Coworkers Play Two Truths and a Lie, Drunk!

Our SourceFed Hosts take turns playing Two Truths and a Lie .. with Fireball! Except for Candace … she’s not 21.


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Автор Cari Du Toit ( назад)
Candace is from Good Mythical Morning!!

Автор superhesk ( назад)
Wait Candace is only 20?? Damn I'm 19 and have no clue what to do with my life!!

Автор Noah Barbosa ( назад)

Автор Sam Maluth ( назад)
Candace isn't 21?? How?

Автор Elias Ortiz ( назад)
She had to of pre drinked

Автор Savan Rajput ( назад)
Steven is a MAN!!!! :-o ....i thought the t-rex is a cute girl..........so embarrassed

Автор Nathaniel Davila ( назад)
My heart
Автор imnotkylehillman ( назад)
steven is hilarious

Автор Rebecca ( назад)
Why is Candace a drier Zooey Deschanel?

Автор Jill Sarah G ( назад)
This made me laugh so hard. MISS U SF

Автор CinderBaby ( назад)
Omg, I am going to miss this so much :' (

Автор Mikela Michele ( назад)
Just re-binge-watching for the mems.

Автор EpicD0m ( назад)
Anyone else revisiting their favourite videos today

Автор Hunter Bigge ( назад)
It stinks source fed is over tho

Автор Kim C ( назад)
this is my fave ep. gonna miss u guys

Автор Dr.MorningWood ( назад)
Starting to think candance's drunk had some alcahol in it

Автор queenfrostine97 ( назад)
Candace is only 20? That's fucked I'M 20

Автор Dominic Uccelli ( назад)
Wait... I assumed Candace was older than me.

Автор mcbagels0306 ( назад)
I feel like the fireball bottle was just full of apple juice and they are faking it... probably not tho.

Автор Sebi Teileche ( назад)
Wtf Candance is 20 i thought she was like idk 28 or something

Автор Adam Sheppard ( назад)
You are all light weights...

Автор William Kleven ( назад)
candice would be good in a childrens show

Автор Asia ( назад)
They need to do more of thrse

Автор Aurora Real Name ( назад)
"I'm not an alcoholic" said Steven, dressed as a dinosaur, taking his 4th shot

Автор jasiichacon 3 ( назад)
Candace and steve are literally my favorites

Автор jakob clark ( назад)
When Candace is low key taking shots off camera

Автор Ben White ( назад)
Candace stoned?

Автор Hannah Peterschmitd ( назад)
does that mean suptic had an on again off again addiction to Nyquil and aderyl

Автор Omar Rodriguez ( назад)
Hi my wig is flying

Автор Grace Virginia ( назад)
i went shot for shot with both of u and now im durnk all by myself lol good video

Автор FlubberGamer ( назад)
I honestly love Steve, especially when he's drunk, and Candace has really been growing on me

Автор Bobby Hall ( назад)
Suptic is my spirit animal

Автор James Rhymer ( назад)
7:30 - "I need a Juan Dance" 😂

Автор heaven Laya ( назад)
Is nobody going to address the fact Candace, is classically trained in opera singing?......

Автор Stellar Sloth ( назад)
6:13 I lost my shit.

Автор TheFirstNobody ( назад)
Candace and Steven make great hosts when they're together.

Автор Jacob Cortes ( назад)
Do another video!

Автор The Draconian Pilgrim ( назад)
Suh Dudes, Papa Bless.

Автор Dat One White Boi ( назад)
I love when these two do videos together

Автор J.R. andrade ( назад)
Lame!!!!! They should have wait Til she was 21

Автор Orcali ( назад)
Wait so Candace can sing opera?!

Автор Krystal McGee ( назад)
I want to be his friend so bad.

Автор Ida128 ( назад)
'I don't think you've ever seen a blind person'. That is funny.

Автор Madison Szilvasi ( назад)
How old is Candace?

Автор Garret Kraft ( назад)
Suptics awkwardness always amuses e

Автор Scarlet Savage ( назад)
I want to see suptic and Candace solve riddles while suptic is intoxicated

Автор Shannon C ( назад)
Snort alort

Автор Tyler Robblee ( назад)
You guys should of came to Toronto just for this episode haha

Автор DAngelo Jenkins ( назад)
Candace does look like Steven now that I think about it I wouldn't be surprised if they said they were cousins

Автор Nate Hickok ( назад)
I lost it at 6:26

Автор Cristian Flores ( назад)
You people wanted to see sweet Candace Attourney at Law drunk but guess what, she doesn't need alcohol cause she's been perma-slightly intoxicated from day 1.

Автор Prince Skylar ( назад)
drunk suppy is my fave holy shit

Автор Briarhaven ( назад)
Candace isn't even drunk. she's just weird XD

Автор Mollie Richardson ( назад)
Steve and Candace are my favorite people at Sourcefed

Автор Meg Dowell ( назад)
Andrea Broccoli ...

Автор Kaelyn G. ( назад)

Автор Kuy 〈3 ( назад)

Автор Kuy 〈3 ( назад)
She's not 21?

Автор Tony Kaye ( назад)
Crackle crackle

Автор Matt Weston ( назад)
"I need a juan dance" Lmfao

Автор Claudia Hawkins ( назад)
I think these two have become my new Maude and sam

Автор Giovani Allen ( назад)
Is Candace Mike and Steves daughter ?

Автор Skylar Rose ( назад)
i love these two, they need to be on a table talk together

Автор GAZAMAN93X ( назад)
you're not 21!?!?!......... are you at least 18?

Автор SuperRand13 ( назад)
You have to be 21 to drink? :O Where are you?

Автор Plum Media ( назад)
I'd bang her pretty hard though

Автор Ryan Alford ( назад)
So what do they do after this? Like does Steven go lay down for the rest of the day or does he walk around drunk and do other skits?

Автор UniversalEcho ( назад)
I don't think I'd go drinking with either one of these people. I just watched Stephen sip a shot of fireball.

Автор Collin Boehm ( назад)
More Steven drunk!

Автор McNukeBrain 23 ( назад)
she is oddly satisfying...

Автор Corey Andrew Wright ( назад)
Candace singing "Bone Girl" is something that should be treasured on the same level as the Santa Steve character.

Автор The Griffin ( назад)
Soooo... Candice duped suppy, and Stevie boi suppie has an on again off again addiction to adderall and NyQuil, and killed his friend's guinea pig

Автор Frequency_exe ( назад)
I like how Steven adds elert and elort to the end of his words like squirtelert and snortelort.

Автор SomeEpicThing ( назад)
She looks like the babysitter from incredible movie

Автор Feurns ( назад)

Автор Crab Apple ( назад)
XI an Ykee cudsdasz s - my cat

Автор Jimmy Perez ( назад)
Is that from pressed juicery????

Автор Showtimekid10 ( назад)
Give me everything Candace!

Автор lamelama22 ( назад)
This makes me miss Maude even more...

Автор Dork ( назад)
she is my favourite

Автор Aishah Shah ( назад)
Oh wow, both hosts are dead inside

Автор Mariana Garcia ( назад)

Автор abe crabb ( назад)
She was baked as a baked potato made out of weed smoking a blunt

Автор Palaechthon ( назад)
I'd love some aftermath videos of these things, yo.

Автор SyntheticDivine ( назад)
Seeing someone who can handle so little alcohol kind of makes me feel bad that I need 4 or 5 shots just to get started. =/

Автор Infinity ( назад)
I definitely ship Candace and Steven. Too bad Steven already has a girlfriend.

Автор OkYouAreAmazing ( назад)
I'm literally LOL. after Candance's 1st shot it looked like she went blind

Автор chrisbaca90 ( назад)
Candice is my favorite

Автор Madison Good ( назад)
i love candace omg

Автор Nico Chang ( назад)
Candace is the best gost

Автор Salocinist ( назад)
this was really dark for some reason

Автор Jasmine D'Souza ( назад)
love these 2

Автор kittymizfitty ( назад)
4:06 my new reaction to everything

Автор Tay Bae ( назад)
I watched the newest podcast and omfg Steve was so drunk on there

Автор Jessica Eaves ( назад)
This is amazing <3

Автор Valeria B ( назад)
So wait no one is going to talk about how Candace is classically trained in opera??!

Автор GKP ( назад)
Steve is my spirit animal

Автор Jackson BigBoy ( назад)

Автор John ( назад)
idk who this chick is, but she might save this channel

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