy Plague ( назад)
I say Looper need black chappelle to keep up the views.

Автор Christopher Gongora ( назад)
Kevin hart is the worlds rebound guy ever since he went under the radar

Автор ESTIZINIZM ( назад)
Chappelle is that nigga

Автор Kickor Sidumain ( назад)
Katt Williams broke down what really happened to Dave. Crushing

Автор Derek Chapman ( назад)
funniest shit came out of a man besides the greats

Автор Derek Chapman ( назад)
chappelle show is always classic if you missed it you missed out on history

Автор redmanra1n ( назад)
i miss chappelles show....

Автор M. a ( назад)
he's too smart for America. if you understand what I'm saying

Автор R.B.W. Culpepper ( назад)
I spit hot fire!

Автор Lehlohonolo Mokotedi ( назад)
Best comedian of all time

Автор Food&Liquor ( назад)
Hoes, Dave. Dave, Hoes.
Evening, bitches.

Автор iHappyVideo ( назад)
"Black people still do steal radio's!"

Автор Grozny Entertainment ( назад)
why did Chappelle  stop? Because we had a black president  -

Автор Moonman Moonman ( назад)
Im rich biatch
*honk* *honk*

Автор Vegetas SideChick ( назад)
man I miss Dave Chappelle if he came back he would make Kevin heart run for his money just opinion Kevin isn't all that funny

Автор Omega Prophet ( назад)
Celebrities aren't any more important than anyone else. If anything they're less important because they're greedy with the resources they've acquired through everyone else.

Автор I Am I ( назад)
Favorite comedian.

Автор Deadbeliefs ( назад)
Video sucked.
Your channel sucks
You suck

Автор Jasmine Chase ( назад)
This made me smile. Thanks Looper:)

Автор Kevin Gillihan ( назад)
Delivery, delivery, delivery. Dave has it in spades. Never understated in comedy.

Автор Trickshot 2016 ( назад)
Black Bush.
Bitch you cooking?!!

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
I miss you dave.where u at?

Автор ledzeppelin711 ( назад)
This nigga is a clone, not even funny anymore dude.

Автор ledzeppelin711 ( назад)
Dave Chappelle's block party was the most boring stupid thing I've ever seen.

Автор btfication ( назад)
When will he be back?

Автор PaperChaser ( назад)
dave that dude everyone loves

Автор Jacob Crum ( назад)
THAT sketch as a musician, Is genius.

Автор brokenupbeat ( назад)
thanks for stating the obvious looper. but whoever watches this channel should know about him and what he does.

Автор Shawn ( назад)
I want to get up in this narrator's badonkadonk

Автор SpaceGhostPurps ( назад)

Автор A Man ( назад)
Dave Chappelle for President!

Автор through yourlover ( назад)
The thing is what I want to know is when Dave dropped out he had a great reason and something to say about him leaving. Now I just wanna know who replaced him. Dave came back looking like a totally different person and the main thing is his demenour is more quite, chill and he's arrogant which isn't the real Dave at all. Dave has alway beem humble about himself and isn't afraid to joke about himself so this new Dave is the total opposite, arrogant and the main thing that caught my attention that It's not the same Dave is when he was asked where has be been & pretty much what's why come back now. Dave said I never left Hollywood just see me as being 7 years late to work. Tf? Dave knew why he left Hoolywood and that he was over that shit. If the real Dave decided to come back he would have came back with that old Dave energy and one hell of a reason in a rant why he's making a return. He should have said "well, I'm back now after 7 years cause the real Dave was one hard mother fucked to hunt down and kill then I was the closest they could find that looked like him" His stand ups are not the same either as well as his whole body structure. The shape of his head no matter how much weight someone gains should remain the same. This new Dave has a more round head. The real Dave had a long oval shape head.


Автор Erine2Tru ( назад)
hes so awesome

Автор Scotty Steiner ( назад)
Hmm. This reminds me that I need to walk up town and get some breast milk from an Cambodian immigrant. I only drink the finest breast milk.

Автор rum and coke32 ( назад)
Black Bush was the best.

Автор Alex Baum ( назад)
By the first three seconds, I thought this was going to be trite and predictably misinformed, but this was actually a good video about the guy. Nicely done.

Автор Dave Sapien ( назад)
The Haters Ball

Автор Major Wilkes ( назад)
that Block Party is an all out classic . I wish I could've been there .

Автор Della Yassine ( назад)
The Greatest Comedian Of All Time

Автор abc ( назад)

Автор Hugo Mungus ( назад)
I currently have mud butt. It is a serious issue lol.

Автор pepe the frog ( назад)
Tupac is alive is the best skit ever

Автор matt duffy ( назад)
obviously this video is bullshit because as Kapernick has so selflessly pointed out, Black and Brown peope are oppressed and America is to blame.
Nevermind the fact that we have Dave Chappelle... and i won't even start.

Автор LadyDarkSorrow ( назад)
I Wanna Pee On You ..

Автор Save the USA ( назад)
Long live Chappelle!

Автор David Pierce ( назад)

Автор Nightman Cometh ( назад)
dave chappelle is a funny dude

Автор Matches S. Isaac ( назад)
a real funny guy

Автор OLMECA ( назад)
looper you got my subscription!

Автор MyAcresOfDiamonds ( назад)
when keeping it real goes wrong

Автор Spardas Tech Reviews ( назад)
black bush and blackzilla are probably my favorite sketches. as well as the real world sketch lol

Автор Zechariah Jacob ( назад)
great video, Dave chappelle the goat!

Автор jac5562 ( назад)
"And as I sip from my cup that im sure somebody spit in,id like to say i hate you and you, i hope everything bad in life happens to you and only you"-Silky Johnson

Автор kav simpson ( назад)
Oprah , faracon, n bill Cosby ended his career. look it up

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