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  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • PROJECT BOX is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game based on the book lore rather than the original game lore. It branches off after The Twisted Ones, and development started months before The Fourth Closet's title was even announced.
    Taking place only a day or two after the ending of The Twisted Ones. Charlie [the player] wakes up, once again in the underground pizzeria. However, this time she is in a room she has never been in before, and it doesn't look like she’ll be able to leave it so easily. Patronized by Springtrap, Charlie has no other choice but to survive the horrid nights, and solve the mystery shrouding her late father during the lonely days.
    Dead Man’s Bones. “In The Room Where You Sleep (feat. The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir).” Dead Man’s Bones, Anti- Records, 2009.
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  • Susana da Mata
    Susana da Mata 2 hours ago

    Man, I can't wait to play this!

  • freddy ferrarios
    freddy ferrarios 2 days ago

    I keep telling twisted Freddy not to tresspass

  • Henry_BG
    Henry_BG 2 days ago

    ready to charge right in the game

  • jose Roberto Ibarra Amaya

    someone knows what the name of the music is?

  • RockmanTNT
    RockmanTNT 11 days ago

    Please hurry

  • Gloria Samson
    Gloria Samson 12 days ago

    Been a year and it still looks good

  • fuck u
    fuck u 12 days ago

    Cmon man its almost been a year finish it

  • Angry birds. Toons cartoon.

    Can you please put chica in project box

  • BiZaRrEjOjObOy
    BiZaRrEjOjObOy 14 days ago

    its crazy i cant wait to play it i didnt read the book but looks amazing!

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport 17 days ago

    Song reminds me of Conjuring movie.

  • dvspuzla
    dvspuzla 18 days ago +1


  • Jackie Cortez
    Jackie Cortez 18 days ago

    Btw this is Ryan Gosling singing

  • Suah Rubio
    Suah Rubio 22 days ago


  • Suah Rubio
    Suah Rubio 22 days ago

    Col project

  • Amanda Brackin
    Amanda Brackin 22 days ago +1

    Well I am not sleeping tonight

  • freddy ferrarios
    freddy ferrarios 25 days ago +1

    I don't need it
    I don't need it
    I need it

  • Mariner The Managarmr
    Mariner The Managarmr 26 days ago

    When is this going to be released?! I need to know! This game looks BETTER than all the fnaf games combined!
    No offense, Scott.
    This game's character articulation is at 101%!

  • Ultra Sans
    Ultra Sans 26 days ago

    Still not out

  • [GD] GeometryPro07
    [GD] GeometryPro07 26 days ago

    Release date?

  • André Luigi
    André Luigi 28 days ago

    1:13 What the Hell? Spring Fredbear? ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏

  • Reman Salih
    Reman Salih Month ago

    This music got me going

  • Nikodem Kraszewski
    Nikodem Kraszewski Month ago

    Looks abandoned.
    Like HL3

  • Panfr 23
    Panfr 23 Month ago

    holy fuck this looks amazing

  • Aidemations
    Aidemations Month ago

    Music goes great with this trailer


    This project deserves to be finished. Just AMAZING

  • locus wed
    locus wed Month ago

    Where is the proyect :v

    SENHORDOSGATOS Month ago +1

    Me after playing 2301980381290 FNAF fan games: oh yes, here we go again

  • Tmk Games12
    Tmk Games12 Month ago

    re bueno que este para android

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread Month ago

    I'm around three fifths into the twisted ones, if this is possible she must've survived being eaten by one of them

    RUNBOYRUN Month ago

    omg the art style is so good keep up the good work!!!

  • РАГУ
    РАГУ Month ago +3


  • Anthony Decesare
    Anthony Decesare 2 months ago

    When does it come out?

  • Mr_ Guld
    Mr_ Guld 2 months ago +1

    "We both wanted to love, your father loved, and now, I have loved."

  • vip vil
    vip vil 2 months ago

    btw it looks so cool and will it be free please free

  • vip vil
    vip vil 2 months ago

    when it will b released

  • Wolf 2026
    Wolf 2026 2 months ago

    How is going with the work?

  • Jay ImHere
    Jay ImHere 2 months ago

    Looks like this dude just made this trailer just for the likes and subscribers pff

    • Zexifies
      Zexifies 2 months ago

      It’s coming out. Imagine all the time and effort he put into that trailer just for likes and subs. It would be a waste of work. Even if it was just a trailer, that’s real gameplay of it meaning he’s still working on it.

  • gamzee veliz
    gamzee veliz 2 months ago

    One question the game maybe coming in this year

  • Handsome Jas
    Handsome Jas 2 months ago


  • Mehmet Osmanoğlu
    Mehmet Osmanoğlu 2 months ago

    Aw man this didn't come out at all! 😦

  • PyroStreams
    PyroStreams 2 months ago

    still has been a few month and still in the works! this must be really really good and hard to work on!

  • Nerf Nerd
    Nerf Nerd 2 months ago

    When will be released soon?

  • Th3lonef0x
    Th3lonef0x 2 months ago

    I love the art style, I wish I could make pixel art this good.

  • troll ganer
    troll ganer 2 months ago

    dont delete comments but it looks like a good looking game

  • Sucram 237
    Sucram 237 2 months ago

    Nice! 😁 but bad for me... I was going to make a 2d FPS point and click game like this cuz it had the EXACT same machanics... rip

  • Johnatan Ramirez JR.
    Johnatan Ramirez JR. 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what did he use to do that game? It’s because soon I’ll create ya,Es and I wanna know what is he using to create that

  • Chiisi
    Chiisi 2 months ago

    it seems very special and unique, i dont know how to say it but i love it. (sorry for mi English)

  • toothedbasil591 the best
    toothedbasil591 the best 2 months ago +1

    I've been waiting for 7 fucking months for the game >:(
    Now 8 months

  • Djole V.
    Djole V. 2 months ago

    I tought that Twisted ones looks diferent. BTW iI knew who that man with glasses is! P. S. WHAT THE HECK HAPPEND TO FOXY!?!?!?!

  • Shaila Debolt
    Shaila Debolt 2 months ago

    This song fits every fnaf fan game trailer ever xd

  • Rêveuse
    Rêveuse 3 months ago

    Make another trailer/teaser! >:D

  • Flippy #GO
    Flippy #GO 3 months ago

    Привет, когда ты выпустишь игру. Узнай сколько дней.

  • Пётр Порошенко

    Наааааааайс 😀

  • Koran
    Koran 3 months ago

    Is this a fan game or... a fan trailer :'(
    because it made me want to play something that will never come out

  • German Viceconti
    German Viceconti 3 months ago

    Sos tan mediocre que no sacaste este juego y por eso te llamas mediocre mel

    COOL CAT 3 months ago

    Look like 2019 has a wery hot jear with that game!😏😏😏

  • Free Roamer
    Free Roamer 3 months ago

    Ive been looking and following this game for a good while on Gamejolt.This is gonna be Great

  • jxsonBeatz
    jxsonBeatz 3 months ago

    You will be ruining my life

  • Shaila Debolt
    Shaila Debolt 3 months ago

    Hey v-sauce here and just go to this part 0:58 and slow it down to 0.25 and just stare at it for a minute or two

  • Shaila Debolt
    Shaila Debolt 3 months ago


  • In_ Syink
    In_ Syink 3 months ago

    Honestly can't wait

  • Reanu Keeves
    Reanu Keeves 3 months ago

    Gives me dem 80's vibes which from what I see it's what's its goin for

  • Jamcy Noser
    Jamcy Noser 3 months ago

    please tell me this is still being worked on

  • Аня Примакина


  • Steak
    Steak 3 months ago +1

    This looks amazing!!!!
    I want so so bad like you have no clue, but, the only problem I have is the hands, they seem too...idk cartoonish? it doesnt really
    fit with the whole theme of the game, like for example, theres a clear difference from 0:59 to 1:17 . If this is already being fixed, ignore this but if not, I recommend fixing the hands, honestly I think its just the long fingers, Everything else is phenomenal work and I want you to keep it up, thanks for reading this suggestion.

  • Ktosiek
    Ktosiek 3 months ago

    This is very good

  • tjestube
    tjestube 3 months ago

    Can't wait

  • Alex nya
    Alex nya 3 months ago

    i love it! great!

  • Missy Slaughter
    Missy Slaughter 3 months ago +1


  • shambean 223
    shambean 223 3 months ago +1

    Holy cow this is amazing

  • JaimeFeline
    JaimeFeline 3 months ago +1

    When will it release.? :3333

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton 3 months ago +1


  • Karson Knight
    Karson Knight 3 months ago

    I’ve never played an actual fanf game ( I’m a wuss ) but I legit want to play this I love the Idea

  • Lucas McLane
    Lucas McLane 3 months ago +1

    I NEED this game

  • Demo Ban
    Demo Ban 3 months ago

    They look so creepy you made me live in a *box*