Sum 41 - Never There (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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    The official music video for Sum 41's new single "Never There,'' off their new album 'Order In Decline' out July 19th on Hopeless Records. 🔥💀
    Dedicated to single parents everywhere.
    Directed By: John Asher @therealjohnasher
    Produced By: Selfish Entertainment @Selfishent
    Pro Skater: CJ Collins
    IG @cjcollinsskate
    Do you think about me cause I don’t have any doubt you must in this life
    Even though you’re never there, I didn’t feel you disappear from sight, you did it well.
    And now
    You and I share the same life missing out
    So the story goes
    That we’re left, we’re stuck with a broken house.
    I know that if I
    I had the chance I’d let you know, that I understand and I’ve let it go.
    I don’t need you by my side I think by now I’m doing fine myself, on my own
    But I feel you time to time, like your sending outta sign to tell say
    I’m not alone
    You and I share the same life missing out
    So the story goes
    That we’re left, we’re stuck with a broken house.
    I know that if
    The chance appears I’d have no fears, we both share pain, we feel the same.
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Comments • 5 554

  • Midnight Cruiser
    Midnight Cruiser 3 hours ago

    He sounded like owl city lead singer

  • Edilaine Castelao Duarte

    I love this song

  • Леша Пол
    Леша Пол 9 hours ago +1

    I from Russia... я люблю и слушаю sum 41 уже 15 лет...эти ребята самые лучшие в мире музыканты, их музыка помогает пережить трудные минуты, минуты отчаяния и грусти... и быть сумасшедшим под их песни тоже замечательно!!! Лучше их нет никого в мире!! А эта песня одна из лучших в их музыкальном пути...
    Мне 36... sum 41, приезжайте в Россию, нам нужны ваши концерты!!!

  • Jordan glickman
    Jordan glickman 9 hours ago

    This song hits home hard at the age of 3 my dad walked out on me and my mom and different band yes but I always had a connection to good Charlotte and sum 41 due to similar circumstances but I'm 26 and actually met my dad for the first time earlier theres always hope for the better or worse

  • TheHorrorWithinUs

    1.7k traumatised people. They need strength.

  • Proshka Angel
    Proshka Angel Day ago

    24+17 ....and you have ?

  • The Chitown Clown

    Uhhh what a tear jerker. I just listed to this whole album through. Its amazing. This song hits me like Pieces did way back in the day.

  • Carlin Gravener
    Carlin Gravener 3 days ago

    As much as I love this song, Deryck really does look like a mix of Justin Timberlake and Chester Bennington

  • Monia-Kamakazi483
    Monia-Kamakazi483 3 days ago

    One Of my favorites band. Cant wait to seeing them again in Paris ♥️♥️🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell 3 days ago

    Ну что то как то совсем не зацепило,sum -ну ты че?

  • Jesemmanuel Granada
    Jesemmanuel Granada 4 days ago

    Thank you for this amazing song, SUM 41!

  • Michael Poltorak
    Michael Poltorak 4 days ago

    Its amazing to see Deryck still doing this after all he and the band has been through. I also have been with Sum 41 since my early high school days and now I'm 29 still obsessed.

    It is so good to see this kind of music blasting away the filth being produced these days.

  • Zombie Master
    Zombie Master 4 days ago

    This song inspired me to start playing guitar again. I really related to this song on a personal note and it's fun for me to play

  • Coralie Peutat
    Coralie Peutat 5 days ago

    Depuis le temps que j'attendais un nouveau morceau de sum 41. Juste magnifique ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • javier díez cirera
    javier díez cirera 5 days ago

    I was missing something like this

  • Ian
    Ian 6 days ago

    The higher vocals don't fit much of the video now that Deryck has aged some. He has been through some shit, and doesn't look like and angry high school kid. It still works for their heavier stuff.

  • Ian
    Ian 6 days ago

    i got my first real six string..

  • Big al
    Big al 7 days ago

    I think everyone can relate to this song simply beautiful Sum 41 rock

  • Марина Прищепа

    за аврил лайк

  • Büşra Güler
    Büşra Güler 7 days ago

    1.6K dislike from deryck's dad and his relatives

  • G Kasey
    G Kasey 7 days ago

    sounds really good in 1.5 speed

  • Random Internet Guy
    Random Internet Guy 7 days ago

    Accidental kiss 0:33

  • Sarah Brass
    Sarah Brass 8 days ago

    From certain angles, their lead singer looks like Chad Michael Murray 👀👀

  • Buchenwald Prisoners Grandson

    As a single father who raised my wonderful children for 12 years. I thank you for the excellent song. Always remember there is nothing more important in your life than your children.

  • Мейрамгуль Испаева

    I like it so much!

  • Lucas76
    Lucas76 9 days ago

    Elle déchire

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 9 days ago

    I miss this band so much thank God they're back 🙏

  • Jf L
    Jf L 9 days ago

    Why its hurt this much?! ..' Nora' my 2 year old baby girl. Every Sunday hurt this much.. 😟

  • Johanna Velazquez
    Johanna Velazquez 9 days ago

    In my life the story repeats my dad left when I was 6 and my husband left when my kids were 5 days old and 5 years old. Its been a struggle but they are my motivation to get up and keep fighting. This song is beautiful and hits the heart so deep thank you.

  • Nir Va Ni
    Nir Va Ni 9 days ago

    im just glad all my fav bands resurfacing...rock us back to health i love this song

  • Mirham Mendoza
    Mirham Mendoza 9 days ago

    Sum41 the band that always hits deep! and even makes you a stronger person. 28 now started listening to them when I was 14, after all this years still feels like yesterday with Derycks voice.

  • Tiffany Dodson
    Tiffany Dodson 9 days ago +1

    Blink 182: we’re making a comeback
    Sum 41: hold my beer
    I’ve been listening to both since I was a teenager I’m 32 now and sum killed it with this one... blink maybe next time 😞

  • !荒木
    !荒木 10 days ago

    I'm 19 years now
    I've been listening since I was 13😳
    I'm looking forward to visiting Japan!!🇯🇵

  • Danilo Capodanno
    Danilo Capodanno 10 days ago


  • katerine san martin
    katerine san martin 10 days ago

    sere la unica que piensa en avril lavigne al escuchar esta cancion ?

  • Harlequ1n81
    Harlequ1n81 11 days ago

    Thank you mom.

  • White Sonja
    White Sonja 11 days ago

    Woah that was bad. Where is Sum41 this is just some shit soup music.

  • 2nd Channel
    2nd Channel 11 days ago

    I know that sk8 who's dedicated to

  • Muhammad Habibi
    Muhammad Habibi 11 days ago

    Band punk rock k sukaanku😍

  • Wirisoon Mendoza
    Wirisoon Mendoza 12 days ago

    Hermosa canción 😀, similar a las antiguas que solían hacer

  • nicolas contreras torres

    Sum 41, manteniendo la escencia si dejarse llevar por la moda

  • Robert Thorne
    Robert Thorne 12 days ago


  • Ajrond de Angelo
    Ajrond de Angelo 12 days ago

    Means a lot

  • sylvain girard
    sylvain girard 12 days ago

    to me too is a part of my life

  • Tauqeer Hussain
    Tauqeer Hussain 12 days ago

    Tribute to early 2000's rock

  • Day Dream
    Day Dream 12 days ago +4

    This song remind me of Avril Lavigne Innocence

    • abe kornelsen
      abe kornelsen 12 days ago +3

      Can't believe they were married and never made collab that would've been awesome

  • abraham arsel
    abraham arsel 13 days ago

    I first meet this band at Sake Bombs and Happy Endings Album, i dont even know what kind of music by that tape cassete but when i Hear it i just love this Band till now everytime i hear it.. We miss U guys.. Stay on ur track.. U are one of the best i think. No matter what people tell about genres.. U guys are best for me 🙏🏻❤️

  • fita yuniar
    fita yuniar 13 days ago

    In this era, people still diggin' with real music instruments? Good choice & more personal

  • gorilla nipple
    gorilla nipple 13 days ago

    1:26 i cant listen to the song to it's end

  • Dmitriy Laktionov
    Dmitriy Laktionov 13 days ago

    Amazing SONG!!!!!!!!

  • James Viray
    James Viray 14 days ago

    Does he look like Justin T. here? 🤔🤔

  • gam funny
    gam funny 14 days ago

    me llego directo al corazón

  • Nic Florant
    Nic Florant 14 days ago +1

    This song deserves wayyyyyy more vues, it's incredibly good

  • Carlos Mendes
    Carlos Mendes 14 days ago

    That's music

  • SrCelio
    SrCelio 15 days ago


  • red ranger
    red ranger 16 days ago

    that kid needs a pick... and an amplifier...oh and a cable

  • Brianna Tirtlot
    Brianna Tirtlot 16 days ago +2

    Found this band in a dark time I was going through when a was a teen about 6 years ago. This band Helped me get through a lot. Thanks for that.

  • ricardo duarte
    ricardo duarte 16 days ago

    Wtf is this pussy ass garbage

  • Ini Ony
    Ini Ony 16 days ago

    Thanks SUM 41 for still exist as Band in 2019

  • Surfinair Waves
    Surfinair Waves 16 days ago

    Right on man